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With one look into my fiance's eyes, I immediately discovered we were in for a long ride.

"Hermione! Wake up!" I hear, blasted into my ears. It was literally as if someone took a stereo right next to both ears and screamed into the microphone. Either this person had a very loud and obnoxious voice, or I had a major migraine probably due to the hangover from last night. I shouldn't have gone out last night, but I needed to party my stress away before the wedding today according to Ginny and Luna. Why the hell did I ever listen to them? Look where it got me now. It's going to be a very long day.

I open my eyes and see Ginny leaning into my face. I jump at the surprising sight and bump my head on the back of the bed I lay in. I realize I'm at my parents house in my old bedroom. How did I get here? I thought I fell asleep at the Burrow. I groan as my head starts thumping in the spot I hit it on. Damn it.

"Ginny! Don't ever do that again, you prat! I'm probably bleeding now!" I start lecturing, as I rub the bump on my head. Thanks a lot, Ginevra. That's what I call her when I'm angry. 

"You're more fun when you're drunk," Ginny grumbles as she pulls me up to sit. She sits down with me and hugs me. We know that it's finally the day I actually become her sister-in-law because I, oddly enough, am marrying Ronald Weasley. It's a bit different now when you think about it. I mean- about ten years ago, he was getting jealous of me while I was snogging Krum. Weird... right? Who would have thought we would be getting marred!? I certainly didn't, but Harry and Ginny always say that we would. It's bizarre.

I inwardly groan as Ginny chuckles and tugs me out of the door to face my destiny.


Standing at the alter, my hands shake in fear as I have no idea what to do. I mean- this is my wedding day. How else do I approach this situation besides overall grief and nervousness. I'm petrified just like second year. Only this isn't second year and there is no basilisk. Crap. At least back then I had an excuse.

I'm about broken to tears when the clergy says, “Ronald Billius Weasley-.” I can't do this! I only just turned twenty-two a few months ago back in September. I can't get married now! That would be like throwing my entire childhood away!

Get real, Hermione, my conscience orders. In my head, it sounds too much like Bellatrix Lestrange. It cackles at my misfortune all of the time, just as if she was in the room. Damn, her laugh got annoying. Thank you, Mrs. Weasley. Speaking of Mrs. Weasley, she's mouthing the words that the clergy is announcing to Ron. Arthur Weasley, who's sitting next to Molly, is being uncomfortably gripped onto by her.

The Weasley family scares me, so why on earth would I want to be a part of them? My life is full of rubbish mistakes. I reminisce on the time I punched Draco in the face and feel better about myself. Did I just call him Draco? What's wrong with me? I need a therepist. 

I can feel Ginny and Luna gazing at me, pretending not to be nervous, but they are just as good as liars as I am, which is basically terrible. They're standing behind me along with Parvati Patil as bridesmaids. Ginny is the Matron of Honor for she got married to Harry last year. In front of Ginny stands my soon-to-be niece, Victoire, who is the Flower Girl. The Ring Bearer is quite obviously Teddy Lupin who looks so much like his parents, it's almost frightening. Standing behind Teddy is Harry (best man), Neville, and George (groomsmen).

Along with Molly and Arthur, I see old classmates like Seamus Finnegan, Dean Thomas, Cho Chang, Angelina Johnson, Lavender Brown (she's crying, I note), and Katie Bell. All Ron and I's friends and families are here. I'm a little shocked by the turn-out, but I guess I meant a lot to the Granger side. But the biggest shock of all who were there, had to be Draco and Astoria's appearances. It's even worse than Percy and his fiancee, Audrey, who's exactly like Percy. I'm not kidding considering both are all work and no play. They apparently have no other friends than us because I'm a bridesmaid for her. I hardly know this woman!

Coming back down to Earth, I realize Ron has already said his vows, and the clergy has turned to me. Crappity-crap-crap. What should I do? Should I make a run for it? That would just cause issues so that's out of the question. Should I say no? Ron would be heartbroken! I can't do that to him! I love him, or at least think I do.

“Do you, Hermione Jean Granger, take Ronald Billius Weasley to be your lovely wedded husband?”

“I-er-I do!” I splutter, sounding a bit too confident. I grimace at my words, and a look of worry spreads onto Ron's face, causing his dimples to fade. I try my best to smile and do successfully well to make him happier. His face and eyes beam, and I catch mine doing the same. The diamond ring on my finger glistens in the candlelight as if it were congratulating me.

“You may now kiss the bride,” the clergy booms, delightfully. I had requested that he hadn't said the “speak now or forever hold your peace” part in fear of Lavender Brown's attendance. Parvati mentioned that she was still after Ron since sixth year. I fix my eyes onto Lavender and smile as if I'm bragging. She glares for a moment and sinks into her seat. I saved her life from a werewolf! Could she at least be a bit more cheery and considerent?

I then romantically snog my brand-new husband. Both of our parents grin at us, and Harry winks at me. I return a rather disgusted glance, and then I laugh for a moment. We break the kiss and face the exit of the church. We strut down the aisle and wait outside to get through all of the “congratulations”, hugs, and handshakes. Ginny and Harry tug Victoire and Teddy along with them. Those kids look so much like a couple, it's a bit scary.

Fleur Weasley gallops to collect her little daughter. Fleur looks about a million time better than I do, which is understandable since she's part-Veela.

“Mama!” Victoire cries, a bit loudly. Okay, eardrum-shattering loud. I notice that Victoire, my new niece, also looks better than me. Wow, I was just out-shined by a three-year-old on my own wedding day. Thanks, Victoire.

“'ou look vuntasteek!” Fleur exclaims, looking amorously at her daughter. She also glances at Ronald and I, so I suppose she means all of us. Wow! She is sneaky. I gaze at Bill and Fleur's perfection of a family for a moment and soon realize they're getting freaked out.

I turn away from them and join my husband, who's conversing with Lavender, Katie, and Dean. Katie and Dean warmly greet me with open arms, while Lavender scowls and shies away from the crowd. I see that she has retreated to Angelina and Alicia Spinnet instead. Yeah, be jealous.


Time passes quickly, and my reception is midway through. I've already made better terms with people I hardly knew before. Soon, I'm already best friends with a drunken Cho, and I can't tell the difference between Parvati and Padma. I admit, I'm in for a big hangover tomorrow morning....


I'm now officially Hermione Weasley. I wake up in a condo somewhere that feels remote to home. I run my eyes and attempt to see my surroundings. On the clock, I read 12:30 PM. Crap, how did I sleep in so much? I can't remember anything from the wedding reception since Luna caught my bouquet. Good for her, I mentally encourage. I've gone insane.

I realize I'm lying on a bed in the mysterious room or another. What am I doing here? Is this our honeymoon? How am I supposed to be on a honeymoon when I don't even know what all happened last night? I'm going to kill Ron.

I manage to find my wand after quite a bit of time and searching. I see a note on the dresser, but I can't find the energy to get up and get it. I point my wand at it. Well, that's what us lazy wizards do. Especially during a hangover!

Accio, note,” I mutter. It zooms to my wand's tip and I catch it. Hooray!

It reads: Dear Mrs. Weasley, I don't know how we got here, but I didn't want to wake you. I've Apparated home for a short time. Hope you're having fun! - Ron

Git of a husband, he is. Why exactly did I get married, again?


It's been a couple of years since my wedding/honeymoon extravaganza. It took me ages to figure out what had happened. Apparently, Cho and Lavender, my drunken-best friends, took us to this condo which was supposed to be our honeymoon. It just so turns out they tried to lock me in there so Lavender could get with Ron. I really hate that girl. Cho still claims she was too drunk to remember, but Ginny admitted to me that she had tried to do the same to her with Harry. They may be complete scum, but they are good at stealing men. It's a shame they don't know any Anti-Apparation charms. Darn.

Percy and Audrey's wedding was about the worst one I've ever been to. They are both uptight and stingy, and they didn't bother having a reception. Just a formal family gathering. How horrible! I reckon they won't bother speaking about it to anyone, nowadays. At least I won't.

George and Angelina Johnson had gotten married only a few months after. That had to be one of the best Weasley weddings in history. But, in spite of George's modesty, he claims Ron and mine was. Not true, not true at all considering theirs hadn't ended in a blackout and a trap. It was actually normal despite the whole magic idea.

As of now, Ginny just had a baby. It was, unfortunately a Potter boy. Just like Harry. I hope she has a girl next time for she seems to be pregnant again! Angelina Weasley is also pregnant, and as for George and her, I pray their having a boy. Oh, and adding more to the Prego list is Fleur Weasley and -you won't believe it- Astoria Malfoy. I about pinched myself when I heard.

But, as of now, 2005 has just started and I'm sitting on the toilet in our bathroom gripping onto the pregnancy test in my hands. I really hope I'm not... y'know, with a child, but the first test says otherwise. Ron's working in his Auror office with Harry, Ginny's having a meeting with the Holyhead Harpies' managers, Luna and Rolf are off on their honeymoon in Vegas, and Neville is serving as Pomona Sprout's Apprentice for Herbology. Everyone is enjoying their lives while I've taken off work after vomiting repeatedly. I envy Angelina for being almost nine months ahead of me. My kid's going to hate me for having to watch Ginny's and Angelina's kids prance off to the Hogwarts Express and only being too young to go.

What if she does hate me? I mean, we can get over the idea that I'm having a boy because another male Weasley would drive me insane! How about I call her something beautiful to make up for it?

I opened the windows in the washroom feeling anxious and nauseous. And as if God answered my plea, a rose petal flew into the washroom and rested on my pregnancy test.


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