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A/N: The final chapter, the end of the silly, light-hearted, little fanfic - Lucius' reaction. Enjoy!


Draco and Hermione were sitting together on the couch in the Head’s common room, her head on his shoulder. They didn’t talk, they just sat there together, in silence. When Hermione sighed, Draco knew that she was thinking.

“What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing really,” she answered.

Draco chuckled, “you’re a horrible liar, you know? Tell me.”

Hermione sat up and turned to him, “everyone knows about us but we didn’t actually tell them ourselves and there are some people that we should tell, we should have told them. I don’t think they really like that they found out from the press instead of from us.”

“Who?” Draco asked.

Hermione took a deep breath, “your parents.”

“My parents? What about your parents?”

Hermione smiled, “my parents don’t read Wizarding news, I told them all about you, they just haven’t met you yet. But they will.”

Draco processed everything Hermione said, “you wanna meet my parents?”

“Officially,” Hermione confirmed, nodding, “I want them to like me and they can’t like me if they never meet me. I‘m not saying I‘m not scared of meeting them, if I‘m honest, I‘m terrified, but I want to.”

“My mother will love you,” Draco stated.

“But what about your father?”

Draco shrugged, “if my mother loves you, then he can’t say or do anything. He’d learn to like you because he loves me believe it or not.”

Hermione laughed, “I believe it. So we’ll go see them?”

Draco nodded and kissed her forehead, “I’ll write to them tomorrow and tell them we’re coming.”


Theo and Blaise spoke the password to the Head’s common room and walked in, “Draco!”

“Yeah!” he called back. He came down the stairs carrying an envelope in his hand.

“We wanted to see if you were still coming to play Quidditch,” Blaise replied. He saw the envelope, “what’s that?”

Draco looked down to what he was pointing at, “oh, it’s a letter to my parents telling them that Hermione and I are coming to see them. Hermione wants to officially meet them.”

“Really?” Theo asked, “how do you think they’ll react?” he asked, curious as to what his friend’s thoughts were. He didn’t want to lose this bet. Even though he won the last bet, he was still annoyed at losing the first bet.

Draco shrugged, “I know my mother will be happy but I have no idea how my father will take it. I’m gonna go to the owlery, I’ll meet you at the Quidditch pitch.”

The boys nodded, “OK, we’ll go,” they backed away slowly, “see you later,” Theo ran out the door.

Draco gave Blaise a strange look but his friend didn’t give him an answer to Theo’s actions. Instead he gave Draco a short nod, a quick nod then he, too, ran out the door.

Draco shook his head, “what is wrong with them lately,” he whispered. He made his way to the owlery.


“POTTER!” Theo yelled to Harry, running to the Quidditch pitch. Harry eventually heard Theo yelling and flew back to the ground and walked over to him.

“What?” he asked. 

“Draco…Letter…Parents,” he panted.

“I don’t understand,” Harry replied, “where have you been running from?”

“The Head’s common room,” Blaise answered him, coming over, “Draco is sending a letter to his parents, informing them that he and Hermione are going to see them,” he looked from Harry to Theo, “boys, soon we’ll find out Lucius’ reaction. Soon, we’ll know who’s won this final bet.”


Draco looked up from his desk to the window and let the owl in. He easily recognised it as his parents, took the letter and give it a few treats before letting it go. He quickly opened the letter and read and re-read and read it again. His parents wanted him and  Hermione to come on Saturday.

That was tomorrow.


Hermione stopped Draco as he went to open the door of Malfoy Manor, “are we sure about this? I know this was my idea but was it the right idea?”

Draco took her hand in his own, “it is a good idea and I’m glad you thought of it. Today will be fine.” Hermione stared at him, “well, what do you want me to say? I’m not a seer. I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” he turned to open the door again, “you’ve met my father before.”

Draco opened the door and pulled Hermione in before they could change their minds about this day, “mother? Father?”

“In the living room!”

Draco led the way and stopped in front of his parents, “mum, dad this is Hermione. Hermione, these are my parents; Narcissa and, well, you’ve met Lucius before,” he mumbled the last part.

“Hello,” Hermione said quietly, “it’s nice to be able to meet you both. Especially in better circumstances Mr Malfoy.”

“I agree,” he muttered.

Narcissa gave her husband a warning look and walked over to Hermione, taking her hand in her own, “it’s so nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard wonderful things about you, lots from Draco.”

“Thank you.”

Narcissa led Hermione and Draco to the couch and sat down next to her, “I was happy when I heard that you and Draco are dating; the way you told everyone on your birthday was really romantic.”

“It was Draco’s idea,” Hermione told her, squeezing his hand a little.

“And we’re so proud of you both for being able to forget about your past to pursue a relationship. Aren’t we, Lucius?”

Lucius took this as his queue to speak, he wanted to get this day over with, “yes, we are. To be able to do that shows how strong you both are. I’m sure you’re a wonderful woman, Miss Granger. I’m proud of you, Draco,” Lucius ended his short speech with a small smile.

The two teenagers stared at Lucius like he had grown another head. Maybe he’s been hit with the Imperius Curse?

“Thank you Father,” Draco replied after a long silence, “it means a lot to me.”

Lucius nodded, “it’s nothing, really. Now, I must go.” He left.

Draco turned to his mother, “work,” she told them. The rest of the day was filled chit-chat while their thoughts will all about Lucius and his strange reaction.


Hermione gave Draco a quick kiss before going upstairs to the Head’s common room and Draco walked aimlessly into the Great Hall.

“Hey,” he turned to see Pansy sitting at Gryffindor next to Ginny. Harry, Ron, Blaise and Theo near them. He sat down next to Blaise, “how was visiting your parents?” she asked.

Draco nodded his head, “it was fine. It was great.”

“Great?” Ginny asked.

Draco nodded again, “mum was accepting straight away, like we knew she would be.”

“And your dad?” Theo asked, “how did he take it?”

“He accepted it straight away too.”

“What?” Blaise exclaimed, “no yelling? No threats? No nothing?”

“Nope,” Draco said, “I just wanted to let you know. I’m going to my room now.” Draco went to the Head’s common room to be with Hermione.

It was quiet for a long time.

“Damn,” Blaise broke the silence and him and Theo handed Harry their money.

There was another long silence before Theo spoke, “who wants to bet on when they get married?”

“NO!” everyone shouted in unison.


A/N: The boring of the two lol. Hope you enjoyed! :D

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