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Sirius Black and his Many Endeavours with the Female Species by Gryffindors Unite Tomorrow
Chapter 2 : Mary Macdonald
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AN: Chapter by NeverGotHerLetter


** The Best Gryffindor table in the Great Big Hall****7:00pm**

“Look, I don’t ever go for the quiet ones. Mary Macdonald is just the exception. I mean, c’mon she’s only girl in the whole of sixth year, except for the Slytherins of course, that I haven’t shagged yet. You know you’d want the complete set too.”

“No I wouldn’t, I’m not a man-whore like you.” Prongs replied, smirking.

“Man-whore? I’m wounded James!” I said in mock hurt.

“Well going around saying things like that isn’t really helping your demotion from the title.”

“Things like what? I didn’t say anything bad!”

Not even kidding. What’s wrong with saying a girl’s quiet?!

“Padfoot, You only want to sleep with Mary to get ‘the complete set,’? Gosh, you sound like bloody Slughorn talking about you and your brother...” James murmured, shaking his head.


Slughorn wants to shag me and my --? Oh.

“Well that’s different isn’t it? I mean, Slughorn’s just an old codger who has nothing better to do in life than collect people who he thinks are going to do well. I want this because I think it would be cool,”

“You’re such an idiot sometimes.”

“Man-whore? Idiot? Gosh you’ve really got it in for me today Prongs,”

“Shove off, Lily’s coming,” James hissed, messing up his hair and leaning back on the Gryffindor table bench so he was facing her casually.

Lily Evans. She’ll really be the death of our James.

“So Lily...” James started as the Redhead walked down the aisle next to the where the Gryffindors ate. But she just flipped him off and went to sit with Reg Cattermole at the Ravenclaw table.

“Don’t worry, she’s probably just on her period or something. You know how girls get.” I said hesitantly to James, who had faltered slightly in his cool attitude.

“Wow, thanks for the input Sirius,” James replied sarcastically, turning back around to face me.

“That’s what friends are for mate,” I said slapping him on the back.

He smiled and ladled some gross looking soup in to his bowls Remus and Peter came strolling towards us.

“Alright, Wormtail? Moony?”

“Yeah, good. I just finished the last foot on my Arithmancy essay... Had to make the writing really big though.” Wormtail laughed as he sat down next to me. Remus jumped over the table to sit next to James.

“I got the Animagi book that you wanted Padfoot,” Remus said, struggling to get the massive hardback out of his bag. I exchanged a quick glance with James before taking it out of his hands and stuffing it in tomy rucksack.

“Why do you want it anyway?” Moony asked, obviously curious.

“Oh, just interested in what it’s about. Don’t really understand much about it, y’know?” I said lightly.

Remus nodded and behind him I saw her walking.

She was quite plain; there was no doubt about that. Her golden-blonde wispy hair fell to her shoulders and floated around her head as she sat down a little way down the Gryffindor table. Her brown eyes were small as far as I could see and she had what seemed like unnaturally pale skin although there was a slight rosy blush on each of her cheeks. She had flawless reputation; she was studious and quiet and you’d expect her to be unpopular or at least a Ravenclaw, but she was friends with everyone. She wasn’t outspoken and it wasn’t like she didn’t speak at all, but to my usual standards, she was quiet. She wasn’t the best grape in the bunch but she’d do.

Ok, first impression of the day is over with! Let’s go shag Mary Macdonald.

“Hey Mary,” I said in a low voice. Let’s see if she melts on the first try like they usually do.

“Hello Sirius.” She sniffed.

Ok... Maybe not then.

“So... what’re you eating?” I asked seductively.

“What am I eating?” She turned to me incredulously. “What kind of line is that?!”

I looked at her perplexed. Was she... was she immune to me?

“Can’t blame a guy for trying with someone as beautiful as you,” I said smoothly after my moment of silence.

She blushed.


There was a pause and then she said “How do I know you don’t use that on all the girls? You do have a bit of a reputation Mr. Black,” She whispered suggestively, biting her lip and resting her hand on my knee.

God, and there was me saying she should have been a Ravenclaw. This girl was hot!

“Do you always believe in rumors?” I asked raising my eyebrows and smirking.

“Well we know this one isn’t a rumor. But I never said I was going to hold it against you.”

“Well why don’t we take a walk around the lake then, Miss MacDonald?” I stood up, swinging my legs out from under the table.

“Charmed, I’m sure Mr. Black.” She said, taking my outstretched arm.

I led her out of the Great Hall and outside in to the sultry June evening.

**The Gryffindor Boys’ Marauders’ Dormitory**

I trudged across the room and sat on to my bed, pulling pondweed out of my sopping wet hair.

“Guessing it didn’t go too well then?” Moony asked. James and Peter were playing exploding snap, and they started sniggering as I poured a considerable amount of water out of my boots.

“Nah it went great! That was the best shag I’ve ever had!” I said, beaming at their three identical looks of shock.

“What, did you have sex in the lake?” Peter asked disbelievingly.

“No, don’t be daft, the Giant Squid would have got us,” I scoffed.

There was a pause. The guys were obviously waiting for me to explain myself.

“Look, I had sex with her on the banks. Then she pushed me in the lake because I tried to steal her knickers afterwards. Ok?” I said raising my eyebrows at them all.

Their reactions were just as I expected. Remus shook his head, James smiled knowingly (I had stolen girls’ underwear after sleeping with them, multiple times before) and Peter said “So... Did you get them?”

“No I bloody well did not, Peter,” I huffed. I changed in tomy pajama bottoms and went to bed.

“Night guys,” I said, pulling the curtains of my four poster bed around me.

“Night,” They grunted back.

After about five minutes there was a bang and James screeched “My hair!” much to the amusement of Remus and Peter. I stifled my oncoming laughter and pretended to be asleep still so I could resume my thinking.

I thought about the lie I had just told my friends. Sure, it would have been cool to have the whole sixth year set but isn’t it better to have someone’s respect? I mean, Mary andI had made out... but she didn’t want to go further, so we didn’t. And I would have told the guys we didn’t, if she hadn’t asked me to tell everyone we had shagged. I was really confused for awhile, until she explained that she was bored of her reputation. She said she wanted to “Spice up her life.”

So I said “Yeah, sure I’ll tell people if they ask.” This was at about eight thirty and we didn’t want to go back to the castle yet so we stayed and talked for a while. And it was nice! I mean, obviously I’m interested in the girls I have sex with so I talk to them. But this – it was little different. After talking to her I didn’t even think about getting in to her pants. I had just wanted to keep talking.

But when I looked at my watch and realized it was nearly half eleven, we walked slowly back through the castle doors, which Filch had forgotten to lock again. He’d been here ten years and from the sound of it, only locked it about twice in all that time.

As we went through the portrait hole, I had said to her “We should really do this again sometime Mary.” She had replied “You don’t have to say that,” to which I had whispered “No, really,” and kissed her lightly on the lips.

She blushed and breathed “Yeah... totally.” Then she had smiled and said “Guess I shouldn’t always judge people on their reputations then, Mr. Black.” I smiled back at her and nodded seriously, “You most certainly shouldn’t Miss Macdonald. You’ve learned well.”

She laughed and made her way up to her dorm. If there was a chance of me following her and the stairs not melting in to a slide, throwing me back down, then I would have took it.

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Sirius Black and his Many Endeavours with the Female Species: Mary Macdonald


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