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The end of a war is inevitable, but so are its consequences.

People change.

They start going into a state of mind that is not sane.

Nobody can help them. 

Even if the war has ended, there is another war brewing inside the head of those people.

It’s madness.

It starts off unnoticeable, as if nothing will ever go wrong.

Nothing will ever go wrong, and nothing will ever change.

Then the symptoms become more apparent, and it becomes slightly noticeable that something is wrong.

Something is wrong, but it’s barely noticeable.

And if it is, it’s ignored, because nothing can go wrong.

Everything is fine.

Then the world starts to spin.

Dreams become nightmares, smiles become hysterical laughter.

Light becomes lighter, dark becomes darker.

Everything is more black and white than ever.

It cannot be ignored anymore; something is wrong.

After that, people start changing.

Mum becomes a monster, dad becomes a murderer.

Friend becomes foe.

There is no difference.

You forget who you love; you forget that you have a wife that's worried for your health. 

The general perception of the world changes and it is not so pure anymore, so good.

Everything is more black than white now.

Things become tainted.

Sleep is not an option anymore because it is not happy dreams, merely nightmares of dark betrayal, and staying awake is not an option anymore because the world is not as good as it was before; it is frightening.

Everything is dangerous.

Madness starts to see through the eyes, not happiness, or any other emotion.

Human contact is not an option anymore, because everyone is untrustworthy.

The dark is the only consolation, and so staying in the dark is the only option, closed up in a house that is unrecognisable with the lights off and the blinds shut all the time; it is always dark now.

Everything is black now.

Everything starts to go wrong.

People say they will help, but they won’t, they will only poison the mind into believing what they want it to believe.

Lies become everything.

Everything is a lie now, and nothing is what it seems.

You don't love anyone anymore.

Then, reason starts to leave the mind.

It does not matter what happens, as long as it happens.

Nothing matters.

Mumbling while sleeping, talking to invisible people, and screaming are the only realities now.

People come and go, the weather changes and time goes by, but it does not change anything anymore; darkness is everything.

No one can see through it, it’s suffocating.

The world is full of smiling faces, laughter and evil things.

Everything is evil now.

There is nothing left anymore, only a shaking body curled up inro a ball rocking back and forth, mumbling to itself for no reason.

No beliefs, no worries, no dreams, no memories, only a shell of what once was.

And then there is the last stage of madness.

The stage that is inevitable.


And then there is only a bleeding wrist attached to a dead body, lying on the cold floor beside a knife.

It’s over.

It’s a madness that can’t be stopped.

It’s inevitable.

It is inevitable like a war is inevitable.

Everything is inevitable.

Hello again, dear readers! :D

This is a pretty dark and really SHORT one-shot, but i hope you liked it! :)

Leave a review and it will make my day. ;)

Or check out my other numerous stories!! 

- Sofia. 

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