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Hero of War by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 54 : Promises
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Chapter 54

It was half way through April when Bill sent word to them all that Harry, Ron and Hermione were with them as of that night. Mattie lay on her bed curled up with her two and a half month old daughter lying on her back in front of her trying to roll over. Mattie’s thoughts were consumed with the brother she missed so much. It had been the longest they hadn’t seen each other in their whole lives.

Fred crawled in behind her and kissed her cheek.

‘Hey you ok?’ Mattie shrugged and smiled at Ruby who made gurgling noises at her. ‘Why don’t you go with Lily and James to see Harry?’

‘No one was meant to go that’s why they aren’t telling Bill they’re coming. Even your parents aren’t going.’

‘Matt, they aren’t going because Bill told them Ron’s fine, Lily and James need to see him because Harry’s in more danger than Ron and Hermione. And I know you need to see him too.’

‘I don’t want to get in the way,’

‘Since when?’ Fred said smiling.


‘Matt, you won’t be in the way. I bet Harry wants to see you too, like come on the last
time he actually saw you and not through a mirror, you were in a coma.’


‘Go ask Lily, now,’

‘Ok, ok,’ Mattie said kissing him before she carefully got up making sure she didn’t knock Ruby. She walked down the hall to Lily’s room where she was changing Myles out of his muddy clothes. ‘Lil, when you go and see Harry can I come?’ Lily looked at her, smiling.

‘Of course, he’d love that.’

‘Cool, thanks I’ll get to show him a picture of Ruby and tell him he’s a godfather whether he likes it or not.’ Mattie said smiling as she walked from the room feeling light and happy. She paused outside the room as she was struck with an idea. Mattie walked upstairs and down a hall before she knocked on a closed door.

‘Yeah?’ Mattie opened the door, sticking her head inside.

‘Gin, can you help me with something?’

‘Sure, come in.’ Mattie smiled and closed the door as she entered the room.

Two days past and it was time for them to go and see Harry. The threesome had now been at Shell cottage for about six days. Mattie pulled on her jeans and a white singlet with a baggy grey top over the top that was tighter around the waist. She tied her hair back and kissed Ruby’s forehead before kissing Fred.

‘See you later.’

‘You will unless I’m invisible,’ Fred retorted.

‘That was lame, but I love you anyways.’ Fred’s eyes seemed to sparkle at her before
she kissed him again before taking Ruby from her bouncer. She made her way downstairs to meet Lily and James and kissed her little girl’s forehead before passing her to Fred before she linked arms with James and disapparated. They arrived in an alley of a local town and made their way to the house on the beach that housed their loved ones. Lily and James knocked as Mattie stood back slightly. The door opened and a wand was stuck out until they confirmed their identity.

‘Harry!’ Lily cried running into the house and hugging her son tightly. James stepped forward and embraced his son. Harry spotted his god sister standing there looking healthy and beautiful.

‘Mattie!’ Harry said loudly before he was hugging her. ‘You’re ok.’

‘I am indeed,’

‘I came and saw you and you were…’

‘I know but I’m really ok I’m better than ok now. I come bearing a message from Tonks and Remus who want you to be their son Teddy’s godfather.’


‘Yeah and to add to it, I wanted to ask you if you would be the godfather for my daughter?’

‘What? You have a daughter? God I’ve missed a lot.’

‘You have, I meant to tell you last time we spoke but it slipped my mind. Well anyways I brought you this,’ Mattie said passing him a picture.

‘She’s beautiful I’d love to be her godfather along with Remus and Tonks’ son,’

‘She is indeed, her name’s Ruby,’

‘Perfect, had a feeling if you ever had a daughter you would call her that,’ Harry said hugging her again excitedly. They moved to the living room and Mattie and Harry talked quickly and in half sentences confusing everyone except themselves. They sat talking over everything with James and Lily thriving in the presence of their eldest son. Lily and James talked to Harry and his friends about everything he had done while Mattie pulled Dean to the side.

‘So I hear you’re with my cousin?’ Mattie said smirking at the sudden red he was turning.

‘You’re cousin? Clare? Is she alright?’

‘She’s good, she misses you though.’

‘I miss her too,’

‘Here take this, she has the other one. Go talk to her,’ Mattie said passing a mirror to Dean who took it confused. ‘Just say her name into it and she’ll appear in your mirror while you appear in hers.’ Mattie watched as he moved into the dining area and sat down at the table. Mattie watched as her brunette cousin appeared in the mirror, tears in her eyes as she noticed who was smiling back at her.

It soon became late and the three decided to stay the night and leave early the next morning. Mathilda was meant to stay with Hermione and Luna but instead she slept in the lounge room, lying on a mattress beside Harry, talking about everything and anything. Lily and James sat on the top step of the staircase listening as the pair talked. They were closer than close. Closer than either of their relationships with their parents or friends or partners; Harry and Ginny were soul mates anyone could see that and the same went for Mathilda and Fred but when it came down to it no relationship was like the one that had developed between these two over the years.

‘Harry I have to give you something but I didn’t want to give it to you in front of everyone else.’

‘Ok,’ Harry said looking as though he had been confounded. Mattie past him a leather strap with what looked like a large tear drop on the end of it. ‘What is it?’

‘It’s a necklace basically but that,’ Mattie said indicating the jewel at the end. ‘With Ginny’s help I did two things to it, that’s why one side is red while the other is a pale blue. See if you hold the jewel in your hand and think of me the connection we have will strengthen enough to the point that you can share my powers.’

‘What? How?’

‘I’m powerful remember and I wanted to help you somehow. Now when you use it you don’t gain a copy of my powers more like we’re sharing them. And the red side is a way to bring me to you. You just have to touch it once with your finger and will with all your might to have me by your side and I’ll appear there.’

‘Jeez you are good.’

‘You’re just figuring that out now?’ Mattie asked laughing.

‘Thanks Matt,’

‘You’re welcome. So what was the Malfoy place like?’ Mattie asked before they dived back into deeper stuff, talking about the things Harry still had to do without going into the details of horcruxes.

Up on the step Lily leant into her husband.

‘They both have to deal with so much. My boy has to defeat him, I still can’t understand why?’

‘No one does, love. But God look what Mathilda can do. She’s strong and she’ll be there for Harry and with the abilities she has she’ll wipe out a heap of Death Eaters under the right circumstances.’

‘Yeah I know she will and can,’

‘We just have to have faith that we’ve raised Harry to do more than just fight to win but fight to survive.’ Lily nodded before James stood up and took his wife’s hand leading her back to their room knowing that Harry and Mattie would probably talk for hours as they usually did and that wasn’t even when they had been separated for eight months.

‘I have a message from Ginny by the way…’ Mattie muttered softly.


‘She told me to tell you that you owe her a mega snog for being gone for so long.’ Harry chuckled.

‘Well tell her I’ll be happy to do so.’ Mattie pushed him playfully.

‘Will do. You know you can call on me for anything and I’ll be there within a moment.’ Harry looked at her and shook his head.

‘I couldn’t…’

‘Harry, you’ve been my best friend and brother since we were in nappies and I will do anything to help and protect you.’

‘I won’t let you risk yourself for me.’

‘Harry, when is it going to sink into that thick head of yours that you can’t control me and you definitely can’t protect me. I’m a wanted woman remember? Harry, I’m not about to sit on the sidelines and watch you suffer, no one who loves you can do that
and I swear to god I will fight by your side, fight for you and die for you if I have to.’

‘Matt, so many people have died because of me; I won’t let you be one of them especially with Ruby and everything.’

‘Harry just because I have a daughter that I love more than anything at the end of the day I know she’ll be safe no matter what, you however don’t have that luxury. You could be murdered tomorrow and I can’t deal with losing you.’ Harry looked at Mattie, fear in her bright blue eyes. ‘I’ve lost too much and had to deal with stuff I shouldn’t have to please don’t make me deal with losing you too.’ Harry slipped his arms around her and hugged her.

‘I won’t, Mathilda. You’re my sister and as your brother its my job to protect you but I guess knowing how stubborn you are, I have no hope in hell of convincing you that what you want is a bad idea.’ Mattie chuckled.

‘Just promise me you’ll use the necklace when you need it, please?’

‘I promise. If you promise me something in return?’

‘Depends on what it is.’

‘That if I tell you to get out or stay back, you have to do it,’




‘Promise?’ Mattie hesitated looking at Harry, carefully.

‘I promise.’


The next morning they were woken by loud banging on the front door. Everyone had their wands at the ready as Bill neared the door.

‘It is I Remus John Lupin, known werewolf, married to Nymphadora, father of Georgia and Teddy and I was given this address to come if something of great importance happened.’ Bill flung the door open.

‘Remus, what’s happened?’ James asked nervously having seen his friend’s face.

‘Dora…Dora went out to get supplies and never came back instead I got this,’ Remus said panic etched in his voice as he past a piece of parchment to James.

‘If you want to see your wife ever again you’ll send us the Black girl.’

‘Mattie…’ James mumbled as Lily placed a hand on his upper back, reading what the note said over his shoulder. Remus was pale and looked as if he was about to pass out. ‘We’ll find her Moony.’

‘Sirius said the writing looks like Bellatrix’s.’ Remus said softly as Lily put an arm around him.

‘Bellatrix?’ Mattie asked. ‘Bellatrix took Dora? What does the parchment say?’ The adults exchanged looks. ‘What does the parchment say?’ Mattie asked again her voice rising. James gulped and past her the note. Mattie’s eyes seemed to explode out of her head.

‘We’ll get her back, Remus,’ Lily said rubbing his arms gently.

‘No.’ Mathilda said firmly.

‘What?’ Harry asked raising his eyebrows.

‘I’m going to go and get her.’

‘Mattie, no!’

‘I won’t let my cousin suffer just because of me. I’m going to go and get her, send her back to you.’

‘They’ll kill you,’ Harry said as Ron and Hermione came up behind him.

‘I’m powerful enough to protect myself, besides it’s safer I go than any of you. They don’t want to kill me, they want to use me. Plus I need some good action.’

‘Mathilda Black, I don’t think so!’ Lily said fuming.

‘Lily, I can’t sit here and do nothing.’

‘Then we’re at least coming with you.’

‘No, I have to do this myself. Now I need to get ready. I have a cousin to save.’ Mattie said before heading back into the living room.

‘I’m going with her, you two stay here and keep working on the plan,’ Harry said softly.

‘Harry, you have to stay here, it’s safer.’

‘Not while she’s out risking her life.’

‘Mattie’s right, they don’t want to kill her, they want her for her powers, she has a better chance of getting out of there alive than any of us do.’ Hermione said as Mathilda walked back into the room, smiling.

‘Well I’m off. You guys stay out of the way, Seriously i don't want to have to stun you but i will if you follow. Please just trust me,’ Mattie said as she looked at her godparents and Remus. She paused in front of Remus and placed a hand on his shoulder; ‘I promise I’ll bring her home.’

Remus nodded, his eyes filling with tears, feeling awful about putting a girl he’d help raise in danger.


A tall, witch danced around her prey that lay on the floor at her feet. The witch had the typical, aristocratic Black good looks: with curls of black hair that hung to her waist and heavily-lidded eyes and a strong air of arrogance.

‘Are we tired, niece?’ Bellatrix hissed, her harsh voice filled with delight. ‘Crucio!’ Bellatrix pranced excitedly in a circle as she heard the loud doorbell of Malfoy Manor.

‘Bella,’ the cruel voice called from his seat just off to the side.

‘Pettigrew!’ Bella yelled and a small balding man trotted towards the front door. His silver hand shook as he turned the handle. He squeaked slightly as he saw who was standing before him, a young girl similar to Bellatrix Lestrange but with a kind face and bright blue eyes.

‘I came to see my cousin,’ Mattie said, strength evident in how she was holding herself and her voice, though her eyes were murderous. Pettigrew guided her through to the room in which Bellatrix and Voldemort were presiding. The room was unnaturally dark, the windows were covered by thick dark curtains and the furniture was simple and widely spaced.

‘I see we have a visitor,’ Voldemort said slowly, standing, his black robes billowing down as his snakelike nostrils seemed to flare.

‘You want me? Then let her go,’ Mattie said her eyes furious as Bellatrix cursed a weak looking, Nymphadora Lupin.

‘Bella! You have failed me once already,’ Tom Riddle hissed never taking his eyes off Mathilda. ‘You will be of great importance to me.’

‘Let her go!’ Mattie yelled. Voldemort spun around and glided back to his seat while Bellatrix looked on as Mathilda went to her.

‘Mattie…’ Tonks whispered, barely able to keep her head up.

‘It’s ok,’ Mattie said as she kissed her forehead before standing. Voldemort
flicked his wrist and Tonks disappeared. ‘She better be safe.’

‘She is. Now come here,’ Mattie glared as she took a single step towards the wizard she loathed so much. ‘I discovered something.’

‘Really? What it’s like to care?’

‘You have your father’s cheek, mudblood.’ Bellatrix hissed.

‘Actually Black I realised that I don’t need you, instead I will simply take your powers,’ Voldemort seethed. Mattie suddenly became tense as Bella became excited, clapping her hands.

‘And how may I ask are you planning to do that?’

‘By killing you. Avada Kadavra!’ Mattie ducked, raising her hand in self protection. Voldemort’s red eyes narrowed as Mattie stood, breathing deeply.

‘Crucio!’ Bellatrix yelled, but Mathilda deflected it as she side rolled under a table. Voldemort pulled his wand blasting the table to the tiniest of fragments as Mattie stood to face him. She quickly stunned Bellatrix so the only one to worry about was Voldemort.

‘Avada Kadavra!’ Again Mattie dodged it by a fraction which infuriated Tom Riddle. He flicked his wand again and caused Mattie to fall to the ground, cuts revealing themselves on her legs. Blood trickled from her leg wounds as she stood up, her mouth in a thin line. She held up her hand and screamed;

‘Reducto!’ Voldemort was blown backwards though he managed to steady himself before he fell. Mattie used his momentary lapse in concentration to run, blasting Pettigrew off his feet and sending him flying into a wall. She exploded her way through the door, running as fast as she could knowing he legs wouldn’t support her for long as blood poured from her wounds. She ducked curses and legged it out of the gates, disapparating.

Voldemort seethed, anger flowing through him. ‘I’ll kill her!’ Voldemort screamed as the walls of Malfoy Manor shook.

And somewhere along the coast, Harry Potter collapsed with his hand on his forehead and his green eyes watering as an anger that was not his own consumed him.


Mattie arrived in the living room her legs collapsing under her. Sirius caught her before she hit the floor and scooped her up, setting her on the couch. Terra came over quickly and tended to her legs while Mattie looked around panicked. Terra healed the large cut on the side of her head while Mattie spoke.


‘She’s ok, or she will be after she’s had some rest.’ Mattie breathed deeply relaxing into the cushions.

‘What happened?’

‘They let her go because of me and then Voldemort said he didn’t need me anymore. That he could take my powers by killing me. And well I managed to escape due to my brilliance…’ Mattie smiled, she was tough but they all sensed that there was something she wasn’t telling them. Mattie looked to the side and saw Tonks lying on the couch, her head in her husband’s lap, her eyes closed as Remus stroked her hair, looking relieved and sick.


Harry looked up in a daze at his friends.

‘He’s going to kill her.’

‘He…’ Hermione started unbelieving.

‘Hermione he wants her dead.’ Harry said jumping up and heading outside, not sure what to do.

‘Harry?’ Bill Weasley asked hesitantly.

‘I won’t let Him hurt her.’

‘She’s strong and powerful, he would have to try hard to end her life.’ Harry nodded wanting to believe what he said was true. He glanced at the eldest Weasley son, nervously, pretending as he always did that everything was ok and that he, himself was fine. ‘Come on, mate. Let’s get inside.’


Severus Snape walked slowly through the walls of Hogwarts, his thoughts filled with Lily Potter, as they had been since he had spoken with her in the park.

‘Dumbledore,’ Snape said to the gargoyle as he headed towards his office.

‘Severus,’ Albus Dumbledore said. ‘I take it you remember the promise you made to me just after Lily was nearly killed?’ The oily haired man looked up at the old wizard, giving a sharp nod. ‘You will succeed and Lily will be ever so grateful.’

‘She’ll never know,’ Severus said simply. ‘Not that it matters.’

‘To be honest I don’t think Lily ever stopped trusting you,’ Snape looked up.


‘Lily would not have gone to meet you or moved Mathilda from St Mungo’s if she still did not trust you in some form. You will prove to her that you have a good heart, you Severus will do what is right.’ Dumbledore’s faith in the man before him was outstandingly strong and it was that that forced Severus Snape to believe by risking everything he would gain what he had been hoping to gain for years. And as he took his seat behind the desk, his head filled with memories of his days before and at Hogwarts, mainly of before he had taken the wrong path and lost the friendship he never realised had meant so much to him.



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