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Fear not the flame of my loves candle.
Evanescence “Give Unto me”

“I can’t believe it…I wanted to stop her before it happened…” He whispered quietly, hoping Harry hadn’t heard. But he did.

“Sorry?” He asked he wasn’t sure if he had heard Remus correctly. “You knew?” Harry asked astounded, Remus only nodded.

“Yes, oh yes I knew she went back in time.” He whispered sadly. “Why don’t we talk about this in here.” He said motioning to the compartment he had just walked out of. Harry only nodded for he was in a daze. Everything was going on so quickly.

‘He knew, how did he know? This is too much. Where is she? What time is she in?’ He thought as Remus slid open the compartment door. Harry sat down he sighed as Remus sat down. “Remus how do you know?” Harry asked concern quivered in his voice.

“First off you can’t tell anyone I told you, you can’t even tell Ron.” He whispered as he leaned forward. Harry leaned forward too. He had never seen Remus like this. Even over the summer Remus had acted a little strange.

But that was understandable, the war had just ended, there were many casualties in the past year. Sirius dieing was one of them. Remus and Harry had never been the same after Sirius fell behind the Veil. Remus had not come out of his room all summer after Fifth year, except for the occasional training and Order of the Phoenix meetings. Harry much like Remus had stayed hidden away from everyone, mourning the death of his beloved godfather.

Remus now was his legal guardian and Harry couldn’t be happier, no Voldemort, he was away from the Dursley’s forever. But it had its downs, his heart ached for Ginny and Sirius, and even more to see his parents. Over the summer on their travels Remus had told him stories of his parents, which made him want to see them even more.

Remus had been quiet while Harry thought about a few things. He looked Remus over; he no longer had his ragged, patched old robes, but new fitted maroon ones. His hair no longer was gray as used to be. He did look tired, but their travels did him some good. Made him look no so pale and he didn’t look as ghostly. Though he did look like he was trying to get away from something or someone. Harry passed it off him just wanting to get away from being a werewolf, as he watched as Remus scratched the back of his neck, thinking of something to say.

“Ok Harry. You want to know how I know Hermione went back in time?” He said and Harry nodded. “Well you see Hermione went back in time to when I was a teenager, she has gone back to when her time turner was created, which is the same year your father, Sirius, Peter and I entered our seventh year at Hogwarts. We all became friends and her and I a little more then friends, I fell in love with her…” He started but then realized he had said too much.

Harry just looked him up and down, astonished at what he had just heard. “You…you…what… in Merlin…is…that why you wanted to-”Harry stuttered and before he could finish Remus finished his sentence, saying exactly what he was going to say.

“Why I wanted to stop her from going back in time? Yes I wanted to prevent her from falling into the past and falling in love with me, and vise versa.” He whispered and sat back running his hand through his hair. They sat there in an awkward silence, Remus stared out the window and Harry stared at his hands, which he was fiddling with because he was nervous. Harry finally stood and Remus looked at him.

“I er I have to go find Ron…” Harry mumbled and Remus nodded silently. Before he left Harry asked a question he never thought he would ask. “Remus…do…do you s-still love her?” He asked voice quivering. Remus turned toward him; he looked hesitant as what to say. He gulped before nodding.

“I do, that is why I had tried to stop her Harry, and my heart aches for the girl I loved when I was a teenager. The girl spent almost everyday of seventh year with. But I can’t change the past Harry, you of all people should know that, so that’s why I told you hoping you would understand.” Remus said quietly and Harry knew Remus would never lie to him, he knew by the look in his eyes that Remus was telling the truth.

“I do understand Remus, and I thank you for telling me.” Harry said and Remus closed his eyes and nodded. Harry stood by the door watching Remus for a few more seconds as he rubbed his temples as if he had a headache. Harry slid open the door but stopped when Remus spoke again.

“Oh Harry…this doesn’t change anything, does it?” Remus asked hope in his voice. Harry shook his head and Remus sighed. “Thank you.” He whispered. Harry nodded and left the compartment, sliding the door closed quietly leaving Remus to his thoughts. He took out the chain in his shirt with a ring on it. It was a diamond with two small sapphires on each side. He sighed and held it in his hand. I remember the day she gave this back to me…it broke my heart…that’s the day she left my life forever, to return here. He thought sadly and sat back grasping the small engagement ring in his hand as he looked out the window a pained expression written all over his face.


Hermione tried to hold back a giggle as the game exploded in Sirius’ face. Sirius had a disgusted look on his face. Peter fell into a fit of laughter as Sirius’ wiped his face off. “You’re the only girl to ever beat him.” Peter squealed as he held his stomach laughing.

“Oh sod off Wormtail.” Sirius spat. Behind them Remus chuckled. Sirius turned and glared at Sirius. “It’s your fault, you wouldn’t play with me.” He said bitterly crossing his arms. Hermione burst out giggling. “What?” He asked somewhat annoyed.

Hermione stopped laughing when she saw the look the on his face, she couldn’t place it, but knew she may have crossed a line. “Sorry. It’s just you look so cute when your flustered.” She said stifling a giggle.

She heard Remus behind her groan. “Please don’t encourage him, he already has all the girls in the school after him as it is.” Remus muttered and Sirius smirked.

“Not my fault I’m so charming, good looking, sexy, smart-”He began smartly but Remus snorted putting his book down.

“Big headed, egotistical, smart ass, sarcastic I can go on forever.” Remus said smirking at Sirius whose mouth now hung open like a fish out of water. Sirius then scowled, placed a hand on his chest.

“That hurt Moony,” He said in mock sadness, Remus just shook his head and returned to his book. Hermione got off the floor and sat down next to Remus. She very gently lifted the book up to see the cover, Remus just watched her. She smiled slightly at the cover.

‘Werewolves and How to identify them.’ Her hand brushed against his as she gently lowered the book, Remus still watching her; she blushed as their hands touched. As did Remus, he then smiled weakly and returned to his reading. She could tell by the way his eyes were just staring at the page he wasn’t reading. She sat back and saw Sirius watching them; he winked at her and smiled shaking her head. Peter was just gazing out the window.

“I’ve read that before, hundreds of times.” She whispered in his ear, her voice making the hairs on his neck stand up. He looked to her he paled slightly.

“Really?” He asked glancing at Sirius out of the corner of his eye how sat up straight watching them. She nodded and smiled, getting lost in his eyes. She had always liked the way his eyes looked, she just got lost in the gray and blue swirling together, and she noticed some small specks of gold as well. She then realized he was staring at her in the eyes as well she blushed turning away and looking out of the window.

“Not another person in love with books.” Sirius groaned. Hermione smiled slightly thinking about the past hour and a half. Not even listening to Sirius’ bickering she got lost in her thoughts.

’What has gotten into me. Why am I so…why do I keep blushing as he looks at me! I mean for Merlin’s sakes he’s at least 18 years older then me. He knew my parents! Why do I feel like this I can’t like him, he’s my professor. A very cute, sexy, tall sandy haired blue-gray eyed, muscular…Stop! Just stop thinking about it and it will pass. It’s just a school girls crush.’ She debated in her head. She had to admit that Remus was pretty cute as a Professor, he was the hottest professor last year, and well seeing him young and happy that was always good too. He was very cute.

She sighed as she stopped all her thoughts on Remus and heard Sirius still bickering about people who like reading books. “Oh Sirius! It will not kill you to read a book.” She said with an exasperated sigh. She continued before he could interrupt. “ I happen to like reading and am the brightest witch of my age also the top student of my class and I have already gotten four scholarships to Salem Academy in America and offered jobs at the Ministry. Now if you excuse me I have to change into my robes before we get to the castle.” She said hotly and got up grabbed her robes which were laying where Remus had laid her down and slide open the compartment door, walking out and slamming it behind her.

As it slammed Sirius and Remus flinched and Peter stirred. He had fallen asleep his head leaning against the window, drool falling down his chin. Remus looked away disgusted, “Well Padfoot seems you, Prongs and Lily have a little competition, that is impressive, I wonder if we know her in the future?” He said and patted Sirius’ shoulder, who grumbled something in response.

Hermione walked down the train, towards the Train bathroom. She knocked no one answered so she gently opened the door and entered. She walked in and closed the door behind her. She pulled her robes on over her head, then fastened her gold and maroon tie around her neck and then saw her Head Girl Badge. She sighed, realizing she couldn’t wear it Lily was head Girl. She took it off and held the polished badge in her hand. She squeezed it and placed it in her pocket.

She looked in the mirror and smiled. She brushed a curl behind her ear and then she noticed the golden chain around her neck. She frowned and pulled it of her shirt. She gently held the broken time turner in her hand. Finally letting all that had happened sink in she felt her eyes water.

“What have I done? I could end up being stuck here. I’m never going to see Harry and Ron again.” She whispered sadly. She heard someone knock on the door. She quickly pulled the time turner away from her neck and stuffed it in her pocket of her robes.

“Is someone in there?” A girls voice said from the other side.

“One moment.” Hermione called, wiping away the tears that had started to fall down her cheeks. She checked herself in the mirror once more and opened the door. She saw a girl with white blonde hair leaning against the opposite wall inspecting her nails. She looked up and looked Hermione up and down.

“Your no first year, I’ve never seen you before? Are you new? I’m Narcissa Black.” She said curtly and sneered, she then noticed Hermione’s gold and red tie. “What did you say your name was?” She asked snidely.

“Hermione Grant.” Hermione said, Narcissa nodded and then her eyes widened.

“You’re not related to that girl who is engaged to Joey? Are you?” She asked eagerness clear in her voice. Hermione shook her head; afraid of Narcissa was going to say.

“Oh good, He was very sexy.” Narcissa said as she pushed past Hermione into the bathroom. Hermione stood there her eyes wide. She hoped her father had never done anything with Narcissa. She shuddered at the thought. She walked back to the compartment she had shared with the Marauders.

She slid open the compartment door, and hesitantly stepped in afraid Sirius would yell at her. “Sirius?” She questioned quietly he was sitting in the same seat he was when she stormed out. He didn’t move, his head was resting on his hand. She gently touched his shoulder and shook him.

“What?” He grumbled. She squatted down so she could be eye level with him.

“I’m sorry for before, I was just realizing that I am stuck here until I can contact Albus Dumbledore. But I am sorry for earlier.” She said and got up and went and sat down next to Remus again leaving Sirius to his thoughts.

“It’s ok, you’re in a different time, I’m sorry for bickering so much. I just hate it when Moony reads for hours.” He said looking down at the ground the whole time.

“Well get used to it I read all the time.” She said and smiled at Remus who had a gleam in his eyes. Hermione felt her cheeks get hot, as she blushed. She looked out the window and soon drifted off to sleep trying not to think about what would happen if she were to stay here.

Remus watched as Hermione drifted off to sleep. He gently and quietly placed his book down on the bench. He walked over to Sirius and sat down next to him. Sirius who was falling asleep looked up lazily. “Hmm.?” He groaned, and Remus looked back to Hermione. Sirius laughed quietly, and sighed. “Moony, Moony, Moony…you fancy her don’t you?” He whispered so only they could here.

Remus only nodded and blushed, just then the compartment door opened. James staggered in looking unhappy and rubbing the back of his head. The two looked up and grinned knowing full well Lily had probably hit him.

“So she slap you, back hand you or give you a swift kick in the nether regions?” Sirius asked smiling innocently stifling his laugh. Remus though couldn’t help but snigger.

“Oh sod off Padfoot, she just hit me up side the head. Not as bad a normal, I think she’s going soft on me.” He said as he sat down opposite them. Remus and Sirius nodded. Remus smiled inside, knowing that Lily had indeed gone soft for James.

Remus and her had been keeping in touch over the summer and she had told him she liked had liked him during sixth year. He smiled and walked back over to James. He sat down between James and Hermione. He patted James on the back. “Don’t worry Prongs, you’ll get her this year.” Remus said and leaned back in his seat.

James looked to him giving him a searching look as if to ‘what do you know?’. “You really think so Moony?” James questioned. Remus chuckled nodding.

“What did you two do over the summer when I was in Italy?” Remus asked. James sat up straight and Sirius glanced over at them.

“Well lets see we played Quidditch, tortured my little cousins, more Quidditch, swimming, Quidditch and lets see more Quidditch!” James said waving his hands about as he talked. Remus laughed at the sarcasm in his voice, clearly they had a good time.

“Oh yeah we had loads of fun.” Sirius grumbled sarcastically from where he sat. “Your little cousins jumping all over me…pulling my hair, practically drowning me in the pond, oh lets not forget your girl cousins that were like what seven, asking me if I would marry them.” Sirius groaned and rolled his eyes.

“Well Padfoot now you have even more girls at your disposal.” Remus chuckling, but in the process earning a glare from James whom was about to open his mouth to retort about those girls being his cousins when Sirius spoke up.

“Ha ha Moony very funny. You know it would have been better if we could have run around with you during the full moons.” He said sighing; Remus then felt movement next to him and realized that Hermione was there. Remus gave Sirius a Murderous look.

“Sirius you can’t mention things like that while she is around.” He growled, and Sirius rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Sirius, You know he is right, we can’t have another person knowing. I mean Lily already knows, and Snape now knows because of that stunt you pulled last year Sirius.” James said his voice calm. Sirius hung his head and nodded. Sirius leaned back and stretched his arms out, then placing his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

“This is our last year here guys, we have to make it memorable, so all will remember the Marauders.” He said his eyes still closed, his black hair falling in his face. James and Remus looked to each other and nodded.

Soon all five of them were fast asleep in their compartment awaiting the challenges of the New Year. Not knowing something terrible would happen in the time to come.

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