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A/N: I’m terribly sorry for the wait on this one! I have finals and all my projects coming due, my friend is coming to visit for a few days in a week, and I’m preparing for my fiance’s family coming for his graduation in May. Life is hectic. I will try and make the chapters longer from now on since that seems to be the general consensus, just be aware that it might mean I update less often as it will take me longer to write each chapter. This one is quite short, just because it took me so long to post this as it was. :(

Rose and Daphne strolled through the dungeons—Millicent, Pansy, and Tracy trailing behind them. Ever since Hermione and Rose had “fallen out,” as she had told Malfoy, a week ago, it seemed like she and Daphne were inseparable. Unfortunately, wherever Rosevine and Daphne went, her cousin and her friends seemed to follow. Rose was actually almost grateful she would be spending her time over Christmas break at the Malfoy Manor instead of with the Parkinsons. Almost.

Rose snapped out of her trance to find herself stumbling into Ginny Weasley of all people.

“Watch it Weaselette,” Rose hissed.

“Jealous much Parkinson?” Ginny returned with a motion to walk away.

“Of what? You and Potter?” Rose spat.

“We both know you two had a thing.”

“We didn’t have a thing Weasley. Potter is obsessed with me, and I’ve turned him down on every occasion. How does it feel?” Rose asked with a smirk.

“How does what feel?” Ginny asked, her ears growing redder by the second.

“Knowing that you’ll never be more than a consolation prize?” Rose responded with a brilliant white smile before turning her back to Ginny and approaching her friends. Ginny stood rooted to her spot in a stunned silence. She knew Rose had been forced to change, but normally when she smiled her eyes lit up the room. Now there was nothing, just cold, hollow, and expressionless orbs staring out into the world.

The Slytherin girls continued walking until they reached the common rooms. Rose quickly sat on Draco’s lap quietly, allowing him to finish his conversation with Blaise and Marcus.

“What are you talking about?” Daphne interrupted taking a seat next to Blaise.

“Nothing to worry your pretty little head about,” he answered with a smirk. Rose knew what that meant. Death eater stuff. She couldn’t help the thoughts swarming in her head.

‘Does Draco have a new mission?’ she thought to herself. If this was the first she had heard of it, then she must have been neglecting her own duties more than she realized.

“Draco?” she whispered seductively. “What do you say we go back to our room?” she asked with a suggestive smirk. Draco stared back at her in surprise but nodded quickly. Rose stood smoothly and Draco followed suit, murmuring apologies to his friends for bailing on them sooner than they had expected. As soon as they exited the common room Draco grasped Rose’s hand in his and half dragged her, quickening his pace to a slow jog. Rose forced herself to giggle playfully, ignoring the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. There was no turning back.

They stepped through the portrait hole hastily and Draco backed Rose up into the wall. She could see the hunger in his eyes as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, and it made her feel dirty. She barely had time to process her own panic before Draco crashed his lips onto hers.

She returned his kiss feverishly, only pausing to release a squeal in surprise when he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her into the bedroom, his lips never leaving hers. He lowered her onto the bed gingerly and supported his weight above her.

“Are you sure?” he asked pulling away quickly.

“I want this more than anything,” Rose lied quickly before lifting Draco’s shirt over his head. He made quick work of her buttons, and Rose held back a grimace while she killed the little girl inside her.

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