Chapter 1


When James and Lily arrive twenty years into the future they meet a much older Dumbledore who explains a few things. But it still leaves the young pair confused.

James and Lily stood in awe as twenty years whizzed by them. Masses of people walked in and out of the office all too blurry to distinguish. After what felt like an absolute age the whizzing images stopped. They stood still for a few minutes letting the motion sickness pass over them. Lily lifted the time turner over their heads and slipped it into her jeans pocket.

“You may want to take extra care of that! You’ll not find another one in this life time,” Professor Dumbledore croaked making James and Lily jump. They watched as the rather old Professor slowly descended the stairs from his privet quarters. He was considerably older than they last saw him. He had more wrinkles and his hair had gotten whiter. Both had noticed that his left hand had turned black, like it had been severely burnt. “Sorry for frightening you,” he added as he stepped down the last few steps.

“Why would we not find another time turner, Sir?” Lily asked.

“Well, Harry Potter and his friends destroyed them all last year.” Professor Dumbledore replied, chuckling.

“Harry Potter?” James asked.

“Indeed James. A magnificent young wizard; very powerful. He is the young man you have been brought forward to meet and help. He is at the end of his sixth year here. This is June 25th 1997." He paused to let the information sink in.

“I cannot divulge the information as to whether or not he is a relative of yours James, but I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out who he is.” James felt queasy. If he was twenty years into the future then this Harry Potter was bound to be his son, which would mean that he had been very young when his son was born.

“Why can’t the older us help him then?” Lily asked although she feared the answer.


“Ah yes! The dreaded question..." he sighed. "The reason Lily is that your feature selves are no longer with us. I know that is hard to digest, but, that is all I can tell you. I cannot tell you how or when. I'm sorry.” he explained.

James and Lily looked at each other, and James wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Instead of pulling away she gratefully accepted the hug. She needed someone familiar close to her right now. She felt like all the air had been knocked out of her lungs.


“I am sure you understand that you will be required to change your names. Lily, I would like you to become Lillian Evan, and James, you shall become Jamie Porter." They nodded their heads in agreement. “Now of course I shall need to change your appearance slightly, but for now I think you’ve had enough changes. You both will stay in the Room of Requirement,” Dumbledore explained. James and Lily looked at him confused.

“But sir, we still don’t know a few things. Like what will happen to our memories of our time here?” Lily asked stepping away from James and moving closer to Dumbledore.

“Ah yes. I am afraid that you will indeed remember your time here, which is why I am so reluctant to tell you more about Harry. There are ways for your memories to be removed, but the cost can be catastrophic.” James and Lily looked at each other in alarm.

“What does Harry look like?” James asked curiously.

“All in good time James.” Dumbledore said calmly, looking at James over his half moon spectacles.

“What exactly do we have to do here? I mean will our lives be in danger?” Lily once more asked. Her mind was so full of questions that she could barely keep track of them all.

“To some degree. But hopefully, Harry will have everything under control.”

“How can you be so sure?” James asked now truly worried. He wanted no harm to come to Lily under any circumstances.

“James, Harry is without a doubt a very powerful young wizard, there is just one very vital thing he lacks that would ultimately lead to Voldemort’s downfall.”

“And that would be?”

“Harry has not yet found the love of his life, he’s met her but yet he hasn’t discovered his feelings for her. He needs to know undying love if he is to stand a chance of going through with this war.” Dumbledore explained unaware of the person standing watching.



Harry sighed as he strode to Dumbledore’s office. For the past year he had been working closely with his headmaster and he was on a rather unusual discovery of the life of Lord Voldemort.


Yes. Harry Potter, the boy who lived, was learning all about the life of the monster that had callously murdered his parents. Harry needed to know all about Voldemort because he was on a mission. Along with his head master he was searching for Voldemort’s Horcruxes, which where items with pieces of his soul hidden in them. Oh yes. Voldemort, known to Harry as Tom Riddle, had split his soul into six pieces in the attempt to make him immortal, it was pure madness.


Harry had unknowingly destroyed one of these Horcruxes in his second year when he killed a basilisk and then stabbed Tom Riddle’s diary with one it is fangs. The dairy in question had been making the sister of his best friend, Ginny Weasley, do terrible things to the students of Hogwarts, and then it tried to kill her. All perfectly normal of course.

Harry was tired, he had spent the day with one of his best friends, Hermione Granger; she was helping him study for his exams. Although he didn’t seem to get much done as he found his concentration on Quidditch instead of his work. Of course he hid this well, she would go ballistic if she found out that all her efforts today were wasted. A fact that made him feel incredibly guilty, he hated that she took time out of her revising schedule to help him when he didn’t really concentrate.


Sighing he reached the top of the steps and was just about to knock on the door when he heard an unknown voice mention his name. Curious he opened the door just a tiny bit, but immediately regretted it.

Nope, he thought. He did not see who he just thought he saw. He must be tired – or insane. Was he insane? He had been through a lot these past few years; losing his parents at the age of one, having to live with his only living blood relatives he had left. They hated magic and treated him very badly; he had been treated like a house elf. Then he found out that he was a wizard and was thrown into a world where a very powerful wizard was trying to kill him; the philosophers stone, the Horcrux, the triwizard tournament, the killing of his godfather, Sirius, the prophecy. Had it all gotten too much for him? Had he finally gone barmy?

He shook his head trying to get rid of the thoughts of him being insane, even though that failed to get rid of the doubt. There was one person who would rid him of his doubt, the only person he could count on for anything, the girl he trusted more than anyone on this planet – Hermione.


He quietly crept away from Professor Dumbledore’s room and down the stairs, once he knew he was far enough to away to run without being heard he ran. His head was pounding with so many thoughts and so many unanswered questions, and his heart pounded so hard in his chest he was sure it was going to explode. However, he continued on regardless, he had to talk to her; she was the only one that could stop him from becoming insane.

He finally reached the Gryffindor common room and stopped to catch his breath before, as calmly as he could, walking in. He scanned the room for a second and immediately relaxed when his eyes landed on her bushy, brown hair that was peeking out the top of a book, as usual. He made a beeline for her and snatched the book out of her hand; he then closed the book and set it on the desk.

“Harry, what is the matter with you?” she exclaimed startled. She regarded him with caution, his forehead was sweaty, his cheeks were flushed pink and he was breathless. Her startled look soon turned into a worried one. “Are you OK?” she asked voice laced with concern.

“I need you to talk to you in privet,” he replied sticking out his hand. She took it without hesitation and let him lead her out and into a closet close by. She breathed heavily at the fact that she was in very close proximity to Harry. All her feelings that she had managed to bury seemed to be spilling out at that moment, but she forced herself to focus. Harry needed her help right now, not a snog, no matter how much she wanted one.

“Am I insane?” he asked with a perfectly earnest face, she blanched somewhat confused.

“What?” she just about managed to squeak out; Harry looked at her oddly but continued on with what he was saying.

“Look at what I have been through these past years; is it normal to go completely mental?” he asked as he tried to pace, but seeing as they were in a rather small broom closet, he got nowhere.

“OK, Harry lets back track here,” she began as she finally managed to regain control of her wild thoughts. “What makes you think you’re crazy?”

“I think – no I know – or maybe I was just tired, a trick of my imagination…” he rambled, she looked at him concerned. “I think I saw my teenage parents,” he blurted out, but Hermione just stared. “I knew it! I’m insane!”

“No! Not insane, tired I think so. Let’s get you to bed; I’m sure some sleep potion will help you out. How much sleep have you had since last summer?” she asked murmuring the last part; it was still such a sensitive subject.

“It’s been pretty no existent,” he admitted, saddened at the thought of his dead godfather.

“That settles it then, you’re suffering from exhaustion. I will get some dreamless sleep potion of Madame Pomfrey,” she took his sweaty hand in her own and led him to the common room, she made him sit and await her return.


After a lot of convincing on Hermione’s part she managed to feed him the potion and send him off to bed. She sat back on the chair that she had been sitting on earlier and picked up the book to continue reading from where she left off. However, she found that she was too worried about Harry to concentrate so she set the book back down and choose to stare out of the window instead.




After a lot of explaining Dumbledore managed to convince James and Lily to visit Harry. So, with a thick and rather uncomfortable silence they walked the short five minute journey, with James and Lily under a concealment charm, of course.

“Professor Dumbledore?” Hermione greeted in surprise when her headmaster appeared in the common room. Luckily it was empty, she didn’t get the feeling that Professor Dumbledore was here for a polite chat. “Is everything alright?” she asked worry layered in her voice.

“It is I need to speak with Harry.” The old Headmaster replied.

“Oh Erm, he doesn’t want to see anybody at the minute,” she said nervously looking to Ron for help. He just shrugged helplessly.

“It is very important Miss Granger.” Dumbledore replied and removed the charm from the guests.

“Oh!” Hermione exclaimed. She made Ron run up to the boys room to get him, and after a few tense minutes of utter silence, he returned, with a rather grumpy Harry.

“What?” he asker her sharply, a little more then intended to. Hermione said nothing but merely turned him around to face the three visitors. “I told you so!..” he said turned in back to her.

“Told her what?” Ron asked suspiciously.

“Never mind, it’s nothing.” Hermione replied distractedly as she looked from Harry to James and Lily.

“Why are they here?” Harry asked Dumbledore. Turning to look at him he made sure he averted his gaze from his two teenage parents.

“They’re here to help you.” Professor Dumbledore replied simply.

“No! I am not dragging any more people into this. What if something goes wrong? The whole world will be messed up.”

“Harry, they are here to help, they have to be. No room for arguments! I’ll let you get to know them for a bit then you can escort them to the Room of Requirement.” With that Dumbledore walked out leaving the five of them alone. Harry kicked a nearby table in frustration making a glass fall off it and shatter. Hermione automatically brought out her wand and fixed the shattered glass.

“Well I may as well introduce us.” Hermione began trying to break the tension. “I am Hermione Jean Granger.” they politely shook her hand. “This is Ronald Bilious Weasley.”

“Please, call me Ron,” he pleaded and they smiled.

“And lastly this is Harry James Potter.”

“Harry James?” Jamie asked and Harry nodded.

“I don’t think you needed to be so formal Hermione,” Ron laughed.

“I was just being polite!” she retorted.

“Well from Harry’s reaction you already know who we are, but Professor Dumbledore changed our names to Lillian Evan and Jamie Porter,” Lillian explained.

“What have you been told? Hermione asked.

“Just that were here to help Harry and that he has the power to vanquish Voldemort. That we are no longer living and that’s about it really.” Jamie explained, then a thought popped into his head, if he was dead in this life, then what about...


“How's Aryanna?” he asked nervously.

“Who?” Harry asked, he had turned and looked directly into his young father's eyes. James swallowed nervously.

“ sister,” he stuttered. Harry's eyes widened.

“You have a sister?” Harry asked shocked. James face paled.

“Ary...Aryanna.” He stumbled over her name in shock. How could his own son not know about his sister? He managed to stumble to a chair with Lillian's help, where he put his head in his hands and visibly shook. The rest stared in shock.

Harry couldn’t stand it any longer, he ran up to his room, grabbed his cloak and wand and raced out of the common room door, slamming it shut as he went.

“Oh, I hope he remains clam,” Hermione said worriedly.

“What do you mean?” Lillian asked. Jamie still seemed to shocked to say anything.

“Harry is not very good at maintaining his anger,” she replied softly.

“It’s no surprise after what he’s been through.” Ron added then covered his mouth with his hand. Hermione smacked his arm and glared at him.

“What has he been through?” Lillian asked concerned.

“We can’t say,” Hermione replied quickly and silence once more sat between them.


Slowly Jamie started to come around to the shock, that his sister, like himself, was no longer alive in this world, and tried to find out more about Harry. He could feel a strong connection begin to form already, and it wholly unnerved him.


Their attempts were futile though, and a silence descended over them once more as the others refused to give Jamie any answers. Hermione and Ron exchanged a knowing look after a while. Yes. This year looked set to be eventful, very eventful indeed.

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