After yet another fight between James and Lily, Dumbledore does something that will either end in disaster or change the course of their lives.

Lily Marie Evans; a young adult who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is a muggle born witch who is very smart, talented, well behaved, and a very beautiful young woman.


James Clifford Potter; also a young adult who also attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is a pureblood wizard who is also a smart, talented and a very handsome wizard, although he is quite misbehaved.

Two polar opposites, but, then again they do say that opposites attract, don’t they?

Well, in James Potter’s case they do. Yes. James Potter is hopelessly in love with Lily Evans, and has been for two years now. It was her beauty that captured him; not just her outside beauty, even though with her almost translucent skin, dark auburn hair and stunningly bright green eyes were a very nice plus, it was her inner beauty that James admired the most. Her kind nature and the fact that she was always willing to help others, no matter what house they came from, and the gift that she had of seeing the good in everyone, that’s what made James become so helplessly in love with her.

Lily, on the other hand, couldn’t stand to be around James most of the time. Even though she could see the good in him, the bad rule breaking pranks far outweighed the good stuff. Lily hated rule breakers, and people who bullied others for fun.


James however, had changed his ways and calmed down somewhat considerably. Since the death of his parents, he was left as the sole carer of his younger sister, and it made him grow up very fast. Yet, it wasn’t enough for Lily. She didn't know why. Her friends teased that it was because she was secretly in love with James, but she just laughed them off saying that they were crazy.

Lily had to admit to herself that she was indeed very attracted to James Potter. His raven black hair that stuck up oddly was so unruly that she found it just too cute to ignore. His deep hazel eyes were so intense that most of the time she found it hard to look away from them, and his olive skin that looked so soft it was hard for her not to touch. But the biggest, most attractive thing of all, was the love he had for his sister. She'd never known siblings to be as close as James and Aryanna. Yet, his rule breaking pranks had left a lasting impression on her, she could not ignore the childish boy that he used to be. Or she simply chose not to see past the school boy errors.

It was the 1st of September 1977, and the two students had just got off the train that took them from Kings Cross Station to Hogwarts. Along with their friends, they took two separate carriages up to the castle. Whilst they laughed, and talked, they enjoyed the extravagant feast that was cooked up by the Hogwarts elves. Enjoying the merriment, they were completely oblivious of what was to come.

“Welcome, to another glorious year,” the Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore said addressing the entire student body. The chatter died, and anyone still eating, stopped. “I am sure most of you have a fantastic summer but I do warn, it is not too last, for dark times lay ahead," he continued, muttering broke out amongst the students as he took a long pause.

We need to stick together in these dark times. For, if we divide, then he becomes stronger,” he added. Some students nodded at the reference others stared blankly at the old Headmaster.

Now, whilst I you let all that sink in, on a lighter note I will announce your new Head boy and Head girl,” he said, changing the topic all together.

I am delighted to say that they are from the same house, and I’m sure they will rise to the challenge. Please give a warm clap to Mr James Potter, and Miss Lily Evans of Gryffindor.”


Shocked, Lily tuned out and missed the rest of the speech. James Potter, head boy? It was confirmed poor old Professor Dumbledore had finally lost the plot.

“So Evans, you and me head boy and head girl. What do you think of that?” Potter said with a cheeky grin that Lily had to admit was very cute.

“He’s lost the plot,” Lily replied still clearly stunned.

“That’s not very nice Lily pop.”

“Don’t call me Lily pop,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Maybe you’ll finally get a date James.” Remus put in unhelpfully before merrily walking off.

“I’d rather date the giant squid!” Lily called after him.

“The giant squid is female; I didn’t know you swung that way?” Sirius piped in. James elbowed him in return.

“Come on Lily, you know were meant to be together, it’s written in the stars.”

“I knew that coaxing you into taking Astronomy and Divination would come back on me one day.”

“Lily, you know its destiny!”

“Is not,” she said rather frustrated.

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

“Eugh…Potter, you’re impossible!” Lily yelled after five minutes of is not, is too. She stood up and stormed out of the dining room in a huff.


"You have got to find a better way to talk to her, J." His sister said coming up behind him.


"Don't worry, Ary. She has a whole year of living in the same quarters as me, and a pretty good way of seeing the good in people. I'm liking my odds." He grinned and threw his arm over his sisters shoulder. She just simply rolled her eyes and chose to swallow her retort.


Neither of them neither of them had been aware that Dumbledore was watching their exchange carefully. Noting to himself that he had to take drastic action to bring the couple together otherwise the consequences were too dire to comprehend.


Sometime later, when Lily felt that she had calmed down enough to talk to Potter, only then did she emerge from her room. Much to Lily’s dismay, Potter and herself had to share the Heads private quarters which contained a joint common room and two large bedrooms each with en suites. It sat at the very top of the tower, above the rest of the Gryffindors.

She sighed as she mentally prepared herself to talk to Potter. Not that she wanted to, of course, but they were supposed to be living together for the next year, and also working closely together. So she thought she’d better start by trying to defuse the situation. Needs must and all that crap. Why couldn’t Remus have been head boy instead? Although she was not too sure she wanted him to be one either. After the little ‘funny’ comment he made earlier – Potter was such a bad influence on him.

She slowly descended the stairs that led up to her room, but, as she got closer she could hear the voice of James and three other boys, no points for guessing who they were, all laughing loudly about something. Feeling far too tired to be dealing with them she marched down the stairs to tell them off.

“Potter! It’s time your friends left...” she said in a clearly irritated voice.
“OK, I was just giving them a grand tour, and well, we got to talking,” he replied smoothly.

“Fine! But it’s late and you know they shouldn’t be out of the common room at this time of night,” she said with a much calmer tone. He nodded and escorted the boys out with the promise that he’ll see them tomorrow.


Lily had to admit, she was quite surprised that James done what she had asked with no argument. She had just turned back round to go back to bed when she saw Dumbledore’s phoenix perched upon the armchair.


“Potter, did you let Professor Dumbledore’s bird in?” she asked.

“No?” he replied shaking his head in confusion, “Professor Dumbledore never ceases to amaze me though,” he added.


He walked over to the bird and untied the note that was attached to his leg, the bird let out a soft musical tune before disappearing. James looked at Lily and could tell that she was just confused as he was. He opened the letter and read it and then handed it to Lily clearly confused.

Dear Lily and James,

It is of utmost importance that you come to my office immediately. Please use James’ invisibility cloak as cover.

Kind Regards, Professor Dumbledore.

“You have an invisibility cloak?” Lily asked somewhat astounded.

“Lily, could you please concentrate on the bigger picture here! It's quarter past midnight and Professor Dumbledore has requested to see us immediately.”

“Oh, yeah right, sorry, bigger picture. Where’s your cloak?”

“In my trunk, I’ll go and get it now,” he replied and dashed off coming back a minute later.

“It’s a bit small...” she commented when he returned.

“I know. We will have to crouch down a bit and walk closely together,” he replied. She sighed and did as she was told; she decided to walk in front. This of course made James very happy; she was so close to him he could smell the scent of the sweet strawberry shampoo that she used in her hair.

They walked like that in silence until they reached the steps leading up to Dumbledore’s office. Just as they were about to ascend up them Lily lurched forward and loudly whispered ‘bugger’.
“What?” James asked in a whisper.

“I stubbed my toe!” she replied which caused James to roll his eyes. He pulled off the cloak and tucked into the inside pocket of his robes.

“I think it’s safe for enough for us to walk without it,” James said in answer to her questioning stare. Lily just nodded in reply and continued up the stairs. Once at the top she gave three gentle knocks and awaited an answer. However, no answer came, the door merely swung open.

“Ah! Miss Evans, Mr Potter. I take it you received my message?” Professor Dumbledore greeted as they slowly stepped into his office.

“Yes sir. Although your message was very short and we are somewhat concerned.” Lily replied sitting on the chair in front of his desk and James stood beside her.

“Well, Miss Evans, it has come to my attention over recent years that there is quite a lot of bad friction between Mr Potter and yourself as I’m sure you may know.”

“Yes sir. We are trying to work towards improving that sir,” she replied.

“As I have noticed. However, I am afraid that a few simple kind words are not enough. I have a rather difficult task for you both and I ask that you consider it carefully, because if it fails the consequences are too dire to consider.”

“What type of task sir?” James asked clearly as worried as Lily.

“Yes, that is the difficult part. Unfortunately, I am unable to explain the full details as you have to figure out the purpose of this task yourselves. I am, however, allowed to tell you that you will travel to the future, twenty years into the future, to complete this task.”

“We have to travel into the future?” Lily asked disbelievingly. “But sir, what about our friends and our families, what are we going to tell them?”

“...and my sister? I won't leave her!” James added. Aryanna, who was two years his junior, was everything to him, and he was not about to leave her completely alone when there was a huge war on the brink of destroying the world.

“You will tell them nothing. You will be away for one year. Yet, to us you’ll only be gone for one hour,” he explained. James visibly relaxed.

“How does that work sir?” Lily asked.

“That’s the way time turners work Miss Evans it’s the beauty of magic,” he replied, evasive as always. “I am sure you’re both aware of Voldemort. Yes?” he asked and they both nodded.

When you arrive in the future you will help a boy who has the power to vanquish the dark lord. I cannot tell you why this boy has to do this, but you two are connected to him and he is in dire need of your help. I know it’s a terrible lot to ask, but it needs to be done.”

James stood still for a while thinking. He was very cautious of this ‘mission’. Dumbledore wanted him to travel to the future with Lily to help a stranger, who he has a connection to, kill the most powerful Dark Lord there ever was. Lily was right, Dumbledore had lost the plot. Yet, if he didn’t do this then, by the sounds of it, the world will be in turmoil for eternity. It was a lot to take in and a very hard decision to make, but could he do it? He didn't know, what about Aryanna? What if he couldn't return, what would become of her? He put his fears to Dumbledore.

“James, I am sure you are desperately worried about your sister, considering you're her sole carer, but she is safe here, and I am very confident you'll return safely.”


Lily sighed causing James to look into her beautiful almond shaped green eyes, she always looked at him fondly when he spoke of his sister.


He stared, and suddenly felt a rush of love for Lily. A voice that sounded a lot like Ary's, sounded in his head “Do it, for the one you love.” He blinked and looked up and Dumbledore. “I’ll do it,” he said nervously, but somewhat strongly, and regained eye contact with Lily. She seemed shocked at his agreement.

“Miss Evans?” Professor Dumbledore asked awaiting her answer but she held James’ gaze. Something was telling her to go along with it, she felt like with James there she would be safe. ‘Please,’ he mouthed to her, she saw something in his eyes right then that she had never seen before, and before she realized what she was doing, she found herself nodding her head.

“I’ll do it too,” she said looking at Dumbledore.

“Thank you both, you have made the right choice. Though it may not seem like it now. As I previously said, you will be sent twenty years a head where my older self will explain a few more things to you OK?”he asked and they both nodded.

Good now if you both come over here and place this time turner around you necks. Good. Now, Miss Evans, could you be so kind as to turn this dial twenty times clockwise and twenty times anti-clockwise.”


Lily took the time turner out of Professor Dumbledore’s hand. “Good luck to both of you,” he added and stepped back. She looked at James who gave her a reassuring nod and with a deep breath she followed Dumbledore’s instructions. Less than thirty seconds later and with a gust of wind they were gone.

A.N. I just want explain that the reason that James and Lily willingly agreed to this mission because something with in them told them that they need to do it. They are doing crazy things for the one they love, which is the whole point of the story. I’m rather hoping you’ll like it of course you can tell me by reviewing in that little box down below.


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