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 Author's Note : Hey there everyone! It's amazing, the queue this morning is currently empty! I've been updating all of my stories like crazy. I love it :) I only wish I had finished chapter 13 of this now : . Oh well! Here's chapter 12. It's more of a filler chapter than anything unfortunatly, hopefully the next will be better! Also, thanks Enchatress@TDA for this amazing chapter image!!


            Draco bolted upright, a cold sweat covering his body. His room was dark, his drapes closed to block out any source of light from reaching his eyes. He couldn’t remember what he had been dreaming about, but he was sure it was a nightmare. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, groaning in the process. He had the worst headache he ever remembered having, each throb seeming like it would crack his head open. Staggering, he made his way to the bathroom, trying to recall what had happened the night before. He rummaged through the drawers under the sink until he found what he was looking for; a vial of Mr. Mullpeppers Cure for the Common Hangover. Downing the bottle in one gulp, he made his way over to the shower, turning the hot water all the way up and stepping in, letting last night slowly come back to him.

            He twirled Hermione around, her brown curls flying in the process. Before he could stop himself, he placed a hand on each side of her face and brought his lips crashing down on hers. It was only a single snog, though he let his lips rest on hers for some time; her lips were so soft and gentle all he could think about was spending the entire night snogging her. After a little while though, he didn’t feel her responding to him and when he pulled back, he saw the look of utter shock on her face. Disappointment flooded him and he heard Ginny gasp somewhere below. Turning around, he fled to his bedroom, trying to shake the look of her surprise from his mind. He rummaged through the bottom of his trunk and pulled out a bottle of Firewhiskey he had stowed away over the summer. He sat on the edge of his bed, taking a swig of the burning drink every so often; trying to think of what had compelled him to snog her. It was some time before he heard a knock on his door and the distant voice of Blaise calling his name, which he ignored.

            After some time, he dropped the empty bottle onto his floor, hearing again, a knock on his door, though this time, the voice was of Harry, asking to come in. The last thing that Draco saw was a creak of light coming from the opening door before his head hit the pillow, passing out for the rest of the evening.


            Hermione opened her eyes, the morning sun finding its way through the fabric of her sheer curtains and onto her face. She sat up stretching and rubbed her tired eyes before getting out of bed to exam her appearance. The once beautiful hair from last night was now a tangled mess and the mascara she had worn to compliment her eyes now gave her the appearance of a raccoon. She sighed and made her way to the bathroom, taking the ruby and silver barrette out of her hair. Stepping into the shower, the events from last night flooded her mind, taking over her thoughts.

            Draco placed both his hands on each side of her face and snogged her passionately, his warm lips resting against hers as he held her face tight. She had expected his lips to be cold and hard, she wasn’t sure why, and the warmth of them certainly surprised her. Her mind had temporarily gone blank, only focusing on his lips and the boy that was sending an electric current through her body. She couldn’t believe that this was happening, especially in front of everyone below; she knew they were all watching the scene before them with wide eyes. Sooner than she would have hoped, he pulled away from her, examining her expression, she knew her face probably looked like she was shocked, seeing as she certainly was. A small gasp sounded from Ginny below, which seemed to bring Draco back to reality and before she could stop him, he ran past her down the stairs and into his bedroom, slamming the door behind himself.

            Walking down the stairs in a trance like state, Hermione had only one thing on her mind. It had been a simple snog, nothing too romantic and certainly no tongue, though it wasn’t like anything she had ever experienced. She sat down slowly between Ginny and Rebecca, not paying attention to everyone else around her.

            “What is going on between you and Draco? Why did he kiss you?” she heard Ginny ask, though she had a hard time opening her mouth and actually replying. Instead, the only thing that came to mind was the way her skin had tingled when he touched her.

            “Malfoy and Terry both asked her to the ball on the same day, though, as everyone clearly saw, she picked Terry.” Harry then replied. She thought back to the day Draco had asked her to the ball, the way he looked and the effort he went through to set up that dinner for her, and she still chose Terry, which only made her feel guilty.

            “Good thing, too; befriending him is one thing, but dating him is a complete other. Thank Merlin ‘Mione’s got her head on straight.” Sounded the voice of Ron.

            “But I think, it’s actually quite weird if you think about it, but, I think Draco likes Hermione. He set up this whole thing for her to ask her out.” Harry said, defending her or Draco, she wasn’t sure; most likely both.

            “He did seem really into the kiss.” Rebecca said thoughtfully.

            “But he’s Malfoy. I mean, yeah he’s changed a little, he’s been a pretty good mate, but he’s Slytherin.” Ron said, trying to emphasize the point.

She let out a sigh, coming back to the present and leaving the shower to get dressed and ready for the day ahead. Throwing on a pair of jeans and an old white t-shirt, she walked over to her window, looking out onto the grounds. The Durmstrang ship had disappeared from the Black Lake and Hagrid and Madam Maxime were saying goodbye next to the Beauxbatons carriage. She turned around and faced the empty trunk lying open at the edge of her bed and sighed, once again, knowing that she had to spend her day packing, the train home would be leaving tomorrow. She waved her wand towards her dresser and nightstand, various things storing themselves neatly in the bottom; then she went through her closet, pulling out different articles of clothing she might want to wear, folding them neatly before placing them in her trunk.

            It took about a half hour of her time, but she finished packing her trunk, happy that she was able to fit all of her school books in without having to use an expansion charm. Pleased with herself, she headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast, spotting Harry halfway along the table, sitting by himself. Making her way over to him, she smiled happily, taking a seat across from him.

            “Good morning, there. How are you today?” he asked her as he set down his cup of coffee.

            “I’m doing well, I’ve already finished packing for break and I didn’t even have to add an expansion charm to my trunk to fit my books.” She replied brightly.

            “You would be excited over that.” He said chuckling. “Have you spoken to Malfoy yet?”

            “No, I haven’t seen him since…last night.” She said, her cheeks slightly turning pink at the thought of the blonde haired boys lips on hers.

            “What are you going to say to him when you do see him?” Harry asked curiously.

            “I have no idea, I’m more worried about the awkward factor really.” She replied thoughtfully, pouring some tea into a cup. Harry tilted his head, considering this as Ginny walked over to the table, sitting down and giving her a look that clearly meant she was in trouble.

            “Hermione Granger how could you not tell me about you and Draco Malfoy?!” her red haired friend hissed at her angrily, not bothering to eat breakfast, focusing all her attention on her. She had to admit, when Ginny was angry, she was greatly reminded of Mrs. Weasley at times.

            “Honestly, I wasn’t sure how you would react. I didn’t tell anyone. I was worried everyone would get upset and make a big deal over it and I would have a lot to explain. It was just easier not to tell.” She answered honestly, hoping that Ginny would understand.           

            “If you didn’t tell anyone then how did Harry know?”

            “Draco told him, it was part of this plan to ask me to the ball.” Ginny seemed to contemplate this for a moment before giving in to a smile.

            “I understand your reasoning, and I suppose, I’m alright with it; though you better not do it again.” Ginny said in an almost commanding tone.


            Blaise walked into Draco’s room, closing the door behind him. He saw Draco in the center of the room, sitting next to an open trunk, piles of clothes all around him as he folded each item. As Blaise entered, he looked up and shrugged to everything around him.

            “I never quite got the hang of that folding spell.” He said as he folded a pair of pants and placed them in his trunk.

            “Why did you hide away last night?” he asked, getting straight to the point. He knew Draco would be to stubborn to talk about it unless he was forced and Blaise knew he needed to talk about what happened.

            “No idea.” He said, focusing fully on his clothes.

            “Don’t lie to me mate, you know I’ll keep asking till you give up the truth.”

            “I just, freaked out. Everyone was looking and her face was just, shocked. I couldn’t face her, what if she turned me down, or rejected me, in front of everyone? It was easier just to come in here.”

            “You need to talk to her, though, before break. If you wait till after, it’ll be too late.” He said, sitting down next to him. Draco stood up, making the motions to shoo him from the room, saying he would get right on that and before Blaise could object, he was pushed from the room and the door was shut in his face.


            Hermione stood in the doorway of her balcony holding her arm out as Theo stood on it. She admired the owls’ beauty and stroked it gently.

            “I’m going to need you to deliver this letter to my parents. When it’s delivered though, don’t fly back, stay there and rest. I’ll be there tomorrow and until then, just keep Crookshanks company will you?” she asked before throwing the owl into the air, watching his wings spread as he took flight, gliding along the wind currents. As she turned back into her room, a knock sounded on the door and sitting on her bed she told whoever it was to come in. Draco walked in, leaving the door slightly ajar before taking a seat on the edge of her bed. She watched him quietly, not sure what to expect.

            “I’m sorry for snogging you in front of everyone like that last night; and running off to my room after.” He said as he looked into her eyes.

            “Why did you do it?” she asked him, worried he would make some excuse like he had before.     

            “Isn’t it obvious? You of all people should know the answer to this. You’re one of the cleverest witches in the country.” He said, his voice one of surprise. She continued to look at him with a confused expression waiting for him to continue. “I like you Hermione, more than just a friend. I asked you to the ball to be my date, I planned out exactly how I would ask you so you couldn’t say no, yet, you did. You surprised me, you showed me that you’re not the average girl. You don’t fawn over me like all the others, you’re stubborn and irritating and beautiful, all at once. You also showed me that you can clearly take care of yourself and I shouldn’t worry about you, though I do. I have feelings for you Hermione.” He finished, moving to where she was standing on the balcony. She didn’t know what to say to him. She knew she had enjoyed the snog, but it had been just that, nothing more. Sure, there was no denying that she found him pleasing to the eye, but she also found him to be infuriating at times. They had developed a friendship, but there were times when he would go a week or two without talking to her, just because he was upset.

            “I…well, I just…I don’t know what to say…” she answered honestly, looking down at her hands as she fiddled with the edge of her t-shirt.

            “I’m not pressuring you to do anything or make any decisions on how you feel about me right now, just simply explaining last night to you.” He reassured her. “If you want to give this a chance, then I’m right here, if you don’t, I’ll still be here, just as your friend.” He got up to leave, making his way to her door when she called him back.

            “Wait, uhm…are you leaving for break?” she asked him, not wanting him to go just yet.

            “Yes, I’ll be spending Christmas at the manor; my father recently was released from Azkaban for ‘good behavior’ which means that someone was paid off.” He said, slightly annoyed, which didn’t go unnoticed.

            “That’s nice that your father will be home for the holidays, though.” She said, trying to stay optimistic.

            “What will you be doing?”

            “I’ll just be spending it with my parents, it’s been so long since I’ve spent a holiday with them and I’m really looking forward to it.” She said, a smile spreading across her face as she thought about seeing them soon.

            “That sounds like a pleasant way to spend your break. I must get back to packing now, I’m only half way done.” He said. She wanted to call to him a second time and ask him to write to her, though she felt as if it would give him the wrong impression and kept the idea to herself.


            Ron brought his lips to her face gently, before breaking away.

            “Bye, Ronnie-poo. I’ll see you tomorrow on the train, right?” Lavender asked as she backed up towards the portrait hole to the Gryffindor tower.

            “Yes, I’ll meet you on the train.” He replied, watching her smile and turn around to climb through the portrait hole. He walked back to the Head’s common room, his thoughts on Christmas and his mother’s cooking, making his stomach rumble. The best part of coming home was the meals that were waiting for him. He entered the common room, making a mental note to ask his mother to make some gingersnaps when he noticed Harry sitting on the couch reading some book.

            “Already done packing?” he asked, flopping down next to him.

            “I’m staying here for the holidays, there’s no reason for me to pack.” He replied, his voice melancholy.

            “You’re cancelling on us? Mum’s going to throw a fit, that’s for sure.” Ron replied, shaking his head in dismay.

            “Cancelling?” Harry asked.

            “Yeah, cancelling. Didn’t I tell you mum invited you over? She told me to let you know months ago? Blimey, I thought by now it was just a given, what with you having no where else to go and all.” Ron said, surprise etched onto his face. He watched his friends face light up and a grin spread across. Jumping up, Harry ran over to his room, packing everything he could find into his trunk.


            Hermione walked into Harry’s room, wanting to get out of her own. As she entered she noticed his happy expression and it put a smile on her face; she loved him like a brother and if he was happy, so was she. He was running around his room, throwing everything into his trunk in a piled mess.

            “What’s put you in such a brilliant mood?” she asked smiling, taking a seat on his bed.

            “I’ve been invited to the Weasley’s for Christmas.” He replied, his eyes shining with delight.

            “That’s really nice. You’re always invited there, it’s pretty much a given now, though. Could this joy be from the fact that you’ll be spending a lot more time with Ginny in the near future?” she asked, knowing exactly why her friend was so thrilled.

            “She asked me to dance last night, Neville had gone to get drinks or talk to someone, and we danced. It was nice, it felt like old times again, I’m sure she felt what I was feeling too. It was like, something clicked back into place, you know?”

            “I’ve known you two were meant to be since our sixth year. I watched the way you looked at her when you thought no one was looking, and the way you acted when her name was brought up or she was near by. I’m happy that you’re happy.” She said as Harry continued running around his room, throwing things into his trunk until, finally, it was full. He tried closing the lid on the massive amount of junk he had just thrown in there, sitting on it in hopes of making closing it easier. Hermione rolled her eyes and motioned for Harry to get up. Opening the lid, she waved her wand over the mess of his trunk, everything flying out and folding itself in midair before floating back into the trunk in neat, organized, piles.

            “What would I do without you?” he asked her, pulling her into a hug.

            “I honestly have no idea.” She laughed; glad to know he relied on her as much as she relied on him.


            Hermione lugged her trunk onto the Hogwarts Express, ready to see her family and Lizzie. As she walked down the corridor, her trunk rolling itself along behind her, she glanced in each compartment, looking for a sign of her friends. The morning had been one of chaos and everyone had ended up leaving to find a seat at different times. Finally, she found Harry and Ron in a compartment towards the front of the train and as she stepped over the threshold, Harry took her trunk for her and heaved it up onto the rack above the seats. He and Ron had already set up a game of Exploding Snaps for the ride home which would make completing her homework a little difficult, but nothing she couldn’t manage. The ride home would be the ideal time to start my homework, that way I’ll be able to enjoy as much possible time with my parents as possible, she thought with a grin as she summoned her school books from the luggage rack.

            Shortly after she dived into her Transfiguration essay, Ginny and Neville entered, taking a seat by the door, arguing with each other in hushed tones. It wasn’t long before Ginny stood up, leaving the compartment, and if Hermione hadn’t been preoccupied, she would have gone after her friend to see what had her bothered. She knew that she tended to get wrapped up in her work, not noticing what was going on around her at times, though when she looked up after completing her essay, she had know idea just how wrapped up she got. The compartment was full, Ginny back next to Neville, Harry and Luna sitting closely to each other, giving each other googly eyes, which she assumed was to keep up the façade of their relationship. She realized that everyone else was occupied with what they were doing at the moment, so she pulled out her next essay, hoping she would have time to get to the three others that awaited her.


            Draco leaned back in his seat, watching Blaise and Rebecca stare at each other lovingly out of the corner of his eye. It was just the three of them in the compartment, giving him some time to let his mind wander to what awaited him at home. He wasn’t thrilled to be spending the holidays with his father, to be honest; he was looking forward to it just being him and his mother, though he knew the tranquility wouldn’t last. He dreaded the moment he got off the train and saw his father waiting for him at the platform.

            “Draco, did you hear me?” Blaise asked, kicking his leg and bringing him back to the present.

            “What did you say?” he asked, tearing his eyes from the surrounding landscape and eyeing Blaise.

            “I said I don’t think I’ll be making your annual Christmas Party this year. Mother had found a new boyfriend and we’re spending break in France.” He said, tightening his arm around Rebecca.

            “You’re introducing her to your mom?” he asked, motioning towards Rebecca.

            “I believe so.” Draco couldn’t believe it, Blaise never introduced the girl he was with to his mother, let alone spend break with them. If he was going to, then Rebecca must be special.

            “Good for you mate, you’re one lucky lady.” He said turning his attention to the Slytherin girl as she blushed and started playing with the bottom of her braid.


            The train came to a stop as it pulled into the station, families and friends standing on the platform, waiting anxiously for their loved ones. Hermione had been waiting by the sliding door for the past several minutes, anxious to see her mother and father. Her robes were already stowed away in her trunk along with the homework she was able to finish during the ride. She had already said her goodbyes to her friends and with one last wave and farewell to them, she slid open the door and made her way through the throngs of students all trying to exit the train.

            Eventually she broke free of the crowd and stepped off to the side of the train, setting her trunk beside her as she searched for her parents. As her eyes scanned the crowd, they met Draco’s silver-blue eyes.  They held each other’s gaze for a moment before she heard her father’s voice through the chatter of everyone else. She broke her gaze and turned to see her parents waving to her. Smiling, she walked over quickly, dropping her trunk and spreading her arms, hugging both her parents at once.

            “Hermione, honey, we’ve missed you so much.” Her mum said as she brushed Hermione’s curls behind her ear, smiling at her. Her mother was only an inch or two taller than her, her honey brown eyes the same color as her daughters. Hermione got her hair from her mother, though her mother’s was more tamed than her own. Her father was taller than either of the girls, with sandy brown hair and the friendliest dark green eyes. Both her parents were dentists, owning their own dental business, attracting everyone with their bubbly personality. Her father walked to get her trunk, carrying it for her.

            “Let’s head home now, your mother and I have a surprise waiting for you at the house.” He said, placing one arm around his daughter as he lugged her trunk behind him with the other. They made their way out of the train station and into the small white sedan her parents loved.


            He watched her as she ran into her parents arms, a smile as big as the sun spread across her face. He envied their embrace and their evident love of their daughter, the happy family leaving the train station. He sullenly walked over to his own parents who were standing side my side, still as statues, waiting for him.

            “Hello, Draco, I trust your ride over was good.” His mother asked, smiling slightly at the sight of him.

            “Enough Cissy, we can talk when we get home. Grab my arm Draco; we’re apparating back to the Manor.” Lucius said, his expression blank. Draco walked over, his trunk beside him and grabbed hold of his fathers arm, making sure he kept a firm grip on his trunk. He felt his father turn and then the squeezed and incredibly uncomfortable feeling that was apparation.


            The small sedan pulled into the gravel driveway, coming to a stop half way up. She looked out the car window at the place she loved. Her home was small, though she preferred the term cozy, with ivy covering the front. She had come to love the sight of her two-story brick home more than anything. A small garden sat beside the front door on each side, with a small iron fence enclosing her front yard. Her home was composed of a couple of rooms; a small kitchen connected to the dining area, her parents’ study, located down the hall, and a small parlor where the stairs to the second floor were located, which led up to her, her parents, and a guest bedroom. She smiled, exiting the car, breathing in the familiar smell of the garden that wafted over to her.

            “I got your trunk dear, you just get on inside.” Her father said, pulling her trunk out and placing it on the gravel drive. She walked into her home, making her way down the hall, passing the kitchen and dining room and coming to a stop in the parlor.

            “Lizzie!” she yelled as she saw her friend jump off the couch and run over to her, enveloping her in a hug.

            “I’ve missed you so much, ‘Mione, thank goodness you’re finally home!” Lizzie yelled in her ear. She pulled away to get a good look at her friend, her long blonde hair in curls.

            “Here’s your trunk dear.” Her father said, coming into the room and setting it beside the two girls.

            “Come on, let’s go unpack!” Lizzie said, grabbing one end of her trunk and motioning for her to pick up the other end. Hermione smiled and grabbed the handle, walking backwards towards the stairs. They moved quickly up the stairs with the trunk, making it through the upstairs hall until finally making it to her room and setting it down on her bed. Hermione’s room was the same pale pink as her room at Hogwarts, though she was fonder of this room. A full size bed sat against the wall facing the door, a huge shelf lined the wall above her bed, which was where she kept her favorite books. A dresser laid against another wall near her closet and above the cluttered dresser hung a mirror. She walked over to her desk, her favorite part of her room, and looked over all the pictures she had taped along the wall. Most were of her and Lizzie throughout the years they had known each other. But some were of Harry, Ron and her, waving up at the camera or laughing under the big tree by the Black Lake. She smiled, remembering the first couple years of their friendship, when Voldemort was just a thought and the most pressing issue in their life was that night’s homework.

            Turning back to Lizzie and her trunk, she smiled and flopped onto her bed, moving her trunk to the end of the bed, not wanting to spend the rest of her day unpacking.

            “So you need to fill me in on everything that’s happened! I feel like I have no idea what’s been going on.” Lizzie said, sitting a-top her bed.

            “I don’t even know what the last thing I told you was.” Hermione said, facing her friend.

            “You had finally decided you were going to the ball with Terry.”

            “Oh, yes, well we went to the ball and he ended up trying to snog me at the end of the night, though I told him it was just a date. Then Draco and I ended up arguing and he ended up snogging me in front of everyone. That’s it.” She said, quickly recalling the events of the other night.

            “Wait, what? Draco snogged you?!”

            “Yes, it sort of just happened. One second I was yelling at him and the next he had his lips on mine.”

            “Did you like it? Was it better than Ron, or Terry?” Lizzie asked, practically begging for information. Just then, her mom called to them, letting them know that dinner was ready. Hermione smiled and hopped off the bed, not ready to tell Lizzie everything just yet.

            “How long are you staying?” she asked, hoping the answer would be forever.

            “I convinced my parents to let me spend all of break with you, and yours agreed to let me stay in the guest room.” Lizzie said laughing, completely thrilled that she and her best friend were finally reunited. Hermione smiled as she walked down the stairs and towards the dining room, convinced that this would be one of the Christmas’ she would never forget.


Author's Note : So what did you think of it? Were you dissapointed with how Draco and Hermione delt with everything? And for all the Ginny and Harry shippers out there, the next chapter is just for you. :)

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