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Hero of War by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 57 : If I Could Turn Back Time
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Chapter 56

A/N: I am so sorry it's taken so long, there was some trouble with the length of my quote and such so it was rejected twice, so please forgive me. I want to say thanks to everyone who has began reading recently and especially those who have stuck with it from the very beginning and are always willing to give advice and praise, it means a lot. Thanks again. I hope you enojy this chapter ans please leave me some love, my drem is to get over 300 reviews by the last chapter; the 60th chapter :)

Disclaimer: Some quotes by Voldemort within this chapter are from the brilliant Deathly Hallows, beginning of chapter 33; The Prince's Tale (pg 529)  :)

Harry walked quickly with Ron and Hermione by his side as they made their way down from the Room of Requirement, Ron still amazed that they had risked everything for Malfoy and his cronies.

They noticed George run towards a corridor from which many lights and screams were been emitted and heard him yell out for Angelina to move. They paused against a wall, trying to avoid flying curses as they watched the duels, ready to help when they could. Harry watched amazed as Mathilda and Fred fought. Together they seemed unstoppable, invincible.

Laughter filled the room slightly causing Mattie to turn towards the sound and glare at the man before her. Jason Henry was taller than when she had last seen him and he had built out since then, making him seem more dominating than he ever had been in the past.

‘Mathilda,’ he said softly relishing in the fear that had swept across her face. She pulled out her wand, gripping it tightly as she shot a spell at her ex. He ducked it easily and aimed a curse at her. And as they duelled, it was as if they were dancing, their spells aimed so precisely and they reflexes beyond anything kept each on their toes.

Mattie hadn’t realised that he had been moving steadily closer and as she ducked a curse that came from behind her that Hermione had made obvious, he lunged.

In moments he had grabbed her and was holding her up against the stone wall, their faces millimetres away from one another’s.

‘You were always a pathetic excuse for a man. Now you’re even worse,’ her breathing was heavy as she looked up slightly into his face. Ron and Hermione had grabbed Harry’s arms quickly before they were forced to aim spells at oncoming Death Eaters coming from their right. Jason was panting slightly as he looked down at her.

‘Your husband is a bit preoccupied, so I thought we could…’ Jason smiled. ‘Chat.’

‘I would have a better conversation with a lamp post,’ Mattie said looking at him indignantly. He growled and pushed his arm harder against her throat. Mattie moved her hand so it was against his chest, taking advantage of his limited understanding of her abilities.

‘I hear your daughter’s as beautiful as you are.’ This got Mathilda’s attention just as he knew it would. ‘She’s going to grow up and have all the guys chasing after her.’ Mattie spat at him. His eyes flashed as he wiped his face. He leant down and kissed her hard on the lips as she pushed against him. For the second time that night or early morning her hands glowed, this time a deep red as Jason fell backwards, stunned. She stood over him, breathing deeply as she pointed her wand at his smug face.

‘Everyone eventually gets what they deserve,’ Mattie said softly seeming oblivious to the battle going on around her. Her eyes remained on Jason Henry. She could hear Fred laughing at a joke Percy Weasley had just made but it was as if they were on another side of a thick, stone wall. Suddenly her attention was grabbed as she heard a loud intake of breath as the wall across from where she was standing was blown apart and began to collapse.

It took her a moment to register what was happening, before she found herself running, her legs seeming to move on pure instinct. She ran at her husband who was staring at the spell directed at him through the collapsing wall. Mattie jumped and grabbed him as the wall collapsed on top of them.

The air was thick with dust and noise seemed to threaten their ears as they lay there. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Percy got up slowly, trying to look through dust to find one another. They approached the fallen wall slowly and nervously.

Mathilda opened her eyes and tugged slightly on Fred’s arm. She leant up, flicking her braid from her eyes and looked down at him when he didn’t respond.

‘Fred?’ The dust was thick but she could see him perfectly. Lying motionless, blood pooling around his head, his eyes open staring at her. ‘Fred! No!’ Mattie screamed grabbing at her husband.

Hermione had tears streaming down her cheeks at the sound of Mattie’s despair. Ron and Percy looked to be in a state of disbelief as Harry slowly approached her. Ron pushed Hermione down as curses continued to fly by their heads, tears now streaming down his cheeks and his hands shaking violently. Percy had fallen to his knees his eyes remaining on his younger brother.

‘Mattie?’ Harry said softly, touching her arm but she shook it off furiously.

‘Fred! No! You promised!’ Her voice was loud and desperate. She screamed loudly. Her whole body seemed to shake. She felt as though she were suffocating, her breath laboured. Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she pulled him to her, burying her face in the side of his neck, not caring about the blood that would inevitably cover her face. She moved to look down at him before leaning down and kissing him, her lips gently brushing his still warm ones.

‘Fred,’ she sobbed. Her world had stopped, nothing seemed to exist, she felt broken, empty and useless. She looked up at them desperately and saw George coming to see why she was screaming, having a feeling like most everyone who had been forced to hear her screams no matter where they were in the castle or surrounding areas, knew that those cried were of absolute loss. They knew Fred Weasley had been killed.


Everything was going black, from the outside in. Fred felt as though the walls around him were moving in and as the world around him disappeared all he could hear was his name, been yelled over and over again. The voice was familiar and desperate and the pain seemed to be making the room fade even faster. Light seemed to appear at the corner of his eyes, blinding him. Noise pulled his attention from the light as he felt something wet hit his face and something soft brush his lips. He was in between life and death and could hear the screaming and see the light that seemed so bright, pulling him towards it.


George looked at the scene before him and felt himself slipping, as though he were drowning. His twin could not be dead. Fred could not of been killed. But if it wasn’t true why would his sister-in-law be screaming as though she was been tortured? It was this that made it all the more real; Mathilda never showed weakness, never screamed when she was been tortured, barely cried, and hated attention, so this display meant that she was beyond control, beyond the person she really was. He remained where he was unable to move, unable to think, or breathe or blink. He felt as though he was watching from a far away distance, as though he were watching from underwater, weightless against the pain that was pushing to consume him.

‘No. God damn it.’ Mattie yelled punching Harry as he tried to get her to her feet with the help of Percy. Harry pulled her away from Fred as Percy tried to move his brother from the middle of the corridor. She stood on shaky legs, her hair falling out of her braid, her bright blue eyes dark with pain and full of unshed tears. She clenched her hands into fists as she looked at her husband. ‘No. No. No. Fred!’

As she screamed the walls shook and the sky seemed to rumble loudly and suddenly the wall was rebuilding itself, time was rewinding. Mathilda blinked still furious, her anger nearly causing her to strangle someone until she found herself up against a wall, been held still by Jason, her hand glowing on his chest. She looked to the side and saw Fred and Percy fighting Thicknesse and another hooded Death Eater. Her breathing was laboured as she kneed Jason in the groin at the same time as stunning him and ran at Fred. She pushed him down just as the spell made contact with the stone wall.

The wall crumbled under the strength of the spell and hit the ground hard. Harry looked up, for some reason he remembered not only what had just happened but what Mattie had done to change it. He felt sick, as though he had been shaken upside down for a long time. He watched through the dust to where Percy stood and walked over to them. Harry stepped forward and saw Fred and Mattie hugging each other on the floor, before getting to their feet, wands still in hand. Percy smiled at the Minister of Magic who lay on the ground seemingly growing horns all over his body; he held his wand up as he ran after Augustus Rookwood.

‘Harry we should go,’ Hermione said softly. ‘Now.’ Harry nodded but paused as they past George, having a feeling that he had only come running due to the wall collapsing and unlike himself and Mathilda had no idea of what could of been.

‘Fred died and Mattie turned back time, watch her she’s going to get herself killed.’ Harry spoke quickly and George only just managed to keep up, definitely registering that Fred had died and Mattie had saved him. He turned and watched Harry disappear with Ron and Hermione into a classroom. He saw Mattie hugging his brother tightly, tears streaming down her face, though Fred didn’t understand why. She pulled away and spoke, her voice quivering;

‘Stay out of trouble,’ she said as she went after Jason Henry. She still felt the enormous pain of loss ripping through her as she spotted the Death Eater.

Screams filled the air, and Mattie could hear Harry’s scream from somewhere below for his giant friend as she drew her wand and blasted Jason backwards. This angered him causing him to get up, slightly disorientated and shoot two spells at her, one the cruciatus curse the other the killing curse. She dodged them brilliantly as she shot her own spell at him. A spell Harry had created by accident during an argument with his dad a few years back. Jason started to expand like a balloon. He however still had his wand in his hand.

‘Crucio!’ he yelled his voice, strong and powerful. Mattie fell to the floor writhing in pain. She looked up as the spell ended to find him standing near her head, looking like his normal self. She held out her hand and it grew hot even to her. It was a deep black and seemed to darken the corridor as it glowed. She was focused on him as she stood up never letting her eyes leave him for a moment.

‘I can finally repay you, for everything you did for me,’ Mattie said and anyone who didn’t understand the situation would have thought he’d saved her life. Her sarcasm was thick but her fury was overwhelming as she focused all her energy of the scum in front of her. He tried to curse her again but she had wandlessly set up a protective wall between them. She smiled ruthlessly as she brought the wall down and her own spell went flying towards his chest, landing over his heart. His eyes were wide as he fell backwards crashing into a wall and sliding down. His body was crumpled as Mattie approached him, she walked through the dust and travelling spells as though none of it were there and looked down at him, his eyes looked terrified, as he reached out a bloody hand for her. She made no movement as she watched him go limp against the wall and felt nothing; no sadness, no joy, nothing.

She turned and saw duels continuing throughout the castle, she glanced out of the window and noticed her father coming out of the castle alone, his wand aimed at none other than Bellatrix Lestrange and felt panic overwhelm her.

Mattie felt exhausted, sweat dripped off her and her hair hung in her face as she turned to face another Death Eater who had just killed an innocent Hogwarts student. She felt as though she were fading away, just like she had many a times when she had been kidnapped with Harry and had healed him after a brutal bashing.

George spun around as he heard someone laughing and saw Mattie swaying, barely able to keep her eyes open. The Death Eater hit her with a spell and she spun backwards, smashing through a wall and falling down to the third floor. The fights around were so intense that hardly anyone noticed Mathilda’s body come flying from an above floor. George stunned the Death Eater Mattie had been duelling and ran down the ruined staircase until he was near enough to her that he could see her chest rising and falling, slowly. She was alive. He crouched down beside her as the cruel voice of Lord Voldemort filled the air.

‘My Death Eaters return to me now, we are to give these brave fighters an hour to dispose of their dead with some dignity. I speak now, Harry Potter, directly to you, you have let your friends and family die for you. If within the hour you have not come to me in the Forbidden Forest, I will join the fray myself and find you, no matter who stands in my way. One hour.’

George watched from his position on the ground as the Death Eaters disapparated away from Hogwarts and into the Forest that lined its boundaries. He watched as witches and wizards made their way to what could be deemed the heart of the castle; The Great Hall. He spotted his twin, looking battered and bruised but alive never-the-

‘Fred!’ Fred turned immediately at the sound of his brother’s voice and ran to him as soon as he saw Mathilda. ‘She’s alive, but she’s opened her scar again and I’m pretty sure she’s over used her wandless magic.’ George said as he stroked her hair back from her face, the amount of blood both her own and Fred’s that covered her upper head, becoming increasingly evident.

Fred pulled her up into his arms and cradled her head so it rested against his chest slightly hanging back. They walked down the destroyed marble staircase and into the Entrance hall before turning and walking side by side into the Great Hall.

The room was full of people, many feeling pain beyond words while those lucky ones felt relief wash over them at the sight of those they loved. Fear and despair seemed to try and suffocate all who were in the Great Hall, succeeding in many cases.

Sirius Black who had been kneeling by his best friend, whose breathing was becoming more normal as Lily healed him, looked up. Terra was off healing whoever needed it with Madam Pomfrey and a few others. Sirius noticed the red heads enter the Hall and didn’t pay much attention at first until on second glance; his baby girl lay in his arms. He was up and running before anyone else could register what was going on.


‘She’s ok, her scar opened and her wandless magic is low.’ George said trying to calm the Marauder before him down.

‘Why? Wait let’s get her to Lily. Do you want me to…?’ Offering to take her from Fred who looked exhausted, though he, himself wasn’t sure why. He nodded even though normally he would want her to be closer than close. Sirius took her carefully and carried her quickly to where Lily was still situated by James Potter. ‘Lily.’

The red head looked up and paled as she saw the blood trail that was left behind Sirius as he held his daughter. Sirius set her down and Lily told him to grip her arms while George took her legs and Fred her waist. It was moments until her scar was healed and the nearly nineteen year old could have been sleeping, if you ignored the numerous cuts and bruises beginning to appear all over her body from her fall through a stone wall.

‘So why did you say her magic was low?’ Sirius said looking at George who was still crouched down by her legs as Fred took her hand and stared at her soft face which was dirty and bloody just like most people’s were within the Hall.

‘Harry said that when a wall collapsed Fred was killed, from either the weight of the wall or the spell that forced it to collapse in the first place. And somehow Mattie turned back time so that she could save him and she did, for some reason she remembered what had happened just like Harry could.’

‘That would be because of a necklace that enabled Harry to use some of Mattie’s powers and call her to him if he needed her.’ Ginny said smiling softly. ‘Her magic is probably low because she turned back time and I think Harry used some,’ Sirius nodded understanding, feeling as though his daughter’s screams were something of a memory, though an unfamiliar one.

‘Mattie’s ok, Sirius. She just needs to rest.’ Lily said turning sadly to look at the Weasley’s who unfortunately were not the only grieving ones in the room.

Ginny turned and saw her parents leaning over someone with Bill trying to comfort them.

‘What happened?’ Ginny said before making her way over to find her older brother lying there, still. Percy Weasley had made peace with his family finally and had been killed in battle by Augustus Rookwood. Ginny’s knees collapsed under her as tears ran down her cheeks. Tonks rushed forward and held her tightly, looking up only when Ron and Hermione came over. Ginny’s pain got even worse when the broken body of Colin Creevey was brought in.

‘I thought he was safe,’ Ginny said as Tonks held her to her listening as she muttered something about Severus Snape.

Remus moved towards Derek Hopkins who was screaming at his dead wife’s body that she was meant to stay home with their kids. Cora was crying trying to comfort her brother but her efforts were futile. Audrey and Clarea were yet again motherless and their baby brother Benjamin had lost his mother before he could even really get to know her.

‘Holly…’ Coraline cried softly kneeling down, feeling awful for her brother who had tried so hard to save her.

Suddenly Fred screamed out his wife’s name loudly. Many turned to look at him, fearing she had suddenly stopped breathing or something similar; instead they were faced with a petrified twenty year old who had just watched his wife vanish.

‘Where’s she gone?’ Fred asked desperately looking from Sirius to Remus to Terra who had come rushing over. They all looked around confused as to where the weak witch had gone.

Suddenly Lily’s attention was abducted as James woke up, looking around groggily. Lily helped him to sit up more, glad that he seemed ok.

‘Where’s Harry?’ James asked noticing the absence of his son immediately ignoring the pain radiating through his system, his eyes unable to focus, his heart pounding against his chest in an effort to get blood to all his limbs. He looked around spotting people who he cared about, wounded and exhausted but safe and accounted for. Lily started to look around desperately, getting to her feet. Sirius stepped forward with Remus and helped James up, keeping a tight grip on their swaying friend. Blood was crusted over his face and upper body, a deep large bruise appearing across his face, as he tried to breathe normally.

‘Hermione, where’s Harry?’ Remus asked loudly. Hermione looked around only just realising his absence. Others now were noticing and moving towards them.

‘You don’t think he…?’ Lily asked sobbing slightly at the thought.

‘He wouldn’t give himself up,’ Ginny said though her tone couldn’t disguise the sudden realisation everyone there was apparently having. They all knew who Harry was and what he would do if necessary, but he wouldn’t just leave like that. Whether that was the case or not they all had to believe that Harry was just out helping someone and not on his way to his own death.

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