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Lovely CI by UnderPolyJuice@TDA

Harry reached the gates of Hogwarts in no time at all and rushed in, he rushed past the students and friends not really seeing or hearing anybody, the only thing that was on his mind right now was Hermione. As he reached the infirmary he could hear Sirius, and Professor Dumbledore talking, he took a minute to steady his breathing before walking through the double doors.

“Harry?” Sirius asked in a dumbfounded manner, he pulled Harry in to a tight hug. “What are you doing here?”

“I heard Professor Dumbledore’s phoenix saying that Hermione was ill so I came back. Where is she? Where is dad?

“Harry?” Someone croaked from behind them, Sirius stepped back to reveal a tired looking James who had a look of pure disbelief on his face. He stood looking and his son taking in his shabby appearance, he had gotten skinny and looked pasty, finally James snapped out of his trance and hugged his son whom accepted it gratefully.

“James he heard Hermione was ill” Sirius supplied.

“It survived” He said knowing full well that Sirius and Dumbledore knew what he meant.

“What survived?” Harry asked confused.

“Harry, Hermione was in an accident” He began explaining “She was in Hogsmede when there was a Death Eater attack; Bellatrix used the cruciatus curse on her.” James paused there letting the news sink into his son before he gave him the life changing news. “Harry before you left the second time Hermione found out that she was pregnant, she was trying to get up the courage to tell you before you left.” James paused again; Harry was shaking his head saying no over and over again. “Luckily enough Hermione and the baby both survived, he’s quite a fighter.” He finished and Harry stared dumbly at him.

“He, it’s a boy?” Sirius asked and James nodded smiling slightly

“Harry” James said cautiously after two minutes of silence.

“I’m going to be a father? We’re having a baby boy?” He asked as if he hadn’t heard what his father said correctly. James only nodded and watched his son closely; he had a very pale complexion. “Oh my merlin, I need to sit down.” He said and sat on the floor against the wall looking shocked.

“Are you OK son?” James asked uncertainly.

“I…um I” He stuttered then shook his head. “How far gone is she?” He finally asked.

“Six months” James replied.

“Six months?” Harry repeated and James nodded his head slowly, then Harry has a look of realization on his face and jumped up scaring James. “Oh my merlin, I left!” He stated. “She’s six months pregnant and I left, I am such an ass hole.” He ranted.

“Harry you didn’t know, I know and she knows that if you knew about the baby you wouldn’t have left, you are not an ass hole.” James said more sternly.

“She’s going to hate me.”

“I’m sure she’ll come around.” Sirius said.

“No!” He suddenly exclaimed making the others jump, he was acting rather oddly. “She’ll have to go into hiding, they both will when he’s born, Voldemort will kill them.” He said clearly panicked.

“Harry we can think of something.” James said worriedly, he never seen his son like this.

“No it has to be this way, I’m not going to let them die, I have to protect them. Can I see her?” He asked.

“She says she wants no visitors, she may not want to see you.” James replied.

“Please I need to see her” Harry begged. James nodded and opened the door for him.


“I said I didn’t want any visitors James” Hermione yelled when she heard the door click, she then turned around and saw who it was. She stared at him for a few minutes, taking in his ill appearance. “You’re back…” She stated.

“I heard you were very ill I came back because I was scared I might lose you, dad just told me everything.” He said looking at her neat bump and she cradled it instinctively. “Can I come closer please?” He asked and she nodded, he walked over to her and bent down to her belly, he gently reached out and touched her stomach he smiled at the feeling of it and then felt something move making his jump back in surprise. “What was that?” He asked.

“Just him kicking at you’re touch, it’s OK, it’s perfectly normal for him to do that.” She replied still looking at him shocked, he nodded and touched the bump again.

“Can I talk to him?” He asked again and she nodded. “Hello son, I’m your daddy.” He began nervously, he looked at Hermione again and he realised that her features had softened. “I’ve only just found out about you and I want to say how very sorry I am that I left you and your mother, I’m a complete jerk. I want you to know that I’m going to do everything that I can to protect you and your mother, I swear.” He finished and kissed the bump making Hermione close her eyes at the touch. He stood up and wiped the tear away that had escaped her eye and kissed every single cut that was on her face and brushed against her lips, she looked at him and then threw her arms around him surprising him at first but he quickly recovered. He pulled away then kissed her again this time it was deeper and lasted longer however she soon pushed him away.

“No Harry.” She shouted.

“Sorry” He muttered back.

“You can’t just come in her with an apology and a kiss and think you can make it all better.”

“I know I’m sorry” He repeated.

“I went through hell these last three months, wondering if you had died or if you were sick. It’s too painful for me Harry; I can’t let myself fall into this again.”

“Please don’t Hermione, I did it for you I did it to protect you.” He cried in a frustrated manner.

“I’m sorry Harry.” She whispered as the tears flowed down her cheeks. “It’s over.”

“No, please I love you.” He said grabbing onto her.

“I love you too but I just can’t do it any more, I’m not strong enough.”

“What about my son? I want to be in his life” He asked.

“You can see him whenever you like.” She responded and gently pushed him off her. “I think you should go.” She whispered.

“No please.” He begged.

“Go Harry” She said more firmly. He sighed defeated and got up and left, leaving her to cry alone.


“Harry what happened?” James asked his crying son, when he had appeared they had decided to wait outside the infirmary after they heard shouting.

“She left me.” He whimpered before breaking into another fit of sobs. James immediately rushed forward and hugged him close. “What am I going to do without her, I can’t live without her.” He cried into his dads shoulder.

“You’ll learn to in time but you’ve got to think about your son now, you can’t give up you’ve got to do this for him.” James said, he sat holding his son for ages contently, he had waited so long for this and he never wanted to let go.

“I’m sorry dad, for all I put you through.” Harry said softly.

“It’s OK son, I know why you did it, it broke my heart when you left, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”

“You’re not going to lose me, because I made a promise to my son that I am going to do everything to protect him and his mother and that’s starts by bringing Voldemort down.” He said standing up. James and Sirius were just about to protest when Harry spoke again. “And I want you two to help me.”

A.N Sorry it’s short but that’s all I could get for this chapter. It took me days to plan and days to write this chapter. Please tell me what you think in the little box below xx.

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