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Chapter 9 - Evasdropping and Cloaks 

"Hey McKenna! Wait up!" It was Lily. McKenna stopped and waited for her.


"Hey Lily, what's up?" McKenna said with a smile.


"I heard your going on a date with Remus?" Lily asked wondering what McKenna was up too.


"Oh yea." McKenna said.


"Why?" Lily asked quite curious as to what McKenna was up to.


"Okay, so do you remember how Black asked 'Sinder3lla' to write down everything about them or what I think I know?" McKenna asked bringing back the memory. Lily nodded her head.


"Well, if I go out of a date with Lupin, then I can find out everything about the Marauders. I'll be able to get the dirt on those four boys Lily!" McKenna said excited. Lily didn't look to happy.


"You plan on using Remus to do this?" Lily asked. McKenna nodded her head. "McKenna, I would understand if you were using Black or Potter to do this, but Remus isn't like them, he's nice and actually wont hurt anyone." Lily said.

"Look, Lily when you work for a newspaper, you have to use every possible resource you have to get the facts, and that's what I'm doing right now." Lily didn't look happy at all.


"Okay, Lily what if I promise you, that I'll never do this again." McKenna asked. Lily still didn't look satisfied with McKenna's answer. Lily finally gave in after a while.


"Fine, but never again after this." Lily said with a stern voice. McKenna smiled widely "Deal." She said and with that Lily and McKenna walked off to breakfast together. However in the great hall Remus was eating breakfast by himself.




"Guys, look this is just a one-" Remus tried explaining, but was cut short.


"I told you I liked her Remus, I told you then you go after her!" Sirius said


"You never asked if I liked her first! I didn't tell you, maybe because you would try and actually rush things?!?" Remus shouted, "Sirius, look I'm sorry, what I did was wrong-" Remus was once again cut short of his sentence.


"I'm sorry, sorry for you feeling that way. Me and James didn't mean it that way." Sirius said and he never apologizes. Remus smiled. "Go on your date with her Moony, just tell me if she's good in bed." Sirius winked at him and patted him on the back, Remus looked scared and shook his head 'no'.

The door to the great hall opened and two lovely ladies stepped in. Their hair blowing behind them in the muggles movies and they were laughing at something one of them said. they looked up and saw the whole guy population drooling at them and the whole girl population glaring at them. The two girls have become good friends since the time they meet, maybe even best friends. The future was still ahead of them. The two girls hugged goodbye and as they did they got tons of wolf-whistles could be heard through the great hall, and then they headed back to their respected tables. After, that everybody went back to the conversations that they were having. Soon, everybody left to go to class.

After, class Lily Evans dropped her stuff off in the common room, but James Potter just happened to see Lily about to leave room.


"Oh Lilyflower where are you going?" James asked from the couch.


"To meet McKenna." Lily said.


"You and her have been hanging around a lot lately what's up with that?" Sirius asked. "Were just good friends." Lily said.


"Where are you going?" James asked.


"To go see McKenna, like I said before. Now I'm leaving." Lily said. James looked back to mates once Lily left. Remus shook his head, and Sirius just slouched into the couch even more.


"Well, lets go." Sirius said and they got up from the couch with Remus complaining. James threw the invisibly cloak over top of them (With Peter as a rat of course).

James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter followed Lily. Lily meet McKenna in front of a room with the number/letter(s) A25 on the door.


James turned to Sirius "What room is that?" James asked his best mate.


"No idea Prongs, all I know is that nobody uses it and its always locked." Sirius said, James nodded his head.


"Lily!" It was McKenna.


"McKenna." Lily said back they hugged each other.


Once they broke apart McKenna asked "Did they follow you? I wouldn't put it past those boys haha"


"I know! Ugh! Potter drives me insane." Lily said.


"O o a good insane right?" McKenna asked with a wink. Lily blushed and tried to ignore McKenna's question.


"So, are you ready for Hogsmeade?" Lily asked. Under the invisibly cloak Sirius nudge Remus and Remus gave him a 'stop it' look.


"As ready as I'll ever be, I'm nervous Lily, I'm actually nervous, I'm never nervous!" McKenna said throwing her hands up in the air. Remus blushed at hearing this. An idea just came to McKenna


"You should go with Potter! McKenna practically screamed.


"Shh!" Lily said clamping her hand over McKenna's mouth.

McKenna winked at her instead of talking. "You know you really are over using that wink." Lily said, McKenna just shrugged her shoulders. She then licked Lily's hand "Why would you do that?!?! You don't know where my hand has been!" Lily said rubbing her hand on her jeans to get off McKenna's saliva.


"O! O! Let my guess! On Potter's - " McKenna was cut short.


"Don't you dare finish that sentence." Lily said pointing a finger at McKenna.


"Aww, Okay, So you and Potter, Hogsmeade?" McKenna asked.


"No." Lily said not even thinking it over.


"When I go on a date with Potter, you will go on a date with Sirius." Lily said


"Not going to happen!" McKenna said. The boys looked at each other under the cloak wondering what is going on.


"Exactly!" Lily said "Proves my point. Come on McKenna we have articles to write" McKenna nodded her head.


"Looking forward to seeing James on a broom stick? McKenna said with another wink.


"You are seriously over using that wink!" Lily said.


"What?!?! Now you like Sirius??? geez, Lily stick to one man!" McKenna said laughing. Lily pushed McKenna into a wall. McKenna blacked the impact by her hands and now looked like someone who was about to be searched by an officer.


"How may I help you officer?" McKenna asked in a deep voice and wiggled her eyebrows seductively. Lily and McKenna burst out laughing.


"Come on, let's go I have an article to write." McKenna said and they both entered the room, leaving behind four teenage boys to think about what they weren't suppose to hear, but heard anyway.



What are the Marauders going to think of that conversation?

What will happen at the Gryffindor quiddtich match?

What the bloody hell is wrong with McKenna?


All well.. Most will be answered next chapter REVIEWS PLEASE???

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