They found Kingsley who was still in the Great Hall.


“Kingsley? I’ve decided what I think we should do to Voldemort’s body.” Harry said.


“Have you? And what might that be?” Kingsley asked. As Harry explained there plans Kingsley nodded. “Yes, Yes, I think we could get that to work. I’ll get someone on to planning that.” He said.


“Thanks.” Said Harry, Kingsley nodded. The four teens walked out to the entrance hall and walked past the death room, the sound of weeping came from the door. Harry noticed Ginny’s face grew sad. “Ginny, would you like to take a walk with me?” He asked.


Ginny nodded. “We’ll see you guys later.” She said to Ron and Hermione.


Out in the grounds Harry asked, “Ginny, are you felling ok?” Ginny stared at the ground for a few more seconds then shook her head. “What’s wrong? Is it about Fred?” He asked, concerned.


She nodded and said, “Yes, about Fred, and other things. Like everything that has happened.”


“Like what? Just everything with the war?” He asked.


“Yes, and I missed you so much well you were gone. It hurt so bad, I thought maybe you didn’t care about me anymore. When you didn’t send word or anything.” Ginny said, blinking back tears.


Harry put his arms around her and pulled her close to him, breathing in her scent, she wrapped her arms around him. “I’m sorry I didn’t contact you. But I didn’t have an owl, I couldn’t send a patronus and we didn’t have a fire place so I couldn’t floo to you, so there was no way to contact you.” He said he could hear the plea in his own voice for her to understand.


“Yes I know. But still, I wish you would have been able to.” She said.


“I agree. But now we can be together, and I hope I will never have to leave you again.” Harry said, squeezing her. They walked toward the lake. Once they reached it they stood and watched the water. They sat down on the bank. Harry looked up at Hogwarts. “I remember all the adventures I had here.” He said.


“Tell me about them.” Ginny said snuggling up against him.


“Well first year me and Ron fought a mountain troll. Then I had suspicions of Snape stealing the Sorcerers Stone, but it turned out to be Quirriel. I had a duel with him deep down inside Hogwarts, there was a trap door under Fluffy, Hagrid’s three headed dog.” Harry laughed, remembering Fluffy. “Then second year there was Slitherin’s basilisk in the castle. Then everyone thought I was Slitherin’s descendant. Then I saved you and killed the basilisk.”


“Thanks for that by the way.” Ginny laughed.


“Your welcome. Then third year I thought Sirius was after me all year. Turns out I was wrong. Then Hermione and me went back in time and saved him and Buckbeak.

Then fourth year I got mysteriously entered in the tri-wizard tournament. But it was Barty crouch jr. Then I witnessed Cedric’s death then fought Voldemort.” He felt Ginny shudder. “Fifth year was Umbridge then I had occlumency lessons with Snape because Voldemort was trying to control me. Then I saw your dad getting attacked. Then there was the battle at the ministry.

Sixth year I was suspicious that Malfoy was a death eater. And he was then I witnessed Dumbledore’s death. Oh and I started going out with you.” He finished.


“Wow. You have been through a lot!” Ginny said. “Not to mention before you came to Hogwarts.” Harry nodded. He was so happy right now he never wanted this moment to end.

But it did to soon when Ron came to get them to eat. “Come on time for lunch. Then were going back to the Burrow.”


*N/A I know this was a very short chapter but I have to stop writing for now. Sorry.

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