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I Could Be Your Hero by potterprincess07
Chapter 29 : Visions
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 A/N: And we have reached the last chapter of Part 3! I know, I know. I was going to write two more chapters before this one, but I decided to just go with it and end this Part two chapters early so we can get moving : D. 


Hermione slowly walked through the snow until she reached Draco’s grave and carefully lowered herself in front of it. For some reason, being pregnant had never been awkward for her in her first pregnancy, and she wasn’t even that far along! This wasn’t the first time she had visited here that week, in fact it was only one time of many. Some people might think that it was strange, even unhealthy, for her to spend so much time at the cemetery, but there was just a reason that she had to be there, a reason that she was unable to explain. 


Rising early as she always did, the sun hadn’t even come up yet, but she was wide awake and knew that there was no going back to sleep. 


She conjured up a wreath of poinsettias that she placed on top of the grave, replacing the flowers that she had put there the day before when she had visited. Somehow, it felt like it was the one thing that she could do. 


“I’m back again, Draco,” she said, making herself pretend that she was actually talking to Draco, rather than a headstone made of marble. 


“Harry and Ginny, my parents, even Ron, think that it isn’t so healthy for me to keep coming here and talking to you like this. But they don’t understand. To them, it was an unfortunate accident that no one could prevent and that I’m doing nothing but hurting myself by refusing to allow myself to heal. But to me, it is the way that I am healing. When I’m here, talking to you, I forget that you can’t talk back. And maybe in some ways I hope that you’ll come back to me like you did that time before your funeral. There are so many questions, so many things that I need to ask, that I don’t even know where I would start if I could. But only… if only I could see you one more time!” 


There was a soft scurrying in the snow, which made Hermione slowly turn around, reaching for her wand, just in case.  Then she blinked her eyes, and had to blink them several more times. 


“Hello, Hermione.” 


She heard what the words were, but couldn’t really believe what it was that she was seeing. She blinked her eyes again and shook her head.


“You don’t have to look frightened, dear. And you also don’t have to think you’ve gone crazy. I promise you, you haven’t.” 


“Are you, by any chance, Lily Potter?” Hermione asked, wanting to take back the words the minute they were out of her mouth. If she hadn’t gone crazy before that, she was definitely headed in that direction now. 


“I am indeed. Or rather, I am the spirit of Lily.”


“I thought, though, that in the Wizarding world, you either went on or you had to become a ghost? Am I missing something here?’


“Lily” just smiled at her. “Just as in everything, in all aspects of life, there comes a time when rules have to be broken. Some can choose to become a ghost, that is true. They leave an impression upon the earth and that is how they stay before they are able to go on, if they ever choose to do so. Then there are others who prefer to be remembered inside of a painting. And then of course, there are those like me, and your Draco, who, from time to time, get a chance to take care of a few matters of business and visit those that are left on earth when they need us the most.” 


Hermione still couldn’t’ believe this was real. She figured it had to be some kind of illusion or maybe a hallucination. 


She decide to go along with it anyway. 


“Why are you here?” she asked, her usual sense kicking in. 


Lily’s image smiled. 


“I come to you I your time of need and sadness.” 


“My what?” 


“The pain and sadness you have been put through has brought me here.” 


“You mean, you have something to do with Draco’s death?” Hermione asked, completely perplexed. 


Her smile never fading, Lily began to speak. 


“I was not the cause of his death, if that is what you are asking. I am actually here on his behalf.” 


“His behalf?”


She nodded. “You said you needed to see him again. I promise you, you will have your chance. However, I have been sent at this time to help you, at least at the present moment.” 


“I still don’t understand. Why is all of this happening? And now?”


“Were you ever told of the reason Harry was able to survive the curse that had never been beaten by anyone?”


Hermione nodded slightly, hoping it would encourage Lily to keep talking. 


“Many years ago, a prophecy was made, it was said that it would be fulfilled when a pureblood wizard with a former hatred for muggle-borns, would fall in love with a muggle born, who would return the love.” 


Still confused, Hermione said, “I’ve never heard of any such thing. And I thought I had read all about them. And weren’t they all destroyed in the Ministry several years ago?” 


“Most of them were, yes. However, this had been made in a time before they were saved within the crystal balls that you saw in the Ministry.” 


A sad look crossed Hermione’s face. “It sounds like a fairy tale when you talk about it. But does it mean that Draco didn’t fall in love with me on his own”


“No, dear. Please don’t think that. I haven’t finished yet. However, didn’t you ever wonder why you weren’t reprimanded in school? Why you kept your Head statuses even after everything that happened?”


Hermione had forgotten all about that. It seemed like it had been so long ago that it had happened. 


“Professor McGonagall had a feeling that the two of you were who the prophecy was referring to. Then when she realised that you were expecting - by Draco no doubt  - she knew it had been fulfilled. That night when Draco confided to her that he loved you and what he wanted to do for you, she knew.” 


Hermione tried to take it all in, but there was just so much. Remembering how surprised and excited she’d been made tears well up in her eyes once again. 


“A prophecy never ‘makes’ someone do anything. You can look at it as it just is a foretelling of what is going to happen, but in no way does a prophecy make something happen.”


“So then everything Draco said… that he did… he did all of it because it was something that he really wanted to do? All on his own?”


Lilly nodded. “But it wasn’t until the night he died that he proved how much he truly cared.” 


“What do you mean?”


“He sacrificed himself for you. He could have surrendered you and Scorpius, but instead, chose to give himself up.” 


“How do you know this? No one even knows who did it. Can you tell me? Is that part of the reason why you are here?”


For the first time, Lily looked sad. 


“I’m afraid that is one thing I cannot tell you. But please, just trust your heart. That is the only advice that I can give to you. Just trust your heart and things will find their way of working out for you in the end.” 


She was then gone as quickly as she had appeared. 


And immediately there was a crack! and Harry was standing next to her. 


“Harry, did you see…” 


But the grave look on his face told Hermione that he had more bad news. 


“Please, Harry. Not Scorpius,” she said in a whisper, fearing the worst. “Not my baby, please.”


He shook his head. “No, he’s fine, I promise. It’s nothing quite like that.” 


She looked at him expectantly. 


“This time, it’s Ron. He’s just been arrested for Draco’s murder.” 



A/N: Well... you probably didn't see that one coming! I couldn't resist throwing another twist in there! So as I said, this is the end of Part 3. The beginning of Part 4 will be coming shortly (as I fine tune some stuff and finish writing it out).  So the part about the prophecy. I didn't want to make this too cliche, but at the same time, the idea just seemed too, beautiful for lack of another word, not to use the idea. 

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I Could Be Your Hero : Visions


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