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“Hullo Jones, haven’t seen you around here lately.” Melora winced at the sound of Stephen Walters’s voice as she headed to Defense class. Bea had suggested they go together, but Melora got a nosebleed and insisted her friend go ahead so she didn’t make them both late.


Only Stephen fucking Walters could make her regret that decision three steps out of the girls’ lavatory.


“Bugger off Stephen,” she said raising her head and quickening her pace without looking at him.


Unfortunately, Stephen was faster and caught up with her in an instant.


“Relax Melly,” Melora winced again, “I just wanted to tell you look quite pretty today.” Melora glanced at him out of the corner of her eye curiously.


“In fact,” Stephen continued, “You’re positively glowing.”


Melora stopped short and glared at him. “Leave me alone Stephen, you’re going to make me late for class.”


Stephen smirked, “Me? I’m not doing anything, just trying to pay you a complement. I can’t imagine you’re getting those too often, what with your baby daddy off shagging every Gryffindor in sight.”


Melora began walking again, staring determinedly ahead, Stephen hurried to catch up with her. “I mean, I thought you had some standards Melora, but Sirius Black? Wow, I guess even the Sorting Hat misses one or two.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Melora hissed.


Stephen grabbed her wrist, forcing her to stop and turn to look at him. “I think you know what it means, you stupid slag.”


Melora gasped and went to slap the tall boy, but he caught her with his free hand. “You know what you and Black shagging and you getting knocked up makes me? A joke!” He pulled Melora toward him, and Melora dropped her bag in shock, “Do you think I like being a joke, Melly?”


Melora turned her face away from his, “Let go of me Stephen,” she demanded.


Stephen laughed cruelly. “Come on Melora, I dated you for a good six months. I just want a little taste of what Black got after knowing you for five minutes.”


Melora’s face burned with shame, it was one thing to hear fourth years whisper how big of a slut she was behind her back, it was another to have Stephen say it in her face. “Let me go,” she repeated, “Or I’ll—”


“Or you’ll what?” Stephen pulled her closer so that there was only an inch or two between them.


“Hey!” A shout rang out from down the corridor and Stephen looked up quickly, his grip on Melora loosened. She grabbed the opportunity and twisted her arm free of his, and before he could return his attention to her, sent a swift kick at his leg.


Stephen let out a shriek of pain. “You bitch!” he cried, “I’ll—”


“You’ll what?” the voice that had called out moments before now stood next to them.


Melora looked over in surprise and scowled when she saw who it was. Of course it was Sirius, with her luck, who else could it be?


“Oh look who’s come to join the party,” Stephen snarled, “Come to protect your whore and her little bastard?”


Melora went to kick him again, but Sirius was faster. He grabbed Stephen’s robes and pushed him up against the wall. Both boys were well built, but Sirius was taller and broader, and clearly had the advantage over Stephen.


“If you so much as talk, no, so much as look in her direction, or mention the baby, I will end you,” Sirius said, his teeth bared and his eyes glinting in a way Melora imagined a dog’s might right before a fight.


It was actually rather attractive in a feral sort of—what? Melora shook her head; she did not need these sorts of thoughts right now.


Stephen looked like he might fight for an instant, but he too could see he wasn’t much of a match for Sirius and put his hands up in surrender.


“Like I’d want anything to do with her anyway,” he huffed.


Sirius’s eyes narrowed, as if trying to decide if he believed Stephen, but apparently, he did because he dropped the Ravenclaw’s robes and took a few steps back. “Go,” he commanded, nodding his head in the opposite direction of the Defense classroom. Stephen glared, but did as he was told and scuttled off as Melora and Sirius watched him go.


When he was gone, Melora picked up her bag and shoved the few things that had fallen out back inside. Sirius kneeled down to help her, but before he could touch anything Melora shook her head.


“Don’t,” she said softly.


“Melora I—”


“I could have handled it myself,” Melora’s head snapped up from her things and Sirius was surprised to see tears collecting in her eyes.


“I just wanted to help,” he replied, now looking more like a puppy than the beast that had scared Stephen away.


Melora shook her head again, standing up as she finished gathering her things. Sirius followed suit.


“I think we’re a little passed that,” she said.


“It was a mistake.”


Melora groaned. “I’m sure it was Sirius, but that’s not the issue.”


“I was just angry. I mean you kissed me and then disappeared!” Sirius ran a hand through his hair, “She didn’t mean anything.”


“I don’t care about her Sirius!” Images of her kissing Sirius and then of other girls kissing him sprung up in her mind and Melora struggled to fight them back, along with a sudden surge of jealousy. Hormones, it was just hormones.


“Than what is?” he shot back.


“I just,” she sighed, “I just don’t think I can do this, us,” she gestured between them, “I mean, it’s hard enough having to deal with the pregnancy; I don’t think I could do a relationship too.” She couldn’t even deal with being around him anymore.


“We don’t have to have a relationship!” Sirius argued, “I just want to help you.”


“Yes we do!” Melora replied in frustration, “Because clearly if we don’t, you go off randomly snogging other girls and I get angry and heartbrok—”


Melora cut herself off and stared down at her shoes. “I think it would be easier if we went our separate ways. Neither of us is equipped to deal with this, and this way at least one of us doesn’t have to.”


Who was she talking about? Him not having to deal with her and the baby or her not having to deal with the emotions he seemed to stir up in her constantly these days?


Sirius went to protest, but Melora turned on her heel and headed towards Defense. “I’ll see you around Black.”


Sirius just watched her go, dumbfounded.


She was heartbroken?

A/N- Hey guys sorry for the delay and the shortness of the chapter. The next one is going to be extra long to make up for it.

So what did you think? Glad to see Stephen back? Think Melora's crazy thoughts are hormones, real, or just insane?


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