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Ranny Baker

 I slid in to the chair opposite Albus and raised a brow, resting my chin in to my palm. He was never a perceptive boy. And so I was forced to reach forward and place my hand in to his book. He snapped it shut, taking my hand with it.


“Al,” I whinnied. “Give me my hand back!”


He obliged. “I had you for a moment there.”


“In a book,” I added informatively. I glanced at the cover. “A Runes book to be exact - but you didn’t take runes.”


“No I didn’t,” he admitted. “But Nina did and she wants me to read up on it.”


“And so you’re revising for a subject that you didn’t take, in the library.”


He nodded. I resisted the urge to ask about brain damage. Instead I brushed a hand through my hair and bit down on the corner of my lip.


He looked back up from the book. “Oh Circe, sorry Ranny, did you want something?”


I shook my head. “Just some company.”


“Cool,” he said. But he looked back to his book.


I watched as his eyes flitted over the page, line by line they delved a little deeper. Al was always self-conscious about his vision, another gene inherited from his father, without his glasses, he saw very little clearly. Yet he refused to wear them, wearing the wizarding equivalent of contact lenses. But they hurt his eyes if he read in large doses.


His eyes were a startling emerald, the colour that caused oh so many of the older teachers to prompt the line ‘You look so much like your grandmother’. It drove Al mad. He was like the Mad Hatter sometimes, throwing tea parties when he was little but only taking the squealing to a male equivalent at an older age.


He pulled his hair out of his eyes and stood up from the table. He didn’t look at me once as he walked over to the book stands and pulled out another. He sat back down.


I began to twiddle my thumbs. “I’ll see you later.” I eventually announced.


“What?” he asked. “Don’t go. I’m sorry, I’m naff company.”


“No you’re not.” I reassured. “Today yes you are, but not usually. You’re just studding at the moment. And I am interrupting. I’ll see you later.” I repeated firmly at the end.


Albus didn’t seem to hear it. “Ranny, please. I feel like I haven’t seen you properly in weeks.”


“That’s not my fault!” I said.


“I know, I know it’s not. Its mine.” He took. “But I have Nina, I can’t spend as much time as I used to with you and Scorpius. She’s the first serious girlfriend that I have ever had.”


“Only yesterday you were talking about breaking up with her!”


His hand shot to clamp my mouth closed. “Keep your voice down woman! There are people in this library who would very much like to see me upset.” He nodded his head over towards a table of Ravenclaws. They did look like Pirates. “No one can know about that conversation. That was just between you and me. You haven’t told anyone have you? Not even Scorp?”


I shook my head. “No.”


“Good. Ranny listen to me. I love you, you are my best friend. But Nina is my girlfriend. She’s Maid Marion, you’re Friar Tuck.”


That comment stung more than he could ever realise.


I bit back hard on my lip, knowing the tears that wanted to bawl over in a childlike manner. Instead I stood up from the table.


“Friar Tuck was a balding man who wore a rope around his waist and fought with a stick!”


“You never had a problem with it when we were kids.” He said, a little defensive of his comment. I pushed my chair in to the table a little harder than I had intended to. “Circe, Ran.”


I shook my head. “I guess I’m not a kid anymore.”


“What is wrong with you? You’re awfully snappy today.”


“Excuse me?”


Albus shook his head. “Forget it, Ranny.”


I didn’t know how to react. And so I left.


“It was odd, horrible in fact.” I complained as I threw a little more of the tree branch in to the forest.


Scorpius snorted from beside me. “This is the first time that you have ever taken something Albus said personally.” He said. “It’s going to be difficult for you.”


I pulled off another leaf from the branch no bigger than my forearm. “It wasn’t even a mean thing to say. It was just the fact that he called her his Maid Marion that made me want to run him through with the wooden stick I apparently fight with.”


“Just take a deep breath Ran,” he reassured, placing a caring hand on to my shoulder. “Albus didn’t mean to upset you. I know that he didn’t. I doubt he even knows what he said.”


I had sat alone for a while before Scorpius had found me. It was usual, that when I was sad or conflicted I would come to this spot. When the archway was occupied, or students were going from class to class, I would have to find another place to be alone in. This spot worked just fine.


It was on the brink of the forest, but not quite. Down by Hagrid’s Hut there was a little dip in the greenery that surrounded his wooden home. It was where he grew the pumpkins at Halloween, and seeing as it was that season, they made good coverage to sit behind.


I looked in to the forest opening and found myself confused at the marvel that was the place. How could a place that was so beautiful be so dangerous?


I had missed the last two classes of the day; I had not felt like attended Double Potions in a room filled with fumes, Slytherins and one green eyes boy. Scorpius had left after the first period and found me. He said that upon asking Albus where I was, he had simply shrugged and said that I had thrown a hissy fit and snapped at him.


Seemingly Scorpius knew me better than that. He told Albus to look after his stuff, and he left.


“Ranny,” he resumed. “You’re like a fairy, you’re Tinkerbell in fact. To this day, Albus has been Peter to you, more than Peter. He and Tink have always got along. But then Peter returned back with Wendy. Now, Wendy isn’t like she is written in the books, she has no brothers, she doesn’t like adventure and she certainly isn’t nice. But she has Peter fooled. Tinkerbell is protective, as expected; she doesn’t want her best friend being hurt. The two of you were bound to clash heads at some point.”


I sighed and moved my thumbs around each other. “You really think that?”


He nodded. “You’re not angry at Albus, you’re just hurt that he didn’t want you to be Wendy. But Ran, you’ve got to accept that maybe that is all you will ever be to him. Tinkerbell.”


Scorpius was always too insightful for his own good. Even when we were in the younger years, he was always Merlin. He was the one with the wisdom, the kindness, and only he knew how to use it. He was the advisor. I guess he never grew out of the role. I couldn’t be a lady in waiting forever.


I licked my lips. “You know, I thought that would hurt more to hear out loud.”


“It’s my soothing voice,” Scorpius teased. He bashed me with his shoulder. “It calms you.”


“It does. It shockingly does. But tell me Little John,” I began to question. “What is it about me that makes you compare me to a fairy?”


He laughed lightly and stood up, pulling me with him. “Well, the situation was a good choice for starters.” He prodded my nose. “But then came that dainty nose of yours, sprinkled with freckles. Each one a star as my mother would say. She always had a soft spot for you.” He tugged playfully on my ears. “Your little ears.” He tickled my tummy. “Your giggle squeal. Even your cry sounds like a wind chime. Your height,” he pulled me against him and put his hand straight to his chest where my head reached. Below his shoulder blades “But then comes your waist, certainly too small to be human. If it wasn’t a fairy it was an alien.”


I pushed him away with a smile. “Alright! Point taken. I am a big child with alien tendencies.”


“You’ve grasped it, congrats; you’re usually slow.” He mocked. “Please don’t hit me.”


“I would never.”


“Not even if I asked you to fly with me?” He knew that I didn’t like heights.


I shrugged in an answer. Scorpius was always the one to pick me up when I was down, but it was Albus who gave me the butterflies. It wouldn’t kill me to fly with him for an hour. And so I voiced this.


“I don’t know, love.” He replied. “If you fly to high-“


“Don’t!” I covered my ears with my hands. He pulled them off. “I’m kidding, you’re never going to fall; you’re a fairy.”


“Do you need some of my dust?” I questioned. “Is that why you asked me to come with you?”


He smiled cockily. “Well actually I was going to go and get the brooms out of the shed but if you wanted to give it a try…”


I punched his arm. “You’re too much of a boy sometimes, Scorp. Go and get the brooms.”


“But one more thing, quick.” He said, grasping hold of my knitted top and tugging on it. “I like your jumper.”


“You got this one for me too, Little John!”



The school always was a little colder than usual in the winter months. Scorpius had always put it down to the weather, Albus to the fact that there was no windows’ or heating - sometimes the fires blew out. But I had a different theory. It’s because people feel lost.


The winter was breeding ground for ‘that’ lot, they loved winter. While in the summer, they could flaunt their bodies to the point of perfection, tans and bikini’s, but in the winter they could claim to the cold and cuddle up to the people you thought were yours.


Their hearts are cold, as it’s their time of year; others can’t feel the warmth flood through like they can in the spring.


I saw the hair first; the dark locks bounce up and down in time with her step. Her layers were shorted than the rest of her hair, giving it an inhuman amount of volume. Scorpius had expressed many an occasion his wishes to chop it off. I had always been a little apprehensive when he was holding scissors. After the hair came the lipstick, red, bold red, thirdly came the attire.


She was always one for slight extremes. Her top was cut a little low, but her jeans suited her perfectly, I envied that. Her legs were long, her body perfectly proportioned for her height. She was a princess, I was simply a pauper.


I wanted to run as she approached me, as she drifted from her group. Rose, her best friend sent her a look that expressed nothing but confusion. But Nina waved it off. I prepared myself.


Nina wasn’t mean, in fact she was lovely. She hung out with the Sherriff’s ward but she really wasn’t royalty herself at heart. She was normal. She didn’t think that she was better than anyone else, she didn’t treat people horribly. If someone fell over, she helped them back up; she made you smile if you were sad. And that was possibly why I disliked her more. She was perfect. I couldn’t fault her.


“Ranny,” she began, I look and smiled. “I’m so sorry.” She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. “Albus was so mean. I don’t know what came over him.”


I shrugged and returned her smile. “It wasn’t his fault, I was snappy.”


“He called your Friar Tuck. If someone called me that I would curl up in to a ball and cry. But he did say something about a childhood joke.”


She pulled her hair over her should and gave me an apologetic look. I shrugged and looked to the floor, hugging my story book to my chest. Scorpius and I had returned from the Quidditch Pitch and decided to go through the book that made our childhood once more. As we got older, we began to add our own pictures, placing photos taken with the Nikon camera. That was the magic.


I held on to it for dear life. That was my world. Not this one.


“He didn’t mean to. It was only intended as a joke. I’m going to apologise to him later.”


Nina raised a brow. “You’re a better person than I am that’s all I can say. I wouldn’t do anything of the sort.”


“That’s not possible, you’re lovely. Albus only picks the best.”


“Thank you,” a small blush crept on to her cheeks. “He is a keeper.”


“Nina!” Rose snapped from behind. “When you’re done talking to the freak.”


I heard her Nina sigh as she closed her eyes. “I’m sorry. I really am.”


And then she left.


I couldn’t help but wish that she was alike Rose. That way I really had a reason to say that I didn’t like her, because without it, I felt mean.


AN; Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this chapter! I hope the Tinkerbell description gave a little more information towards their relationship. It’s actually quite sad :( But there always needs to be one character that is suffering from the whole ‘unrequited’ deal – otherwise it’s not that over-dramatized romance that we all love so much.

Oh, and I own nothing; it all goes to JK Rowling, and the Brothers Grimm – or whoever would like to take claim for writing fairy tales.

Don’t forget to leave a review!

The next chapter is called Prince Charming. You finally get to meet Rose Weasley – properly, and full-frontal. I hope that you enjoy it!


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