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Are you ready for this? :P
"Right in here, Draco." Emmanuel Zabini led Draco to a bed, and helped him lay.

At the sight of Hermione fainting, and blood from his arm being drawn, he too had fallen unconcious.

"Where's Granger?" He asked, feeling still a little woozy.

"She's all right. The boy that was with her is helping her get into bed."

Draco scowled.

"Easy does it, Malfoy, Mary is with them." The doctor smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. "How're you feeling?"

"My head hurts." He frowned.

Dr. Zabini laughed, "That'd be from hitting your head on the corner of that night stand. You should be able to sleep it off." The Dr. cocked his head.

"The hell are you looking at?"

He smiled, "I never thought I'd see the son of Lucius Malfoy do anything humane for someone if it didn't benefit him."

"What are you talking about?"

"Giving blood. If your father knew, he simply would not have it."

"Good thing the old devil and his wife are in Azakaban, eh?" He turned his back on the doctor.

"Your parents love you, Draco. In their own special way, but they love you. And I assure you: If it was you lying in that hospital bed needing blood, your father would have been first in line. It's a father's duty to save his endangered child."

Draco sat up quickly, "And WHAT exactly are you aiming at?"

Dr. Zabini smiled, summoning two glass vials with his wand.

"I took some of your hair when you passed out," He laughed at Draco's horrified expression. "Relax-- I picked it off your jacket."

He held up one glass vial. It contained a periwinkle blue liquid. There was a very intricate veining throughout the liquid. It started out black, fading into blue, fading into green, and ending in a bright yellow. It was a very percise series of swirls, bends, and zigzags.

"What the hell is that?" Draco asked.

"It's you. It's your DNA."

Draco frowned, "English."

"Its your genetic make up. This is what you have inside you. These silly little swirls contain the information to your eye, hair, and skin colour, and texture-- Everything. This is you, broken down into your most biological self."

"Why are you showing me this?"

Zabini smiled and held up the second vial, "This is J.D.'s DNA."

Draco held his breath as he examined the vial. It too contained a periwinkle blue liquid. The swirls and bends were almost identical. Almost.

"It's different," the doctor said, clearing up Draco's doubts, "Because of Hermione. J.D. is not you, but there's parts of you in him."

Draco swallowed hard, "Why would you do this?"

"Blaise asked me too. He said you might like to know."

"Blaise knows?"

Dr. Zabini nodded, "Blaise, and the Headmaster."

Draco said nothing.

The doctor patted his hand, "I'll leave you to your thoughts."

Draco stared in front of him for a very long time. He had never felt so utterly stupid. So, strangely enough, happy.

"My son," He whispered.

Jared was lying beside Hermione. His head resting on her stomach. She had her hands in his hair, a smile gracing her face. The doctor had assured her that things were going to go uphill from here. She felt light as air.

Jared and Mary had helped Hermione into her room, and onto the bed. After much insisting from Hermione that Mary should get some rest, the nurse left, leaving the two together. Hermione was laying, knees pulled up, one hand on her stomach, the other behind her head, smiling.

"Everything's going to different now." [Ha! I didn't write isn't it :P] She smiled for the first time in weeks.

Jared smiled, "Everything." He had leaned down and kissed her cheek. She felt a chill go down her spine, moved her head, and kissed his lips.

He quickly responded, kissing her back. He crawled onto the bed, hovering over her. She sat up, never breaking the kiss. He cupped her jaw, gently carressing her cheek.

They both came up for air. Jared laid his head on her stomach.

"I'm so happy for you."

Hermione laughed, "Me too. You have no idea." She quickly sat up, "What time is it?"

"I don't know."

"Jared! Curfew!"

He sat up too, "Damn. I'll come by tomorrow. Promise." He pulled his hood over his head.

"Okay", she stood and walked him out.

She watched him run, and giggled when he came back for another kiss. She watched him until she couldn't see him anymore before shutting the door. She turned and was startled by a pair of intense grey orbs staring into hers.

"You frightened me," she said, and attempted to push past him. He didn't budge. "Whats the matter with you? Have you gone mad?"

He said nothing. Trying to find the words to tell her... He thought quickly, finding nothing.

"I didn't know..." He started.

Hermione's eyebrows crinkled, "Didn't know what?"

He felt stupid. "I..."

Hermione's expression softened. She put her hands against his chest, "It's been.. a long night, Malfoy," she sighed, "I'm tired, and so are you. I think it's best we go to bed. You've noticed, that second room.. it's yours. I'm not going to bother you, and JD rarely wakes in the nights-- you'll sleep soundly. Good night." She smiled sadly and walked past him.

Draco stood, still speechless. He waited until he heard the door shut, and then sat on the couch. He raked his fingers through his locks and thought.

He was a father. A real bonafide father. He had missed so much.. How? He missed the birth of his son.. the naming. Everything. He had a son. The little boy that was about to die, now laying and recovering in that room right across from him was his. All his.

Minutes ticked by without his notice. He wondered the hour. It was late. He couldn't help himself, and entered the baby's room. There were a few candles scattered around the room emitting a comfortable, golden glow. The baby boy was laying on his his back, clothed in only a diaper, his hands spread out to his sides. Draco smiled, feeling his heart warm. This little boy was his. He simply could not wrap his brain around it. He walked to the crib and touched the baby's foot. His skin felt soft and smooth. He looked for the lever, and lowered the bars. He put his hand lightly on the baby's stomach, and felt it rise and fall with every breath J.D. took. He smiled, pulling the bars back up on the crib, pressing down on them to be sure they were secure. He tiptoed out of the room, closing the door lightly. He walked to Hermione's door, opening it.

"What are you doing?" She asked, sitting up. She pulled out her wand, flicking the lights on. She was wearing a light pink tank top, her hair down around her shoulders, face makeup-less. Even this most bare state of hers, Draco found her radiant.

He walked slowly to her bed, sitting down on the edge.

Hermione wore a puzzled expression, "What on Earth is wrong with you, Malfoy?"

He looked at her, tears forming in his eyes. "I'm so sorry."

"For what?"


Hermione lowered her eyes, "How did you find out?"

"Zabini... He ran a DNA test."

She looked up at him, tipping her chin in defiance,"You needed a DNA test to let you in on that one? You couldn't just believe me?"

"I was stupid..." His voice caught in his throat.

Hermione frowned, "It's too late."

Draco looked up, "Too late? Too late for what? J.D.'s alive. He's right there... Hermione..I..."

"I'm not going to change my plans. That plan I told you and everyone else in the Great Hall about... About leaving. I'm still leaving."

Draco laughed a little, "You don't need to leave. You don't have to run away. I'm going to clear it all up. They'll believe me-- Everyone is going to believe me. Everyone's going to believe that J.D. is my son."

Hermione looked up, scowling, "Oh, now he's your son! Where were you when I needed you?! Where were you when so many boys cornered me in the halls, trying to make me kiss them, going about and spreading rumours about me being easy?!"

"I was confused! I was angry! I thought you had gone and--"

"And how many times did I tell you that I hadn't?! You know you were my first, but refused to believe me when I told you you were my only!"

"You left! You just upped and left!"

"I left my house!" She was yelling, tears starting to escape the corners of her eyes, "I left my house to take a job and room at the Leaky Couldron! I never earned enough money for an owl to owl you! I had no support, no money, and no home! My mother was dead determined on raising my son--"

"OUR son," He cut her off.

"MY son," she continued, "as her own. I refused to let her, so I packed what little I had and left, all so that I could find some way to contact you! I barely made enough to buy diapers, how the hell was I going to get an owl?!" She was hysterical now.

Draco's expression softened, "Thats in the past, Hermione. Things are going to be different. He's going to have everything he needs-- you and him. I'm here now."

Hermione backed up as he took a step towards her, "I don't need you. I was at the lowest I had ever been. Had it not been for my son, I wouldn't have made it. I had to pick myself up, for him. And I did. I picked myself up, dragged myself through the day even though all I wanted to do was grab him and leave, and faced everyone. All on my own. I needed you then, I don't need you now."

"You can't just take him from me," Draco said, arms hanging limply by his sides.

"I'm not," she was quieter this time, "He's always going to know who his father is. But he doesn't need you, he has me. I'm all he's needed, and all he's going to need. You can just continue to pretend like he doesn't exist."

Draco got on his knees, "I don't know how else to tell you how sorry I am. I'm very sorry. I know I wasn't there. I know I messed up..."

He got up and took her hand. He lead her out of the room and into J.D.'s. He stopped in front of the crib, and took her hand again, getting on his knees once more.

"This baby boy is ours. We made him." He leaned his head against her stomach, feeling his insides flood with joy when her hands went into his hair.

"He is ours," She said, allowing love to overtake her entire body. "He's our baby boy."

"Then let's give ourselves another chance."

"It's too late."

"It's not. Please. I swear I'll--"

"Jared asked me to marry him, and I said yes."

Whaaaat?! haha. Review!~Jaymee.

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