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Chapter III ~Questioning Professor McGonagall~
arry was flying around town to investigate Hermione's disappearance. He finally found the first suspect; Professor McGonagall. "Hello, Professor McGonagall." he said. "Where were you last night?" Harry asked. "It's none of your business, Harry." replied Professor McGonagall. Harry thought to himself: Hmmm, she's refusing to tell me, that means she could have been the one that kidnaped Hermione. "Do you have anything against Hermione?" Harry asked. "Well, why do you ask?" asked Professor McGonagall. "Well, she's my friend, and something happened to her." "What happened?" she asked. "Um....." Harry thought for a moment, and then decided to tell her, even though she could have been the one that kidnaped her. "She was kidnapped last night, and I was wondering if you....." Harry realized that what he was about to say, would hint it off to Professor McGonagall, that he thought she was the kidnapper. ...."were at the movies last night and saw, who took her (Hermione)?" "Why, no." she replied with a sort of stutter to it. "May I can help you look for her?" offered Professor McGonagall. "Um......sure." said Harry. Harry was thinking; should I use my powers around her? What would she do if I started flying, with no broom? What would she do if I picked up this humongous rock next to me? What would she do if I turned into her (Professor McGonagall), or Hermione, or a cat, like Professor McGonagall can transform into? What am I going to do? "Professor McGonagall?" asked Harry. "Yes, Harry?" replied Professor McGonagall. "I want to go question Draco and see if he kidnapped Hermione!" "You mean you thought that I kidnapped her?" "NO!" Harry lied. "I just thought I saw you at the movies!" "Mmmmhhhhmmmm!!" said Professor McGonagall with a suspicious look on her face. So then Harry and Professor McGonagall went to question Draco.

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