Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny entered the village square of Godric’s Hollow and headed down the main street. Harry and Hermione shuttered as they remembered the last time they had been here. They passed the war memorial which turned into the statue of Harry and his parents.


“Awe, Harry you were so cute when you were a baby!” Said Ginny, when she noticed the statue. They continued on to the grave yard.


“Do you remember which one it was?” Hermione asked.


Harry shook his head.


“Well we saw the Abbott grave,” Hermione pointed to it, “then we walked about six rows down, and then saw Dumbledore’s mother and sister. They walked to the headstone. And then we saw Ignotus’ grave.” Hermione looked for it and found it. “Here it is. Now let me think, then you kept looking and I found it about here.” She said, and walked farther down into the grave yard.  She stopped at one of the head stones. The other three caught up to her. The wreath of Christmas roses Hermione had conjured was dead and shriveled. Hermione waved her wand.


“What did that do?” Asked Harry.


“Made it so no one can see what were doing.” She replied.  Then Harry waved his wand and the dirt lifted off the grave.


Harry stepped forward, “Mom, Dad, I love you and need you. I miss you so much. And I’m giving you my love.” He said, and then he held his breath. The coffin lids slowly opened. James and Lily Potter climbed up out of the grave which they had occupied for so many years. James stretched.


“Lily! I thought we were dead!” He said, amazed.


“Me to. I mean I defiantly remember being hit with the killing curse.” Lily said. Harry and the others stood looking amazed at the Potters, who had obviously not noticed them.


Then Lily turned, “Who are you?” She asked, then she it dawned on her. “Harry? My baby Harry?” Harry nodded, then ran to hug his parents.


“Oh but, Lily, he’s not a baby anymore! He’s practically a man!” Said James.


Lily nodded, “Well I can see that. But, Harry, what happened we thought we were dead.”


“Well, you were but-” Harry went on to explain how he had been killed and he had been brought back.


“Ok. I see now.” Said James, “Well, enough about us Harry, what about Voldemort?”


“He’s dead, I killed him.” Harry said. James and Lily gasped in amazement.


“We knew you could.” Said Lily, “And who are these people?”


“This is Ron Weasley, I met him in my first year and he’s been my best friend ever since. And this is Hermione, also my best friend since my first year. And this is Ginny, Ron’s sister, were, um, going out.” Harry introduced the three. Harry’s parents shook each one’s hand in turn. “I’ve been living with there family for a couple years.”


“Thank you, for taking care of our son.” Said Lily. James nodded.


“Your welcome, I think we kept him out of as much trouble as was possible. Would you like to come to stay at our house?” Asked Ginny, Kindly.


“Well if it’s alright. Then we would love to.” Said James. And Lily agreed.


“Ok. We’ll side-along apparate you there.” Harry said, taking his father’s hand. Ginny walked shyly up to Lily, who smiled at her, warmly, and took her hand. All six of them dissaparated to The Burrow.


“What a strange looking house.” Said Lily, when the squeezing sensation had stopped, “And you said this house had a name? Some thing like The Brawl?”


“The Burrow, actually.” Said Ron.


“Oh, sorry.” Lily said. They entered the house to find Mrs. Weasley busy with lunch. She dropped the pot she was holding when she saw them.


“Lily! Your alive, oh it’s been to long.” Mrs. Weasley said and hugged Lily.


“Oh yes, old friend I was so happy when I found out that Harry was living with you. Is Arthur still working at the ministry?” Lily asked.


“Yes he is. Hello James, Arthur will be so happy to see you.” Mrs. Weasley smiled at James. Harry, Ron and Ginny watched dumbfounded at there parents exchange.


James being the only one who had noticed the teen’s expressions said, “Your mothers go way back, to there first year at Hogwarts.”


“Really?” Harry asked.


“Yes!” Mrs. Weasley said. They had a party that night, as a way to celebrate. And they had music so there was pairs dancing, Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, Molly and Arthur, James and Lily. Then they all went up to bed. Harry lay awake thinking about how happy he was and how happy he could be in the future, He wondered if he would marry Ginny that would be very happy! Now his parents were back so he was even happier. He was now the happiest he had been all his life. He thought maybe tomorrow his parents, Ginny and him could go spend the day together for his parents to get to know her. Yes he thought, that would be nice.

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