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Disclaimer: I do not own the world of Harry Potter; I just play with the people when I get lonely.

Gabrielle Ravenclaw sat holding her youngest daughter for the first time. This labor had been the easiest and shortest of all her children. She was exhausted but there was no time to rest yet.

“Glenda,” she called out.

“Yes my lady,” the servant answered promptly, scurrying into the room.

“Could you tell Lord Ravenclaw that I am ready for him?”

“Yes my lady,” Glenda answered before leaving the room, shutting the door behind her.

Gabrielle sat up straighter on the bed, using her free hand she brushed the sweat dampened hair out of her face. This birth may have been easier than the previous four but it was still quite painful and extremely tiring.

“Love?” Derrick Ravenclaw poked his head around the now slightly cracked door. Gabrielle smiled at her husband, beckoning him into the room. Seeing her smile, his mind, body and heart began to relax. “Oh love, I was so worried. I didn’t hear her cry like I did with the other children. Are you all right? Is the baby all right? Are you well? Is the baby? Is it another boy, or do I finally have a daughter?”

“My Lord.”

“Yes dear?”

“You’re rambling.”

“My apologies.”

“It’s quite alright Derrick. Would you, would you like to hold her?”


“Yes, her darling.”

“I, I have a daughter? I have a daughter! Yes, yes I would love to hold her!” He gently took his infant daughter in his arms, examining her facial features he proclaimed, “She looks like me.”

“She is almost a perfect copy of you. The only difference so far is the shape of her eyes.” Gabrielle said smiling. Derrick had been hoping for a daughter since their first son, Darren was born. Three children later, he finally had one.

“Have you any names in mind for her?” Derrick questioned.

“I was thinking of Emma, but she just doesn’t look like an Emma. She cried when I called her Sarah, or Beatrice. Do you have any names?”

“Well,” he sat down on the bed next to his wife, “we could name her after my mother.” The little girl opened her eyes, looking at her father, as if she was suddenly very interested in her parents’ conversation. “What do you think my daughter? How do you like the name Rowena?”

The little girl gave a small smile and waved her arms in the air. Her father placed his hand on her stomach, and the girl wrapped her tiny hand around his forefinger. “I think she likes it love.” He leaned closer to his wife so she could see the look on their daughter’s face.

“Yes, I do believe she does. Happy birthday Rowena Ravenclaw.” Gabrielle smiled at her daughter in her husband’s arms, and tried to stifle a yawn.

“Tired my lady? You didn’t get much sleep last night, and you were doing some incredibly tiresome work.” Lord Ravenclaw asked, already knowing the answer.

“Very, you wouldn’t mind if I rested a bit before we announce her?”

“Not at all, I will send one of the chamber maids to help you back to our bedroom, and I will also instruct one of the children’s nurses to come sit with Rowena, only waking you if she needs to be feed.” He handed the child to his wife, placing a kiss on both of their foreheads, before turning and striding out of the room.

“You know Rowena, if your father wasn’t so dignified I bet he would have skipped out of this room shouting at the top of his lungs that he finally has a daughter.” Gabrielle said to her once again sleeping baby.

A voice sounded from the hallway, “I heard that!”

Chuckling Gabrielle placed her daughter against her chest and slid down to a laying position in the bed, waiting for the servants to come take her to her bedroom where she could get some well deserved rest for the first time since she found out she was with child.

A/N My beta is my fiancé, who is in the military. The reason I am saying this is because she works several days at a time with out coming home and with little contact besides emails and a few text messages. When she is gone is when I write, but when she’s home it’s all about us spending time together. Please understand that there won’t be updates when she is home.


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