Chapter 7 - Partying and James Potter needs a new pair of shoes.


Slytherin VS Ravenclaw.

It was a close game but Ravenclaw won!

Lily Evans took notes the whole time and her new camera guy Frank Longbottom took pictures as well.

Lily could understand why McKenna could trust him. He looked like a trustworthy guy and hopefully it would be that way.

Now everyone was on there way to the room A25 even Frank now he was apart of the team. Lily was almost done with writing the article. All she had to do was type it and she planned to do that before she started parting.

As everyone was piling into the room Lily caught sight of alcohol. Not just wizarding but muggle too. 'Alice was right, they do know how to celebrate.' Lily thought.

"Lillly." Someone called.

Lily turned around and found McKenna Sanders drunk as heck.

"Have a drink, you need it!" McKenna slurred

Lily took the bottle and sipped it. Once it was down Lily coughed.

"Nasty stuff right?" McKenna asked

Lily nodded "Why did you give this to me if you thought it was nasty?"

"Cause, it gets you drunk fast." McKenna said

McKenna lost balance and fell. McKenna then looked up at Lily and both girls started laughing their heads off.

Lily took a swig of the bottle this time and McKenna somehow had a bottle of fire whiskey in her hand to. Both girls knocked bottles against each other and drank.


9:30 pm


Everybody was leaving by now drunk. The only people left were McKenna, Lily, Mike, Alice and Frank.

"Okay, everybody time to go." McKenna slurred leaning up against a chair but that didn't last long cause next she was on the floor laughing.


Alice and Frank were walking will more along the lines of Alice helping Frank walk. Mike was helping McKenna and Lily was sitting.

"Lily, you going to be okay?" Alice asked

Lily giggled "Yeaaaa" she slurred.

Alice was unsure but nodded her head anyway and helped Frank.

Alice and Frank left. McKenna stood up, with Mike's help, and left.

Lily decided it would be a good time to head back to the common room. On her way she fell quite a few times.

She then sat there for a little bit and then remembered the password and went in but not before tripping and landing on the ground. She then laughed.

Four heads turned towards the girl on the floor laughing. Then they all turned back towards each other and gave questionable glances.

"Lily, you okay" The shaggy brown hair boy asked

Lily giggled. "Yess." She slurred

"Your drunk." Sirius said

"Noo. I only had this much to drink" Lily said showing how small she had to drink.

"Oh, really?" James asked getting up from the couch and walking over to Lily

"Yes, Potter. You know I'm on to you and your little game." Lily said

"Oh, really and what game would that be?" Potter asked helping Lily off the ground.

"The on where you tell me your true feelings and then get all angry at me" Lily said poking James in the chest "You know, your been spoiled way to much and now that you can have something that you want, your angry."

James just stared at Lily. He raised his eyebrows at her.

"Is that what you think?" James asked her

Lily nodded her head. Lily then grabbed James's shirt and bent down and puked all over James's shoes.

"Well that's romantic." James said.






Hope you liked it.

I got the idea from a movie I watched this weekend I'm sure some of you have watched it. It's called Leap Year it's such a sweet movie, there so cute at the end, but the took the part from the end of the wedding part. Hope you enjoyed it.

I do not own Harry Potter stuff and the scene from Leap Year

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