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---Chapter 7 - Changes ---






The world would not stop spinning and I wasn’t sure anymore what was real and what was not. Everything in that moment just felt so surreal. Me sitting here laughing with Oliver Wood… as if we were best mates. 

It just didn’t feel real.

Yet I couldn’t care less… I was drunk and giddy. Why analyse that? 

“Oh Merlin, my stomach hurts!” Oliver complained as he tried to sit up again.


I could see him wince at the movement so I decided to help him up. I braced myself with one hand on the floor and the other on his back. After I had managed to prop him up on a nearby wall, Oliver turned to give me a grateful smile. 

“So… what is it you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked curiously. 

Oliver stared at me for a few seconds in confusion. “Oh right! I wanted to talk to you about that thing we talked about earlier.” 

Eh? He was much drunker than I realised.  

“I meant… Merlin, I forgot completely,” Oliver groaned. “It was something along the lines of you… forgiving me? I mean wait… I had an explanation! Shush! Stop talking!” 

“I wasn’t talking…” I trailed off since he had put a finger to my lips to shut me up.


Normally, I’d be quite peeved with him for doing that, but tonight, I was too amused by drunk Oliver. 

“Right, I remember now,” Oliver slurred. “Now listen carefully, love. It’s important that you do.”

“I’m listening, just get on with it,” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m truly and completely sorry for being such a prat to you back then… I was just… I was just a boy, Keegan. I wanted to fit in… especially with the Quidditch blokes and I guess fraternising with a Ravenclaw wouldn’t have been cool. It’s not an excuse, I just… I don’t know. Bloody hell, it’s hard to speak right now.”

I didn’t respond. I’m not entirely sure what he wanted me to say. 

“I guess what I’m trying to say is… please let older Oliver make it up to you. I wasn’t there for you back then or really at all, but let me be there for you now,” Oliver said. “I’ve missed us. Being mates and all.”

“I don’t know,” I told him. I know he was sincere and I could tell that, but I don’t know how to be friends with him anymore. It’s been six long years since we were last friends. 

“Look you don’t have to answer me now, just consider it.”

“Okay, I’ll… I’ll think about it.” 

“Yay!” Oliver exclaimed excitedly causing me to laugh out loud in spite of myself.  “See this is what I miss, Keegs. I miss laughing with you.”

I didn’t know whether it was the alcohol talking or whether I really did feel this, but I missed Oliver too. I missed him and everything about him; his stupid quirky tendencies, his obsession with Quidditch… I missed a lot of things I realised. 

“I miss yo—“


Oliver and I both jumped in our spot just as Lucy was storming down the staircase with Seamus hot on her heels.

“Oh I’m SOOO sorry, Lucy, that I didn’t just let you have that disgusting git slobber all over you!” yelled Seamus. I’ve never heard him so... spiteful before. It almost terrified me to hear him speak like this.

 “It’s none of your business whether he was or wasn’t!” Lucy growled turning on her spot to glare at the much taller and much bigger boy. 

Neither of them had noticed Oliver or me yet, and we were both determined to stay hidden in the shadows. 

“It is… I mean…” Seamus seemed to be at a loss for words. “Look Lucy, I was just trying to be a good friend!” 

“When the hell were we that good of friends?” Lucy spat. 

Seamus looked surprised and I swore I saw a flicker of pain cross his features.  

“Well I guess I was mistaken then,” Seamus said in the coldest most detached voice I have ever heard come out of him. “I apologise. I’ll never assume things again.”

He gave her one last disappointed look before turning back into the Ravenclaw Tower. Lucy stood there for a few seconds, fixated at the spot where Seamus had just been standing. She let out a frustrated scream before storming off down the opposite side of the corridor. 

What just happened?


Why were they fighting like that?  

Of course they were bloody friends! 

“How long has Seamus liked Lucy?” Oliver asked me quietly. 

“What? He doesn’t!”

“Keegan, for Merlin’s sake, did you not just witness the same fight I did?” he said exasperatedly. “Of course, Seamus likes Lucy! I wouldn’t be surprised if the bloke was already in love with her!” 

“Love? Lucy? Seamus?” I spluttered out. How could I not have seen this? 

“I should… go to sleep,” Oliver yawned oh-so-attractively. 

I nodded, my mind elsewhere, as I helped him onto his feet. Oliver wobbled at first, but then managed to totter down the corridor—occasionally walking into the wall. I should probably follow him but I knew he wouldn’t let me help him even if I offered. He’d be too proud to admit he needed help. 

As soon as Oliver disappeared round the corner, I decided to go talk to Seamus. I would go look for Lucy but that girl was a lost cause. Seamus was a safer option plus he was the more likely one to actually tell me what happened.


What really happened. 

I made my way back into the common room. The place was in a state of utter disarray as people hung off sofas and tables but it seemed like the party was starting to simmer down. This meant I only had a few minutes to talk to Seamus before the boys stumbled into the dorm. I quickly raced towards the seventh year boys’ dormitory and by raced, I really mean sway around for a bit then trip and eventually fall through their door. 

Seamus looked up from his perch by the windowsill and stared down at me while I lay sprawled out on the ground looking at his upside down face.


Or was I upside down? It really didn’t matter. Whoever was upside down was giving me a bloody headache.

“Merlin, is it possible for a hangover to kick in this early?” I groaned while walking over to Seamus.  

He chuckled faintly. “I suppose so. You’re obviously living proof it can.”

“Oh shush,” I stuck out my tongue at him. “You’re not that funny, Mister O'Connor.”

“So you’re here to ask me what happened, aren’t you?”

“What! How did you know? I mean no I’m not,” I quickly said. Was he a mind reader? 


Merlin, I was drunk… Wait… Seamus, did you hear that?

“Keegan, I can see right through you,” Seamus rolled his eyes at me. Oh my God, he can read my mind. Stop it! “Plus everyone saw me punch that git.”


Oh so he wasn’t a mind reader. Well that totally shattered my dreams of stealing Quidditch secrets. Bollocks!  

“Wait… you didn’t see?” Seamus asked me in disbelief. 

I shrugged sheepishly. “Err… well I was outside with Oli—I mean Wood… and well we kind of saw your argument but wait! You punched someone? Who? Why?”

“Some slimy sixth year was getting all touchy feely with Lucy and she just looked like such a slag letting him do that, and well I just lost it,” Seamus sighed, putting his head in his hands. “I don’t even know what came over me.”

He likes her. Damn you Oliver Wood for being right! 

“You like her, Seamus,” I said, stating the obvious.

Seamus sighed again. “It’s that obvious, isn’t it?”

“Not really, Oli—damnit I mean Wood had to point it out to me,” I replied. Darn it… I’m so not used to not hating Oliver. I mean Wood. Oh fuck. I should just call him by a neutral name like… Herbert. Yeah from now on, Oliver Wood shall be known as Herbert. 
“Oh, right…” 

“So you like Lucy…” I pushed on.

“And she hates me,” Seamus groaned. “It’s not like she’s bloody easy to get on with either! Stupid stuck up bint!” 
“Yet you like her, go figure,” I murmured to myself. 

“She can’t even see that I was trying to help her or that I fancy her! No, she’s so up herself she can’t even see when someone really cares about her,” Seamus ranted. “Sometimes I just want to wring her neck! And then snog her senseless!”

“Well those two are very contradicting actions,” I pointed out. 

“You get it, right?” Seamus looked at me, his eyes pleading for me to understand. “I mean you and Oliver. You guys fight and fight but you two really…” 

Wait a flipping minute there, buddy boy!” I quickly put my hand up to stop him. “Herbert and I are strictly just frenemies.”  

“Frene-what? And who the hell is Herbert?”  

“We’re enemies that are friendly on occasion and Herbert is Oliver for the time being, don’t ask questions. Just go with it,” I informed him. “Besides, we’re talking about you and Lucy here. What are you going to do about it?” 

“What do you mean ‘do’?” he asked suspiciously. 

I grinned. “What you need is a plan. To win her over I mean…” I suddenly started to yawn loudly. “But I suppose we can get to that tomorrow. For now, I suggest leaving her alone. Lucy’s a very… fiery person.”

“Don’t I bloody know it,” Seamus mumbled to himself. 

“Right, dear one, good night,” I smiled at my mate as I bent over to hug him. “It’ll work out. You’ll see.”

I left him by the windowsill with whatever thought floating through his head. I really felt for the bloke. Lucy was a fiery one for sure. I wasn’t exaggerating in the least about that and it seemed that Seamus has unfortunately fallen for her. It was sweet and I would love to see the two together but how that was going to happen I really hadn’t a clue. I was going to need the troops in for this one.

Although how bloody useful Adam and Elbie are going to be is beyond me… 


“HOGSMEADE!” screeched Miranda in my ear.

Oh good Merlin, my head. My head… it feels like someone was pounding from the inside out trying to slowly and agonizingly make my head explode. It seemed to be working as well.  

“W-why is the room spinning? Where the hell am I?” I groaned. I sat up slowly, my stomach lurching at the movement. 

“Heehee, someone’s hungover!” Penny giggled from the bed next to me. The stupid Prefect had an evil delight in other people’s hangovers just because she chooses not to partake in the act of drinking herself. I should spike her bloody drink next time and see how she feels! 

I shot her a death glare then decided sitting up was far too strenuous for my body right now so I laid my head back down and curled up into a fetal position. 

“Bloody hell, I think I’m going to be sick…”

“Ew, don’t be sick in here! Go to the toilet, you nasty,” Miranda cried out, reeling back from me. 
“Can’t you be nice to me for once, Miranda? I’m feeling poorly!” I whined, looking hopefully pathetically cute at the girl who was supposed to be my best mate. 

Miranda snorted. “No, you brought this on yourself.”

“Nah uh! It was sooo Seamus’ fault, making me down all those bloody shots! Wait speaking of which, where’s Lucy?”  

The blonde girl’s absence suddenly became evident to everyone in the room and we all looked over to her bed; still untouched. 

“She hasn’t come back,” Penny said anxiously. “Where could that girl be?” 

“I don’t know, I saw her get into a massive row with Seamus and then she ran off somewhere,” I told them. 

“Oh bollocks yeah that fight!” Miranda exclaimed as the memory seemed to come rushing back to her. “She looked like she was about to claw out his eyes… this is bad. I’ve never seen her this pissed off before.” 

“Where do you reckon she went to?” I asked them. I could tell we were all worried about Lucy… she was the bubbliest girl we knew and her not returning like this after a bad fight was unlike her.  

I really hope she was okay. I want to wish that she hasn’t done anything rash, but knowing Lucy, she probably has. Merlin help us…

“Maybe she’s at breakfast, we should go down and look for her,” Penny suggested.

Miranda and I nodded, and quickly got dressed, all excitement for Hogsmeade gone.


I didn’t even realise today was my date with Fred till we had made it all the way to the Great Hall when the redhead briskly walked over to me and presented me with a bouquet of red roses. 

“Beautiful flowers for my beautiful date,” he announced loudly. I had an inkling his moment of romance was more of an act than it was to make me feel special.  

“Weasley, I told you I wasn’t easily flattered,” I said, clearly not in the mood for jestering with him today but as always, Fred Weasley was oblivious to any change. 

“Oh, so you don’t like the flowers?” 

“They’re lovely,” I assured him, “but to be honest, I don’t like roses.”

“Oh bollocks, this is a bad start to our date, isn’t it?” he lowered his head dismally.  

I quickly patted him on the shoulder. “I won’t count it as part of the date,” I winked. “Let’s just say the date starts in Hogsmeade, yeah?”

“Brilliant!” Fred instantly cheered up. “You’re the best, Keegan.” 

He gave me a peck on the cheek before swiftly bouncing over to the Gryffindor table, a spring now in his step. I chuckled to myself. Fred really was an easily pleased boy. I only wish Lucy had that trait then maybe Seamus could win her affections… 

Speaking of which… Lucy wasn’t in the Great Hall and neither was Seamus! 

“Where are they?” I asked as I took my seat beside Miranda. 

Miranda and Penny shrugged, and both took another surveying look around the vast room. The House tables were only a quarter full as most of the students were waiting to eat brunch in Hogsmeade. It made it easier to quickly assess whether the two were in the Great Hall, but unfortunately for us, they were nowhere to be found. 

I sighed. “I really think this is bad.”

“I know,” Miranda sighed as well. “You know what Lucy’s like when she gets angry at someone.”

“She ignores them, manipulates her way to revenge then fall into a bout of depression over being a bitch,” Penny said. 

“Mental is what she is,” Elbie commented as him, Adam, Marcus and Lizzie came over to sit with us. 

Elbie took a seat beside his girlfriend and gave her a tender kiss on the lips. The two were always bickering but it was simple moments like this that really showed how much they truly cared for each other. 

Wanting to ignore the pang of jealousy, I instead focused my attention to Marcus and Lizzie. I waved hi to the two fifth years and they smiled in response. It was weird to see them sit with us because Marcus and Lizzie usually never hang around us unless it was a match day or there was something that needed to be discussed within the team. Apparently, this spat was something worth discussing. 

“How’s Seamus?” I asked, genuinely concerned about my great big teddy bear.

“In a bit of a state,” Adam told me. “He’s refusing to come to Hogsmeade with us and has closed the curtains to his bed.” 

“Merlin, he really likes her, doesn’t he?” Miranda mused out loud. 

I nodded sadly. I had every ounce of faith that the two were going to end up together, but the road to that point was probably going to be treacherous—especially for Seamus. 

“We were wondering if there was anything we could do,” Lizzie told me, her eyes bright with concern.


Awe, I love Little Lizzie. She had a big heart. It was one of the many reasons why I put her on the team.  

“What could we do?” Adam grumbled. “Unless we shove them both into a broom closet and hope they rip each other’s clothes off.”

There was a loud thud as Penny threw a bread roll at Adam’s face. It promptly bounced onto his plate and left Adam a much happier boy. Probably not the reaction Penny was aiming for but it was Adam. There was literally nothing in the world that could upset him—other than losing a match, losing a girl or losing a friend.  

“That wouldn’t help the situation in the slightest,” Penny pointed out. “It would only piss off Lucy even more.”

“It’s true,” Miranda and I agreed, shaking our heads. 

“So we’re going to do nothing?” Lizzie protested. “We can’t do nothing! Seamus… he’s like… the best person ever! And we have to help him!” 

I smiled at the young girl’s eagerness to help.


“We will do something, love, but we just need a plan. A well-thought out plan,” I said the last bit pointedly at Adam and Elbie. Elbie looked away while Adam smiled sheepishly back at me.

“For now, I think our best course of action is to deter the two from speaking to each other,” Penny directed. “Lucy needs time to cool off and Seamus needs to get his head on straight.” 

“Until we have a plan, we’re going to act as if nothing happened,” Miranda continued for Penny. “So Hogsmeade as usual.” 

I may be the captain on the pitch but off it, Miranda and Penny were definitely the ones in charge. They were different but they both demanded to be heard and respected. Penny was obviously a Prefect and her sense of authority came with the badge but Miranda understood people. She understood when to say things and when to do them.  

All traits I did not possess.


I only had a sense of authority because I claimed it and refused to give it back to anyone else. Also, I was a mental case and probably would claw someone’s eyes out if they even so much as looked at my captain’s badge for too long. 

“Blah, fine! You’re no fun,” Adam pouted before getting up. “But just as well, I’ve got a hot date today.”

“Who?” Marcus asked curiously. 

“Isabel Suarez, that foxy Spanish girl,” Adam said, his eyes glazing over. “So. Unbelievably. Fit.”

Marcus whistled appreciatively, which swiftly caused him to receive a thump to the head by Lizzie. 

“You’re disgusting,” Lizzie scowled before storming off from the Ravenclaw table with Marcus running after.   

“So young and already so whipped,” Adam shook his head sadly. “Kind of reminds me of you, Elbie! Boo ya!” And with that last dig at Elbie, Adam sprinted straight out of the Great Hall—probably to primp himself up for the date.

Sometimes I wonder why we associate ourselves with the idiot but then I remember how he’s an amazing Chaser and forgive him every time. I guess he also had a boyish charm that I’ve come to love and I guess it was also because he was my ex-boyfriend… 

Yeah. I know!  Shocker, right? 

Total lack of judgement on my part! 

Our relationship was literally… hey I like you, cool you’re hot, let’s snog, cool alright, hey I’m bored, yeah me too, okay bye.


Not joking… we were an awful couple. I think it lasted two weeks. 

Speaking of catastrophic relationships, I probably should go get ready for my fake date with Fred Weasley.

Cue heavy exasperated and unexcited sigh. 


“You clean up nice, Weasley,” I smiled in appreciation at his long sleeved blue jumper that accentuated his blue eyes and his dark-washed jeans.

He grinned back at me before giving me the once-over. I could feel his eyes trail down my body and linger just a tad too long on my chest area. “And you too.”

“Okay one way of getting in my good books is to not gawk at me as if I were a piece of meat,” I lectured him. 

Fred chuckled as he offered his arm. “Sorry, m’lady! Shall we go?” 

I laughed and linked my arm with his. We fell into an easy rhythm of joking with one another, so easy that I hadn’t even realised we were already in Hogsmeade till Fred opened the door to the Three Broomsticks for me. I smiled graciously at my date (even if it was fake) and walked into the dimly lit pub. I reckoned Madame Rosmerta did that on purpose—for atmospheric effect. It worked though since there were loads of little two-seater tables with couples doing goo-goo eyes at each other.

Gross… and completely unnecessary! I mean you’re already on the date, you obviously fancy each other, there’s no need to make everyone else in the world know it. 

Was I being bitter because I was on a fake date? Possibly. But I also had an aversion to romance. I think I was allergic…

I gagged and nudged Fred in the rib. “That’s nauseating!”

“Awe, love, I was hoping we could do that,” Fred winked at me, as we took to a table in the far corner. 

“You so much as bat your eyelashes at me and I’m out of here,” I warned. 

Fred chortled with delight before leaving me on my own, muttering about nutty Ravenclaws all the way to the bar.


I don’t see why that was so funny! I was bloody serious!


If he starts telling me my eyes sparkle with the iridescence of the ocean, I was going to vomit in my Butterbeer. 

Romance avoided me and I avoided it. It was just the way I worked. I mean sure, I get jealous of Miranda and Elbie’s loving relationship once in awhile—like this morning, but only because of how at ease the two were with each other. 

I don’t think I could ever be that at ease with a bloke. Not in that way anyhow. 
“Here you go, love,” Fred said whilst placing a pint of Butterbeer before me, and one in front of him. “I’ve asked for a plate of chips to share, hope that’s alright.”

“That’s perfect, cheers,” I grinned as I clinked my pint to his. “So how’s Quidditch going?”

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist asking me that!” Fred accused.

Meh, it’s me. What did you expect, Weasley?

“Oh, shush, so?”

“It’s brilliant,” Fred laughed with a roll of his eyes. “Oliver’s really upped his game this year, you have better come prepared.” 

“Bring it, Freddie boy,” I laughed, challenging him with my eyes. If you could challenge people with your eyes…


To be honest, I could look like a deranged racoon and I wouldn’t even know it. 

“Oh, it’s been brought,” Fred snapped back in a girly voice, which made me burst out into fits of hilarity.

In amidst our laughter, I didn’t notice Oliver run into the Three Broomsticks, his dark hair sticking to his forehead and his eyes wild and frantic, as if searching for someone important. I was too busy enjoying myself to even realise that that someone important was me. 

Oliver raced up to our table and when he looked into my eyes, my heart sank. They were filled with an indescribable emotion that only led me to believe that something bad has happened. I knew those eyes. Oliver and I may have been estranged for many long years but I still knew him. 

“Oliver? What’s wrong?” I questioned him, the fear bubbling inside my stomach, making the Butterbeer overturn inside of me. 

“I… I received a letter, Keegan,” his voice was barely above a whisper. He tried to hide it but I could hear the fear in his voice. I was starting to get more and more anxious as the seconds passed by.  

“Oliver, you’re scaring me, who’s the letter from?”

“It’s from your mother.” 


A/N: OH NO! her mother?! hahaha... hehehehe... evil cliffhanger! i wonder why keegan's mum decided to send a letter to oliver! i wonder what's going to happen with seamus and lucy! and i wonder what happened on adam's date with the hot spanish girl ;) all in due time, my dear readers. anyway, you know the drill! review review and review some more! actually go back and review other chapters and then review! hahaha jk... but if you want. love you all for even bothering to read this!! cheers xxx

P.S. I accidentally said Seamus' last name is Finnegan in the previous chapter, it's O'Connor! Sorry! Facepalm moment! (AND if this has been fixed, ignore this!)

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