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Disclaimer: noo i dont own harry potter and the other characters! lol

Chapter 9

"Oh Miss Granger, lay back down." Madam Pomfrey hurried to Hermione's side.

Hermione looked up confusingly and mumbled, "What happened?"

"You been petrified." Madam Pomfrey explained. "Here drink this. It helps you relax."

Hermione drank it in one gulp and laid back down, watching the nurse care for the other petrified victims waking up.

"Great." A voice drawled from the entrance door.

She turned her head and scowled when she saw Draco walking towards her. "What do you want?"

Draco glared at her and tossed a bag in her bed. "The professors asked me to give you your work back."

She grabbed her bag and sighed with relief seeing her all year school work. She put the bag away and tried to settle back into bed. She noticed Draco was still standing by her side and asked, "Anything else?" Suddenly realizing Draco was staring at her intensely, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

Draco pointed to the necklace around her neck. "Where did you get that?"

"What?" Hermione asked in a confused tone. She raised a hand and traced the necklace's bead with her fingers. "Oh, it's nothing. I got it when I was a child."

Draco continued staring at her. "How?"

She raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean how? And why do you care, Malfoy?"

Before Draco could answer back, Harry and Ron shoved the door open.

"HERMIONE!" They yelled in unison, surprise and happiness in their faces when they saw their friend was awake and unpetrified.

Hermione beamed, "HARRY! RON!"

Harry and Ron rushed towards her side and engulfed her with hugs.

"We've missed you!" Harry cried, letting go of her.

Hermione felt her eyes watering with contentment as Ron let her go.

"You solved it! You solved it!" She beamed, clutching into their arms.

"Pathetic." Draco muttered, glaring at the trio.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione snapped their head at his direction as if they just realized he was there.

"What's he doing here?" Ron asked, feeling suspicious.

"He came to drop off my end of the year school works." Hermione explained, pointing towards her bag.

Ron nodded and turned back to Draco. "Well you can leave now, you know."

"His father came to visit Dumbledore while I was there." Harry said, looking at Draco.

Draco shifted his attention to Harry and raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"Mr. Malfoy is here?" Hermione asked curiously. "What for?"

"I think he put the diary of Tom Riddle in Ginny's belongings. I saw it during Diagon Alley, I just didn't say anything at the time." Harry explained to his friends.

Draco felt his face reddening. How dare he make stuff up. "Spreading rumors, Scarhead?"

"Also, I freed Dobby." Harry continued proudly. "He deserved to be a free elf."

Draco's jaw dropped. "Quit lying, Potter."

"Hey Malfoy, did you know your father also got sacked as school governor?" Ron snickered, enjoying Draco's embarrassment.

Draco glared at Harry and Ron and lingered his gaze at Hermione, causing her to blush.

"Leave him alone you guys. He's not worth it." Hermione said, giving him a sharp look.

Harry and Ron agreed and sat next to her, explaining to her everything she missed while she was petrified. She glanced at Draco, who gave her a blank expression, as he walked away.

After the feast, she bumped into him and noticed he's been walking around the castle looking resentful and sulking all over the place.

"Why is he acting all weird?" Hermione muttered to herself. She took a deep breath and traced the necklace again.

Deciding against her better judgment, she followed him silently. They reached to a place near the black lake, away from Hogwarts. Hermione turned around nervously, not wanting to get caught, especially with Draco Malfoy.

She accidentally stepped in a leaf, causing Draco to whip his head around, facing her.

"What are you doing, Granger?" Draco snapped, watching her as she paused.

Make an excuse! Make an excuse! "Walking." She shrugged, sitting on a nearby walk and staring at the lake.

Draco continued looking at her and frowned, "Well can you get out of my sight, Mudblood? Seeing you is damaging my eye sight."

She didn't want to admit it, but that kind of hurt. "Then don't look at me."

From the corner of her eye, she saw Draco shake his head and turned back to the lake.

It was an uncomfortable long silence, that Hermione couldn't take it. "You okay?" She asked.

Draco's eyes widened slightly and glanced at her. "Why do you care, Granger?"

"Just asking." She muttered, "You been walking around looking so lifeless."

He smirked, "Never realized you were studying me. What's it about? You want to learn the difference between a Pureblood and a Mudblood?"

Hermione felt her anger boiling, and tried to take a few deep breaths. "Enlighten me."

"What?" Draco asked, facing her.

"What's the difference between a Pureblood and a Mudblood?"

"You have dirty blood and my blood's pure? I was meant to be a magical being, but you were born through Muggles, meaning you're just a copy. But Pureblood's like me, are the originals." Draco said proudly.

That's Herminee you're talking to, git. Draco reminded himself. He couldn't help it, he was a little angry with her. How can she not recognize him as the boy she befriended as a child? Unless she already knows, but doesn't want to admit it?

"You never answered my question." He said suddenly before she could reply back.

She frowned, "What question?"

He took a deep breath and asked, "Where did you get that necklace around your neck?"

Why does he care? Hermione asked herself. She looked at her necklace and took it off. "I told you, I got it when I was a child."

"Yes but how?" Draco pressed on.

It took few long seconds before Hermione answered back. "It's a friendship necklace. My childhood best friend and I have the same one, except different color bead. Mine's pink and his is blue. I haven't seen him in so long but his name's Drake."

Draco's heart began thrumming hard against his chest again. So it's true! Draco confirmed to himself. He really is talking to Herminee now. But why doesn't she recognize him?

Clearing his throat, he asked, "Where is he?"

She sighed deeply, "I don't know." She glanced at him and frowned, "But it's funny."

"What's funny?" Draco said, not meaning to sound harsh.

"You kind of resemble him." She shrugged, turning her attention back to her necklace.

I am him, Granger! He wanted to scream that to her, but only kept it to himself. "How do you know I'm not him?"

He heard Hermione snort, making him look at her.

She smirked, "Because. From what I remembered, Drake was a nice little boy. Quite the opposite of your nasty self. However, I remembered he and I got into a fight, I just forgot what it was about." She looked sad, "After that, we never spoke to each other. Oh I wish I remember!"

He remembered.

Draco looked down, feeling guilt bubbling inside him. "We can't see each other anymore, Herminee."

"Why not?" She stomped on one foot stubbornly.

From the corner of his eye, he could see Blaise giving him a sign saying the adults are almost done with their meeting.

He shoved his guilt aside and glared at Hermione once more, "I don't like you as a friend anymore. Father says your kind is filthy and dirty. I don't want mother to get mad at me for contaminating myself with the likes of you. Go away, leave me alone or else- Or else I'm going to tell on you!" He shoved pass Hermione hard, causing her to fall to the ground.

He stole a glance at Hermione and felt the palm of his hands beginning to moist. Calm yourself, Draco! He demanded to himself.

"Anyway," Hermione's voice interrupting his memory. "You sure you're okay?"

He couldn't change his attitude yet. He wants to wait until Hermione remembers him as Drake. So, he decided to be his nasty Draco self for now. "None of your business, Mudblood."

The hurt on her face made him feel like a complete fool. "I was just trying to help, Malfoy."

"Well don't." He snapped. "I told your bodyguards while you were petrified that I was disappointed you didn't die. I knew a Mudblood died the last time the Chamber was open. It really was a pity no one died this year, especially you."

Hermione gasped softly and gripped her wand tightly. "You really are an arrogant foul creature." She stood up and decided against herself to hex him. She quickly rushed away from him, looking for Harry and Ron.

Draco stared at her retreating form and sighed sadly. He untucked his own necklace and glanced at it. He wanted nothing more than to get up and grab her, tell her he's Drake, and to please open her eyes and see what's in front of her.

But he couldn't. Not with his father lording around the school today.

Please remember me. He thought to himself, grasping the necklace. Sighing, he put it back on and glared at the lake. He missed Herminee. He missed being innocent without his brain being filled with all this Pureblood and Mudblood nonsense.

"If only I had a time turner." He muttered softly.

"Talking to yourself, Mate?" Blaise smirked, walking by his side.

Draco smirked back and got up. "What's up?"

"Student's are getting ready to go back to the train. You ready to go?" Blaise asked.

Draco nodded and followed him walking to the castle.

"Did you see Granger's back?" Blaise asked.

Draco nodded, not saying anything.

"Crabbe owes me 10 galleons. He had bet that the Muggle-borns in the hospital wouldn't wake, but I said it will." He continued.

Again, Draco didn't say anything except grunt to show he was listening.

"You okay, Draco?" Blaise asked, concern written in his face.

Draco looked up and tried to give him a reassuring smile. "Just want to go home."

Blaise nodded furiously, "I know what you mean. So glad second year's over. Hopefully third year will be better, yeah?"

''Yeah." Hopefully Granger will remember me too. He thought to himself. "Second year is bloody confusing."

Blaise nodded in agreement. "I agree with you, mate. Oh look, there's Potter, Weasley, and Granger."

Draco looked up and saw the three carrying their luggage. He stared at Hermione and wanted to smack himself for not realizing how similar Herminee and Hermione was.

He watched as the wind blew her hair wildly all over the place. She dropped her luggage and tied her rebellious hair up into a pony tail. Picking up her bag, she noticed Draco staring at her, causing to blush which confused him even more. Why is she blushing? She shifted her hair to the side and ignored him.

How could he not have noticed? The first thing that caught his attention when he first saw her was her big hair.

"What are you looking at?" Pansy asked, walking towards them with Crabbe and Goyle behind her.

Draco broke his gaze from Hermione and shrugged at his friends. "Nothing. Let's go, I want to leave."

"Why was the git looking at you?" Ron asked, shooting daggers at Draco and his friends with his eyes.

Hermione snickered, "Who knows. He has no interests in Muggle-borns, remember? Now come on, Ginny wanted to tell us something in the train."

They rushed inside the train, and waited til they all entered the Muggle world together.

At least she shows some short civility towards him! and yes, Hermione will remember him in third year! =)

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