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Chapter Image by: kirstenalanna







“This doesn’t change anything,” he said. I closed my eyes tightly to protect myself from falling into the lull of security always present when I heard his voice- because now I knew it was a lie. I was never safe with him. He lied. Everything was a lie. I was merely one of his many pawn pieces in his game to dominate and destroy everything. Except this time, I wasn’t going to let him push me around.


 Now I had the chance to fight to protect everything he purposely sought out to destroy. With my newfound knowledge, I refused to stand by and watch, as innocent lives were lost. I saw him for what he really was now, and I’d do nothing to change that.


            “Yes, it does,” I whispered back weakly, opening my eyes slowly.


            “No, it doesn’t,” he said harshly, his voice losing all pretences and showing its true colours. Blind hatred for something and someone that was entirely misplaced. The brute strength of the dark emotion made me step back subconsciously.


            With shaking hands, I started to throw my clothes into a bag faster. I zipped up my duffel bag and looked up through my blonde hair. His stance- powerful and ominous- in front of door ignited a righteous anger in me. His facial expression enraged me even further; he acted as if he were the one hard done by. Like he was the victim.




            I slung my bag over my shoulder and clutched my wand tightly. 


            Our eyes locked; memories started to buzz around me. Tears stung my eyes as I saw the first time he held me through his eyes. The face of my mother. My first steps. My first words. The first time I did magic. He was playing to my ‘emotional weakness,’ It was an attack that usually worked- but not this time. Not ever again. 


            I fought back with reality. The locked doors and chains. The cloaked figures gathering in a cemetery. The betrayal, fear and pain as he sent a cruciatus curse at me. A child being forced to witness murder. Hours spent in the library being lectured on blood purity. Everything he had made sure to alter to perceive as normal surface and fought back with a boiling fury.


            “Fuck you,” I said in a strangled whisper, my voice coloured with tears. His eyes narrowed, his lip curling distastefully. It was impossible to look at him now as a human being. He had twisted and torn his soul so many times that I wasn’t sure he had a piece of himself big enough to amount to anything.




            “You leave and you’ll lose your place here. You’ll be one of them.”


            I took several steps towards him and the door, my fear washing away. I was doing what I should’ve done years ago. Excuses of my young age, and frivolous ignorance and obliviousness were nothing now. Now that I knew the monster, he had become. He couldn’t be saved.




            “I don’t want to come back. I refuse to be you. I’m done. I’m not going to let you manipulate me or hurt me anymore and I’ll do my damndest to stop you,” I growled as the faces of all the innocent lives lost flashed behind my eyelids. Women, children and men alike; families who were blameless


            “Impossible,” he said, this time giving me chills. My wand warmed in my hand as if to warn me against pure evil.  


            “Nothing is impossible if you believe it enough,” I said, my hand clutching the doorknob. His hand grasped my wrist tightly, squeezing it with more than human strength.  I gasped in pain, tears prickling my eyes. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply- enjoying my agony. Without warning, he shoved me to the ground in front of his feet and pointed his wand at me.


            I looked up at him, refusing to show fear. 




            “Remember where your family loyalties lay Grace,” he said smoothly. 


            “I’m quite aware of where my loyalties now lay, father- or should I say Lord Voldemort?” 


            “CRUC-“ he started. 


            “EXPELLIARMUS!” I screamed. His wand flew towards me. I scrambled to my feet, ignoring the wand. I pointed my wand at his throat as I swivelled closer to the door. 


            He laughed menacingly.




            “What are you going to do, kill me Grace?” he asked, taunting me. I opened the door with my free hand.


            “I’m nothing like you,” I said before stepping away from him and out of the building that I once called home.



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