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Disclaimer: Any and everything recognisable is probably from JK Rowling's amazingly magical mind. The rest are from me :) 



---Chapter 6 – Ravenclaws Aren’t Just All Brain---




The sun peeked up from behind the forest emitting a kaleidoscope of red, orange, and yellow upon the still-waking Hogwarts. The morning fog was already beginning to dissipate, making way for what looks to be a wondrous day.


A wondrous day to play Quidditch I might add.


I’ve only managed to sleep for a couple of hours. The excitement had kept me up for most of the night. Normally, a lack of sleep would make me extremely tired and extremely grouchy but not today.


No, today, I felt… I felt AWESOME.

I waited a little while longer, watching the colours dance in the reflection of the Great Lake. If I looked really hard, I swore I could see the Giant Squid just waking up or maybe that was just wishful thinking (probably).


As soon as the light engulfed the entire lake, I leaped out of bed. Not caring who I woke up, I began to prepare myself for the oncoming day, throwing items of clothing all around the room and being far too excited to care about the ruckus I was causing.


First, I have Charms in the morning then I have my Potions exam but once that’s over, it’ll be lunch and once lunch is over, it’ll be my FIRST Quidditch match of the new school year! I had everything all set out for that. My Quidditch robes were in pristine condition and were laid out perfectly on my just made bed—and I never make my bed. I had even polished and waxed my Nimbus 2001 last night to glistening excellence. And of course, I had all my game plays memorised and my strategy against the Hufflepuffs planned out. 


“KEEGAN, SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!” screeched Lucy, who was now sitting bolt upright in bed, her blonde hair sticking out in every which way.


Very attractive.  

“I didn’t say anything!” I said resentfully. I didn’t… did I? Unless I yelled that out…

“You did too!” 

“Oh… I swore that was in my head,” I replied sheepishly, grinning at her.

Lucy grumbled at me before pulling her duvet over her head and going straight back to sleep. I guess not everyone was excited as me about today. I guess in Lucy’s defence, it was still six in the morning.

Wow… Six. I don’t think I’ve ever been up this early before!


Ah well, since I was already wide-awake, I might as well go down for breakfast and revise for the Potions exam. I know Snape was just going to be a hard-arse about every little meticulous thing. It’s not like I was crap at the class or anything, Snape just hated me because I was an opposing captain.


Biased git!

But nope, I wasn’t going to stress myself out. Today, I was calm and peaceful Keegan. I was in Zen-mode. Nothing was going to disrupt my inner Zen today, and to begin my Zen-like day, I was going to need some bacon, sausages, and eggs stuffed down me.  


I slid into the middle of the long Ravenclaw table and began piling copious amounts of food onto my plate. There were only a few students scattered around the Great Hall but most were too dazed and in their own world to pay any mind to the Ravenclaw captain pigging out.

 “Bloody hell, Keegan, you eat like hippogriff!”

“Mfggghhh?” I looked up to find Fred and George Weasley looking down at me.

“Try swallowing and then speak,” Fred chuckled or I think it’s Fred. I was only beginning to tell the difference between the two but I still can’t be sure. I think Fred’s the one with the longer fringe and smaller ears.

I swallowed and took a deep breath. I was not going to glare at the two idiots I was Zen Keegan today. 

“Did you lose your way or something?” I asked sweetly. 

“No, on the contrary my dear Keegan, we came looking for you,” George replied, just as sweetly. 

“Do I even want to know why you’re looking for me?” 

“Yes, of course!” they both answered together before Fred took the lead. “We were hoping to discuss something a little birdy told us.”

“Yes,” George said before he began running his fingers through his hair a bit nervously. “Well, you see, we were hoping we could entice you to do something for us.”

“In what way?” I queried without actually wanting to know the answer. I already knew I wouldn’t like this.

“I’m so incredibly glad you asked!” Fred exclaimed. “We were hoping to make a little wager.” I opened my mouth to protest when Fred stuck a piece of pastry into my mouth. “Nah uh, little Keegan. Let us elaborate.”

“You see, we have inside information that Herbert Fleet cannot block scissor kicks,” George continued. “We want you to test this out.”


“But it’s a one in ten chance that a Chaser would make a scissor kick,” I cried out. “It’s nearly impossible!” 

Not impossible,” Fred told me, tapping me on the nose. “We’ve seen you practice out there on your own. You can do it.”

“But that’s all just for fun!”

“Trust us,” they said, both redheads winking at me conspiratorially.

“Fine,” I sighed going against the universal knowledge to never trust a Weasley twin. “What’s in it for you?”

“We can use this information to our advantage when we play them,” Fred winked again.

“But if you’re wrong?” I arched an eyebrow at him.

“Well if we’re wrong, we will owe you a favour,” Fred said. 

“As long as it’s not life-threatening and not betraying any of our friends,” George quickly added. 


“We’re just hoping to add a little bit of excitement,” Fred said cheekily. “Plus Ollie bet us you either wouldn’t do it or you wouldn’t be able to make the shot.”

“Oh he did, did he?”
Well if Ollie didn’t think I was capable of it then I’m going to just prove that prat a thing or two about Keegan Riddell.

“So?” they said in unison.

I couldn’t help but smile and despite my better judgement, shook their hands to seal the deal.

They grinned from ear to ear, exposing identical quite-insane-looking smiles, and hastily bid me a goodbye before marching off out of the Great Hall.

Scissor kick shot, huh? Hmmm… I did want to see if I could make it in a match. My aim has improved quite significantly since I began practicing it.


But then again, in a real match with Beaters and opposing Chasers flying about? I doubt I’d make it.
It was worth a shot. I guess… 


“And just a smidgen of valerian roots!” Alicia Spinnet cried excitedly as she dropped the dark green plant into the cauldron. We waited for a few seconds before the contents started to gurgle and then turn a deep purple.

“YES! WE DID IT!” I whooped out as I jumped and high-fived Alicia mid-air. 

We had been partnered together for the exam as each student had to be with a student from a different house. Snape used a charmed bowl to spit out combinations of names in order to choose partners, and I fortunately got paired up with someone with a brain. Alicia was incredibly intelligent but I suppose she had to be if she got moved up to Seventh Year Potions as a sixth year.

“We did it! We did it! We, we, we did it!” Alicia sang out as she did some sort of jig that I assumed was her happy dance.  

“No need to be so arrogant, Miss Spinnet,” Snape sneered, appearing out of nowhere.


As he does. Constantly.  

He peered over our cauldron, took a few notes and gave a huge disappointed sigh. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t fail! There’s no way!

“Congratulations, Miss Spinnet, Miss Riddell,” Snape said to us in the most bored voice ever. “You two have passed your first exam. Pack up your things, you may go.” 

Alicia stifled a giggle before turning her back to Snape to pack her belongings. I did the same, with a hand clamped to my mouth. As soon as our bags were packed and our tabletop cleared off, we quickly ran out of the stuffy classroom and broke out into fits of laughter.

“He’s… such… a… prick!” Alicia said in between gulps of air. 

I laughed with her. “I KNOW!” 

“Merlin, we should have ‘accidentally’ spilled that Draught of Living Death on him!” Alicia laughed.

“That would have been the best exam ever!” I eagerly agreed.

I’ve never really talked to the tall blonde-haired Gryffindor but you know what? She has the same sort of mischievous charm the Twins had but Alicia was obviously a lot more feminine—and I’ve seen her use her femininity to cause mischief. It was quite admirable I had to say.

“You’re all right, Riddell,” Alicia smiled at me genuinely.

“As opposed to?”

Alicia laughed. “I just mean… you’re cool. I’ve always seen you as the female version of Oliver and he’s a barrel of laughs!”

“So Wood doesn’t let loose ever?” 

“He does… sometimes,” Alicia shrugged. “He’s just a nut case, which makes him a great captain, don’t get me wrong.”

“Yeah,” I scoffed. “Great…”

Alicia rolled her eyes. “So are you excited for today’s match?” 

“Yeah!” I quickly answered, glad to be talking about something that kept my inner Zen stable. Well… sort of. “I can’t wait! I’ve got everything planned out and the Hufflepuffs won’t even know what hit them!”

Alicia roared with laughter. “Now you remind me of Oliver.”

“Shut up!” 

Alicia just kept on laughing and insinuating I was Oliver Wood in female form till we got to the Great Hall. It wasn’t particularly the most amusing walk of my life but I found that I quite liked the spunky Gryffindor. All I had known about her before was that she was a brilliant Chaser but had an aversion to Bludgers—more so than the average Chaser. 

As she walked towards the Great Hall, Alicia bid me good luck before heading inside to find her mates. I smiled at her retreating figure before I went to go grab my Quidditch gear and start to prepare myself for the match.  

I was just re-polishing my Quidditch broom when Miranda and Seamus walked into the Ravenclaw changing room.


I looked up to smile at my two mates. 

“We thought we’d find you in here,” Miranda chuckled at my predictability. It wasn’t hard to find me to be fair. I was a creature of habit.

“So we decided to bring you your lunch,” Seamus told me, throwing a wrapped sandwich into my hands. “We knew you’d skip it.”

I smiled innocently. “Nerves, didn’t feel all that hungry.”

“We know.”

I snorted. “So how are you guys feeling?” I asked, trying to mask my own excitement. “Ready to kick some arse?” 

“You bet, Captain Keegan,” Miranda saluted me. “I’ve been waiting for this bloody moment all week. The feeling of excitement, nerves and a little bit of sick.”

“That’s disgusting,” Seamus made a repulsed face before throwing off his school robes.

“Oh you know what I mean,” Miranda said. “I’m just excited! It’s our last first Hogwarts match ever!”

“Don’t bloody remind me,” I groaned into my hands. 

It’s been all I’ve been thinking about all week… that this was the last first match. It doesn’t sound quite that important but it is. The first match of the season is always the most magical—to some extent—because it’s the first time you’re back together with your Quidditch mates. It’s when you can go out there and wow the crowd with how much you’ve improved. It’s the match that defines how your team plays for the rest of the year. 

It’s important to me. 


Seamus O'Connor:

“DUCK DOWN NOW, NOW, MIRANDA!” Keegan screamed. She was zooming erratically across the pitch towards Miranda. 

Miranda looked up just in time to duck the onslaught of the Bludger. As she did so, she let go of the Quaffle just as Keegan was flying past her. Keegan easily slipped it under her arms and soared so sharply upwards that it caused the Hufflepuff Chasers following her to spin in confusion. 

We all watched as Keegan flew vertically towards the sky. To those in the stand, it must have seemed like she was flying away from the Quidditch hoops, but Keegan knew what she was doing. Without relenting her speed, Keegan pulled into a figure eight loop back downwards and shot the Quaffle with her left arm into the right hoop. The Hufflepuff Keeper, Herbert Fleet was caught completely unaware and another ten points went to our side.

Keegan let a small smile surface to her lips but as quickly as it came, the smile was gone. Replacing it was a fierce determination and intensity that was the reason whyshe was chose as captain and not any one of us. 

I flew by her while simultaneously trying to get close to a stray Bludger. I tossed her a reassuring smile, “nice goal, Captain!”

“Cheers,” she said absentmindedly to me before zooming off after another Quaffle. There was never a moment in a match where Keegan’s mind wasn’t completely directed towards winning and stealing Quaffles. 

I chuckled at my mate before I tightened my grip on the bat and sent the Bludger I had been chasing flying into one of the three Hufflepuff Chasers. It hit him square in the shoulder causing him to drop the Quaffle into Adam’s waiting hands.  


I rolled my eyes ignoring Jordan’s insinuation that I was the reincarnation of some Greek God destined to take out poor Chasers and devour women. I wasn’t really in the mood for his quips today.


The Hufflepuff team were only trailing behind us by thirty points and the Chasers this year were much faster than we had anticipated, not to mention Diggory was still an impressive Seeker. He wasn’t as fast as Marcus but he was determined enough, but so far, no sign of the Snitch has been found.

“WAIT WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS SHE DOING?” Jordan yelled out, the confusion evident in his voice. There was a murmur throughout the crowd and time seemed to have stood still as every pair of eyes were fixated on Keegan. 

Keegan was making a u-turn around our hoops and just as she was rounding past the last hoop, she pushed down hard on her broom. The broom at first wobbled dangerously at the force but quickly gained speed as she kept on pushing it forward.She skilfully lost the Hufflepuff chaser that was trailing her and kept on flying towards the goal, ignoring the open cries from Miranda.


I’ve never seen her look so determined. What is she up to? 

“RIDDELL IS A ONE-WOMAN TEAM AT THE MOMENT, FOLKS!” Jordan cried out in disbelief. I was pretty dumbfounded as well; Keegan had never been the selfish type of player. In fact, if it were for the betterment of the team, she would do whatever it took even if it meant a loss opportunity for her.  

I watched Keegan let go of her broom and with the flick of her right hand, threw the ball upwards. She then swiftly spun her broom till it brought her upside down at a speed that would on a inexperienced flier caused them to fall, but for Keegan, she just manages to hold on while her right foot makes contact with the Quaffle.


The entire stadium went silent as everyone held their breaths watching the Quaffle effortlessly rocket through the middle hoop.


Then… “SHE DID IT! KEEGAN RIDDEL, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, HAS JUST SCORED THE FIRST EVER SCISSOR KICK SHOT IN A MATCH!” Jordan screamed excitedly into the microphone whilst bouncing up and down and hugging Professor McGonagall. She looked flabbergasted but at the same time, incredibly amused by Jordan’s actions.  

After Jordan’s announcement, the entire stadium minus the Slytherins and Hufflepuffs erupted into cheers and whistling. 

I think if the Hufflepuffs won, no one would even remember their victory because Keegan’s stunt back there was probably one of the most incredible things to ever happen in a match.

I had no idea what compelled her to make such a risky move but I was going to find out. Keegan was always a very meticulous, stick to the rules type of player.


Oliver Wood:

“Mate, did you see that shot? Riddell is bloody amazing!” some fifth year exclaimed as I was passing through the common room.

“What I wouldn’t do to get with her for a night, eh!” 


At this point, I tuned them both out. When the hell did fifth years get so disgustingly perverted? I’m sure I wasn’t that hormonal. Was I? 

To be fair, my life has never revolved around girls and their… various bits and bobs. I guess I missed out on that hormone-raving stage of a boy’s life. I’ve been mostly into Quidditch through and through.


Kind of sad, really.  

Maybe I had a hormonal imbalance or something… 

“It was such a great shot!” a younger girl exclaimed. “When I get older, I want to play just like her!”

I couldn’t help but smile at that one.


Even though Marcus had made a spectacular dive to win Ravenclaw the Quidditch match, all anyone could talk about was Keegan’s risky scissor kick shot. I had to admit that I was thoroughly impressed but it was a risky and completely unnecessary move—one I never thought I’d see Keegan Riddell try. She wasn’t the most adventurous captain so I wondered what was going through that ridiculous mind of hers. 

“Ollie, mate, there you are!” Fred exclaimed. He and George came running over to me just as I was about to head up to the boy’s dormitory. 

“How many times have I asked you not to call me that?” I asked reproachfully. The only person in the world allowed to call me Ollie was my mum and even she was pushing it a little.

“Plenty,” Fred chuckled. “Anyway, what are you doing? I hope you’re going up there to get changed.”

“Changed for what?”

“The Ravenclaw’s Victory Party of course!” George chipped in. “Everyone on the Gryffindor team is invited well the sixth and seventh years anyways.”

“Oh, well I’m a bit worn out so I think I’ll just head off to bed.”

“What? That’s blasphemy!” Fred shouted dramatically. “No, mate, you’re coming with us. I hear for each goal scored by the Chaser, they have to down a shot of Firewhiskey!”

“But Riddell scored about eight of those goals,” I mused out loud.

“Exactly plus they said because of her risky goal today, they were going to make her do something else,” Fred winked at me. “We have to go see this!”

Blimey, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Keegan wasted before. There was the one time at the my family’s New Year’s Eve party when she was sick in a bush and was carried off home, but I hadn’t seen what she was like before that. 

Oh bugger… “I’ll go.”

“Brilliant!” they both said, clapping their hands together.  

The Victory Party was set to start at nine and it was about twenty past nine and the bloody girls were still getting dressed. I don’t even understand why they would need to get dressed. It wasn’t even our sodding victory party so what possible reason could they have for taking twenty extra minutes?

Right, so I wasn’t the most patient of men. But it wasn’t just that. What if I missed Keegan’s drunken antics? I had to see it!


Plus if she was drunk, I could finally talk to her about our conversation in the corridor the other day. Ever since then, she’s been rude and snide with me like normal, and every time, I’d bring up the topic of our past, she’d literally run off. It’s very hard to fix a friendship with someone who keeps bloody running away from you… very hard. 

Merlin, I wish she had never told me that I had been such a prat to her in the past. I missed just annoying the hell out of her and pushing her buttons. Now I can’t even do that! Every time a jibe at her would arise in my throat, I’d suddenly get this overwhelming surge of guilt that I just have to shove it back down and stay silent. 

Bloody annoying. 

“Where could the girls be?” George threw his hands up in the air exasperatedly. 

“We’re right bloody here, keep your fucking knickers on, Weasley,” Angelina snapped, making her way down the stairs. She had let down her long black hair, and was wearing a tight low-cut red top and a pair of black jeans. Fred’s eyes practically bulged out of its sockets. 

Smooth. Real smooth, mate. 

Alicia and Katie bounced down with linked arms after Angelina with much less poise than the other girl. I loved Katie the best. She was the calmest one out of the three of them and I truly appreciated it as her captain. Alicia and Angelina, on the other hand, always tried to defy my authority just to piss me off.

It works about 99.9 percent of the time.

“Angelina, my love, if that top gets any lower, I think we should just skip this party entirely,” Fred winked.

There was a loud resounding smack and a red handprint slowly appeared on the redhead’s left cheek promptly after. 

“Alright, let’s go,” I said quickly before any further argument could ensue. I steered the group out of the common room and towards the Ravenclaw Tower.


I guess my eagerness to get there didn’t go by unnoticed. Course it wouldn’t. 

“Sooo Ollie, what’s the rush, eh?” George nudged me hard in the rib. 

“Yeah, anyone in particular you want to see?” Fred waggled his eyebrows at me. 

“Oh, shove off, will you?” 

“Wait, who does Oliver want to see?” Alicia asked curiously.  

“Merlin, Alicia, you’re so thick sometimes!” Angelina sighed. “He obviously fancies the pants off of Keegan!”


“Yup, the one and only,” Angelina smirked at me.

“I do not fancy the pants off of her,” I told all of them sternly. “I just want to see a fellow captain get drunk off their face so I can steal their Quidditch secrets.”

“Bollocks!” they all said almost at the same time. Bloody eerie that was. 

“I bet you ten galleons you snog her tonight,” Fred winked at me.

This time, I smirked back at them. “You’re on.” 

At this point, we had already arrived at the door of the Ravenclaw Tower and realised we had no way of getting into the common room. The knocker seemed to shake suddenly at our arrival then the metal bird peered at us with its beady eyes. 

“What causes a sudden increase in heart rate, a loss of memory and overall brain function, but is not a drug?” asked the bird.  



“Anyone?” George asked, scratching his head. 

Katie chuckled and pushed her way past all of us. “Love,” she said to the bird before turning on all of us and rolling her eyes. “Merlin, you guys. It’s so easy.”

“Easy my fucking arse,” Angelina muttered under her breath, as we made our way into the common room behind Katie. 

“Oi! You lot made it!” Adam Nicholson, a Ravenclaw Chaser, came tumbling over towards us. “Freddie and Georgie, my friends! Come do shots with me!” 

Adam quickly steered the twins over to the bar and I shrugged at the girls when they looked to me for what to do.  

“Might as well follow them to the bar,” Alicia suggested.


And so we did. We followed her through the throng of people to a table set up in the far back. Stacked on it were numerous bottles of Butterbeer, four huge bottles of Firewhiskey and plenty of other various alcoholic beverages that I couldn’t be bothered to find out the name of. 

Elliot MacNeill, a Ravenclaw Beater, was manning the table and smiled when he saw us.   

“What’ll it be, Wood?” he looked to me. I realised that all the girls had flocked over to a slim bottle with pink liquid inside, which didn’t look at all appealing.

“Just a Butterbeer for now.”

“What? Don’t be such a lame arse, Wood!” Elliot exclaimed. “You’re at our bloody Victory Party and I’ll be damned if you don’t take a shot with me.”

That was how I came to down five Firewhiskey shots, two bottles of Butterbeer and was now currently sipping the swirly pink liquid. It was fizzy, had the flavour of strawberries and cherry and made my tummy feel all wonderful inside.  

I was definitely not drunk…

Not really. I was just happy. Giddy almost.

Could blokes be giddy?

Damn that MacNeill kid! 

I turned to look for the culprit from my perch on the sofa to find him snogging the pants off of a redheaded girl I vaguely recognised as one of the Ravenclaw Chasers. Although, she could be a bloody ogre with the wings of an eagle for all I cared at this point. 

Speaking of Chasers, where the hell has Riddell been this entire time? 

As if the universe was answering my question, two figures jumped up onto the table in the middle. It was Seamus O'Connor, that giant of a Beater and my dear old mate, Riddell.

She was wearing a flowy white dress that stopped a few inches above her knee. Her cheeks were tinged pink and she had let her dark hair fall down past her shoulders.


Merlin, she was sort of pretty, wasn’t she? When did that happen?


Last time I checked, she was a gawky tomboy who loved to punch my shoulder till it turned black and blue just because I made fun of her awkwardly cut fringe.

Well I guess I should have realised when she didn’t have a fringe anymore… 

“Oi you lot! It’s time for our wonderful captain to do her round of shots!” Seamus boomed over the crowd. Everyone simmered to a silence but I could feel the excitement buzzing through the crowd. 

Riddell mumbled something to Seamus and he just threw his head back and laughed. 

“She says for you all to not encourage this or laps for ALL OF US!” Seamus told the crowd. 

There was a chorus of laughter before someone yelled out, “Only if we can run it in the nude with you!”

Another raucous chorus of laughter. 

“Nicholson, you shut your dirty mouth,” Riddell warned. I turned to look at Adam, who was still with the twins. The three of them were leaning against each other for support. I was definitely glad I hadn’t been apart of whatever drinking games they had been in.  

“All right, enough with the stalling,” Seamus said again. “Eight goals equal eight shots, my dear Keegan.”

She looked at him with pleading eyes and that’s when I realised she wasn’t drunk at all. I couldn’t quite tell what time it was, but I’m pretty sure she should be drunk by now. 

“Awe come on, Riddell, you scared of a few measly shots!” I threw out. I can’t help myself. I literally have word vomit when it comes to irritating her. 

Riddell peered over the crowd till her eyes finally landed on mine. I smirked right at her causing her lips to form into a nasty scowl. I loved that scowl, always made me feel quite proud that I can manage to irritate her that much.

“Oh a few measly shots, huh?” 

“Yeah,” I said, standing up to my feet and walking over to her. Thankfully, I had discarded that pink swirly glass before she could see how manly I had been tonight.


Not much… considering after hanging out with Elliot, I had been stuck ‘gossiping’ with the girls. 

I’ve really sunk down to a new low tonight.

“If you’re so bloody tough, why don’t you take eight shots in a row!” she whipped at me.  

“With ease, my love.”

“Alright then that’s settled!” Seamus beamed at me. “Keegan’s punishment and reward for her risky little goal today will be a downing competition with our favourite rival captain, Oliver Wood!”


“WHAT?” Keegan shouted, wide-eyed and clearly not happy.  

No, really… what! 

I’ve already had five shots. Five plus eight equals… THIRTEEN! 

I’d like to think I had quite a good alcohol tolerance but I know thirteen shots would probably drive me over the edge. Actually downing eight shots in a row will drive me to some form drunken hysteria. I was not a cool and collected drunk, mind you.  

“Oh, Seamus, please don’t,” Keegan pleaded quietly. He just shook his head gleefully and gestured for Adam to bring over the shot glasses and bottle of Firewhiskey. 

All right, if I was going to compete against Keegan. I was going to win. I had to win. I was the bloody man, wasn’t I? And NO, that pink swirly drink did not count. I’m still a man. One hundred and ten percent of testosterone and muscle…  

Seamus and Keegan got off of the table just as the shots were being placed onto it.


Eight for me. Eight for Keegan.

I walked over to stand right behind her. I figured it was now or never. 

“Care to make this more interesting?” I whispered in her ear. She jumped at the sudden close proximity but managed to frown at me nevertheless.

“How so?”

“Well if I win, you will listen to what I have to say and stop running away from me,” I told her.  

“And if I win?” 

“Well up to you.”

Keegan smiled wickedly at me. “If I win, you have to go streaking across the pitch all the way to the Black Lake and back.”

Bollocks… It’s freezing out there. 

“Aye, fine whatever,” I grinned back at her unwilling to show her that I really didn’t want to do that. It’d only give her way too much satisfaction. 

“ALRIGHT, LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!” Adam bellowed before falling smack on his face. Fred and George quickly pulled the boy back onto his feet whilst all three of them started giggling like little schoolgirls. 

George pulled a nearby Elliot to his side. “I guess Ravenclaws aren’t just all brain, are they?” Then Elliot joined in on the giggling whilst nodding his head vigorously. 

“Lucy, if I start to look like Adam, please punch me and take me home,” I heard Keegan whisper to a small blonde next to her. 

The blonde laughed and swung an arm around Keegan’s shoulder. “Sweetie, I got your back.” 

“I’m not entirely comforted by that,” Keegan murmured but more to herself than anyone else.

“All right, are you two ready?” Seamus asked us to which we both nodded. I tossed Keegan a smirk before readying myself. “On three… ONE… TWO… THREE!”

First shot burned the back of my throat. I could feel the amber liquid scorching its way down my oesophagus.   

Second shot was only a mild burning.

Third shot…

Fourth… fifth… sixth… seventh… eight.

I slammed my eighth shot glass down on the table. About half a second later, Keegan slammed her own shot glass down. Upon realising she had lost, Keegan proceeded to frown at me while scrunching up her eyebrows in an extremely peculiar way.

“What are you doing?”  

“I’m trying to blow you up with my mind,” she responded as if that was the most normal thing in the world to say.


Well to Keegan, it probably was. However, for me, I couldn’t control the laughter bubbling in my throat any longer and started to laugh in her face. 

“Awe, folks! Unfortunately, your Captain Keegan was unable to win us this one but it was a well deserved win by Captain Oliver!” Seamus said to the crowd.  

Only five people in the crowd whooped at my victory overzealously and that was obviously the only Gryffindors in attendance. Merlin, sometimes we were an embarrassing bunch. Gryffindors really have no shame.

“Right so you won, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?” Keegan said trying to sound stern but the fact that she was slurring didn’t really help.

To be fair to her, I could barely see beyond my own hands and I’m pretty sure there were four Keegans dancing around in front of me right now.


I grabbed her shoulder just to make sure the middle one was the real Keegan. She gave me a look as if to say ‘get off’ but I kept my hold on—mostly for my own benefit.

“Let’s go outside.”

She sighed and allowed me to take her hand and pull her towards the exit. We made our way past several drunken snogging couples; one of which was Fred and Angelina. I know I wasn’t going to enjoy the aftermath of that in the morning. 

As I was making my way out of the common room, my foot snagged on what I think was my other foot and I managed to go flying out and falling down the spiral staircase. I rolled onto my back and looked up to find Keegan trying her hardest not to laugh at me. 

“Blimey Wood,” she breathed coming down the staircase to kneel by my side. “Are you okay?”

“I’m not entirely sure,” I told her honestly. “There’s a slight drumming at the back of my head and a burning sensation on my thigh but I can’t really feel much.”

I gave her a goofy lopsided grin and tried to sit up. However, the movement caused white blinding spots to appear in my vision and I quickly laid back down.

“Oh bollocks, that hurt,” I murmured. 

“You’re such an idiot,” she grinned. “You should’ve seen yourself. It was like you were flying… Whoosh!” She made a motion with her arms to indicate flying and another fit of laughter escaped my lips. 

At first, Keegan scowled at me for laughing in her face yet again but pretty soon, we were both bent over in hysterical laughter. The more I laughed, the more painful my injuries were but I couldn’t stop. I don’t even know why we were laughing, but it was bloody nice for a change.

I missed this Keegan. I want this Keegan back. 




A/N: hey guys!! oliver wood's POV, right?! do you like it? i hope so cause i LOVED writing it... and seamus' POV! not entirely sure what compelled me to write in seamus' POV but i just thought it'd be interesting to see what keegan's like through the eyes of her teammate in the middle of a game. she's quite the girl, isn't she? anyway please review.. i seem to be getting more favourites than reviews which i love but i'd like to hear from you lot too! sooo feel free to drop a one-liner! cheers guys! xxx

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