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Disclaimer; I own nothing, unfortunately; apart from my baby OC’s and the plot, the rest goes to JK. 


Captain Hook
Nina Clark



I felt my calf muscles tense as I pressed them harder against the oak tree. It simply reminded me that I had managed to squirm my way in to a position that wasn’t one of the most comfortable. I shifted a little and played with the lens cover on the Nikon camera. The strap was hung around my neck for safe keeping.


Leaning back against the tree trunk, I swung around, moving so that my feet dangled off of the branch and I sat comfortably. I couldn’t touch the floor; I was too high up for that. I had climbed a little high than first thought.


“Look at them,” Scorpius grumbled towards the couple taking a leisurely stroll around the lake. Ten Galleons to whoever can guess the identities of Mr and Mrs Prince Charming. “They should be locked away from our innocent eyes so we don’t have to see their public displays of affection.”


I would have pointed out that Albus and Nina were simply holding hands as they strolled around the lake, but I wanted Scorpius on my side when it came to their relationship. He disliked Nina, he thought she was ‘trashy’, I believe was the way he put it.


Turning the zoom on the camera, I looked through the tiny se-through rectangle and snapped a picture of the lovely couple in question.


Scorpius’ gaze averted to me, looking up, I was sat so that my waist met with his shoulders. He was stood stern, with his arms folded.


“Did you just take a picture of them?” he asked.


I bit down on my lip. “Yes. It will make a good dart bored.”


“If you hit my best friend with a dart, I will make sure that you’re next.”


“I wouldn’t dream of it,” I added. “I’ll just aim for his girlfriend massive head, it shouldn’t be too hard.” I took another picture. “For luck.”


Scorpius turned and clicked his fingers in thought, another action he is used to doing. “What is it you call her? The one from Peter Pan – we used to make Albus play him when we were low on people.”


“Captain Hook.”


“That’s right,” he said. “Do you think if we sawed off her hand and replaced it with a hook it would catch on?”


I furrowed my brow. “I don’t think that you realise just quite how disturbing that is.”


“Oh I realise.” He assured. “I just don’t care.”


I noticed in the far distance, a group of three giggling girls. They were stood across the lake, looking over at Scorpius and I. Years ago I would have been affected by their whispers, but now I did nothing more than find them amusing. They were the gossipers, the mice in Cinderella, but they didn’t work for good.


The girls love Scorpius, now that Albus is unavailable, they have eyes for only him – there are a few still left pining for the emerald eyed boy though. And I want to shoot them all down with my bow and arrow. Unfortunately, they are as entitled to life as you or I.


I saw the tallest of the group, flip her hair over her shoulder and discretely gesture to her friends to do the same. They did. But Scorpius didn’t notice. He has become immune to their attempts. He pulled out a book from his back pocket and unrolled it. Another frequent habit of this boy’s, he rarely went anywhere without a muggle classic.


They looked a little put out as he sat down and leant against the tree trunk. But they hurried off no less. Scorpius’ character is a surprise to those that meet him; he is a quiet one, a caring boy. But he is a Malfoy and has fallen in to the role of one. It’s not a fight against Scorpius unless it’s three against one.


Pulling my messed plait over my shoulder I took another photo, of Scorpius as he read. The bird’s eye view captured nothing, but I knew that he would appreciate it. He appreciated everything.


It was nearing lunch, a time of day that I appreciated more than most. I love the light, yet today it seemed dimmer.


Already today I had been posed, prodded and moved around by Scorpius as he played around with his camera. I didn’t like being in the shot, but I knew it pleased him. He, alike me, would rather be the taker than the taken.


“Ranny, love, can you drop down the camera?” he questioned. I did as he asked.


“What are you going to-“ click. “That’s not very nice.”


He smiled. “You were unsuspecting, a nice expression.”


“Oh Scorpius!” a high pitched call carries through the air. “I didn’t think that I would find you here, by … nature.”


Both the voice and the face caught my attention. Marilyn Chase, one of the three girls from across the lake. She liked to style herself after Marilyn Monroe – down to the mole and all. Her two friends followed her down, one catching her heel in the mud.


I jumped down from the tree and landed gracefully with a thud.


Marilyn seemed startled at my appearance. “Baker, I didn’t think that you would be with him.”


“She’s my best friend,” Scorpius deadpanned. “It’s very likely that on a Sunday, we are going to be together.”


“With your camera,” she added. “How quaint.”


It’s a known fact that she is dying to get on it. Marilyn, alike her name sake, would do almost anything to be on the roll of film Scorpius would produce.


She prodded at her curls.


I wished for a moment that I could prod at mine, rather than just gently attack the birds’ nest I create on my head through careful planning. It’s a look, I assure you. It really is.


“If you don’t mind,” I began. “We were just leaving.”


Marilyn’s eyes narrowed towards me, an expression that Scorpius missed. It wasn’t unusual to me that he misses these. He wasn’t the most observant of people, and the blonde was sneaky. She liked Scorpius and I posed a threat to the minimal amount of time that he is willing to provide her with.


Scorpius sighed. “Come on Ran, let’s go to the kitchens.”


Marilyn squealed. “The kitchens sound nice, don’t they girls?”


Her two friends nodded their heads like obedient dogs.


I held on to the hem of my jumper tightly and looked down at it nervously. I poked Scorpius in the back discretely. I didn’t want to go with them.


By the expression on his face, neither did he.


“Actually, ladies, I was just talking to Ranny.” He apologised. “But another time, eh?”


They looked a little disappointed, although, who wouldn’t. Yet I could see behind it. Marilyn was fuming, she may have been a spoilt Princess, but she always got what she wanted. If she slept on one thousand mattresses, she wouldn’t feel the pea.


I sent an apologetic smile but I knew that it wouldn’t suffice.


Scorpius’ hand found its way in to my back pocket as he pulled me closer. He handed me his camera with his free hand. I held it as if it were a diamond; to me it was. I delicately turned the focus, turning my head with interest as we walked. He led me back towards the castle, away from the lake and guided me through the arch; he knew as well as Albus that it was a rare occasion when I looked where I was going.


I brushed a thick lock behind my ear.


“Scorpius,” I asked. He looked to me. “Why do you tolerate those girls?”


“Why do you?” he rounded.


I offered a shrug. “They scare me. She and her cronies are my roommates, they hide my things.”


If anything, I could see him hide a smile. “You should have no reason to be scared.” He reassured. “They’re not going to hurt you, not really. They are only being petty teenagers, they will get over themselves eventually. But you, Little Ranny, are good company. I would rather spend a lifetime with you than an hour with those girls.”


“Then why do you?”


“Spend time with them?” he questioned again. I nodded. “It’s difficult to explain. They’re good company too,” he said. I felt my face fall a little. “But just in other ways.”


I was quick to catch him meaning. “I still refuse to believe that you let them do, well, that, with you. They’re evil step-sisters.”


“Like those in Cinderella?” he questioned. “Now this is why you’re better general company, you’re entertaining.”


Pretending that I didn’t see the smirk he wore on his features, I bowed my head back to the camera as he tugged on my pocket for direction. I gave in easily and allowed him to pull me around. I was careful not to trip on my own feet, my small brown leather boots reaching no higher than my ankle. I brushed a thick sleeve against my forehead, itching pathetically.


Scorpius lived in a very realistic world. He knew the expectations of which his father expected him to uphold, and so he fulfilled them. He knew the rules of which he had to abide by. He was a Prince, captured and held in a tower. A damsel in distress of sorts – but telling him that would result in my death. And so I keep it to myself. I keep many things to myself.


But I don’t need to voice everything; something’s’ my friends can just tell.


For example, emotions. Scorpius has a talent for reading them, just as I have an ability to match a situation to something I wish that it could be. Some would call that a downfall. I don’t. But it’s Albus that surprises me. He can be so blind to the feelings of others, yet he had always oozed a kindness that makes him approachable. He can calm down the most raging of beings.


I was always one for peace. I never want an argument to occur, or a fight – not in any form. The boys respected that, yet I knew what they did when I wasn’t around; the rumours of Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter are infamous. I would hear the girls’ gossip, the two didn’t get their ‘bad boy’ reputation by sitting around reading stories.


“Here’ a question for you,” Scorpius began. “Seeing as you’re so intrigued to ask about me.”


“Go on.”


He scratched his chin. “Why don’t you try to make friends with them?”


“The girls?” I questioned. He gave a nod. “Because they’re mean. I thought we had covered this – many times.”


“I just mean that maybe you should try to fit in with them,” he sighed.


“What, and beat up a first year, no thank you.”


Scopius ran his free hand through his hair. “That’s not what I mean, Ranny. I meant talk about shoes and clothes, you have a lovely taste in fashion, you always get the latest, a lot of the time before they do – I know for a fact that Marilyn wants the green jumper you’re wearing right now.”


“That’s because you bought it for me,” I rectified. “She would wear a dead carcass if you bought it for her.”


He screwed up his pretty face and sent a look of estranged despair towards me. “Please, for the sake of Circe, can you make an effort with the girls in your dorm? I know they have been evil to you, that’s no excuse, but its bugging Al.”


“What is?”


“The arguments with Nina,” he stated. “I personally have no problem with you staying with us, or being with us, I actually like it. But it ticks off Nina, another factor of which I adore, but it’s not a nice thing when Albus gets angry.”


“But he’s never angry at me,” I said.


“Of course not,” Scorpius pinched my cheek. “One look at your baby face and he would forget what he was angry about. It happens more frequently than you would realise. That’s why he gets annoyed at me. If you made an effort to make some friends that are not boys then Nina will back off.”


“That doesn’t even make sense.” I argued.


He shrugged. “Think about it, you prefer boys, we don’t bitch; we simply get to the point. However, when a pretty little thing such as you comes along and makes friends with these said boys other girls begin to get jealous. In the eyes on Nina, you and Albus are closer than close, you spend so much time with the boys you know more than she knows about us. And if you had a female influence about you …”


I listened as he trailed off and I looked to the floor. “I don’t want you guys to argue.”


“We’re not,” He said. “Al is merely moaning.”


I chewed upon the inside of my cheek. My decision was simple with an obvious answer. “So I will make an effort to talk to the Hufflepuffs, but do I have to communicate with Captain Hook?”


“Woah!” He exclaimed, startled. He stopped in his tracks and held his hands up in a warning position. “I’m simply asking you to befriend some ladies, not a beast. ‘Hookie’ can fend for herself – never may you be pleasant towards her.”


“Why do you dislike her so much?” I questioned.


Scorpius shrugged. “I have my reasons – ones which are none of your business, so wipe that cheeky grin off of your face Maid Marion.”



I swirled my spoon in my tea as I watched Albus eat in the Great Hall. I sat opposite him and smiled as he looked up. I had no interest in eating; I wasn’t hungry. Albus however, seemed to be quite the opposite.


Taking a sip of the warm liquid, blinking as is scolded my throat, I swallowed and smiled once more at Albus.


“Okay,” he said as he dropped his fork on to the table. “What’s up?”


I furrowed my brows together. “Nothing, go back to shovelling food in to your mouth.”


“I can’t with you staring at me!” he rounded, placing two balled fists on to the table. “Ranny, come on, what’s wrong?”


I shook my head. “There’s nothing wrong. Honestly.”


Albus looked back to his plate in front of him. It’s an inherited family trait to inhale food, James, his brother, had it before him – managing to scare the population of Hogwarts with his eating habits, it was no shock when Albus arrived with the same ability. Their younger sister Lily is no better.


It’s long accepted by the family that none are the perfect child. James was the best flier that the school has possibly ever seen. He was accepted to play seeker for Gryffindor  in his first year, yet was moved to play the position of Keeper in his fifth. He was a brilliant player and an amazing Captain. But his academic ability was lacking.


Lily is the complete opposite. She shocked both her mother and father when asked to take the classes of the year above her own within three months of starting the school. She is the brightest Witch of her age, exceeding her own Aunt Hermione with flying colours – tutored by her, herself. Yet if you hand her a broom, she squeals with fear at the mere sight.


The middle child is as expected, mediocre. His Quidditch ability surpassed the requirements needed to be accepted on to the team, yet not good enough to make Captain. His grades were above average, enough to get him noticed, but not the slightest bit near his sister’s achievements. With such a competitive family, it was expected of Albus to work to beat them both – with the potential to do so. Yet he shocked the world when he didn’t do anything of the sort. He did quite the opposite.


Albus had long accepted that he will never be as good a flier as his brother, nor as intelligent as his sister. He is Albus. He was sorted in to Slytherin by the sorting hat, enough to be classed as his downfall when it came to his name. The emerald eyed boy had knowingly inherited his father’s temper. He could brood for England – and win. But being in Slytherin, the house of the sly, this worked in his favour. It’s known that you don’t cross an angered Albus Potter, especially not when a wand is in his possession.


But to me, he is the most special of the Potters.


“I know you,” he said quietly, leaning over the table. “You don’t watch me eat unless you’re thinking about something, and you don’t drink tea that fast unless you’re upset – combined, it could be lethal.”


I resisted the urge to laugh. “It’s fine Ally, really. I’m just thinking.”


“That’s never good,” he teased. “Just don’t hurt yourself, eh, love?”


I resisted the new urge to slap him but simply smiled instead. “I’ll have you know my brain is incredibly adequate for thinking, more so than yours.”


“Ooh, feisty today are we?”


“Drop it Robin.” I threatened. “I spent the day with Scorpius and had to deal with Marilyn.”


“And the evil step sisters?” he asked.


I nodded. “And them too.” Albus looked a little revolted. “I still don’t understand how Scorpius can talk to them.”


“Because talking isn’t what he uses them for.”


“I know that,” I admitted sharply. “Scorp admits that on a regular basis.”


“Then is that’s what bothering you?” he pressed. “Scorpius is hanging out with those girls and you’re upset with him?”


“A little,” I admitted. “I’m going to try and talk with them, about shoes and make up and be frilly and girly.”


Albus held in a laugh by pressing his fist to his mouth. He disguised it as a cough. Badly. “Come on Ranny, that’s not going to happen; you think they’re evil.”


“But I’m going to,” I practically promised. “I am going to get a female influence in my life. I was raised by a man; my two best friends are boys and anyone else that I would consider talking to are of the male gender too.”


“That’s because you find girls boring.”


“I know,” I admitted. “But I’m going to try and be friends with them.”


Albus shook his head. “They have tormented you for years.”


I shrugged.


Scorpius’ point had only begun to make sense to me later on that day. Albus and I were close, we knew everything about each other – but I knew there were things that he kept from me. I didn’t press them. To Nina, I could be a threat in how close she is with Albus. He would tell me things that he didn’t feel comfortable discussing with her and that isn’t what she was looking for when it came to a relationship.


“But it will make things easier for you,” I said.


He rolled his eyes and let his head tip sideways in to his palm. “Is this because of Nina? Ranny, you know not to worry about that. She doesn’t like our friendship, so what? She can’t do anything about it. Me and you are going to be friends long after me and Nina are over, she’s going to have to accept it.”


“When you’re over?” I echoed. “Are you thinking of break up with her?”


His eyes widened a little. “What? No, not at all. I just mean that when I look in to the future, it’s not her I see myself sitting in a living room with, married and in love, surrounded by kids and money. But I do see you in my future, you and Scorpius.”


I didn’t know whether to be excited at the fact he expected us to be friends for that long, or disappointed at the fact that I wasn’t in the married section of his outlook.


Pulling my hair over my shoulder, I sighed. “Ally, it’s not healthy in a relationship to doubt it. When you’re in one, a good one, you can see them in your future.”


“But that’s not what I want from Nina,” he said quietly so no one else could hear. “Don’t get me wrong, she’s lovely, she’s kind, but she just isn’t the girl that I want to take home to meet my family.”


“Oh yes,” I challenged. “And Marilyn Chase is?”


“I have never considered bringing her home!”


I smirked at his sudden draw back and outburst. His fringe stuck up a little on his forehead.


Scorpius had never shown up for dinner, neither had Marilyn. I decided to overlook that fact and simply pretend that he was doing homework and that Marilyn ceased to exist. Albus and I were enjoying the small amount of time that we had together.


But just as the fates had promised, it didn’t last long.


Nina walked over from the Gryffindor table, Rose not far behind her and kissed Albus on the cheek. She pulled her long hair over her shoulder and smiled smuttily. Albus’ lips met hers with a smile. I continued to swirl my tea.


The hands of a Quidditch player from the Hufflepuff team found their way to the Sherriff’s waist and she smiled. Rose Weasley always was a little promiscuous. I swirled my tea faster, the liquid threatening to spill over the edges.


They left for a midnight stroll – at dinner time. I found the raised eyebrow of a Slytherin roommate of the boys meet mine. He smiled sadly and moved to sit next to me. Thomas Gates always was the nice one in their group. He made good company for me when the boys were busy or otherwise detained. He used to play the axe man in Red Riding Hood or one of the lost boys in Peter Pan. He was always in our games.


“Are you in with us tonight, Ran?” he asked kindly.


I shook my head. “I’m not wanted. But thank you. I will brave the harpies tonight,”


“Good luck,” Tom smirked. “But Ranny, you’re always wanted; don’t get it in to your head that you’re not.”


Biting down on my index finger tip a little, I smiled. “Thank you Thomas. But I have to go and see whether the girls will give me back my duvet, I saw it hanging from a portrait in the Common Room yesterday.”


As I turned to leave, as terribly high pitched feminine giggle tore through the air. “Oh Al – you are the sweetest.”


I didn’t need a magic wand to tell who that was.


An; Horary for a quick update; the staff are brilliant, the queue is only hours long!

This chapter shows a little more of Albus, but not quite enough for his personality to shine through like the brooding boy that he is! Don’t forget to leave me a review - and to tell me what you think of it so far – be it the characters, or the plot. :D

Thank you for reading; I hope you’re enjoying it so far! If you have a spare moment, please drop by my MTA page and ask me some questions!

The next chapter is called Tinkerbell, it’s all about Ranny and Albus – well, their relationship. I hope that you enjoy! If you’d like to make predictions about what comes next, I won’t fault them :D

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