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 Lovely CI by UnderPolyJuice@TDA

A.N Just so you know there has been a lapse in time, I don’t know how I managed that one, and it’s actually early spring.

Harry had been back for two weeks now and he was very glad that he was. He had got over the flu he had picked up and loved looking at the new bright weather. He had started to get used to the fact that he was going to be a father. However, he still hadn’t gotten over his feelings for Hermione every time he seen her, his heart skipped a beat and he got a swooping feeling in his stomach. Not that he got to see her much for his own safety he had been confined to living in the Room of Requirement, very few people knew that he was back and that’s the way it had to stay. So, for now he his father and Sirius were living in the room. Dobby the house elf, whom was sworn to secrecy, brought their daily meals up to them dutifully. Harry was so appreciative of Dobby’s efforts that along with the wages that Dumbledore gave him, he made his dad pay the house elf as well.

Today his dad, Sirius and he were sitting down discussing the last known Horcrux that had to be killed; it was going to be very hard considering it was Voldemort’s snake Nagini and it was taking a lot of careful planning to make sure it would be done properly. They were also awaiting a visit from Dumbledore to discuss the option of a possible seventh Horcrux; they were just talking about the subject when there was knocking upon the door. They all looked at each other before James decided to go and answer it.

“What’s the password?” He asked

“Godric Gryffindor” A soft voice replied, confused James slowly opened the door.

“Oh hello Hermione” James said surprised. Harry upon hearing that it was Hermione jumped up from his seat and attempted to tidy his appearance which made Sirius chuckle.

“Were you expecting someone else?” She asked as she looked at the papers and pictures that littered the coffee table in the centre of the room.

“Professor Dumbledore is coming to discuss the possibility of a seventh Horcrux.” Harry said answering her question before James got a chance to. “Is everything alright?” He asked remembering that Hermione rarely spoke to him unless it was important.

“Yes, I’m going for my final baby scan today and I was wondering if you would like to come with me? You haven’t seen the baby yet.” She said in a rush. She was blushing and finding it very hard to turn away from Harry’s bright green eyes.

“Yes of course” Harry replied somewhat eagerly. “Is that ok dad?” He asked.

“Certainly, Sirius and I can entertain Dumbledore until you get back.” Harry nodded and grabbed his jacket and headed out the door after Hermione.


They walked to the infirmary in a very uncomfortable silence. Harry desperately wanted to say something but nothing came to mind. After ten short minutes Harry and Hermione had arrived, they had managed to speak even if it was only for Hermione to tell him off for being out without his invisibility cloak, to which he apologised for and dashed back to the Room of Requirement to get it. After that total silence descended over them once again. Hermione spoke to Madame Pomfrey, who re directed her to a bed and drew some curtains around her. Harry joined them and took his cloak off to reveal his top half and made sure it covered his feet and legs. He sat on a chair beside Hermione in yet another uncomfortable silence.

“OK, Miss Granger let’s get started oh…” Madame Pomfrey said startled. She had just entered the sectioned off bit that Hermione and Harry were staying in and was surprised to find Harry sitting there, as he had not been there before. “When did you arrive?” She asked still somewhat startled.

“I arrived with Hermione, but my invisibility cloak was covering me.” He replied sheepishly.

“Are you OK with him being here Miss Granger?” She asked.

“Yes, I asked him to come.” Hermione replied.

“OK, well let’s begin then shall we? For Harry’s sake I will explain a few things, since it’s your first time. She said smiling brightly. “OK, now I am going to pour some of this clear potion upon Hermione’s stomach, it smokes a little but it helps us to get a clearer picture of the baby.” She explained as she poured the stuff onto Hermione’s belly, Harry listened intently nodding as Madame Pomfrey spoke. “Next, I am going to say the incantation Foetus Revellio and as you can see Mr Potter here is a nice clear image of your son along with his heart beat.” Madame Pomfrey finished and she crept outside of the curtain to give them a moment alone.

“What do you think Harry?” Hermione asked him he had been sitting open mouthed at the image of his son for a full minute without saying a word.

“He’s beautiful.” Harry breathed not noticing that he was crying a little. “He’s tiny.”

“Yeah his last weight was 4lb 7oz I am hoping he has grown a bit since then.” She replied and gently set her hand on top of his. He looked at her for a second and smiled and then went back to staring at the tiny floating image of his son.


Ten minutes later Harry was walking back to the Room of Requirement, he had found out that his son now weight a healthy 5lb 8oz and had grown by three inches to nineteen inches. A good start but, now it was even more real to Harry, he was about to become a father and now had the added worry of keeping his son safe. He had a plan but it was going to be hard to convince Hermione to go along with it. He arrived at the room and knocked the door.

“What’s the password?” He heard Sirius’ voice ask.

“Godric Gryffindor” Harry replied and Sirius opened the door. He walked in to find his father and Dumbledore sitting on the couch, Harry muttered hello and walked over to their kitchenette to pour a glass of water.

“Harry, are you OK?” James asked his son worriedly.

“I saw the baby.” He whispered to his dad and Sirius. “It made all of this even more real, I’m going to be a father, my son is going to be born soon and his life is going to depend on me. Which is why I have to take the most drastic measures to make sure he doesn’t become a victim, I have to make Hermione leave with the baby.” He sipped the last of his water and walked over to where Professor Dumbledore was sitting, before his dad and Sirius had the chance to protest.

“Right Harry no time for formalities we need to get on this as soon as possible.” Dumbledore began as soon as Harry sat down with James and Sirius following suit. “I assume you all have come up with a plan to kill Nagini?” He asked.

“Yes Sir, our plan is to wait until the final fight where we are sure Riddle will use Nagini as a weapon, now we are not sure of the final details yet on how it will be done, but we’re all in understanding that I am the one who has to kill the snake.” Harry replied.

“Good, now Harry can you remind me what a Horcrux is?” Dumbledore asked him, Harry looked at him oddly but answered anyway.

“It is an object that has a piece of a dark wizard soul hidden within it for the purpose of being immortal.” Harry replied.

“Yes indeed, and can you Harry think of anything else that may have a piece of Riddle’s soul in it?”

“No sir.” Harry answered truthfully.

“Well I have found out some rather interesting information. A Horcrux can also be a living creature, as we know from Nagini, but I believe the last Horcrux to be a human being.” Dumbledore said staring at Harry, his deep blue eyes penetrating Harry’s soul, he thought for a second and then became wide eyed. It all made sense.

“Harry you are the only one to have survived the killing curse, your mothers sacrifice for you protect you and destroyed Voldemort, leaving you with that scar.” Harry’s hand automatically reached up to touch his scar, his father and Sirius was watching him intently, with worried expressions on their faces.

“Horcruxes can be human beings.” Harry stated slowly. “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have powers the Dark Lord knows not…And either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives” He quoted. Professor Dumbledore nodded. “Thank you for coming Professor.” Harry said showing him the door, Professor Dumbledore complied despite James and Sirius’ arguments. Just as he was about to leave Dumbledore turned to Harry.

“Protect your son, he is not safe here.” He whispered and walked off.

“Harry will you tell me what’s going on” James snapped.

“I have to get Hermione and the baby out of here they’re not safe here.” Harry said distractedly.

“Why not?” James asked his son.

“It’s happening soon dad, I’m the seventh Horcrux.”

A.N So yet another chapter, I know the time frames are moving along a little fast but I don’t want to drag the story out. So the fight is coming up but there are about six more chapters left of the story. I got the prophecy of the Harry Potter lexicon. Please review.

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