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It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets of South Hampstead, rattling along the house-tops, fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness. There was nobody to be seen anywhere in the vicinity. The alley was empty except for a girl in her late teens. She was limping towards the only source of light at the end of the dark alley, her robes torn and drenched in blood and breathe coming in spasms. Wand in one hand ,she carried a heavy ancient book in another, which she hugged tightly to her chest. She kept throwing perturbed glances around her, scooting as if somebody was stalking her. Just then, there was a strange sound behind her and she stopped dead in her tracks. Slowly, she turned back, trepidation catching up in her eyes.


Sneering at her, twirling his wand playfully in his fingers, was Lucius Malfoy, his lips in a malicious curl.

“You know you can never really escape from me, don’t you? “ he said seethingly.


She staggered backward as the menace in his words hit her.


Malfoy took a step toward her.

“Stay where you are Malfoy, unless you want to end up in Azkaban.”


 “Oh dear! You and I very well know that your ministry is not capable of imprisoning me. You don’t need to fret sweetie. I’ll make it easy. You’ll not even know the pain..” he said deriding at her.


She tightened the robes around her body and raised her wand pointing it towards Lucius Malfoy. But, he was too quick for her.

“Expelliarmus!” The wand flew from her hand and flew straight into his hand.



“Now, don’t make it difficult for me. Time is precious. You don’t want your parents in trouble, do you?"


She froze. “My parents?”


“Yes mudblood, you heard me right. Your parents.”



 “Don’t joke Malfoy. They are dead” she said, fighting back tears in her eyes.


“Oh really? Joking, am i? Well, lets see. How about a little proof here?“ Malfoy


sneered, reaching to his pocket he pulled out something and tossed it at her feet. She recognised the rolex at once. It was the watch she’d gifted her dad before modifying her parents’ memories and sending them off to Australia.


“No. This can’t be true!” she whispered.

“Unfortunately for you, it is true. Poor them, not even knowing who they are”


 Tears were streaming down her eyes.


“P-please. Don’t do a-anything t-to them. W-what do  y-you want Malfoy? “ she asked trying to control her sobs.


“Don’t you know what i want?” he was eyeing her body with lewdness. She tightened the robes around her body,wiping the tears off her cheeks. This was not the time to let emotions overtake her.


“Why don’t we start at basics then? I need you to do whatever i ask you to, unless..” a vicious smile crept across his ghostly features ” you want your parents to be hurt.”


Her eyes widened with terror. “NO! Please dont hurt them” the shrill yell rent the air for a few seconds

“Then do as i say.”

As he took another step toward her, she started panicking. The book in her hand needs to be hidden somewhere before the mongrel infront of her lays his eyes on it.

“When did your standards stoop so low Malfoy? I thought talking to a mudblood like me was a sin to a pure-blood like yours? Lord Voldemort would’nt’ve been too happy if he knew what you’re doing now, would he? “ she spat, pulling up a curious expression in her face, trying to buy more time.



 Malfoy sniggered. “ You don’t expect the Dark Lord to bother everything we do, do you? And anyway, its not like he’s alive. Come on,young lady! Who wouldn’t want to have a look at that beautiful body of yours? Even the skies seem to be accepting the fact!” He looked up at the sky just as the lightening struck.

She used this distraction to put the book into her beaded handbag and sealed it with a non-verbal incantation, throwing it into the bushes behind her. Hopefully nobody would spot it, atleast not Malfoy. She could come someother day and retrieve it. If she lives.

Malfoy looked down at her, “ Now, let’s not waste anymore time.”


He closed the distance between them with long strides, “Why not start with some fun?” pointed his wand at her- “Crucio!”


She screamed as the pain hit her. She screamed and screamed-



 “Hermione! Hermione! Wake up!”


 Hermione Granger was twitching in the bed, completely covered in sweat, as if somebody was torturing her.

 "HERMIONE! WAKE UP!” the person yelled again, in a desperate attempt to wake her up.

"Harry, stand aside” said Ginny Weasley, pointing her wand at Hermione.



Harry Potter moved away as Ginny muttered “ Aguamenti”. A jet of water shot out from the tip of her wand and hit the girl who was obviously writhing in pain. Hermione stopped twitching. Slowly she opened her eyes looking around. Harry, Ron and Ginny were hovering over her with anxious faces.


“Hermione! Are you alright? What happened? You were screaming..” Ron was worried. This wasnt the first time they caught her screaming in the sleep. Ever since the day she told them that her parents were dead, she had problems with her sleep. She wouldnt sleep at night. And when she finally slept, she would wake up screaming and writhing. 


“Nothing. I-I’m alright. A bad dream again” Hermione replied avoiding everyones eyes.

“‘Mione, you’re still shaking. I can tell that you’re not alright. Are you sure you dont want to share those dreams?”. If not anybody, Harry knew how it was to have nightmares. He was a regular victim of bad dreams before the downfall of Lord Voldemort.


“No Harry. Its fine. Nothing to be bothered about. I guess they’ll stop in a while” she hoped.

“Is it about..OUCH. Sorry nothing” Ron abruptly ended as Harry stomped hard on his feet to shut him down. They avoided bringing up her parents if they could help it. Who would want to watch their best friend to breakdown?

“Was i too loud?” Hermione asked, intent to change the subject. She definitely didnt want to discuss the subject of her nightmares.


“No. You’re lucky ickle-Percy didnt hear you. Otherwise, we’d all have been listening to his lecture about why you should’nt have nightmares during early hours in the morning and how glumbumbles are attracted to girls having nightmares.” Ron said yawning.



“Did someone just say glumbumbles?” asked Fred with a comic expression in his face.

Fred and George were standing at the foot of Hermione’s bed.


“Yes. I did.” Said Ron grinning. They exchanged familiar looks and dropped down laughing.

“Whats so funny about them?” Ginny asked them confused.

“Whats not funny when its got something to do with dear old Perce?” said George, his eyes twinkling.


“Care to share your private joke?” Ginny asked irritated. How she hated PJs.


“Ah! Glumbumbles are creatures that attack pretty girls having nightmares because they are attracted to the aura of the person having them. As Mr.Shacklebolt was saying, they cause horns to erupt on the head of the girls they attack” Fred pulled up a curious expression on his face, evidently trying to imitate Percy.

 “Doltish git, he cannot recognise a joke even if it danced naked infront of him. I wont say everybody should be as charming as we are, but having a little common sense doesnt hurt anybody” added up George grinning toothily.

“Anyways, what are you two doing here?” inquired Ginny rolling her eyes. There wasnt any single day they didnt hear the twins boasting about themselves.


“Oh that! We heard screaming. So we just came to check. By the way, what was that?” inquired Fred.

“Hermione had a bad dream again” replied Harry. Fred and George exchanged sarcastic looks.

“Seriously,I thought it was a banshee wailing” George said trying to look innocent.


Hermione threw a pillow at him which he blasted off the mid-way with a lazy flick of his wand, spilling the feathers all over the room.


“Arghh!! One more time, i’m going to put you under bat-bogey hex!” yelled Ginny.

“Aw! Ickle Ginnykinns! Try doing that, little sister” Said Fred guffawing. She scowled but didnt attempt to raise her wand. She knew better than hexing anybody in close proximity of her mother.

“Great. First water and now feathers. Certainly a best way to start the day. I wonder whats coming next” Hermione frowned. Getting off her bed she reached for her wand and muttered,”Scourgify”. The mess disappeared at once. But she was glad that her sleep issues were forgotten by others. While Ron and Harry were busy in the hissing match between the twins and Ginny, she slipped into the bathroom unnoticed. She stared at her reflection in her mirror as she brushed her teeth. There were dark circles under her eyes and she looked thinner than before. Well, she couldn’t help with her sleep. Some things were just inevitable in her life.


Sighing, she slid down the floor, water from the shower streaming down her head. She thought about the dream again. She was constantly troubled by those dreams and always ended up waking up screaming. She would explain it away telling everybody that they were mere nightmares. Nobody knew the reality of those nightmares. How she wished they were only nightmares and not horrible and painful memories she didn’t confide to anybody, yet.


A/N : Hey beautiful people. This is my first story. So basically i'm an ickle here. Apologies for mistakes in case of any. I kept Snape and Fred alive in my story, cant afford to lose them, can we?. Its been a while since i wrote this chapter, but couldnt continue it due to heavy schedule of my med school. I hope you'll like this edited one. Thanks for reading it and reviews are most welcome. May Draco visit the dreams of the readers and especially the awesome reviewers. See ya soon with next chapter. *Gives away chocolate cookies* :) :) -Darklove


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