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   Author's note: Warning Substance use or abuse for this chapter.  Also Senstive/topic/theme/Issue. This has been completly re-written and special thanks to my beta! for helping me improve the story 

    Draco looked over at Granger; his face was paler than usual. He had already been pale, which in this case was a very good attribute to have since no one would notice that he was a vampire by looking at him. Otherwise, Draco was sure that someone would have already figured it out. The fact that he was a very good actor didn’t hurt matters either.


   Taking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes and could feel his fangs sliding down. Her scent was so intoxicating it was getting difficult to control himself around her.


  “It started a month ago,” he began. “I was in my bedroom finishing the last of my summer homework, when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I looked over to my bed side clock and saw that it was eight-thirty pm, so I assumed that it was one of the house elves…,” he trailed off looking over to Granger.


   Granger was currently giving him the most disapproving scowl he had ever seen in his life. Draco would have found it rather cute if it had it not been so disruptive.


“Don’t look at me like that,” he snapped at her, “I am very polite and nice to my house elves, it is my father that is so cruel and abusive.”


   He heard her quietly huff to herself and could tell she was about to speak up.


“This is not the time for you to start on your SPEW,” he cut her off before she could say a single word on the subject.


   Here he was trying to explain to her what had happened to him and about how badly things were about to get, and all she cared about was the treatment of his house elves. It was enough to drive a sane person crazy. He was not even surprised when Granger sighed in annoyance, clearly wanting to say what was on her mind, but he knew she realized that now wasn’t the right time for that conversation.


“May I continue now or would you like to add something else.”


“No please do continue, Malfoy. I’m all ears.” She sarcastically said while continuing to glare at him.


  It seemed to him that even when they were trying to be civil to one another they still couldn’t talk to each other without breaking into some form of fight. Some things would never change.


“There’s no need to be so sarcastic.” He said rolling his blood red eyes, which glowed in the darkness, before continuing. “As I was saying…”



   I had heard a knock at my bedroom door, and thought it was Trinket, my house elf, who always knocks before entering so that it does not startle me. However, when I opened the door, I was shocked to see it was my father. I found this very curious because my father never just decided on a whim to come see me. Ever since Potter defeated the Dark Lord and the Wizengamot decided to put father on house arrest, he has hardly left his study except to eat and sleep.


   My father swept by me into the room so fast that he knocked into me. I stumbled and had to hold onto the door to keep from falling.  Once I had gained my balance I turned around to face my father. I tensed as I watched wearily as he paced back and forth at the end of my bed, while tugging at his hair erratically. To be truthful, he looked like a rabid werewolf. It was obvious that my father had been drinking, even from three feet away I could smell the fire whiskey radiating off him. I hate it when he drinks because I can never predict what he is going to do. I have the scars to prove it. He had the tendency to become rather violent toward me and others around him.


   He stopped pacing and turned towards me, his eyes were wild and dark from drinking, and I could tell that something was really bothering him.


   “Draco,” he paused, “I need you to apparate to Nocturn Alley and then head to Borgan and Burkes. There you should find  a spiderweb necklace made completely of finely cut strands silver with an onyx spider in the middle of the web on the far left back counter. I need you to pick it up.”


“Father, What…?” I tried to ask


“Don’t ask questions!” He snapped pointing his wand at my chest.


   My only choices were to either go on this crazy errand, or stay here and get punished.  I knew that I had no other choice but to choose the former. If I had known then what I know now about what would happen I would have stayed there.


   I decided that it was best not to push my father’s temper, so I picked up my wand from off my desk and aparated. Upon appearing in Nocturn Alley I immediately noticed that it was unusually silent. Normally there would be a ton of noise all throughout Nocturn Alley from the many strange untrustworthy people interacting with each other and the vendors yelling out their many wares. No matter the time of day, or night one would suspect some amount of chaos. However tonight there was nothing but dark silence. Looking around I noticed a light in the distance coming from Borgan and Burkes. It seemed to be the only place open in all of Nocturn Alley.


   Even though it was summer the air was as cold as an early winter night. I could see my breath coming out in bursts of white mist in front of me. Shaking the chill off I headed toward the only beam of light in the darkness and entered the store.


   It didn’t take me long before I reached the shop. I opened the door of the store cautiously, hearing the bell above the door ring three times as it opened and shut it. Taking out my wand from my pocket I held it in front of me tightly, while I quickly scanned the interior of the store for any sign of the owners. Unfortunately there seemed to be no sign of life at all in the whole store. My instincts were telling me that something about the situation felt terribly wrong and since my instincts were normally right, I just wanted to find the necklace so that I could get out of there.


   It took me over an hour of hard searching through counters filled with odd objects and tons of boxes in the back of the store before I was able to find the necklace. It had been hidden in a cupboard in very back of the storage room on the highest shelf. My hand hesitated over the necklace, goose bumps crawled down my spine. Again I got the feeling that something wasn’t right.  Suddenly I hear a loud bang behind me and my hand grasped the necklace


  It happened immediately: Draco felt as though a hook just behind his navel had been suddenly jerked irresistibly forward. His feet left the ground as his whole body was speeding forward in a howl of wind. Just as suddenly his feet slammed into the ground and the necklace fell out of his hand.


   The necklace had been a portkey and looking around it seemed to have transported me to somewhere in the black forest. In the distance I recognized a house that was once used as a Death Eater hideout. As you could probably imagine I was extremely tense and freaked out by this. I looked around me carefully trying to get my bearings, while I picked up the necklace up from the ground and put it around my neck.


  Casting Lumos on my wand I circled the area around me trying to see everything around me at once. As I circled towards the left I saw three hooded figures appear from the trees into the clearing.


“Is this him?” the tallest of the three spoke.


“Yes, he has the necklace and he smells like a Malfoy,” the one to the right replied.


   I was obviously confused since I had no idea what these crazy people were talking about. I looked over at the smallest of the group, the stranger on the right, and could tell just by his stance that he was the one in charge despite the fact that it seemed as if he was trying to act innocent. The small man looked up at the night sky and was shocked by the sight of his fangs. It was then that I knew they were vampires.


   The one on left began speaking again; however I didn’t hear a word he was saying because I was distracted by a rustling sound to my far left. I turned towards the sound and saw another man standing in the moonlight. He had Pale skin, blood red eyes flashing in the moon light, and long silver hair falling to midway down his back. It was obvious to be that the new stranger was also a vampire. Judging by what I was seeing I could tell that this one was stronger than the three cloaked ones standing in front of me. My heart beat quickened. Not out of fear but anxiousness. I didn’t know it then but that would be one of the last times my heart would ever beat again.


   Every instinct was telling me that I was out numbered and need to run if I wanted to survive, however I don’t know why but I decided to stand and fight. The next thing I knew I was being surrounded on all sides by the four vampires. Instantly I knew that the only chance I had to survive was if I started shooting spells at the vampires in hopes of clearing a path for escape. Unfortunately no matter what spell I shot at the vampires nothing seemed to be working. It didn’t help that they were able to dodge faster than anyone I have ever seen in my life.


   Suddenly I saw an opening to my right and I made a run for it. I could hear the vampires yelling orders at each other behind me. My mind was running a mile a minute, trying to come up with some way to get to safety.  The whole time I ran I kept shooting spells behind me. Bam, a cold sharp wind hit the left side my face and I was slammed from behind into a tree.


“This is going to hurt,” one of the vampires whispered into my left ear.


   I tried to turn my head so that I could get a look at which one had me pinned against the tree, but it only caused him to press me harder into the tree. The next thing I knew there was pain in my neck from where the vampire had bitten me. I could feel my life slowly draining from my body.  I knew was going to die and there was nothing I could bloody do about it.


  I was just about to lose consciousness when I felt myself being spun around, my back scraping against the bark of the tree. I was so weak I couldn’t even open my eyes to see which vampire had attacked me and then I felt something hot and sweet dripping onto my lips. The liquid had a sharp metallic taste. Something in me knew that it was blood, my attackers blood, dripping unto my lips. Even though I knew  shouldn’t drink the blood, but a part of me knew that in order  to survive I would have to.  Using the last of my strength I grabbed hold of his wrist, wrapped my lips around it and drank.


   When my attacker finally managed to pull his wrist away from me, I thought I was going to be okay. At least for a second there I did until the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life, worse than even being hit by the Crucio curse, hit me. For over an hour I my body writhed on the forest floor.  I was able to tell how long by the position of the moon in the night sky.


   Finally I felt my heart stop beating.  My eyes became sharper and I was able to see better than I ever had been able to. My hearing also become sharper and  I started hearing the heart beats and blood flow of every living animal  around me. I could even hear every little tree leaf that rustled in the wind.  It was like being born again, yet the pain didn’t seem to be letting up.  The pain didn’t stop until I was able to grab a passing rabbit. Biting into the animal, I drained it quickly causing the pain to finally stop.


   By the time I was able to gather my wits about me, all four of the vampires were gone.  I was a newborn vampire  and angry. Angry that I had been beaten in a fight, and angry that I had been changed, A fact that hadn’t quite reached my brain yet.Most of all I was hungry. A hunger that was so intense I never felt anything like it. I had no clue what to do and so I did the first thing that came to mind I grabbed my fallen wand from the ground by the tree and casted the Lumos spell. For a split second I was worried that I might not be able to do magic. Thankfully I was still able to. So I summoned up a protronus and sent it to Professor Dumbledore. Surprisingly he answered me back despite the fact that I had tried to kill him in sixth year.


   The crazy thing was the old coot already knew that I had turned.  I don’t know how he knew, but he has been giving me blood replenishing potions ever since. Dumbledore then brought me here to Hogwarts to live until school started. A week after I arrived at Hogwarts I received a letter with an unknown seal. Inside it read:


   Dear New Blood Draco Abraxus Lucius Malfoy,

You are hereby summoned by the High Court Council to Vlad Dracula’s hidden castle on October 31st  for the New Blood tournament. The instructions are located on the back of this letter. Every five hundred years all newly turned vampires are to fight for the right to continue living. Those who fail will be killed. Those who survive shall be allowed to continue living and then have a right to gain rank. Be aware that this is not a request, failure to come to the tournament will result in you being hunted down and killed. You are allowed to bring one outsider in order to help you during the tasks. Note that new bloods from all kind of the clans, as well as already established vampires will be there, so make sure that your outsider is capable of handling his or her self. Be advised that you are not to leave them unattended for any reason or you shall suffer the consequences.






Secretary to the High Council


 "After thinking about it for days I came to the decision that you would be the best person to ask to help me. You’re the only one I feel that would be able to handle yourself against a bunch of vampires and intelligent enough to help me with any task that they give me. For weeks I have been trying to figure out how I could get your help.”


  As soon as he finished speaking he stepped forwards and handed Granger the letter that the High Council sent to him. Looking up at him, she took the letter he offered to her and started to read it. Draco figured that she would have wanted to read the letter so that she could confirm what he had said was true. 


“Even though I would rather you answer quickly, I am going to give you time to think, so you don’t have to answer right now. In fact you can also keep the letter. I already have it completely memorized so I really don’t need it. I shall await your final answer by owl.”


   Quicker than she could blink Draco disappeared into the shadows leaving her to think she was left alone in the dark shadowy astronomy tower. From his hiding place Draco watched as the moonlight shone down upon her making her look like an angel to his darkness. He stood there watching her think , waiting for her to make a decision on whether or not she would actually help him or not.


   Part of himself wondered why he didn’t tell her about how he had been thinking of her in those last moments, but that would mean he would had to admit it to himself.  He would rather blame it on the ravenous hunger of the change. After all he is a Malfoy and she is Granger.


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