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I Could Be Your Hero by potterprincess07
Chapter 31 : Remorses
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A/N: So I realise that this chapter isn’t quite as long as I promised, but it felt so much longer when I was writing! The title doesn't quite explain the chapter, but it was the best that I could come up with. 


So rather than write a long, boring few chapters about a trial and evidence, I left all that out and moved on with the story, but it pretty much tells itself within a few sentences. This is where, if it were a movie, when the last chapter left off, it would have faded to black, and then when it faded back in, this chapter would pick it back up. 


And here we go.



“You saved my life, Hermione,” Ron said, as they stood together in front of the courtroom, after it was all over.


“I didn’t… I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen there for a bit. I thought I was a goner for sure.” 


The courtroom had emptied out, almost, with only a few people trailing behind, mainly those of a professional nature gathering up everything that they had left scattered behind. 


“Why?” he asked, for lack of better conversation. 


“Because you didn’t do it,” she said, matter of factly. 


“I figured you would be the one to want to see me get strung up,” he told her, sounding remorseful. 


She took a look at him, a good, long look for the first time in a long time. 


“Regardless of what happened between us, Ron, I didn’t want to see you take the fall for a crime I know you didn’t commit.” 


Sighing, she carefully lowered herself down into a chair and she reached her hand out and took his for a minute, inviting him to come and sit down next to her.


“There are some people who make a great couple after being friends. That’s what they build their relationship on. Then there are some people who should never go further than that.” 


He took a look at her hand with his and knew she was right. It wasn’t until they had taken their relationship further, and to the next level, that they began to fall apart. 


She seemed to understand his thoughts because she answered them. 


“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret our time together. In some ways, I feel like I should, but I don’t. And ironically, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have Scorpius or,” she glanced down at her stomach. 


“You really loved him, didn‘t you,” he said, more of a statement than a question, watching the expression in her eyes. 


She nodded. “Yes. I never would have though it was possible. But I did. And I still do.” 


“I’m glad he was able to make you happy,” Ron said. “You deserve it.”


“Can I ask you about Daphne?” she asked. 


He nodded. “When we stopped sitting together in classes, I sat next to her once, because she had an empty seat next to her and it was a far way from you and Harry as possible.” 


Hermione suddenly realized that that was who that had been that day. So that was Daphne. 


“I didn’t think anything of it, after all she just had an empty seat, right? Not to mention she was in Slytherin and well, there weren’t that many that came back, if you remember.” 


She did remember. While there had always been about twenty-five of each house per year (so there was 100 students per year, about  700 total at any given time) that  very last year had had very few seventh year Slytherins. In fact, Draco and Daphne were the only two that Hermione could remember.


“So it just kind of became a habit for me to sit with her.” 


He remembered that first day, that Daphne had barely looked at him, but moved her things over carefully,. She had soon warmed up to him, though, when he started sitting with her in every class. That had begun their friendship which wasn’t really all unlike how Draco’s and Hermione’s had begun. 


“When did you…” Hermione made herself ask, knowing that she had to know. Was it before that night? Had his own deeds been what promoted his accusations?


He hung his head. “The night I found out you were pregnant.”


“How did you find out?” she asked. She’d always assumed that his leaving had had something to do with it, but never knew for sure. 


“I overheard Malfoy. The night Harry found out.” 


She suddenly understood the feelings he must have been having. 


Keeping his gaze on their where she still had them together, he said, “The first thing I heard was Ginny say, ‘He means she’s pregnant, Harry.’ My mind, and my heart, was hoping that would have been what could bring us back together. Me and you. Then Malfoy and I got into a row about it, we ended up fighting, he punched me, I punched him. I ended up venting my frustration and all that pent up anger on a wall.” 


He waved his free hand, the one that had broken, for good measure. “Still hasn’t ever been the same. While I was letting the pain from that consume me Daphne found me.” 


This was the part of the story that he hated himself for. It made him feel like a horrible person. 


“She was so sweet,” he said. “And I was an arrogant, stupid, jerk bastard to her. Told her everything she wanted to hear. Like I had to prove something.” 


His mind went back to that night, where memories he knew he couldn’t share with anyone were hidden. 




“It looks like you could use a friend,” she’d said, smiling at him. 


He knew what kind of friend he wanted, at least then. 


Ignoring the pain shooting from his hand, he backed her up against the wall, meeting her lips with is. She immediately responded, melting almost ice butter in has hands. He took her school robe off, and tossed it aside. Part of him figured she’d tell him no and leave, but what surprised him the most was her taking the next in her own hands, as though they were speaking without words. 


It was his next thoughts that would later haunt him the most. 


I’m not the only one who can shag someone else, Hermione, he thought. You shagged Malfoy first. 


Daphne was different, so much different. 


But it was Hermione’s face that he saw. Not Daphne’s. But he put it out of his mind. Until Daphne, who had been clinging to him, looked at him and he looked into her eyes.


He took one last look at her and turned and walked away, leaving her standing there, a confused look on her face. 


*End of Flashback*


The way he treated her, just leaving her there, hadn’t stopped haunting him. Was it his fault? He wondered. If he hand’ just left her there, or left school, if he’d known about rose form the beginning, would it have changed anything? 


“Ron? What’s wrong? You seem to be a million miles away.” 


It was like he could hear her voice, but couldn’t answer. Because a sudden thought hit him. 


What if it was his fault? What if Daphne had been with someone, who didn’t want Rose around, as a reminder and had been the one to end up doing Daphne in? thoughts were swirling around his head. 


They were stopped, however when Hermione let out a little scream. 


“It’s coming, Ron. The baby’s coming NOW!” 



They Apperated to St. Mungo’s the moment she said that, Ron knowing she meant it. He ran into Harry halfway to the waiting room. 


“I got your message,“ Harry said. 


“How’s Ginny?” Ron asked at the same time. 


“Pregnant,” Harry laughed, nervously. “Nothing yet. We’re still waiting.”


“There never seems to be a dull moment in this household, is there?” George asked, as the maternity waiting ward at St. Mungo’s was filled with them all. 


Ron looked at him. “What do you mean?” he asked. 


“This. It seems like we’re always here. First it was Bill and Fleur, with Victoire. Then it was Percy and Audrey with Molly and Lucy. Never forget the look his face at that one. And now, its Ginny and Harry. And Hermione,” he added. 


Ron looked over at Rose, who was playing, if you could call it that, with Scorpius in an area that Mrs Weasley had magically transformed so they couldn’t cross it. Mr Weasley had given her the idea after an… experience, with a muggle electric fence. 


He watched the delight in Rose’s face as she threw the ball to Scorpius, who could make it move without touching it. The older Scorpius was getting, the more he looked like Draco. 


Ron remember the very last time he had ever seen Draco, which was yet something else he had never shared. 




Draco had leaned over his desk, hand on his neck where the muscles were stretched. It had been a long day, and promised to be an even longer night. 


When he finally looked up, there was look of surprise on his face, followed by confusion. 


“Weasley? What are you doing here?” he asked, grateful for the distraction, if not for who it was. 


Ron didn’t say anything at first. That was when a look of irritation filled Draco’s face. 


“Believe it or not, id o have to work. So unless you have something to say, could you please go? My night is already long enough.” 


“She loves you, Malfoy,” he said. 


“I beg your pardon?”


“Hermione. She loves you. You make her really happy.” 


Draco laid down the paper he was holding. 


Ron continued. “I’m glad that you’re able to make her happy.” 


“Um, thank you?” Draco finally said, feeling very awkward and uncomfortable. 


“Seriously. And that was what I came here to tell you.”


*End of Flashback*


Ron had just come back to reality when a Healer walked into the waiting room. 


“Are you here for Mrs Malfoy?” she asked, looking at everyone that was in there, knowing that at least one of them had to be. 


Ron and Harry both nodded. 


“Come with me.” 


Without words, they followed her down the hallway, not sure what to think of what it was that she was saying. 


Ron was the first to speak. “Has she had the baby yet?” 


The healer turned. “Not yet. In fact, that is the reason that I need you in her is because, I’m afraid. It doesn’t look good.” 


“What’s wrong?” they asked in unison. 


“I’m afraid we might be losing her.” 



A/N: So I’m covering my eyes as I ask you to please not hurt me! I’m already mentally preparing myself for the questions/comments/reviews that I’m going to get from where that left off. But I’m ready. 


Also, so many of you have been asking, some even begging me, to please, please not put Ron and Hermione back together. So hopefully, in case it wasn’t painfully clear throughout this chapter, that they are not together. They are back on friend level. It has been very awkward for them throughout all of this, with their history, but they are not, I repeat, they are not back together, at least on a romance level. 


And why was Harry talking to Ron and going to see Hermione when GInny was in labor as well? Remember, her entire family was there, so it's not like she doesn't have anyone that is there. If you've ever seen Father of the Bride Part 2, in a way its sort of how that works out :) 


Also, the flashback that Ron has about going to see Draco the night he died? That was the reason they thought Ron did it. Evidence showed that Ron had been there, so it was a logical conclusion. But more about that later :) 


Thanks for reading! 




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