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Reasons Why by TheGoldenKneazle
Chapter 1 : Reasons Why
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Reasons Why

Reasons Why Broom Closets Suck:
1)      They are everywhere
2)      They are small
3)      They are dark
4)      They are easily lockable
5)      Everyone goes in them
6)      You can’t find a bloody broom in them because they are nearly always occupied
7)      It is extremely easy for patrolling prefects to be shoved into them by their so-called ‘friends’ 

Yep, I cannot believe that those evil hags, which I unbelievably used to call my friends, have just done this to me. I mean, this cannot be physically happening to me! I’m not currently due for a karma shot just yet (unless all those years of rejecting James Potter finally overtook the good-karma tutoring of Firsties).

I’m a good person!

Frankly, I didn’t think my ex-friends had it in them anymore. Alice has been mooning about over Frank since he graduated at the end of last year, Mary has been obsessively trying to keep up with the schoolwork, and Marlene has recently become very friendly with Sirius Black…

…oh, dear Merlin. That’s how they managed to manoeuvre it – Black knows just about every corner of this castle (along with the other three Marauders).

But if Sirius was involved, that simply confirms my fears of what exactly my purpose of being in this broom closet is. 

Reasons Why I Hate My Friends:
1)      This.

James Potter! His name fills me with loathing and contempt, and I certainly don’t try to hide it. He is always on at me, and I hate it. I hate the attention he brings me, I hate the trouble he brings down on my head, I hate how he always brings out the worst in me, and I hate how stubborn he is.

Reasons Why I Hate James Potter Himself:
1)      He is arrogant
2)      He is rude
3)      He doesn’t care about other people’s feelings
4)      He’s a bully
5)      He’s stubborn
6)      He thinks he’s all that because he thinks he can play quidditch
7)      He won’t give up.
Ok, well most of that is true. Or has been most of the time. Because even as I think about it, I remember reciting this same list to Alice at the end of last year, when she was still as chirpy as she normally is. Yes, I do have this list memorized – it calms me down after more ink has been dumped on my head, or another love song has been sung at breakfast.

Alice quite rightly sighed loudly, and then not-quite-so-rightly smacked me round the head.

“Alright, Lils,” she glared, “recite me that list again, and as you list it, think about it. Is half of that even true anymore?”

At the time, I said yes.

But now? Well, the revised edition goes like this:

Reasons Why I Hate James Potter Himself:
1)      He is arrogant most of the time
2)      He is rude
3)      He often doesn’t care about other people’s feelings
4)      He used to be a bully
5)      He’s stubborn
6)      He thinks he’s all that because he can play quidditch
7)      He won’t give up.

Happy now, Alice? *glares*

Just then, the door is cracked open, and the man himself – no, boy – is shoved unceremoniously into this damned cupboard. I am sitting on the floor right now, robes half on, half off, and trademark JP-Scowl in place.

Potter picked himself up off the floor, and stood up in surprise, before looking down at me with raised eyebrows. 

“Hello, Evans.” He says pleasantly. I scowl up at him, not deeming the situation worthy of an answer. He’s about to say ‘no doubt you engineered this, but all you really had to do was ask me if we could go snog somewhere’. I’m sure he is.

But then when he opens his big mouth, all Potter says is, “Fancy seeing you here.”

I raise an eyebrow. He ordered us to be stuck like this! Why is he so surprised at this?!

He smiled – not smirked, smiled – at me for a moment before saying charmingly, “Now, if you would excuse me, I have friends to kill and doors to break down, that kind of stuff.”

And he turned away from me, walked the one step to the back of the tiny freakin’ cupboard and ran at the door, hard. He was being a human battering ram; how intelligent.

That was when I realised his friends must have taken away his wand, too.

Great. Two magicless, hateful teenagers stuck in a bloody broom closet until their friends feel like letting them out… which may well be tomorrow morning, considering that it is the evening now, and just how merciless our friends are.

I do hope Remus sees reason and lets us out earlier than bloody Sirius will.

I couldn’t help it, in the end. My curiosity got the better of me. “Potter, what are you doing?” I asked exasperatedly, and he turned around with his glasses askew and eyebrows raised again.

“What am I doing?” He laughed, and my scowl deepened. There wasn’t very much that was funny about this situation. “Evans, what do you think I’m doing! I’m trying to break us out of here, so I can get away, and we go our separate ways to kill our friends who locked us in here!”

I frowned now (yes, it is different to scowling). “But… you asked them to shove me in here with you, didn’t you?” The end wasn’t meant to come out as a question. I had been sure of everything up till now.

“Merlin, no, Evans! Why would I?” He looked at me questioningly, hands in pockets, hair all ruffled up at the back, and shirt and tie askew.

I suddenly felt a rush of anger covering my confusion. “You’ve been pranking me for years, Potter. And you’ve been trying to get me to go out with you for years, too. You do the math.” I hunched up into a ball, and twisted to face the back wall.

James just barked a laugh. “Merlin, you don’t think I orchestrated this? Why would I?!” He seemed genuinely at a loss, despite the fact that I had just answered that for him.

He genuinely didn’t know why he would want to be in a broom closet with me.

Reasons Why Lily Evans is Currently Confused:
1)      James just hinted he didn’t want me any more
2)      Potter wasn’t in on a prank involving me
3)      Potter couldn’t see why anyone would want to be locked in a broom closet with me.
4)      I feel weird about number 3. And not weird-good.

I looked sideways at him. Potter had given up on his door-hitting, and had only shouted once or twice before giving up. We both knew how stubborn our friends were. Marlene and Sirius were probably in a broom closet of their own, anyways.

But Potter’s head was resting up against the wall, and he was gazing longingly at the cracks of light around the door. 

I couldn’t help it – I was pretty curious again, I guess, but I was confused as to why James Potter had been not only in my vicinity for a good ten minutes, but in private space with me for ten minutes, and had barely spoken a word to me, let alone asked me out/declared love. He hadn’t even looked at me.

He was ignoring me.

James Potter was ignoring me. ME. Lily Evans! Nobody ignored Lily Evans.

“So, Potter,” I said, trying to sound vicious, not anxious, “Why the sudden personality swap?”

He didn’t even look at me. “What personality swap?”

It was driving me up the wall. “You haven’t asked me out in – ooh, let’s see – the last twenty-four hours, yet despite being alone with me in a broom closet for nearly twenty minutes, you haven’t even talked to me, or tried to snog me, or anything in fact…”

I trailed off, but Potter was still just gazing towards the door, trying to see through a crack.

“You haven’t even tried to talk to me, or look at me!” He still wouldn’t. Well of course not. I was unworthy of being in a broom closet with now.

Oh my Merlin. I am feeling upset over something Potter has said or done… and not an angry upset, or an embarrassed upset. A sad upset.

Had I really turned ugly or something? Had he finally realised how awful my red hair is? Was I too short, or gone fat, or had too many spots? I had always been able to count on someone liking how I looked, even if it wasn’t sincere (like he obviously wasn’t), but now, Potter had taken that all away, that security I loved, and I was upset.

And now? Now he had me torn between crying and shouting.

So of course, with the Evans temper on the loose, I did both.

Look at me, you fucking prick!” I was on my knees in between us, suddenly in tears and screaming at him. It was quite an unexpected turn of events, to be honest. 

Lily Evans, ice woman, suddenly chasing James Potter, the rejected lover? I don’t think any of us could have seen that one coming.

He half turned his head towards me and raised an eyebrow. But he still didn’t say anything. Actually, he said, “Merlin, Evans. What’s happened to you?”

But it wasn’t a proper thing to say. So I don’t count it.

I was shaking. “How am I supposed to know?!” I cried, face gone beautifully splotchy now. Oh, the allure of Lily Evans just grows every day.

“Well… you’re the one crying.”

“You could at least try to help!” 

“But you’d just hit me.”

“No I wouldn’t!” I think we were both surprised at how desperate I sounded.

“Really?” James – I mean, Potter – was suspicious now.

I just stayed silent, wishing I didn’t know which way the tide had suddenly turned. Because BAM! The Great Lily Evasn Epiphany of October 1977 had just hit me.

I liked James Potter.

(Probable) Reasons Why Lily Evans Liked James Potter:
1)      He had stopped the pandering about a week ago
2)      He had been pleasant on Saturday, before the Quidditch match
3)      Our library chats this last week
4)      He had stopped being nearly all of the aforementioned things (see ‘Why James Potter Sucks’ List above – it goes something like that, anyways)
5)      He wasn’t terrorising me any more
6)      …He looked damn hot in his Quidditch robes.

Yes, as much as it pains me to say it, I liked James Potter. And he was really handsome.

Reasons Why James Potter is Really Hot:
1)      His rumpled black hair… which I never really got until this moment. I want to run my hands through it so bad.
2)      His deep brown eyes, that can see right into your soul.
3)      His soft, golden skin… on his amazing body… (it was an accident when I saw him!)
4)      His pink lips, that are so full and so tender…

“Eh… Evans?” I was just sat stock still, staring at his lips. It’s a bit disconcerting, to be honest (I’ve been on that end so many times) but I never realised how much pleasure you can have from it…

“Really really,” I whispered, ducking my head so my hair swung forwards to hide my pink cheeks. I closed my eyes for a moment, to commit this moment to memory… because this was certain to be a turning point. I mean, how often do you get life-changing epiphanies, and have the opportunity to act on them? Not very often, I’d say.

I wanted to feel safe about James once and for all.

But I couldn’t just jump on him… or snuggle or up to him… straight away, could I? Would that be too fast? Probably. I had just changed my mind about the ex-arrogant-prick to lovable-caring-person in about thirty minutes. He had asked me out about a thousand times over the last four years.

Maybe it wouldn’t be too fast if…?

“James,” I whispered, looking up at him. He had opened his mouth to say something, and now he closed it again, and smiled a little.

“Well now, that wasn’t so hard was it?” he whispered back. I was very conscious of how I was almost next to him now.

“You know, I can’t believe you suddenly want me now.” I almost couldn’t believe what he had said. I was frozen after this sentence. “I mean, I finally give up on you… and you really want me. Don’t deny it, Evans.” He was smirking, his old arrogant smirk, but I was still frozen to the core. I couldn’t believe it. James Potter was rejecting me?

Technically, I hadn’t asked, but we had had A Moment. 

That had been totally and utterly trashed by Mr. Bighead here.

But I just felt upset by him. Not angry, just really like crying. Because he opened his mouth to carry on:

“I can’t believe it! You, the unattainable girl, suddenly chasing me, the spurned lover? I’m shocked. Especially since I don’t want the unattainable girl anymore. She’s arrogant, and stubborn, and rude, and a bully, and not even very pretty. Plus she would be a really bad kisser,” James drawled. He was acting like Lucius bloody Malfoy!

But everything he had said about me was what I had always said about him. And boy, I was so much more than that – and I finally knew he was too. I had been blind.

I was torn between anger and upset… but it wasn’t much of a contest. I was definitely way angrier right now.

“YOU PRICK! I am NONE if those things… and I am NOT a bad kisser!” I screamed at him, standing over him now, pretty much undone with this turn of events. As I mentioned before, who could have seen it coming?

He looked up at me, eyebrows raised, doubting me in every way. “Prove it,” he said blankly, emotionlessly, not feeling a thing. Not feeling anything between us.

I never was one to refuse a challenge, and I sat down in the middle of the floor. “I will,” I hissed, eyes narrowed.

I looked down into my lap, letting my hair wash over my face before tucking it behind my ear, then looked up through my eyelashes at him. The stupid prick (my favourite James word) was sat smirking, bored.

Oh, I would entertain him.

I leaned over and onto the floor, so I was lying beside him, but unlike Potter, I was not propped with my back against the wall. I knew my top buttons were undone, and tie officially lost in the common room. He was going to get the best bloody kiss of his life.

I reached up a hand to his half-turned face that was still bored-looking. I ignored this, and slowly drew a finger down his temple, and along his jawline, before moving my other hand to behind his head, where I slowly teased my hand through his lower hair, pulling it out, massaging his neck. I Moved my leg up his leg, so that my thigh had been rubbing on his, before rubbing legs together and moving my leg over the top of his. 

I was still teasing out his hair again and again, and still stroking along and under his jawline. I was very conscious of my leg between his, still, and his breath coming out onto my hand. I moved my body to on top of his slouching one, and slowly moved my legs up his so that I was eventually straddling him. I was still rubbing up and down his leg with mine, but I took my time leaning my face down to his level.

The burning I was feeling with every moment of contact was urging me to just go, but I was keeping things slower… to show him exactly how good I was.

With the jaw-stroking hand, I lifted up his chin with my finger and brought my lips to his, desperate for it to happen.

And when it did, the sensation was exactly like all the ones ever described… only a hundred times better. Fireworks, waves crashing, world stopping, you name it – it happened. 

I kissed him softly, tenderly, for a moment, before resting my forehead against his for a moment, and going under again. I opened his mouth, him mirroring me, and I slid my tongue in to his mouth.

We were chemical… nothing could stop us from reacting to this, to each other. The heat we had proved it – you get heat from reactions, don’t you? And so, I knew we were two halves of an equation, of a whole.

And then, James wasn’t letting me show him what I could do anymore; he was showing me. His hands weren’t staying limp, but were at my waist, rubbing circles on my back, and in my hair, sweeping his hands through and stroking up and down my face. He was rubbing burning circles and patterns on my thighs, and my hands were on his chest, doing the same to him.

After a while, James stopped, pulling back for air, and looking me in the eyes. Brown into green. I leant down to his ear (him looking up my shirt… although I didn’t mind anymore, oddly) and whispered, “James…”

He shivered and pulled me down. He was rubbing my back, and I was tracing the patterns on his chest under his shirt. Nothing could have stopped us now.

It was then, of course, that our ex-friends decided to unlock the door and walk in.

“AAH! My eyes, burning…"

“Shut up Sirius, I walked in on you and Marlene not ten minutes ago to fetch you for this. Believe me, this is the moon in comparison to your bloody sun,” someone snapped (sounding suspiciously like Alice).

Me and James just lay there, still snogging like there was no tomorrow.

“Oi!” Sirius walked in and kicked me off James. “Put your shirt right, Jamesie. And Merlin, Evans, fix your skirt!”

I stood up and glared at him from my 5”3. It’s not big, but I make it up in anger. “Fuck off, Sirius!”

“I do believe that worked better than any of us could have dreamed,” Alice remarked casually from the corner. I ignored her and turned back to James, and brought down his head to whisper in his ear, “That was how I kiss, James.”

He smiled and whispered back, “Oh, I know, and I knew even before. I hadn’t meant what I said you know… I just wanted you too bad.” 

I looked into his eyes, and saw what I had been looking for.

I brought his head down to mine again, and I kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

Reasons Why Lily Evans is Ridiculously Happy:
1)      I just got James Potter
2)      I just got James Potter
3)      And I just got James Potter.




*A/N: Hey there! First up, thanks for reading this, especially all the way down to the bottom. It's the best place, y'know :) (No, I did not mean that in a pervy way - get your mind out the gutter!)

Second, this one-shot is disclaimed; I DON'T OWN. Unfortunately. I do in fantasy though ;)

Thirdly, I just need to explain that I have a love for Lily/James one-shots. Love writing them, love reading them. So if you have recommendations... they are appreciated :D

Fourthly, I love you all. Just to let you know...

And lastly, I wrote this all in an hour. Even I haven't checked it or revised it - definitely not beta'd. I may or may not edit at some point...


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Reasons Why: Reasons Why


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