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Harry wakes up in his bed in number four Pivet drive from the hundreth time he had the same dream about Hermione. His dream was with him Hermione and Cho but he could never believe that Hermione would go that way, boy was he wrong. He was just getting ready to go down for breakfast when he heard a loud 'SNAP' and a 'THUD' then he ran downstairs and towards the entryway into the living room when he turned the corner in to the living room he sees Lupin and Sirius Black standing in the living room over his uncle who was knocked out on the floor and Lupin was rubbing his head near his forhead. Harry asked what happened and Black said that when Lupin came through the fireplace Vernon was standing there and they knocked heads. Harry laughed and asked what they were doing there and they told him that they came to pick him up. Harry was estactic and ran upstairs he didn't even bother folding anything he just threw it into his trunk even his books and wand. he grabbed Hedwig and ran back downstairs. Then they went through the fireplace to the Order's HQ. When they came through to the other side there to greet him where Ron and Hermione, who had changed since he saw her last. She was now 5'4" and she must have had a spell on her hair for how straight it was even though it was still curly a little at the bottom she had grown in other areas as well like her form her breasts were at least C if not D and her curves couldn't have been more perfect. Harry caught himself staring and when he did he noticed that Hermione was staring at him, he changed too. He was now at least 5'10"- 5'11", he did work out a little over the so his muscles were a bit big for his shirt. When she saw that he noticed her staring he smiled at her and she looked away blushing trying to hide it from Harry but Ron noticed that she blushed and asked her way she blushed. "None of your damn business Ronald!" she screamed. Harry found himself staring again and battling with himself in his mind but eventually he came to a conclusion 'Damn I'm in love with Hermione.' Then Harry realized that Dumbldore wasnt in the room. As if on cue Dumbldore walks into the drawing room. He says hi to Harry then walks over to Ron and says hi and then asks Hermione if he could speak with her, she follows him into the kitchen and then Dumbldore says "He'll treat you good." She responds "Who Professer?" "Harry, Hermione Harry will treat you good." Then they both walk into the drawing room and Hermione asks Harry to talk in private. Harry agreed and followed her up to her room. When inside she closes the door and says "I know you want to ask me something." So Harry says "Yes I you like me?" As if surprized at the bluntness of the question she just sort of nods. Then Harry sits next to her on the bed and says "I know that you want to ask me something or you wouldn't have asked to talk in private." Taking Hermione's shake of her head as a no he gets up to leave but Hermione grabs him by his arm and turns him around, he looks into her eyes she looks into his then she places her hands on his cheeks and presses her lips to his and when he places his hand on her neck and starts to kiss her back she moves away and says "Thats all I needed to know." She hugs him and kisses him again. Then they both rejoin everyone in the drawing room both looking satisfyed.

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