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Amazing CI by hayleyjade@tda.

Chapter Four

"In all my time as a teacher, never have I seen such unwarranted stupidity from students, for an act like this I have the right mind to expel you."

This isn't promising; she's not yelling or screeching, her voice has turned deep with an authoritative tone. She means the business.

The walk from the chamber to the headmistress's office is in dead silence, except for the noise of her shoes clicking against the stone as she briskly walks a couple of strides in front of us. We're still shivering and we keep glancing at each other, anticipating what's going to happen next.

I'll tell you what's going to happen. I'm going to get expelled and that will be the start of my downward spiral of meaningless sex, alcoholism, violence, you know the whole street life shenanigans. I'll be those kind of people, that when they go missing, even their parents won't care.

To be fair, I did run away from home when I was eight for a whole day and nobody noticed.
We finally arrive in the heads office, I feel a bit warmer now. I take a deep breath ready to receive my fate.

"This supersedes all of your past antics, what on earth led you to the Chamber of Secrets like it was a campsite?"

I look everywhere but her eyes, hoping this is just one of those a hundred and one rhetorical questions you get when somebody is furious at you.

"Well, you've answered the question yourself, this school is a great place and we wanted an adventure, so we decided to have a camp out in the chamber," Louis says slyly. 

Stupid boy. He needs to shut his big mouth.

Arisa catches my eye, the look on her face, one of pure desperation. I decide the best way to get out of this is the way I get out of everything. Play it innocent. I chatter my teeth violently and begin to shake vigorously to show my shivering has gone to a whole new level.

McGonagall looks at me, her eyes wide and worried.

"Sophie, are you okay?" She asks, her sweeter more caring voice coming out.

Let the acting begin, Louis catches on.

"She's really fragile, probably coming down with hypothermia," he says, putting his arm around me.

"Weasley, take her to hospital wing."

Louis turns me around and slowly guides me out of her office.

"It seems you four have punished yourselves enough," she says, as I begin to hyperventilate, "you’re not expelled, but you'll be having a lot of detention."

Just as we leave the room I hear her say, "Loveday, Scamander, straight to bed."

Louis and I keep up the rouse for a bit, until we turn into another corridor. I begin to giggle profusely.

"I can't believe we got away with it," I laugh.

Louis looks bemused and then pokes me.

"I thought you were serious, Patch," he says, "you  had me panicked, that I'd forced you down there and you were ill and you were going to die.

Chill out.

His worry makes me laugh more, he's adorable.

"I guess I'm just a fantastic actress," I say gloating as he pushes me towards the wall.
"Well, it wasn't funny," he says in a huff.

"Aww, Lou," I coo. He glares at me and I shut up as we grow closer to the hospital wing.

"You have to admit that was amazing, we got away with it," he says already gloating, the whole school's going to know by breakfast. Big mouth.

"We didn't spend the night, we got caught and we're going to spend the rest of our seventh year under watchful eye and in detention, we failed," I say, poking him with each point.

Louis' lists and plans are never about the thing itself; it's never about finishing what you started. It's about the spectacle you make doing it. It's about doing something so amazing, that someone (mainly, people in his family) has never done before.

Louis is so proud of himself right now, he must feel like the muggle who walked on the moon. Invincible.

Instead of arguing with me. because he knows I'm right,  he tilts his head in the way he does when he's thinking and asks, "how do you think she caught us?"

"I bet they enchanted it with something like a caterwauling or intruder charm but instead of going off in the chamber, it goes off in her office or something," I say.

Louis squints at me.

I know,  the stupid girl said something smart.

"You're probably right," he says, his voice trailing into silence.

Oh great, my best friend thinks I’m stupid.

As we reach the hospital wing, I bring back my symptoms and pinch myself hard so a few tears roll down my face.

Madame Hanson immediately flies across, checking my head and sends me straight to bed. She waddles to the cupboard getting me a sleeping draught and ushering Louis to leave.

"You can come see your girlfriend before breakfast," she says sweetly.

He immediately begins to protest.

"I understand, but it's no use for you to watch her sleep and worry, go get some sleep and come see your girl in the morning."

I resist the urge to laugh and as Louis leaves, he sends me one final fleeting glance.

I snuggle into the bed, slowly relaxing my body into it , the sleeping draught taking effect and sending me to a dreamless sleep.


When I wake up the first thing I feel is my stomach churning. I didn't eat much yesterday. I leap out of the bed in the most dramatic of fashions;  what else do you expect from a drama queen?

Madame Hanson raises an eyebrow, "I'm guessing you're feeling better?"

"I'm feeling fantastic," I say, smiling brightly.

"Well, if you say you're feeling well you can go, but if you feel remotely ill I want you back here immediately, Finnigan," she says sternly, a look of exasperation forming on her face.

I nod, "of course."

I walk briskly to the common room, getting another funny look from the fat lady. She just doesn't like me. Oh well, not that I care if an obese portrait doesn't like me. It's only a picture that moves. Did I mention it was an obese picture? Go on a diet.

I get up to dormitory, which is empty, meaning I'm late for breakfast. After showering quickly and throwing my uniform on, I run down to the great hall. I need to eat so badly it's unbelievable. My hunger is hungry. I skid over to the Gryffindor table, turning a few heads; they're not used to me looking this rough. I usually look immaculately sexy.

"We weren't expecting to see you," Arisa says, "nice acting by the way."

I know, I was just awesome last night.

I look to Louis and he blushes. He's just embarrassed that Arisa could tell I was acting and he couldn't. Some friend he is. I dig into the food, eating anything and everything that will get to my mouth.

"Whoa, somebody's hungry," Lorcan says.

"Shut up, fatty," I retort, my mouth full of food. I quickly hide my mouth with my hand. Like my mother says, I lack grace and I am far from ladylike. Though I think it’s rich coming from her. In fact, it's expensive coming from her.

While I'm engrossed in my food, I catch sight of my mother's owl coming in. Oh god. She's found out about our little trip to the Chamber, she's probably going to send me a howler. Cheese, the last thing I want is a howler. Erase that, it's the last thing anybody wants to receive in the post.

The owl named Piff arrives gracefully and drops a letter and leaves. Let me tell you, that owl hates my guts, it doesn't even expect treats. It hates me so much that it just leaves without giving me a second glance.

Yep, animals and portraits love me.

The three of them look at me oddly, slightly worried. They're well aware of the usual drama that follows once I've received a letter from my mother.

Dear Sophie,

We haven't spoken for so long, my fault not yours. I've been meaning to tell you something, I just haven't found the right way of putting it. But then I realised I'd been delaying it for so long, it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Sorry for the rambling, I'm not quite myself. I've been very excitable and giddy lately.

Look at me waffling, let me cut to the chase: I'm pregnant!

Isn't it wonderful? You’re finally going to have a little brother or sister, I know how badly you've wanted one, since you were a little girl. I've always wanted another child.
Sophie, do reply, you never seem to reply to my letters. It upsets me, you know what, you should send me a list of baby names you like. Then, when the baby comes in December, we'll have a name ready.

Love from your Mum

HOLY GUACAMOLE. Forget about being sixteen and pregnant, the woman's in her forties and pregnant. That doesn't sit quite right with me and dear god; she let the devil get her preggers. As in she let Michael, oh her and Michael have been having sex.

This is too much to think about.

So, her first perganancy was a drunk night out, this one, however, is in relation to the fact that she lets the devil sleep in her bed.

I feel sick. She's carrying the devil’s spawn.

"Patch, what did she write?" Louis asks.

"She's carrying the devil’s spawn, she's going to die. She's happy, she's never happy. It's like she doesn't even realize that I'm her child," I ramble, running around in circles with my words.

Clearly, he doesn't understand anything I'm saying. I don't even know what I'm saying.

Arisa takes a different approach and snatches the letter out of my hand and skim reads it at lightning pace.

"Romilda's pregnant," she deadpans.

I feel sick hearing that out loud. My emotions flutter and fly, and ignite like a fire as I start sobbing.

"Well, that's...something," Lorcan says in thought.

Louis doesn't say anything; he pulls me closer to him and wraps his arms around my shoulder.

"It's not a bad thing," he says to me quietly so nobody else can hear.

"But it is," I moan, "the kid’s gonna have Michael for a dad, it's gonna turn out evil and ruin my life in all possible ways."

"Patch, that's not going to happen," he says, wiping one of my tears away. "Look at Lucy and Molly, their dad's a git, everyone agrees, but who doesn't love them?"

"Okay," I agree.

Arisa exchanges the here-we-go-again look with Lorcan. Don't think I haven't noticed. 

"Sophie, quit your bitchin' and let’s get to Arithmancy."

Louis glares at her, she ignores the look, then pulls me up and we walk together to Arithmancy.

"You don't need to be upset," she says, trying to be sweet but annoyance seeps into her voice. 

"Your mother's pregnant get over it. You have your dad, you have your friends and you're getting a little sibling and just like your mother said, you've always wanted one.  You can't be so over the top all the time, it's annoying. You're becoming annoying, we're not kids anymore."

She has a point there.

“Not to mention, Louis is completely all over you, it's disgusting.”

She's lost me again.

A/N: Check out my new story. Thanks for the reviews, I got some absolutely lovely ones. SO keep 'em coming. I am currently writing chapter seven. :)

This is beta'd once again by the lovely Jacinta Jade, go check out Insanity, it won't fail to please. :)

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