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Switching Perspective by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 1 : Potions disaster
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(A/N: Stefani Potter is my character and she is James’s Sister, a marauder, and best friends with lily.The rest should be recognizable as they are J K Rowling’s work. oh, one more think this is Lily's POV.)


I walk into potions with Alice and we pick a seat near the front. I pull out my books and ingredients and sit to wait for Professor Slughorn. I feel a tap on the shoulder and turn to see James Potter.

“What Potter? Feel the need ask me to go out with you? The answer is no,” I sneer.

“Evan, when are you going to admit that you love me?” he asks

“the Day Black turns ugly and all his precious hair is gone,” I say sideway glancing at Black to see him cringe.

Potter and Black take a seat at the back and I take a peek. Black and Potter look like they are having an argument.

“Alright class, today we are doing a potion that supposedly changes your tongue colors.” says Professor Slughorn, “we will be pairing co-ed today. Black and Black, Longbottom and Prewett, Snape and Miss Potter, Mr. Potter and Evans…..Now get to work.”

I turn and watch Potter make his way over . He runs his hand through his hair and gave me his famous Grin. I roll eyes and turn to the book to the page.

“Hey Evans,” says Potter.

“Potter, go get the ingredients,” I say handing him the list I made.

“Why do I instantly have to get them?” he says

“You are Standing,” I reply.

He grabs my hand and yanks me off the stool to my feet.

“Now you are standing,” he says .

I smack my forehead.

“You Are impossible,” I say and walk to the cupboard. I pull the ingredients.

I return to see Potter sitting there doing nothing. I walk up to the table and set the ingredients down.

“why didn’t you start the fire?” I say crossly.

“I didn’t know that needed to be done,” he says in a would be innocent voice.

“Wow, you are a thick Potter. You have been in this class for five years,” I say angrily.

I poke my wand under the cauldron and flames.

“Please Cut this up and add half then stir 5 times Clockwise. Add the other half and stir 5 counterclockwise,” I say handing him the ingredient. I start crushing another ingredient.

I add the other ingredients. I gave potter the last one so I could complete the major part of the potion. I was adding unicorn horn when Potter adds the whole ingredient cut up. Suddenly the potion Explodes and lands all over Potter and myself. I feel the potion burn my skin. I Glare at Potter.

“Miss Evans and Mr. Potter, go to the Hospital wing,” says Professor Slughorn.

I grab my stuff and stalk out of the dungeons. Potter is right beside me as we head to the Hospital wing.

“I am sorry,” says Potter.

“Leave it Potter,” I say with anger in my voice.

“No I should have paid more attention to what you said,” says Potter

“That’s Just it, You never listen. This time you got someone other than you hurt,” I face him and see his eyes widen.

I knew my cheek has a big burn on it and then I turn and enter the Hospital wing.

“what are…come in and take a bed miss Evans and Mr. Potter,” says Madam Pomfrey.

I walk in and sit on the first bed. I keep my stony exterior as Madam Pomfrey applies something to heal the burn. I grip the side of the bed until my knuckles go white.. I feel Potter’s hand on my shoulder.

“there your turn Mr. Potter. Stay here until I am done with Potter,” she says as she walks over to potter.

I release the bed and lay back. I hear Potter’s intake of breath each time the paste was apply. She finishes with potter.

“what class were you guys in?” she asks

“Potions and it was a color changing potion,” I say.

“I will excuse you from the rest of the day and you will have to have lunch and dinner,” says madam Pomfrey.

“but, but, but,” I say

“I want to observe you guys,” she says and then goes to her office.

“yeah, observe us from you office while I miss valuable classes,” I say under my breath.

I hear Potter laugh.

“What?” I say

“you are seriously worried about missing a day of class,” he says amused.

“I obviously unlike you care about how I do in school, Potter,” I say angrily

“I didn’t say that,” says Potter.

“Then what are you saying, Potter,” I say

“it is a day and Remus will take note. I presume he will let us borrow them,” Potter says.

“If you would take the crud out of that big head of yours we wouldn’t be here,” I roll over so my back faces him.

At lunch, the other marauders with Stefani to check on us.

“what happened Lily?” asks Stefani

“Potter Ruined the potion and landed us in the hospital wing for the night,” I say sending daggers at Potter.

“You can’t blame me for all of it,” Potter shoot back.

“How can’t I if your thick head would have listened to a word I say we wouldn’t be stuck here,” I say

“Evans, cool your jets. Jamesie is just a little put out,” says Sirius waggling his eye brows.

“Black, I will cool my jets when I want to,” I say.

I walk back to my bed and sit on it. I lay back on the bed and close my eyes.

“What’s Got her panties in a knot?” asks Black

“You shut it, Padfoot. She is one of my best friend,” Says Stefani.

“Guys, lets take the argument some where else,” says Remus

I hear four pairs of footstep leave. I lay there thinking thank god Black is gone.

“I am sorry Evans,” says Potter

I roll over so my back is to Potter. I didn’t want to be here stuck with Potter. Potter goes quiet and hours pass . Dinner is served. I tempted to eat and I found out that am not hungry. I pull a trash can close and threw up. I feel a pair of rough hand gather my hair as I puked. I feel a tissue in my hand. I wipe my mouth and throw it in the basket. I look up at potter.

“Thanks, Potter,” I say.

I feel Potter’s hand on my waist and I knock it off. I get back on my bed and look at Potter.

“How come you aren’t throwing up?” I ask

“I felt sick before dinner,” says Potter as he lounges on his bed.

“oh,” I say with a heavy sigh.

I lay on my back and slowly Drift a sleep. I didn’t have any dreams. The next morning I wake and open my eyes. Every thing was blurry. I touch my head and realize that my hair is short. I touch the night stand and pick up Potter’ s Glasses, I look over to my right and a Red head lay there. I look down and nearly scream. I picked up Potter’s wand and put a silencio charm on the nurse’s office doorway. I get up and poke my body in the back. It grumbles and rolls over.




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