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Nowhere Is Safe by SpellMaker
Chapter 5 : Nowhere Left to Run.
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Cause I need you, yes I need you

To save me, to save me,

I got nowhere to run, I got no where left to hide,

If you leave me, if you leave me I will die.

Nowhere Left To Run - McFly 


Things were awkward over the next few days whenever Harry or Sirius were in the same room. There we’re many order meetings over that time as new members were brought in. Small attacks had been happening in parts of Wales each night, Harry had been getting flashes of what was happening which Dumbledore had made him speak of in detail.


It was two days before Harrys birthday that things changed within the house. Harry had skipped tea not wanting to make the others sit in the awkwardness between him and Sirius and was shortly joined by Hermione and some turkey sandwiches and pumpkin juice.


“O.W.L results should be coming soon! How do you think you’ve done?” she asked as she sat opposite him on the bed.


With a shrug of the shoulders and a movement of his head Harry deliberated the answer “Well I failed History of Magic I know that much, and probably Divination, I doubt I’ll get in for Potions because I just know I haven’t got an O and I think I struggled on Transfiguration”


“I’m sure you’ve done fine Harry, and if McGonagall has anything to do with it you will be in Potions this year, you told me she’d do whatever she could and I believe she will”


“I hope so, anyway do you know if Dumbledore has found anyone for Defense?”


“I don’t think so I haven’t heard anyone saying anything, but you know what he’s like he’ll keep it going until the welcoming feast”


Harry laughed as he placed his empty goblet back on his plate. “I’ll take these down, do you want any dessert?”


She shook her head “No I’m fine thanks”


Walking in to the kitchen only Remus and Ron remained Remus was reading that days Prophet and drinking a small tumbler of Firewhiskey, and Ron still eating sandwiches that were left.


“Ron I am so surprised you’re not the size of a hippogriff”


“It’s traipsing ‘round that castle each and everyday, knackers me”


Harry laughed and asked Dobby to fetch him a bowl of ice cream. With a nod and a bow Dobby disappeared only to reappear seconds later with Harrys request.


“Thanks Dobby, Ron me and Hermione are in my room, join us when you’ve finished here”


Ron nodded going back to his food as Remus shook his head.


Harry started to exit the kitchen but then looked back “Remus, you don’t happen to know who the new Defense teacher is do you?”


“No idea sorry” He said looking up at Harry who nodded and exited the room.


Entering the room he now used on the ground floor Harry spotted Hermione sitting at the foot of his bed reading a book she’d taken from the library.


“Are you ever not reading?” Harry joked as he plunked down on the bed beside her.


“No and you know it” She laughed as she closed the book and placed it down beside her.


“So I asked Remus if he knew who the new defense teacher was, he claimed not to know” Harry said popping some ice cream in to his mouth.


“And you don’t believe him” Hermione stated shaking her head.


“Nope, not one bit”


Hermione laughed as Harry ate more ice cream “You are unbelievable you know that?”


“I do try” Harry said with a shrug.


Again Hermione laughed and Harry grinned offering her a spoonful of ice cream which she took with a smile smearing some on the side of her lip.


Laughing Harry reached over and wiped away the ice cream his palm lingering on her face as he wiped her lip with his thumb.


His eyes locked on hers as her breathing hitched a little. Continuing to stare in to her eyes he began to lean forward.


“What are you doing” she whispered with laboured breaths.


“Kissing you” he breathed before his lips touched hers.


Hermione’s eyes fluttered closed as Harry slipped his hand to the back of her neck.


“Oh sorry” Said a voice from the doorway “I’ll just…yeah I’ll go”


The two broke apart to see Ron exit the room. Sitting back Harry ran a hand through his hair “Shit” he whispered, he then turned to Hermione “I’m sorry, I… I can’t say I didn’t enjoy that or not that I didn’t want you, I just don’t want you to think… I don’t know what I want you to think…I –“


“Are not making any sense” Hermione said “I enjoyed that Harry, I’m glad you did that but Ron-“

“Likes you yeah I know”


“He what?!” she asked shocked.


“Ron likes you how could you not know this?” Harry asked in disbelief turning to face her.


“I don’t know I just never took any notice Harry” she snapped obviously not liking the fact she didn’t notice something.


Harry chuckled and stood up “I’m going to go and talk to Ron and make sure he’s okay. Do you want to talk later or…?”


“Yes Harry I think we do need to talk” Hermione laughed and watched as Harry grinned and left the room.




Harry made his way swiftly up the stairs to Ron’s room. Hearing a few murmurs before he entered the room he was expecting either Fred or George to be with him but was quite shocked when he saw Ron was alone.


“Who were you talking to mate?” he asked curiously as he sat down at the foot of his friends bed.


“Oh myself is all” Ron said with a nervous smile.


Harry smiled and turned more to face Ron. “Ron look-“


“No its fine Harry! Honestly I’m over my crush on Hermione, it wasn’t ever anything serious anyway!” He smiled encouragingly at Harry.


“If you’re sure? I mean I don’t want it being awkward around us…”


“It’s fine honestly Harry, thanks for thinking of me so much in this”


“Anytime mate, anyway I need to go and find Hermione, I’ll see you later for a game of chess?”


“Sure, and I’ll be sure to kick your arse”


Harry laughed as he walked through the door “No doubt you will!”


An hour later after a check up with Madame Pomfrey Harry found Hermione curled up in the library.


“Cant leave you alone for two minutes” Harry laughed as Hermione jumped up in shock dropping her book in the process.


“Bloody Merlin Harry you frightened the life out of me!”


“I gathered as much”


“Oh shut up” she laughed hitting him on the arm.


“Anyway I came to talk to you”


“Oh, and?”


“Well I spoke to Ron and it turns out he’s over the crush he has on you!” Harry said happily.


“Okaaaaaay?” she questioned raising an eyebrow.


At once Harry started stuttering and running his hand nervously through his hair. Trying not to laugh Hermione kept a straight face as she looked in to Harrys face with a curious expression.


“Are you okay Harry? You’ve gone awfully red and sweaty” she asked sweetly.


“I…I’m fine, so… so I was thinking, you know, I like you… you like me… Wait, do you like me?!” he asked quickly eyes widening in fear.


No longer able to take it Hermione burst out laughing “Oh Harry” she continued laughing while Harry finally realized what she had been doing.


“Oh think it’s funny do you?” He asked crossing his arms and standing straight no longer nervous.


Unable to answer she just nodded and continued to laugh.


“It really wasn’t that funny you know” Harry stated glaring at her after she continued to laugh for a further five minutes.


“Oh it was Harry, believe me it was” she said finally calming down and taking big gulps of air. “So what were you thinking?”


“Well I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend, but im not so sure anymore if all you’re going to do is poke fun and ridicule me”


“Well I’m not sure if I could put up with someone who constantly has a large stick up his arse and doesn’t know the meaning of a joke, and yes I said arse” she added when he opened his mouth.


He smirked and looked straight in to her eyes “So what are we going to do then hmm?”

“Well” Hermione said walking forward “We could always forget what we just said, I could say yes and then you could kiss me senseless?”


“Sounds like a damn good plan to me” he said walking forward and taking the petite brunette in to his arms.






“My lord, our informant has told us it’s time”


“Thank you Bella” Voldemort said softly as Bellatrix returned to her place. “Rise my faithful Death Eaters, you each know where you are to go”


“Yes Master” rang throughout the room just before ‘Pops’ sounded as the set off.


“Bella, Lucius, come we have a special job”


Smiling widely the two joined the Dark Lord on each side and all disappeared with one quiet ‘pop’


They appeared outside a relatively large detached cottage that had ivy growing up the front and side face of the house.


“One moment” Voldemort said quietly as he closed his eyes “I need to reopen the link between Potter and myself”


Bella and Lucius nodded and waited quietly until their master chuckled.


“Lets go”


All three moved forward quietly, through the already open gate.


“Where are we my Lord?” Bella asked as she pulled out her wand.


“You shall see Bella, a nice little surprise for Potter” Voldemort smirked.


Not even bothering to be quiet Lucius blasted open the door with a whispered ‘Reducto’ and the three walked inside.


“Carol, take her, make a Portkey and go” they heard a man shout followed by footsteps thundering down stairs. A few minutes later a man came around the corner brandishing his wand.


Sighing dutifully Voldemort raised his wand and two words and a green flash later the victim lay dead at his feet.


“Pitiful, didn’t even put up a fight” Voldemort smirked as wave of anger that wasn’t his own flooded over him. “Didn’t like that did you Potter? Well, know that he was killed because of you and your little team of resistance”


A woman screamed from above along with the sound of a crying girl.


“Lucius, Bella, the woman, I will take the girl”


“Yes master” was said in unison.


The three travelled in silence up the stairs. The womans screams got louder as well as another sobbing.


“Ahh, hello” Voldemort said smirking widely.


“What do you want?” the girl asked her face hidden by a mane of dark hair.


“You. you will pay for joining Potters little play group last year. Lucius, Bella, deal with it!”


Voldemort watched as Bella pulled the woman down by her hair and Lucius raised his wand “Crucio!”


Voldemort laughed as the woman screamed over and over again, writhing around on the floor with tears of pain falling from her eyes.


Not ten minutes later a bruised and battered body lay still as the woman stared at Voldemort through hate filled eyes.


“Harry Potter will succeed”




The girl screamed as the jet of green light hit her mother square in the chest.


“And now you my dear”


“Stay away from me” the girl ordered walking backwards and stumbling.


“I’m afraid I can’t do that, you see I’m making Potter pay”


“Well you’ll have to find another way because it won’t work if you do anything to me, he hates me”


“I think you’ll find he does like you Miss Chang, the anger pulsing through him right now is giving me a slight headache”


Before Cho could say anymore Voldemort had silenced her and pushed her back on to the bed. I will take you apart piece by piece, each time you pass out I will revive you. Maybe then Potter will learn when to keep himself to himself.”


Fifteen minutes later 96 miles away Harry Potter finally awoke to a bedroom full of people. Before one could speak he leaned over the side of his bed and vomited on the floor.


“Harry? Harry what is it?” Sirius asked desperately gripping his Godson by the shoulders.


“I…I can’t” was all Harry managed before he vomited on the floor again.


Once he was confident he wasn’t going to vomit again he turned to his Godfather. “Make sure you send people out to all the members of the DA. Voldemorts targeted them”





There ya go! That’s all you’re getting for now! Hope you enjoy it! Give feedback pleeeease?


Next time: What will the wizarding world make of this? Will Harry be okay? Will Harry and Sirius reconcile?

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