We did it anyway, of course. I’m sure you all guessed that by now. It’s hardly a romance without any romance, is it? And we’re both a little too headstrong to wait, silently stubborn.

So yes, I suppose I could give you a soppy description of our first kiss, and our first date, but I’m really not that sort of person. Besides, you’ll probably imagine something more romantic for yourselves.

It was nice, though. Being with him, being in love. It wasn’t perfect, nothing ever really is, and with a semi-warring family we never expected too much. But he was no longer miserable, and I was no longer stuck. The world seemed brighter.

It’s been about a year now, and I just thought I’d write it all down. So I can mock myself later, of course. Don’t you always find reading the things you wrote when you were younger the strangest experience? Half the time you simply can’t figure out how you were once that person.

He’s cooking me dinner tonight. I’m a little concerned really. We’ve just moved in together and I don’t fancy having the place burnt down. Perhaps he’ll surprise me though. Or get Andromeda to help. Cheater.

It was a few days after our semi-silent movie discussion that we jumped. No longer were we on the edge of the cliff, swaying to and fro with the pulls of others. No, we had made our own decision, leapt off one side never to return. It turns out the hopeless romantic in the both of us was right. We did fly. A little crooked, and scraping the ground sometimes, but flying nonetheless.

We never actually announced it to the family, either. We walked into the Christmas gathering at the Burrow a few weeks later holding hands, sat down together and let everyone else make their own assumptions. It was somewhat amusing actually, watching the flurry of gossip around the table.

We did tell one person first. Well, Teddy did anyway. We’re not that cold hearted. She didn’t mind actually. Surprising, really. I was terrified. Teddy told me that she saw it too, now. Now that they weren’t together. She saw how much happier he seemed, and realised that they were never right. Gave us her blessings, in a sense. She’s a bigger person than I am, that’s for sure. Although I find her a bit of an airhead, I do find her an admirable sort of airhead now.

So all in all, everything turned out alright. I don’t suppose it’s a fairytale, but I never expected that. Besides, we both like storms, the sound of the thunder and the ferocity of the lightning. We still go back to that cliff occasionally, with a picnic and an umbrella or two. They’re happy sort of storms, though, and in any case, you never know what’s going to happen.

Maybe we’ll grow old together and live in a gingerbread house, with the Fairy Godmother as a nanny and pet unicorns roaming the fields.

Anything’s possible, right?

Especially with that promise of a universe twinkling in his eyes.

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