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Hunting Down Prey


I felt a soft smile creep upon my lips and a sigh escape my mouth as I stared up at the scarlet beauty before me. Smoke slowly poured out from her smokestack as she gave forth a silent hiss. The Hogwarts Express. I closed my eyes and took a deep intake of breath, letting my nose fill with the smell of coal and smoke. My face warmed as I basked in the happiness of my memories on this train that werebrought forth. I opened my eyes once more and began to make my way over to the train. I felt a pang of sadness overcome me though as I climbed the steps, realizing that for the first time in years, I wasn’t accompanied by my two best friends. I remembered Harry and Ron’s exact words,

“Mione listen,” Harry pleaded. “We need you to stay at Hogwarts for us. We probably only need two people to destroy the-“ he stopped and looked around to make sure no one else was listening, then whispered to me, “horcruxes.” I watched as Ron gave a slight shudder at the very word. Then Ron strode forward to me and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, “Plus Mione, we need someone on the inside to let us know what’s going on over there. Someone we can trust.” I gave a low sigh then nodded.

I began to weave my way through the students trying to find a compartment. I looked into various compartments, some containing people I knew, some not. At looking into one particular compartment though, I immediately scowled down at the people inside. It was a compartment full of my least favorite Slytherins. Crabbe and Goyle sat on one side with drool cascading down the side of their mouths, looking as dumb as ever. On the other side contained a pug face Pansy sneering back at me and next to her was, Malfoy? I looked closer at the Slytherin. He was paler than usual and well, he looked stronger. I scowled once more; don’t flatter the ego of the snob. But there was something else about him though, but I couldn’t place my finger on it. He just seemed like he was hiding something. He looked up over towards me and I watched as his eyes raked over my face, seeming to take in my every detail. I shuddered and looked away self-consciously. What was that all about? I shook my head and walked away to continue my search for a compartment.

I finally reached one particular compartment and smiled down at the faces of some of my dear friends. I opened my mouth to greet them, but before I could a huge mass collided into me, knocking the breath out of me. “HERMIONE!” It shrieked with glee. I laughed and hugged the girl back, it was Ginny. Once she had finally let me go, I smiled down at the ginger, so happy to see her once again. “Come on Mione! I saved you a seat next to me,” sang Ginny as she pulled me by the arm into the compartment. Surrounded by Luna, Neville, Seamus, Dean, and Ginny, I quickly got absorbed into a conversation full of laughter and happiness.


After the curly haired girl had left, I slightly pulled out the photograph that the Dark Lord had given me and stared at it for a moment. It was a photograph of Hermione Granger laughing with her two best friends, Harry and Ron. I was almost positive it was that girl who had just peered into my compartment, but I wasn’t sure. I guess I’d make sure at dinner. Suddenly the raven haired girl beside me wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me to her, reminding me of a leech. I felt a surge of anger flare up, but quickly doused it out, saving myself from being exposed. The girl began to coo down at me, “Oh Drakie poo! I missed you sooooo much you know!” She gave a high pitched girlish shriek and began to try to kiss me. I quickly forced myself out of her grasp and hurried over to the two boys sitting across from us, and took a seat next to them. “I ummm… think I’ll sit over here.” I said to the girl. She gave me a slight pout, but it only made her look uglier. I turned to the two boys besides me, “So how are you boys doing?” They one closest to me, I think his name is Goyle, turned towards me with glazed over eyes. “Wah, huh?” he asked me. I scrunched up my eyebrows at him and gave a nervous laugh while quickly scooting away from the dull boy. I slid my hand down my face; this was going to be a long train ride.

Sitting at the Slytherin Table in the Great Hall, the sorting hat ceremony, or something like that, was going on. I couldn’t care less. Something else was consuming my mind. Or should I say, someone else. I reached down and pulled out the picture of Hermione Granger once more from my robes and scrutinized it. My eyes flitted quickly over her face, taking in every detail and memorizing it so I could find her easily. I took in her long, curly brown hair that cascaded down her back like a smooth waterfall and her warm chocolate eyes filled with laughter. I raised my head once more and quickly searched the Great Hall for the girl, my eyes finally resting on what I thought was her. Sitting next to a girl with long, straight, fiery red hair, I was pretty sure it was her. I watched as she laughed at something the red head said and saw her eyes fill with happiness. I glanced down at the photograph once more and looked back up at the girl with a smile. Oh yes, that’s definitely her.


I laughed so hard after Ginny finished telling me of what happened one day at the Burrow. “-and then to get him back Fred and George go and set fire to Ron’s pants! It was hilarious! You should’ve seen his face! It was like this,” Ginny then proceeded to shape her face into shock, anger, and fear. She did it so quickly though that it looked, well comical! Ginny continued, “But then Mum came and chewed out the twins. So Ron lucked out there! She wouldn’t even listen to Fred and George’s complaints saying it was all Ron’s fault! She just grabbed their ears and yelled at them!” I laughed again and shook my head, thinking about Mrs. Weasley. “And so yeah, that was my weekend!” Ginny finished with a huge, overdramatic grin. I smiled up at her, “You have the most amazing family you know that Ginny?” I laughed.

But that’s when I felt it. The feeling as though someone’s eyes were boring into me. I looked all around the Great Hall to see who it was that was staring at me. That was when my eyes met two stormy, grey ones. Draco Malfoy. He smirked in my direction then looked away. I shook my head and turned back to Ginny.


The next day at breakfast we were handed our schedules. I saw that my first class was double Defense
Against the Dark Arts with the Gryffindors. I smiled to myself, perfect.

Once entering the classroom, I quickly looked over to the professor and smiled at him. It was Snape. Voldemort told me I could trust only two of his Death Eaters, Snape and Bellatrix. They were the only ones he trusted with his secrets and plans. Snape gave me a sharp nod and instructed, “Mr. Malfoy, it would do me great pleasure if you would please, take- your- seat.” He spoke the last few words with a slight pause in between. I flashed a toothy smile at him and whipped around towards a seat in the back. But because my back was turned, I didn’t see his eyes widen in horror at me. Like I said earlier, he knew all of Voldemort’s plans.

Not long after I had sat Hermione Granger walked into the classroom talking with a boy with an Irish descent. After she had sat with the boy, Snape strode from his desk to the middle of the class and began his lesson. “Today we will be learning about Bogarts and-“  the boy next to Hermione shot his hand into the air. Snape rolled his eyes, “Yes Mr. Finnigan?” “We already learned about Bogarts from Professor Lupin.” I watched as Snape’s face twitched slightly at the former professor’s name, “I do not care what you learned from that insufferable werewolf. You shall learn it again from me.” Snape glared down at the boy and he shrunk into his seat.

As the lesson continued, Hermione was hanging onto every word Snape said. Her brown curls would bounce as she lowered her head to take notes, then quickly whip it back up again to listen to Snape. It was almost comical.

Once class had dismissed, I watched as the boy who had sat next to Hermione shouldered his bag, “I’ll see you later Hermione!” And he left with a wave over his shoulder. Soon the entire class had dispersed out of the classroom leaving me, Snape, and a Hermione fumbling with her belongings. Now was my chance. I walked past her giving her a scrutinizing stare, as would a serpent before it strikes its prey. But I left the classroom and waited outside of the doorway for her. I watched her and waited.


My bloody things just wouldn’t go into my bag! I grunted once more and tried to shove my books into my bag, but without much luck. I was so absorbed into trying to cram my belongings into my bloody bag that I almost didn’t see Malfoy walk out the room. Almost. I had looked up at the last moment to see him staring at me intently. What was with him? To my right Snape, who was at his desk, widened his eyes at horror. I shrugged, ignoring the warning signs. With a sigh I finally shoved my belongings into my bag and I swung my bag over my shoulder. I quickly strode out of the classroom so absorbed into my thoughts that I walked straight into something hard. Or rather someone. I whipped my head up to see of all people, Malfoy. I frowned at him, “Get out of my way Malfoy!” And I tried to step around him, but he just moved to get in my way again. “Hey Granger, why don’t we go for a walk?” I snapped my head up at him in confusion. A walk? What was he talking about? He was Draco bloody Malfoy! A pure-blood snob! I bet it’s just some cruel joke. I let out a deep sigh and turned around, walking in the opposite direction. I could just go the long way to my next class. But that was when I heard it. Just barely, no more than a breath, I heard someone whisper behind me, “Imperio.” Then everything went black.


I laughed as the words left my mouth, making her body go rigid immediately. She stopped in her tracks and stood there motionless. With a flick of my wand I made her turn back to me and walk towards me. I looked her over. Her eyes were glazed over and her face pale. “Now about that walk,” I smiled and walked out of Hogwarts towards the Forbidden Forests, Hermione following right behind me.

Once we had reached the edge of the forest, I whipped around to face her and ordered Hermione to stop in front of me. I lifted the curse from her and silently watched with a smile on my lips as her eyes became unfogged and her senses came around. She shook her head, making her honey curls sway around her face and she looked up at me. That’s when everything clicked in her head. Her face morphed into unbelievement and she screamed, “Malfoy! Did you seriously just use an Unforgivable on me! You bloody ferret!” I gasped as a force tugged on my heart and mind, stronger than ever before. I quickly pushed it out of my mind though when Hermione began to storm away. “Oh no you don’t!” I shouted, and pointed my wand at her muttering, “Incarcerous.” Instanly ropes shot out of my wand and binded Hermione to the nearest tree. I watched as she wriggled, trying to get free. I only laughed at her and concentrated on entering my true state. I shut my eyes and shivered as the feeling of molting came over me. When I had opened my eyes, my skin was radiating a pale glow and my eyes shined a bright blue. Hermione’s eyes widened in horror at me. “Wha- wha- what happened to you Malfoy,” she whispered.  I only smiled down at her. I raised my wand once more at her struggling form, ready to yell the Killing Curse. She snapped her head back up at me with a look of disgust on her face, “Now what you bloody ferret!?! Are you going to kill me?” That’s when it hit me. The look of disgust, her face, and her spitting out ‘ferret’ at me came at me with a blow. I stumbled backwards, gasping for air. My body twitched and it went rigid. My eyes became unfocused as the force shoved into my mind and began filling it with memories. My memories. The walls of the memory charm had been broken.


My eyes widened in horror at his wand. He was going to kill me. He was going to bloody kill me! Not to mention the strange things that happened to his body! What was going on! So I spat at him, “Now what you bloody ferret!?! Are you going to kill me?” But then the strangest thing happened to him. He stumbled back and breath came out in rags. He dropped his wand to the ground and clutched his head between his hands. His glowing, blue eyes became unfocused as he reeled around and slammed into a tree; writhing against it. I had no idea what was going on!

After a few excruciating moments, his twitches stopped and his breathing became normal. He slowly lowered his hands and his eyes fluttered open. But when his eyes laid on me, something registered deep inside of them. With a confused face he whispered, “Hermione?” I scrunched up my eyebrows in confusion, “Yeah?” He quickly strode forward to me and whispered, “Hermione, I need your help.”

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