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Switching Perspective by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 2 : Stress and no answers
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“Potter!” I yell.

My body bolts up right and looks at me. I watch my eyes widen.

“Lily?” asks Potter

“yeah, you are in my body and I am in yours. I can‘t think of anything that would cause that,” I say

“What about the potion?” asks Potter running my hands through my hair.

I get up and start pacing.

“This can’t be happening to me, Lily Evans,” I cry in James’s voice.

“So what are we going to do?” asks James in my own voice.

“We need to spend time in the library to find the reverse, “ I reply

“What do we do until then?” James says

“We have to act like each other,” I reply

“So I have to hate myself,” says James.

“You stalk me so there isn’t too much you don’t know. What don’t I know about you?” I ask

“Well, Prank, Girls, hanging, and Quidditch,” says James

“ I hate flying. I did it first year and promised myself I would never do it again,” I say

“You have to. We are really close to the cup. You have to just fly and find the Snitch. Please Lily,” says James at a full out beg.

“Fine. You have your wish, but don’t expect me to be any good,” I say

“You guys are up and you are free to go,” says Madam Pomfrey.

“Gosh I never thought of getting dressed and stuff,” I say once Madam Pomfrey was out of ear shot.

“I think it could be fun,” says James as a smirk Plays across my body’s face.

“Potter, don’t ogle my body too much,” I say through my teeth.

“You can look at me all the time you want,” he says waggling my eyebrows.

I frown and pull the curtains around and get dressed without thinking to badly. I step out and straighten the tie. James is dressed.

“Button the shirt more,” I say looking at how he dressed.

“Well, then you roll up the sleeves and loosen the tie,” He says in the same manner I said it.

I roll up the sleeve and loosen the tie. I see he buttoned up the shirt and tightened the tie.

“Better?” I ask

“Prongs, we are here to walk you to breakfast,” says Sirius

“okay, Padfoot,” I say as I pick up potter’s bag and follow the marauders.

James followed behind us. I slow down and walk next to him.

“Hey Evans, Will you go out with me?” I ask the normal way James would.

“Potter, The Giant Squid looks better than that,” he says

“Evans, that hurts,” I say dramatically.

“Shut it, Potter,” said James and stormed ahead.

I pretended to look hurt. The marauders slow and walk with me.

“I say move on to a new girl, Prongs,” says Sirius.

“Never!” I reply thinking of what James would say, “She is in love with me and doesn’t know it.”

“At least try and see another girl,“ says Remus.

“So you suggest I make her Jealous?” I say making potter’s famous grins to the best of my ability. I sprinted off up ahead and I hear Remus call James’s name. Sirius was right behind me and we skid into the Great Hall. I take a spot next to my body.

“Potter who said you could sit there?” James said furiously.

I look over to the Ravenclaw table and spotted Rebecca Kane. I knew she preferred Becca and she was in James‘s fan club. I get up and walk up to her.

“Hey Becca,” I say trying not to think too much at what I was about to do.

“Hey , James,” she says and batted her eyes.

I nearly gagged but I didn’t show it.

“Will you go out with me?” I ask

She kisses me and I force myself to kiss her back. I feel her arms around my neck and I didn’t put my hand any where. I hear a wolf whistle and turn to see Sirius.

“Padfoot.” I sigh, “Do you want to go somewhere a little more private?”

I was mentally slapping myself hard as I took Becca’s hand and exit the great hall. Lucky for me I know where the kitchens where and could go eat later. I went through the motion of snogging and I walk with her to the first class. . I sit next to Padfoot who was smirking.

“How was Kane?” he asks

“I never kiss and tell,” I say making James’s voice go high.

“You just kissed the sexiest girl in school,” says Sirius

“I beg to differ Padfoot. Evans has her beat,” I said and mentally scowling.

Class ends and I gather my stuff. We, The marauders, exit the class and we start to another. I feel a pair of hands drag me into the nearest bathroom which happened to be a girls. I come face with James.

“What?” I asked

“Did you have to pick her? I mean of all the girls in the world, you pick Becca,” said James

“Black said she was the sexiest,” I said

“That’s what he thinks and I don’t,” says James

Two weeks past, I didn’t find anything and I wasn’t doing real well at Quidditch. I run off of the quidditch pitch and to the castle. The whole team just asked me why I was sucking. I ran to the top of the astronomy tower and collapsed into tear. I pound the floor with Potter’s hands. I feel a pair of smaller hands on my back and look up and say “James".

“What is wrong, Lily? He asks

“Everything. I can’t find the solution to our problem. Your fucking team basically yelled at me because I am not running plays right. I am so tired of your friends looking at me when I take a shower in swimming trunks. I just want to have my flowing Red hair back,” I start to cry. I feel ‘James’ arms around me.

“You know what we have to do?” he asks

I look at him as the tears continue to fall.

“Dumbledore,” he says

“I think we have no other choice,” I say as I slowly get up and I offer James his hand. He takes it and gets up.

We walk together and holding hands. We see people staring but I really needed to get free of this mess. We get to the gargoyle and I say the password. We get up all the stairs and 'James' knocks.

“Enter,” says Professor Dumbledore.

I enter first and take a seat. James does the same.

“What is this Mr. Potter?” asks Professor looking at me.

“Actually Professor, I am Lily,” I say

“Miss Evans, care to explain what has happen?” asked Dumbledore

“We were in potions two weeks ago and we got splashed with what we were making. The next day, I,well we discovered that we are in each others body. I have been combing the library for the past two weeks and hanging with the marauders. Then there is quidditch that I am failing to grasp and the team isn’t quiet thrilled. I have to say I am not either. Can you help us Professor?” I plead

“I will have to look into a solution, but for now stay with what you are doing with one exception. You should tell your friends and that may provide some comfort for the time being. I will owl you when I find the solution,” says Professor Dumbledore

“Thanks, Professor,” says James


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