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Chapter 16

She pulled out her wand and tried every spell she knew and some she made up to try and remove the name. After giving up she sat staring dumbly at the letters that seemed to float on his tanned forearm. “What on earth possessed you to do such a thing?” She asked still shocked.

“It was a bit of mix between drunkenness and raging teenage hormones,” he lied pulling back his arm and rolling the sleeve back down. “Ciro’s brother sent us the spells you see. I’m not the only guy running around with a tattoo.” He told her smiling. “Plus your name looks pretty great there don’t you think? Lots of girls would think this was romantic.” He waggled his eyebrows at her.

“What girls?” She exclaimed standing. “I don’t know any girls who would like having a bloke she barely knows tattooing her name on them. That is forever Leif there is no getting that removed.”

“Who said I wanted it removed.” He said standing now toe to toe with her.

“When this little infatuation with me wears off you will be regretting that.” She said pointing at his arm.

He stepped forward and gripped her upper arms anger starting to boil in his stomach. “Why do you always say that? You make what I feel for you sound so cheap and fake and it’s not.”

“We are only 18 we don’t know anything about these feelings.” She said looking at her feet.

“You act like you know me so well, but let me tell, you I know myself better then you do. I know my feelings and I know I like you. Shit I might even love you, and not the kind of love you I say to get you into the sack the kind of love like let’s get a flat and a dog together kind of love. And if you would stop trying to over think and analyze this for one second you might have see it.” He said angrily. He dropped his hands to his sides and stared at his feet. “I’m sorry I lost my temper. I’m going inside I won’t bug you anymore.” He turned and started to walk to the castle.

Avalon watched him going she wanted to call out for him so badly wanted to call his name and have him rush back to her smiling his half grin and scoop her up in his arms but she didn’t. She just watched him walk away slowly his hands pressed in his pockets still dripping wet with no socks or shoes. She looked around and saw his unlaced dress shoes and sock next to her own and sighed. Now she would have to return them to him somehow. Things were looking crappy at best for her. 



Leif was in a black mood for the following week. Not even Quidditch practice made him feel any better. Classes were miserable. It took all his will power to not spare her any glances and to keep his eyes on the front of the room. Once or twice he thought he felt eyes on him but he didn’t risk looking to see who they belonged to. One look into her eyes and all the hard work of ignoring her would be put to waste. The ball was in her court now and it was up to her what was to come of them.

“Halloween is almost here.” Mikko said to him one dark afternoon as they sat on the steps in front of the castle entrance.

“Yeah.” Leif said looking over to the black lake.

“You know you would feel better if you just talked to her.” Mikko said folding his arms on his knees.

“I know I would but then we would be just like always her questioning me and my intentions and me always following. I want her to come after me for a while.” Leif said looking at his shoes. They were his older pair from last year because he had left the others at the lakeside but when he had returned to get them they were gone. 

“What are you intentions Leif.” Mikko asked.

“At first they were to get some cash off Allen but now, now I don’t know. I am just so confused. She makes me feel things Mikko things I’ve never felt before for anyone.” Leif put his head in his hands.

“Not even Alice?” Mikko asked. At one point Leif had told Mikko that he thought he loved Alice. That he wanted to marry her after they finished school but things had changed since then. It had torn Leif in half when he found out the baby was not his. He never did seem to fully recover. But know it seemed he had and had become stronger for it.

“Alice, what a joke, if I had felt half as strongly for Alice as I do for Avalon it would not have mattered if Snape was the father of that baby.” Leif said smiling. “I lied to you that night you asked me if I knew what if felt like to be with someone and you don’t care what you look like or where it is you just want to be with them. I said I didn’t know what it was like but I do.”


“I know.” Mikko smiled. “I knew she was going to be your downfall the moment you clapped eyes on her.” Mikko looked over and say the Avalon approaching them slowly. Mikko smiled and waved her over and she smiled weakly back and hurried her pace.

Mikko stood as she drew up to them and he smiled at her and nodded. He walked turned and walked back into the great hall looking for his gal.

Avalon sat beside him and put her bag on the step in front of her. “I brought you your shoes.”

He pulled his head from his hands and looked over at her. “Avalon,” was all he could muster.

“I thought you might want them back I didn’t know if you had another pair but I guess you do,” she pulled his shoes out from her bag and handed them to him. He took them and looked at them sadly.

“Oh,” he said sadly. “Thanks.”

She stood and started to walk away but stopped. “I’m sorry,” she started a tear starting to form in her eye. Before she could blink his arms were around her and his face was buried in her neck. She turned in the circle of his arms and he smiled down at her. She came up on her tip toes and softly like a butterfly brushed her lips against his. He was shocked at first but the feeling of it made him burn and brought him back to the moment. He leaned down and kissed her full and demandingly and she tried her best to return his advances.

“I’m sorry,” she tried again when they stopped to take a breath and he smiled.

“Don’t be sorry.” And he kissed her again still hungry for the taste of her.


“You know it took all my will power not to run and find you the moment I walked away.” He said pulling her closer to him.

“Why didn’t you.” She asked looking up at his face that was light by the starlight.

“Because it was so much better when you came after me.” He looked down at her and smiled. She rested her head back on his chest and a smile played on her lips.



They lay wrapped up in a blanket on the Quidditch pitch long after hours but neither minded. Time always seemed to go to quickly when they were together anyhow so any time they could steal together they would.

“So when are you going to be officially my girlfriend.” He asked not daring to look at her.

She smiled and waited a moment to build the tension. “I’m not sure.”

“What do you mean you’re not sure? Aren’t I adorable and fit? Not to mention I have a pretty good brain between my ears.” He asked looking down at her.

“Well I guess when you put it that way I can’t help but say yes can I.” she laughed at his shocked face.

“That was much easier than I ever imagined.” He said tightening his arms around her. “You are full of surprises you know that.”

“What lead you to that conclusion.” She asked him laughing.

“A mix between how quickly you agreed and you dancing naked with centaurs.”

“I never danced naked with them you git.” She said pinching his stomach.

“Ow you devil woman you best be careful before I am forced to do something drastic.” He warned her sternly.

“Alright I’ll stop.” She told him snuggling into his chest.

 “You’re supposed to fight me so I can kiss you senseless.” He told her.


“You can do that anyway.” She told him laughing. And so he did.


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