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    A/N: This is like the shortest chapter ever lol but at least the others are longer :)


    The week went by and Draco and Hermione hadn’t made their relationship public. Theo sulked all of Monday, while Blaise wanted to jump up and down in happiness.

    “Just because they didn’t out their relationship when I thought they would, doesn’t mean they will on Wednesday. Your theory may not happen either, Blaise, remember that.” Blaise just shrugged and grinned, he knew it would. It was something Draco would do.

    “What will happen if Blaise’s doesn’t happen either?” Ron asked. 

    “We get to keep our money,” Harry told him.

    Theo crossed his fingers and prayed Blaise wouldn’t win this bet. He would never hear the end of it otherwise.


    The four boys sat impatiently in the Head’s common room, waiting for them to come back. Today was Hermione’s birthday. Draco had told them he was taking Hermione to her favourite restaurant (like Blaise had said) and he showed them the two presents he got her, one she’d outwardly love and a flashy present, one she would inwardly love (like Blaise had said). Theo wanted to wipe that smug smirk off of Blaise’s face. But what stopped him was that Draco hadn’t told them he was going to make the relationship public (mainly because Draco didn’t know they knew. He thought they thought he was taking her out for her birthday because they were good friends), and Theo was holding onto the hope that they wouldn’t do that. Then he would get to see Blaise’s face drop. He would have the last laugh.

    The portrait door opened and the two ‘friends’ came in conversing about Hermione‘s presents. They stopped when they saw the boys sitting on the couch, “hey guys, what are you doing in here,” Draco asked, confused.

    Harry tutted, “come on, Malfoy, you’re not the only one allowed to see Hermione on her birthday.” Ron nodded in agreement.

    "You saw me this morning,” Hermione countered.

    “What, are we only allowed to see you once?” Theo asked, feigning innocence and looking a little hurt.

    “No, of course not,” she replied quickly, thinking she really had hurt them and wanted to fix it.

    Blaise chuckled, “ignore them Granger. We just wanted to know how your night was.” Theo fought the glare that was threatening to surface as Blaise got right to it and agreed, followed by Harry and Ron.

    Hermione sat on the coffee table in front of them and pulled Draco down with her, “it was amazing, the best birthday I have ever had. Look what Draco got me,” she pulled out a glass ball, about the size of a bauble.

    “Is that a remembral?” Ron asked.

    Hermione shook her head, “no, it tells you what type of mood you are in. Like now,” she lifted them up for them to see, “I’m in an ecstatic mood,” the word was floating in the ball, “isn’t it cool?”

    “What’s the other present I can see?”

    Hermione tried to scowl when she turned to Draco but she really was in such a happy mood, “when he said he was going to get me something for my birthday, I specifically said ‘nothing expensive’. So he went and got me this Tiffany diamond bracelet,” she held out her right arm to show off the bracelet.

    Blaise smirked, “you love it really.”

    Hermione shrugged and blushed a little, “maybe. But it was still too much.”

    “Anything else?” Theo really needed to know, the suspense was killing him.

    Draco and Hermione gave each other a knowing glance that wasn’t missed by the boys, “you’ll find out tomorrow,” Draco told them, “until then; good night.”

    Hermione said good night and followed Draco upstairs, going into her own room. The boys stood up to leave, “they so outed their relationship,” Blaise boasted as soon as they were out the door.

    “We’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow, won’t we?” Harry replied. They went to their separate common rooms.


    Harry and Ron came down earlier than normal for breakfast, soon followed by Theo. It didn’t take long before Blaise was there too. But he didn’t sit down with them, he stayed stood up with his hands behind his back, “are Draco and/or Hermione down? Have you seen them at all?”

    The boys shook their heads, no, why?”

    Because,” Blaise removed his hands from behind his back and threw The Daily Prophet in front of them, “front page news; Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger…Together! And for good measure,” he took a magazine from his back pocket, “Witch Weekly got them too. You,” he pointed to Ron, “owe me,” he pointed to Harry, “money!” he sang the last word while pointing to Theo, smirking and mocking him.

    He finally sat down and the others grudgingly gave him their ten galleons each. Draco and Hermione came in at that point, holding hands. They sat down next to their friends, smiling. Blaise, being the only one in a good mood, grinned back and lifted up the paper and the magazine, “so, when were you going to tell us?”


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