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Chapter 17


She sat alone looking out the window. She watched him and that girl, that unknown girl playing, laughing in the black lake as if they hadn’t a care in the world. She hated them envied them. Her forehead pressed against the glass and she fought back the tears that kept rushing to her eyes. Had he totally forgotten her was she Alice just another notch in his bed post? Was that possible, she had been his first love, his only love he had told her but now that seemed to have changed. Before they had gotten together at the end of 6th year he had been the playboy that all the girls knew and loved. He never dated anyone for more than two weeks and never was faithful. But that had all changed when they had gotten together. Leif had been chasing after her since fourth year and she finally dated him after two years. It had been the best months of her life. After school was out they continued to date through most of the summer. But the distance had driven them apart. Iceland is a far away for underage wizards.


Allen had been there, been so available to her so hard to resist. They started spending time together too much time and that had ended in the biggest mistake of her life. After she found out she was pregnant she owled Leif and told him she would be coming to see him by way of a portkey. He had tried to talk her out of visiting but she had come none the less. He met her at the port key and they walked all around Reykjavík talking and catching up. He couldn’t keep his hands off her but instead of the thrill of affection she felt the suffocating feeling of guilt. He got them an upscale hotel room telling her his father did not like visitors so they would stay here for their weekend together. That weekend was spent more in that hotel room than any other place. By the end of the weekend the guilt was eating away at her.


He told her about how he loved her about how after school he would marry her, and they would start a family. Little did he know that she had already gotten started with someone else. A week after she left she owled him telling him the news. She was pregnant and it was his. At first he was scared like any young man would be but then he was overjoyed. A bit foolish she thought but she was glad she had found a willing father for her baby. But that all changed when Allen talked to Leif. He told him about their nights together. Leif came to England and met with her anger coming off him like heat.


“Is it true,” he demanded his voice as tight as a spring. They sat in a café across from each other up till now neither had said a word but now he spoke and the words were like daggers in her heart.


“Is what true?” she tried.


“Don’t play me for a fucking fool Alice. Is it true?” his voice started to rise people around them in the restaurant started to stare and Alice gulped nervously.


“It’s not mine is it? It’s Allen’s.” she looked away not able to face him. Tears welled in her eyes and her world started to spin. How could this have happened, how could she have been so dumb so blind? “I loved you. I would have given anything anything ….”he trailed off. He stood then with out another word and left her crying in the café booth by herself.  


He didn’t even look back she knew she watched waited for him to turn around and come back and tell her it was all going to be alright but he didn’t. He kept walking. Today was the first day she had seen him since that fateful day in the summer.


When she had lost the baby she had such mixed feelings. She was sad yes but deep down in the darkest part of her she was happy. She wanted that baby to be Leif’s and it wasn’t. There was really no point to her in having it. She knew it was sick to feel that way but she did. 


She stayed at that window and watched them. Watched them till she saw the fight break out. It had happened so quickly she didn’t know what was happening at first. But then Leif stormed off like he always did when they fought. A smile played on her lips as she watched the girl standing alone looking defeated and alone. What was her appeal? She was not really ugly but she was not the flashy type of pretty that Leif went for. She didn’t wear a stitch of makeup and her hair was well her hair was hair it didn’t really make any kind of statement it was just there. It was hard for her to even believe that moment before Leif had just been there with her.


She turned away from the window then and tried to hurry to the great hall in hopes that she would cross paths with Leif but she had no such luck. It was lucky on the other had that she shared most of her classes with Leif sadly the girl she had started calling the troll was also in those classes. For a whole week she tried to gets Leif’s attention staring at him calling him with her eyes but it was no such luck. This spell the girl had over him would leave soon and she could sweep in and pick up the pieces. It appeared he was already starting to crumble to her delight. A broken down Leif would be so much easier to handle.

She watched Leif talking to Mikko on the steps of the great hall. He looked so pathetic and perfect. Mikko looked on seriously and grave like always. Her nails dug into the tree she was behind when she saw who approached. The damn troll came striding up like some timid dear. Mikko stood and left them. She watched their little reconciliation with a stone in her stomach. When they kissed she almost vomited. It was everything that she had feared and more. She would have to get drastic. She left then leaving them happily wrapped in each other’s arms. She went off to find Allen.


Allen sat in the great hall his pride bruised from his most recent fight with Megean. She had great tits but she was starting to be a real pain. He would have left long ago if any other girl was worth ditching her for. 

“Hello stranger,” a voice he knew very well said from behind him.


“What do you want she who must not be named.” He said taking a drink from his spiked pumpkin juice.


She sat down beside him and laughed. “I never understood why I was the only bad guy if I remember right you were more than willing to join me in bed. No one put a wand to your head.”


“But I was not dating anyone. You should have kept your legs closed.” He turned and looked at her. Merlin she was beautiful. Really something angelic with white blond hair and thin bones she was like a lovely bird so thin and fragile.


“You’re dating someone now?” she asked her eyes were sweet and innocent and full of promises.


“Sort of.” He mumbled


“Sort of. That does not sound like you Allen.” She said lightly touching his arm.


He looked at her hand resting on his forearm and smiled figuring out her game. “I take it you have seen Leif and his little lover.” He smirked


“Oh I hadn’t seen them.” she lied easily.


“Really?” he laughed. “So you thought you would just say hello to me the boy a few months ago said ruined your life.”


“Alright fine I’ve seen them. Him and that little troll.” She seethed.


“Troll that is one I have not heard.” Allen said coming to his feet and stepping out of the bench.


“Where are you going.” She asked turning to him.


“Away from you my girl you are p-o-i-s-o-n.” he turned and left but she quickly followed.


“This is the least you can do just be with me for a while till he comes to his senses.” She begged from behind him.


“He won’t come to his senses.” Allen laughed. “This girl is different.”


“Please Allen, please I beg you.” She said throwing her arms around his back. He felt her shape press against him and thought how amazing it felt and how amazing it felt in other situations.


“Alright alright I’ll do it.” He sighed regretting this already. “But I have to go take care of something before we pretend to make this official. And so you know I expect you to act like a real girlfriend if we do this. I am about to break up with a girl who worships me for you so you better deliver. “He said turning around looking down at her.


She nodded her head quickly and smiled. He shook his head and took her hands from around his back. He turned and clasped his hands behind his back and walked away leaving her there smiling.   


I’m on a bit of a roll. Please comment it really helps me write faster. I know I’m begging but oh well!

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