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Sirius Black and his Many Endeavours with the Female Species by Gryffindors Unite Tomorrow
Chapter 3 : Lily Evans
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By Mintleaf

 "James!" I pushed the boy in front of me roughly, "James wake up!"

I needed him to wake up now! We were hardly ever alone in the dorms. Why was he sleeping in the middle of the afternoon anyway?

"Whatizit," He slurred.

"I need to talk to you about something, James."

Sitting up, he eyed my seriousness with caution, "What about?"

"Well, have you ever thought about... Girls?" I struggled to maintain eye contact at this awkward subject.

"No way!" He paused, "Why have you?"

"Well don't get me wrong, I still think most of them have cooties... But I suppose there's some that are nicer than others."

James considered this for a few minutes, "Well I suppose there are <i>some</i> of them that are nicer than others."

For me not many girls seemed great enough to ignore the grossness of the female species. Lily Evans was one of the prettiest, most interesting girl in all of first year. She had long red hair that bounces up and down when she's climbing the stairs. And she's really into Quidditch and everything, so that's really good. Plus there was that one time she tripped Mulciber in the third floor corridor.

I looked back at James, "So which ones do you mean?"

He shuffled uncomfortably in his bed, propping himself up against some pillows, "Well I suppose Marlene McKinnon's pretty easy on the eyes, but she talks so much. I mean I don't care about all that girly stuff she's always on about. And well... I suppose there's that Lily Evans girl, you know the one? She's kinda nice..."

"Yeah, I know her. She tripped Mulciber that one time, remember?"

His eyes brightened suddenly, "Of course I do! Mulciber had a big, fat lump on his head for weeks after! And remember when she hexed that pig, Nott!"

"Yeah, that was so cool!"

The atmosphere died down for a moment while we sat there thinking about things.

Then James started talking again, "And well she kind of also has really nice hair and stuff too," His voice tapered off and his cheeks grew a scarlet colour.

"Yeah, I guess," I brushed it off like I wasn't thinking that too. "And I suppose she has nice eyes as well," I added.

James buried his head in his hands for a few moment then looked up at me again, "Can I show you something if you promise not to laugh?"

"Yeah, mate, of course."

He rummaged around in his trunk and pulled out a small album, "Look at this," he said as he handed it to me.

I flipped open the cover and there was an unsuspecting Lily staring back at me. Every page was filled with photos of her; in many of which she clearly didn't know the photo was being taken.

I couldn't help it, this was too funny. I burst out laughing, "What the hell is this, James?"

"You said you wouldn't laugh!" He chased after me, trying to recapture the book.

"I didn't mean I liked Lily this much!" I called, tearing across the room as fast as I could, "Wait till I show Remus and Pete this!"

"You wouldn't," He stopped, horrified by the threat.

"Or maybe I'll show Lily and she'll hate you and then I can have her all to myself!"

Then before I knew it, James was beating me about the head with a pillow and managed to tear the album away from me. Standing up triumphantly, he made a proposal, "Okay well here's what we'll do. We'll both ask her out then she can pick."

I snorted with laughter, "No way, mate! I don't want to date her. If I do, then she'll want to hold hands and stuff, and I don't want girl germs. You can have her! Plus, if I was going to ask any girl out, it'd be Dorcas Meadows, she has a way nicer butt!"

James looked at me confused. It was too good a moment to pass up, I took advantage of him having his guard down to steal back the album, "Hah! Got it!"

I tore down the stairs to the common room as James chased after me, "Hey everyone, look what I've got!" 

James was never going to live this down!


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Sirius Black and his Many Endeavours with the Female Species: Lily Evans


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