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Dad? Apollonia thought. What do they mean? The Slytherin knew that her father was not doing all that he could. In the way that he was handling things, something always seemed to slip through the cracks. Whether it was the school or her brother, one of them was always seemed get dropped by the wayside, completely forgotten. In this case, it was the school. “What do you mean, professor?” she asked. “What about my father would call for this meeting?” A part of her already knew what this was about, but she still had to ask about it; she had to understand why the Heads of Houses were doing something about her father now. Months were spent dealing with this problem; why would they choose now to do anything about it?

While these were the teachers, along with Poppy, who were doing what they could—which was sporadic at best—to help the Resistance, nothing was ever done before; they spent almost eight months cleaning up the destruction caused by the Carrows, but doing absolutely nothing about it. Precisely what was the reason for making any attempts now? Apollonia looked to McGonagall for the answer, as she was the highest-ranking teacher in the room. The elderly woman’s lips thinned. “The news of what happened at Malfoy Manor has caused our time-table to be moved up. We can no longer wait on Harry.”

After spending her Easter break at Shell Cottage, it was no surprise to Apollonia that McGonagall would know what happened; she must have been connected by someone in the Order who knew what happened. “How did it change things?” Apollonia asked. “I know what happened there. But, what did the events at Malfoy Manor do to change that?”

“It’s not that, but something that occurred around that same time that must be considered,” the Gryffindor woman responded. “I think you might want to see something.”

Apollonia followed the Deputy Headmistress out to the grounds, where Dumbledore’s grave sat. She had not been out here since the day he was buried. When they came to grave, Apollonia began to understand. “His grave has been desecrated,” she realized, looking down at the slightly uncovered grave. Dirt was strewn everywhere, looking nothing like it did not three weeks ago. “This happened over the break?” McGonagall nodded. “Why?”

“No one is sure,” the older woman replied.

“I’d bet Harry does,” Apollonia mused.

“Yes, I suppose Mr. Potter would know why this happened,” McGonagall agreed. “However, we cannot wait for your brother, not when You-Know-Who would go so far as to desecrate a man’s grave.”

“My father then,” Apollonia nodded.

“I’m afraid that he must be removed from the school,” she explained. “Your father has allowed the Carrows to roam free. You’ve seen all that they’ve done, even experienced it yourself from what Poppy tells me. As much I’ve respected the man over the years, I simply cannot allow this to continue; Severus needs to leave the school, for good this time. I am aware that it’s your father; however, he has not been putting the students’ best interests first. If he was, the Carrows would not have the power that they do.”

“And you choose to tell me this why?” she asked. It didn’t seem to make sense as to why Professor McGonagall would tell her this, especially when she was the daughter of the professor they were trying to sack. A confused look crossed the older woman’s features and Apollonia was forced to elaborate. “I’m his daughter, as you said. I’m caught in the crossfire of the two sides, having people I care about on both sides of the war. I’m not exactly an unbiased party.”

The pair began walking back to McGonagall’s office. “That may be true, Ms. Snape; however, you are the only student that can help in this situation. Of the students that would be willing to help, you are the only one with a connection to Severus, who can help us through the situation. Though your father is a Death Eater, you seemed to have inherited your mother’s heart. Despite your upbringing, your mother shines through brightly.”

Apollonia grinned. “Dad always said I was like Mum.”

“With good reason,” McGonagall said. “You are like her.”

“Right, so this coup you’re planning; how can you be sure that it will work?” she requisitioned. There was an insurmountable amount of variables, the most important one being the tyrannical rule that Voldemort had over the Wizarding World. “Surely, someone will try to stop it.”

“We just need to get Severus out,” she argued.

“Right, so this is probably going to involve the Resistance,” Apollonia mused, mostly to herself. I suppose talking to Neville should be done immediately. Probably a good thing I decided to speak with the house heads before Neville. That should save me some time in getting things ready for what I must do, for driving my father out of Hogwarts; something I never wanted in the first place. They arrived back at McGonagall’s office where Slughorn, Sprout, and Flitwick were waiting for them. Apollonia looked at all four of them. “The four of you are asking me to drive my own father out of Hogwarts. It’s something I’ve never wanted; since I was five years-old I’ve always considered this place to be nothing without my father. Now you’re asking me to destroy one of the things I’ve loved about this place since I was young; the fact that my father is here.”

“But, it’s the only way to help the school,” Professor Sprout objected.

“I know that,” Apollonia answered. “But, it’s still my father.”

“And you helping us…” they asked.

The Slytherin shrugged. “I really couldn’t say if I will. I’d have think about it. As of right now, there is only one thing that must be done.” She turned to Professor McGonagall. “I need to have a chat with Neville. There’s something that we need to discuss.”

McGonagall nodded. “I will see about getting him.”

“Thank you,” the Head Girl smiled.

“You’re welcome,” the stern woman replied.

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