In the morning Harry went downstairs and found Lily and Mrs. Weasley cooking breakfast.


“They have been going out since the end of the battle, which was just over two years ago. I think they were going out during Harry sixth year too but then Harry broke up with her to go hunt horcruxuxes.” Mrs. Weasley was saying, “Oh, good morning Harry, dear.” She said when she noticed Harry.


“Good morning Mrs. Weasley. Hi mum.” Harry hugged them both, “Mum would you like to come out with me and maybe Ginny and I’ll ask Dad?”


“Yes I think that would be fun. I want to get to know Ginny, because as I understand it your very close to her.” Lily agreed.


“Mum, I told you we were going out when we brought you back.” Harry sat down at the table as he said it.


“Did you? I’m sorry I must not have been listening.” Lily said. Ron entered the kitchen and after muttering something to the women preparing breakfast sat down on one side of Harry. Ginny and Hermione came down to the kitchen soon after, Hermione sat next to Ron and Ginny next to Harry.


“Good morning everyone.” Ginny said after she was seated. She leaned over and kissed Harry on the cheek.


“Ginny, would you like to spend the day with me and my parents?” Harry asked her, hoping she would accept.


She looked at him then whispered, “Harry, I’m not too comfortable around your parents yet.”


“It’s alright I’ll be there too.” Harry said.


“Alright, I guess so.” She agreed. Several minutes later James sat down.


“Dad do you want to spend the day with Mum, Ginny and I?” Harry asked him.


“Well Harry that is a splendid idea!” James replied. So after breakfast Harry, Ginny, James and Lily left for Diagon Alley as that is where they had decided to go first. They entered the leaky cauldron where when they were almost out everyone there noticed who they were.


“It’s the Potters!” Someone yelled. A huge crowd gathered around them and started shouting questions.


“Sorry everyone, were here to spend the day together.” Harry had to yell so everyone could hear him. They exited out to the small courtyard in the back of the pub. Harry tapped the correct the brick in the wall and so that the bricks created an archway. First they went to Ollivander’s wand shop. The bell tinkled as they walked through the door. Ollivander came to the desk, “Well if it isn’t the Potters. Did Harry bring you back?” He asked.


“How did you know?” Harry asked, surprised.


“It was in the papers how Ms. Weasley brought you back and as that is the only way to bring someone back to life it could only mean you brought them back. For instance just a little while ago Cho Chang came by with Cedric Diggory!” Ollivander explained. Harry understood.


“Well Mr. Ollivander how’s business?” James asked.


“Well it’s getting better. I got captured by You-Know-Who but Harry saved me. But now you need to get on with your day.” Ollivander answered.


“Of course, goodbye Mr. Ollivander.” Lily said. They left the shop and decided to visit Fred and George who had went back to there shop. When they got there they entered and Ginny took Lily for a tour of the shop.


“Dad, can I ask you something?” Asked Harry, as he and James perused the products.


“Of course Harry, what’s on your mind?” James questioned.


“Well it’s just I’ve been wondering how do you ask a woman to marry you?” Harry asked.


James looked at his son, “This is about Ginny isn’t it?”


“Yes.” Harry blushed.


“Well first you have to have a friendship with the person, and I know that you have one with Ginny. Second you need to have been going out with the person for awhile, you’ve done this. Then you must have permission from the parents. Then all you need to do is ask them.” James told Harry.


“But what do I say without messing up?” Harry asked.


“Well, say something like: Ginny I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? That’s not so hard now is it?” James asked.


“No, I guess not.” Harry said.


“When are you planning on asking her?”


“I don’t know. Maybe Saturday.” Harry thought out loud.


“Well then maybe we should go buy a ring. And when we get back you’ll have to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.” James suggested. So they found Lily and Ginny. “Lily there is something me and Harry have to do. We’ll meet you back here in thirty minutes.” James told Lily. They left the shop and headed down the street to a jewelry store. Harry looked for awhile at the rings.


“This ones perfect.” Harry said, it had two dark red rubies next to a large sparkling diamond. He purchased the ring which came in a black velvet box. Harry and James left the jewelry store. Now all I have to do is talk to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Harry thought as they headed back to meet Lily and Ginny. They went and bought some ice cream for lunch then went to the rest of the shops in Diagon Alley. When they apparated back to the Burrow it was dark.

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