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“It’s not what it looks like!!” Hugo yelled as he sidestepped in front of the cauldron, shielding the bubbling sickly yellow potion from my view. The effect was seriously ruined by the squelch of his trainers and the goo covering his ginger hair.

“Hugo, I can’t even begin to guess what this looks like.”

I leaned against the doorway, his eyes shifting from me and back to his potion.

“It’s ummmm-”

“Hugo! Just spit it out, why does it look like the Hufflepuff common room puked on you?”

He narrowed his eyes at me before replying. “You can’t laugh okay?”

I rolled my eyes at him. “I won’t laugh Hugo.”

“You have to promise!” He demanded while trying to take some of the liquid out of his hair. It really did smell foul.

“I promise.”

He stepped anxiously from foot to foot, “Well, you see...I’m-oka-I mean-”

I frowned at him and huffed.

“Fine! I’m trying to make new products for Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.”

There was a beat of silence while he looked nervously at me. That was not at all what I was expecting.

“That’s-” I began.

“Pathetic?” Hugo interrupted, embarrassed.

I shook my head quickly. “I was going to say random. Hu, you’re a prefect and you always seem against pranking and all that stuff? I’m just confused. This seems really unlike you.”

Hugo shrugged his shoulders, “I like making people laugh.”

“Okayyy...” I was, for the second time today, at a loss for words.

“Please don’t tell anyone Lily? I only want to tell Uncle George when I actually have something concrete to show him. I need him to take me seriously.”

I could do that much for my cousin, I could do something right today.

“Of course Hugo, now here let me help you clean this up. What were you trying to do anyway?” I asked bemused as I looked into the cauldron, the solution had now congealed at the bottom.

He waved his hand airily. “Doesn't matter any ways, and thanks Lils.”

Hugo abruptly hugged me as I squealed, the gooey substance getting all over my uniform. He laughed as I made a face at him and he began to eagerly tell me about his numerous ideas. And to be completely honest, they were all good ones. We spent the rest of lunch cleaning and brainstorming, and for the first time in a long time we actually felt like friends again.

At least I had something going for me.

“Want to get a coffee?” Eric asked, “I’m not a big fan of Madame Puddifoot’s but the Three Broomsticks is full and I need something warm.”

Nodding apprehensively I let Eric take my hand and lead me to the cozy cafe. The Halloween Hogsmeade trip had been met with a wet snow and blustering winds, if I didn’t have a date I would have stayed in the safety of the common room.

He held the door open for me and as I walked in my numb face was met with the inviting warmth and the smell of coffee and chocolate. The shop was so cheesy it was vomit inducing but damn the woman made a good cup of coffee.

We passed various couples on our search for a table, each attached at some body part; their lips, hands and legs were all connected. Did Eric expect us to snog in public? I really hoped not...I took a glance back at him but he was whistling cheerfully and didn’t seem perturbed that we were in couple land.

I noticed Roxanne and Ashton snogging like mad in a booth near the back, I sighed and rolled my eyes. The fifth floor girls dormitory had been cold and tense ever since our row.

Eric picked a table near the middle of the crowded shop and sat down, I sighed in relief, at least we were not in the more secluded booths.


Turning I noticed Louis waving from a small table in the corner, a dog-eared book in hand.

“Eric, one second I’m just going to say hi to my cousin.”

He offered me a charming smile then settled himself into the cushy armchair and started to look at the menu.

I made my way over to Louis, “Someone stand you up Lou?”

“Nah, I really just wanted to finish this book and the hot chocolate here is better then Hogwarts.”

I wasn’t sure if I respected my cousin more or less for willingly entering Madame Puddifoot’s alone. 

“Do you-er come here often?” I asked trying to be supportive.

“When I just want to read yeah,” He shrugged oblivious to my bemusement, “plus Fred and a bird from Hufflepuff are on a double date with Daemon and Ariel, I had no one to come with. And...well, Ravenclaw is still not taking my resignation very well, I thought I could use a break from the dirty looks.”

“What about James?” I swear I wasn’t avoiding saying a certain boy’s name.

“Luke didn’t feel coming so James stayed back with him, they’re just dicking around on the pitch.”

Ah right, that’s his name...I had been so concerned with avoiding Luke I didn’t even realize I had not seen him in days. 

“Why are you all red all of a sudden?” Louis looked at me strangely and then peered around my frame, “ahhh you’re here with your boyfrienddd.”

Yes, that’s why. What a perceptive family I have.

Louis leaned back in his chair, and nodded his head in Roxanne’s direction, “No worries, James is so wrapped up in finding a girl to know...but Fred on the other hand is going spare over Roxy dating Davies.”

Thank Merlin my brother is so self involved. “Didn’t Freddie turn all of Ashton’s robes pink yesterday?”

“Yes, and it’s still not stopping him. Davies is stupidly competitive with Fred. They were both seeing Kim at one point. And Fred told Roxanne that, but she was having none of it. I think she really likes the git.”

We both watched Roxanne and Ashton make goo goo eyes at each other, Merlin it made me want to vomit. “Anyways, I have to get back to my date and I’ll let you get back to your book.” 

My cousin lifted up his hot chocolate mug in my direction, “Cheers Lils.”

Eric looked up at me hopefully as I made my way back over until someone grabbed my arm.

“Lily!” I was engulfed by auburn curls as Rose threw her arms around me and pulled me into a hug.

“You never come here!” Rose exclaimed happily, as if being in this shop was some major character development for me. I saw Clar standing behind her looking smug as always, like he was proud of dating my cousin.

“Yeah well, on a date and all.” I motioned to Eric who grinned shyly.

Rose winked at me; subtle was never one of her strong points. “Well, one last thing before you and Roxanne seriously need to make up so you can talk some sense in her. I caught her and Davies snogging for the fourth time in a broom closet last night.”

“How does everyone know me and her are rowing?” I sighed; the castle was worse then the stupid gossip column at the daily prophet.

Rose shrugged. “People talk. Regardless, speak with her Lily, it will make my life easier.”

Clar grabbed her hand and started to drag her to a covert booth in the back, she offered me a quick wave and followed her boyfriend.

I finally sat down with Eric and he immediately grabbed my hand.

“You took a while to finally join me on our date.” He said half jokingly-half seriously.

“Yeah, sorry about that, whole bloody family is in this tiny cafe.” I grumbled.

“No worries Lily, I wish I had a big family like you. It’s just me, no siblings, no cousins. It gets a little lonely.” Eric mused, “also I ordered for you. I hope you don’t mind. Coffee, two milks and two sugars right”

I was surprised and slightly touched that he knew what I got in my coffee. I offered him a tentative smile, “Thanks Eric. A big family is kind overrated though-”  I stopped talking briefly as our coffees were set down and I took a sip, the hot liquid warmed my insides and I sighed indulgently.

“No privacy, nothing is ever a secret-” Well except a few things, “-you never have any time to yourself, seriously solitude is a rarity.”

Eric laughed, “It sounds great to me, and believe me I’ve had enough contact with your family. James and Albus sat me down in the broom closet near the dungeons for half an hour interrogating my ‘intentions’ with you. James called it his office, he didn’t take it well when I pointed out that it was a storage cupboard.”

I laughed, “Yeah my brothers are both prats. Just ignore them, that’s what I do.”

He nodded, “I’m glad your older brother’s friends have no problem with me dating you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, seriously confused.

“Well, Luke is still helping me train to be the keeper for the team next year. He helps me every Mondays and Thursdays after your Quidditch practices.”

I was speechless, “Luke Wood is coaching you?”

“Well, yeah. Me and three other guys. I asked him for some tips because I wanted to try out next year and he said he would help me practice instead. He thinks I’ve got a good chance.” Eric beamed and took another sip of his coffee. “Luke’s brilliant though, I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as him.”

As if I needed another reason to like Luke more. Bloody hell.

“Yeah, listen Eric...”

He interrupted me,  “Merlin, I’ve just been talking about myself this whole time, tell me a story about your family or something. I love hearing Hugo talking about all you guys, he’s seriously one funny bloke.”

Hugo? Funny? Really?  I’m learning so many new things about people today.

He looked so eager, so attentive that I couldn’t help but share, it was surprisingly easy to talk to Eric.

“Well there was this one time that Teddy convinced my parents he and Victoire could handle me and all my cousins while they went out which is amazing. As Mum could barely handle us when we were little, and she’s a damn scary lady when she’s pissed...and good Godric it was a disaster. I think we forever scarred them from having kids themselves.”

Eric laughed loudly and started to ask for details. As the rain beat solidly against the panes of the warm coffee shop, I actually found myself enjoying my date and we stayed there until we had to race back through the puddles to make it in time for the Halloween feast.

We entered the Great Hall breathless and still holding hands, several heads swiveled in our direction including my brother James who frowned at me, I stuck my tongue out at him and pulled Eric to sit beside Edie and Samira.

Eric’s dorm mates sat down to join us and Matt Davis started to tell a story about his and Corey Hart’s trip to Hogsmeade and how they got caught trying to steal cockroach clusters to put in someone’s soup tonight. Half listening, I took in the Great Hall, the decorations looked amazing and the pumpkins were gargantuan. Hagrid had really outdone himself this year.

James sat down heavily next to me, interrupting my observation of the decorations, I sighed, if he was going to lecture me again I was going to hex him. Eric’s hold on my hand tightened when he saw my brother.

“It’s alright Eric, don’t look so twitchy, Louis told me you perfectly behaved yourself today at Madame Puddifoot’s-” James grinned.

I groaned, I was going to murder my cousin, stupid lying Ravenclaw.

“Regardless, I thought I would cordially invite you lucky fifth years to the Halloween party in our common room tonight at nine. Since it’s a little short notice, costumes are not necessary, just look good. Except you Lily, I have a perfectly nice nun outfit for you to wear tonight...kidding kidding!” He joked as I held up my fist, close to punching him in the arm.

“It’s three sickles for everyone for the alcohol supplied of course by the Marauders, except Lily, you can have one butterbeer. We don’t want a repeat of the summer now do we?”

I punched James hard, and it only made him laugh and my hand hurt.

James left us with a salute and a cheeky grin making his way to sit with Louis at the Ravenclaw table, where I noticed the my cousin’s fellow house mates were definitely avoiding him and that Luke Wood was not with the other Marauders.

Not that I cared.

I was nursing my second fire whiskey of the night and the party was in full swing, music blasting and many of my classmates were seriously intoxicated. Eric was one of them, he had been stumbling and was slightly crossed eyed before he pulled me into a sloppy kiss in front of the entire party.

I sent him up to bed shortly after.

Leaving my post by the fire place, I made my way through a cluster of dancing Hufflepuffs to find someone to sit with, I found Albus on the stairs leading up to the boys dorm chatting quietly with Scorpius.

“Hey Al, hi Scorpius.” They both smiled at me, and my heart stuttered slightly, Circe Scorpius was one good-looking bloke.

“Lily,” my brother nodded at me in greeting and pointed to my drink, “Drunk yet?”

I scoffed. “Tipsy at best, sober at worst. I’m not really in the drinking mood to be honest.”

“Probably better, don’t want a repeat of the summer now do we?”

Somehow Albus’ words held more gravity than James’s, probably because he knew exactly what had happened the last time I was drunk.

“Stuff it Albus. Having fun Scorpius?”

Scorpius was about to speak when the portrait door was swung open with a flourish and my eldest brother stumbled through, with Fred’s arm thrown around him.

“Friends! I have an announcement!” Fred bellowed over the crowd, the music was immediately turned down and everyone faced the two Marauders.

“James Potter has finally become a man!” Fred lifted up my brother’s arm in a victory gesture and the entire common room exploded into cheers, as James grinned sheepishly and threw a wink to a group of sixth year Ravenclaws.

I turned to Albus, his face in an expression of disgust. “Does that mean what I think it means?”

Albus scoffed, “Yeah, James finally found a girl daft enough to shag him.”

“Oh Merlin, they’ve created a monster.” I said revolted at the thought of my brother...well you know.

“I need another drink,” Al stated and Scorpius nodded, both getting up and making their way to the fire-whiskey leaving me alone on the stairs.

I would have agreed with them if I wasn’t trying to behave myself. I watched James throw his arm around a giggling girl and I decided I had had enough of this stupid party. My boyfriend was passed out, my best friend hated me and the one boy I had wanted to see all night had been missing since I got to the party.

I was about to climb up the staircase to go to bed when someone grabbed my arm. Fred looked seriously at me, a stark contrast from his smiling face moments before.

“Where’s Roxanne?”

“I have no bloody clue, if you hadn’t heard we’re not really mates right now.”

Fred’s face was hard and dark, “I don’t give a damn Lily. Louis said Davies was joking about how he was going to shag her tonight and I need to find her.”

I rolled my eyes, “Roxanne’s not stupid Fred, she’s not going to shag him.”

Even as I said this, doubt resonated in my mind. My cousin had always been reckless...

“You have twenty minutes to find her before I start looking.” He threatened.

“Just use the map Fred! I don’t care what or who she is doing!” I yelled back.

He growled, his face set in an expression that scared me, even though I hated to admit it.

“She has the map. Twenty minutes Lily. Go.” He released my arm and stalked off, grabbing a fire-whiskey and chugging it in one gulp.

I huffed and stalked out of the common room. Slamming the portrait behind me, I ignored the Fat Lady’s reprimands.

I started to walk blindly, debating of whether I should start checking broom closets or empty classrooms first. This was going to take bloody forever.

Luke Wood’ s POV:
Leaning up against the cold stone wall I finished the last dredges of my fourth drink. So far I had been unable to achieve the drunk I had so desperately wanted to obtain. I flung the bottle and heard the satisfying shattering of glass.

I wasn’t exactly sure why I was avoiding the common room, maybe it was because after I saw Lily and Eric snog in the middle of the party I really had no desire to be around people.


I jumped about three feet in the air, as a girl’s angry voice rang down the hall. I recognized Lily’s head of auburn hair as the dying torches danced off of it. I swallowed heavily, so much for avoidance.

She stopped yelling as she realized she was no longer alone and I swear I saw her blush in the dim light.

“Lily.” I greeted cooly.

“Oh hi Luke.” She looked down at her feet and twisted a finger in her hair.

We stood there in silence for a while, as she looked liked she was struggling to think of something to say.

“Have you seen Roxanne?” She blurted out, “Cause Fred is throwing a fit about not being able to find her and...”

“No. I haven’t.” I cut across, wanting the conversation to end as quickly as possible. It was much easier not to think of her or feel guilty when she wasn’t around.

“Oh, all right then.” She turned on her heel to continue her search and yelling, I was struggling with myself between stopping her and letting her go.

She paused and turned back to me, her eyes shy and questioning, “I didn’t know you helped Eric with Quidditch.”

“Yeah.” What I didn’t tell her is that it took all I had not to hit the kid with a beater’s bat every time we practiced since he had asked her out.

“That’s really nice of you. Thanks for doing that.”

I laughed bitterly, “You have no reason to thank me.I didn’t do it for you.”

She bit her lip and I groaned. Merlin this girl had no idea what she did to me.

“Yeah sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed you even noticed me.”

I stuttered and finally looked down at her, she was frowning up at me her lips pulling into a slight pout.

“Is that what you think? Are you serious Potter? I can’t do anything but notice you.”

Her expression was what I had expected, complete surprise and shock.

“You’re drunk.” She accused nervously.


“What? Like you fancy me or something?” Lily laughed uncomfortably and bit down on her lip harder. I looked away, hoping I could control myself and not jump her.

I took a step forward and she backed up, her back hitting the opposing wall.

“No. Yes. Bloody hell I don’t know. I really shouldn’t, you’re only supposed to be James’ little sister to me. But for some reason, I just can’t stop thinking about you. For some reason I can’t stay away from you.”

I had reached her now, and she was trapped between the wall and me, our fronts pressed up against each other. I didn’t know what I was doing, maybe I was testing her, waiting for her to run.

Placing a hand on either side of her head, I let my mouth fall centimeters away from the curve of her neck, my whisper tickling her ear.

“And you have no idea how hard it has been to try.”

I heard her release a breathy sigh, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I dropped light kisses from the nape of her neck and along her jaw, finally tasting the skin I had so desperately wanted to for weeks.

Her hands reached my chest, for an instant I thought she was going to push me away, before they twisted in the material of my black t-shirt. She forcibly brought my face to hers and kissed me hard on the mouth.

Thrilled by her action I kissed her back just as eagerly and I brought a hand to her lower back pulling her closer to me, closer than I thought possible. My other hand wound in her gorgeous hair and I let out an embarrassing moan as her small hands slipped under my shirt and danced across the muscles of my stomach. She tasted like fire-whiskey and chocolate.

Desperate for more, I grabbed her hips and lifted her up, she squealed into my mouth as her legs wrapped around my waist and I pressed her hard against the wall. If it hurt she wasn’t complaining. The kiss turned ravenous and I knew at that moment I had never wanted anyone or anything so badly in my life.

A crash down the hall caused us to freeze, bringing us back to reality. I let Lily drop down from the wall, she shimmied in far to desirable a way as she straightened her clothes.

I looked down at her face and immediately regretted it. If she'd looked unbearably tempting before, it was nothing to what she was making me feel now, with her hair mussed and her lips swollen from snogging. Her caramel eyes were not full of shock and fear like I expected, they were dark with desire. Desire for me, I thought smugly.

Good Godric, this one girl had me completely undone.

We stayed there for who knows how long, my arms still around her, Lily’s hands playing with the hem of my shirt. Neither of us spoke, our heavy breathing the only other sounds in the corridor.

A sob from down the hall caused us to break quickly apart. I stepped back from her putting considerable distance between us and she started to fix her hair before she recognized the figure coming towards us.

Roxanne was nearly bent over from how hard she was crying, her dress completely skewed and her hair worse off than Lily.

“Roxanne!” Lily ran towards her cousin who collapsed immediately into her arms and I rushed over, helping Lily bring Roxanne gently down to the ground.

The dark haired girl was sobbing so much that her whole body was racking from the effort, she was unable to speak and Lily attempted to sooth her by rubbing her back gently and whispering words of aid.

“Roxy, Roxanne, it’s okay I’m right here. What happened?”

Roxanne finally looked up at us, her eyes red, swollen and glazed over from alcohol. “H-he-he told me he loved me.” She managed to speak through her tears.

“L-Lily, I’m so stupid.” She whispered sadly. “I shouldn’t have let him s-sh-s-shag me.”

This sentence made her break into a whole new set of raspy sobs, and Lily looked up at me, her expression heartbreaking.

“I’ll go get Fred.” I said and about to turn before I saw his dark stocky figure racing down the hall.

Fred screeched to a halt and took in his broken sister on the ground, he gave me a dark questioning look to which I nodded. He gritted his teeth angrily and took a deep breath, “Davies dies tonight.”

“F-F-Freddie, I’m so s-s-s-s-sorry.” Roxanne stuttered through a fresh wave of tears.

He bent down and wrapped his arms around her body as carefully as if he was holding pieces of shattering glass.

“Don’t be silly Roxanne, you have no reason to be sorry.” He whispered as he held her close, he gave me a quick nod and turned towards the tower, carrying his sister to safety.

His wake left Lily and I in an awkward heavy silence. She looked like she wanted to speak many times but couldn’t get it out.

After several painful moments of watching this I was about to say something, when footsteps sounded in the corridor.

Ashton Davies swaggered into view, his face smug, as if he was the seeker that had just caught the snitch. He carried himself in his arrogant way. I was about to pull out my wand when Lily stepped forward, pulled her arm back and slapped him across his pretty face as hard as she could.

I watched impressed as he staggered back from the force, for such a small girl she sure is strong.

“What the bloody hell was that for Potter?” He yelled at her, towering over her, I stepped forward so I was directly behind her, and eye to eye with Ashton.

“You’re lucky she got to you first. Just wait till Fred is let loose.”

For the first time the prick actually looked worried. Good.

“Mate, you know how it is. All I did was shag a fit girl. Fred of all people should understand that.” He muttered as he rubbed his red cheek.

Lily surged forward ready to hit him again, but I grabbed her around the waist, pulling her back against me as she squirmed.

“I HATE YOU, YOU FUCKING COCKY BASTARD!” She screamed, struggling against me.

He scoffed but took a step back from her, I was still debating if I should unleash her. The douche for sure deserved it.

“Lily dear, hate’s a strong word-” He drawled.

“So is LOVE, you hippogriff’s piece of shit! Maybe you should stop throwing that around! You broke her heart! I hope you get eaten by a manticore!”

Davies rolled his eyes at an attempt to remain his cool, “Jesus Wood, hold back your woman.”

And with that he strolled away; however, at a much quicker pace then had been earlier. He was obviously keen to get as far away from the Gryffindor tower as possible.

We stood there, my arms still around her, I was still worried she would run after him cussing and screaming like a banshee.

She sighed and relaxed slightly in my arms, “You can let me go now Wood.”

“Oh- right, sorry Lily.”

I released her and she stepped away from me. “You should have let me hex him.”

“I think it’s probably better that you didn’t to be honest.” I muttered.

Her gaze was still fixed on where Davies had been, “Fred’s going to kill him.”

I nodded, it was going to be up to me and the other Marauders’ responsibility to reign him in.

With that said we were left in the exact same awkward middle ground we had been ten minutes earlier, I grabbed her hand slowly and she didn’t pull away. She wasn’t looking at me though.

“Listen Lily...” I had no idea where to start.

Lily finally looked up at me and my heart dropped to see her eyes were slightly wet.

“You have to go don’t you?” I said softly, releasing her hand from mine.

“I’m sorry, I’m just...kind of a mess.” And with that she turned and raced back to the tower leaving me confused and bewildered wondering what the bloody hell had just happened.

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