Chapter 6 - Maybe Something?


Lily's POV:

'Was Potter just faking it? Did he want me to feel guilty?' As these thoughts were running threw my head I hadn't realized that I was in front of the Fat Lady.

"Password Hun?"


She then let me and I saw Potter and his friends sitting on the couch.

They all turned and glared at me.

"Look Potter-"

"Haven’t you said enough Evans?" Potter interrupted.

That got my anger boiling.

"Geez, Potter! Sorry, I came up here to apologize! Sorry, I guess I made the wrong decision again!" And with that I stormed out of the portrait and into the library to calm down.


As Lily Evans was searching threw books to try and cool off, someone was drumming there fingers In pattern that was just pissing her off even more. Lily was losing her patience and fast.

Lily turned around trying to find who was drumming their fingers, but instead was meet with McKenna.

McKenna shrugged "Sorry, only way I knew how to get your attention."

"Really?" Lily asked pissed off, that that was the only way how McKenna knew how to grab her attention.

"Yea, it was either that or piss you off even more by calling your name."

"What do you want Sanders?"

"Ooo, where on last name basis now. Well, Evans I need your help."

"With?" Lily asked now interested

"My magazine" McKenna said

"Private Conversation?" Lily asked wondering if they would have to talk somewhere else

McKenna shook her head 'no'.

"I need people to help me out with it, and since your one of the few people that know I was wondering if you could help?"

Lily sat there pondering on weather or not to help.

"You owe me" McKenna added "Plus you'll get away from Potter."

"Alright, you have me there."

McKenna smiled at her. "Thanks, meet me at room A25 before dinner."

Before Lily was able to respond McKenna was gone.

Lily has never even heard of room A25 before. Just shows how much she knows and she knows a lot.

Lily stayed in the library in till it was almost dinner. McKenna was working on getting many people to help her with her magazine.

Lily was walking threw the hallway and found room A25. Lily opened the door. Lily walked into the room and saw bright colors, quills writing on there own, papers flying everywhere. Camera's flashing. It was amazing to see.

"LILLY! Glad you could make it. McKenna's door it is up those stairs." Kelly a Ravenclaw said pointing to a set of stairs to her left.

Lily walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. She heard a come in and walked in.

McKenna was sitting at her desk surround with piles of papers and it was already the first day.

It wasn't like small piles it was like four feet high stacks of papers. None the less the papers were flying into two separate piles.

"Hello Lily" McKenna said.

"Hi." Lily said

McKenna froze the papers and quills.

"Sit." McKenna said "So what position would you like?"

"Well what positions are needed to be filled?" Lily asked.

"School Events or A camera person?" McKenna said/asked

"What's the camera person do?" Lily asked

"Take pictures for the school events columnist." McKenna explained

"I'll take the columnist." Lily said

"Okay thank you Lily" McKenna said checking off something on a piece of paper. "Lily before you go, Can you do something for me?"

"Yea sure what?"

"You can't write anything bad about James." McKenna said

Lily groaned "Fine. Can I not write about him at all?"

"Sure, but unless he makes a winning shot then you will have to."

Lily groaned again. "Your free to go. Kelly will fill you in on the rest."


Lily then exited the room, and headed down to the Ravenclaw.

"What job did you pick?" Kelly asked

"Columnist." Lily said

"Okay, well all you'll have to do is watch the Quidditch games and report what you see." Kelly said filling in Lily

"Okay, thanks Kelly." Lily said smiling at her.

"No problem. First game is next Saturday. Ravenclaw VS. Slytherin."

Many people cheered as they heard that.


"By the way, Lily your desk is right next Alice's. McKenna thought it would be best if you sat next to someone you knew and Alice said she knew you, so McKenna put you there. everything you need is already on the desk or in it and if you want you can decorate it. McKenna loves bright colors. So have fun and you can either stay here or go back. Your decision." Kelly said smiling at her.

"I'll stay here and get use to it." Lily said smiling. Lily walked over to her desk and smiled at Alice.

Lily was glad that McKenna thought of everything. She was smart, well of course since she was in Ravenclaw.

"I didn't know, you joined the paper Alice?" Lily asked

"Yea, it's kind of an extra activity, plus working with McKenna is fun and now that I'm working for her should be even more fun. We have so many parties. If Ravenclaw wins you Lily will get to see what a real party is not some get together that are thrown by the Marauders, no these parties are so much more fun." Alice said smiling with excitement.


McKenna came out of her room and slammed the door shut. Everyone got quiet. McKenna started laughing.

"Sorry, I still love when everybody does that." She said laughing


"Okay, anyway down to business. I hope everyone is comfy with there desks and jobs. Remember don't be afraid to decorate I love colors and Yes, you can put up some house posters, just be warned that you will get a little teased. Oh, yes Mike, would you be willing to do two camera jobs at once, or if you want IF you have a friend who you truly trust that can keep my secret, then he can be camera man for Quidditch." McKenna said


"Would you mind, if I brought in a friend of mine?" Mike asked

"I would like to meet the person first, if that’s okay with you?"

"You’re the boss" Mike said smiling at her

"Okay, so I'll talk about the up and coming hopefully party for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team if we beat Slytherin, but that's not in till next week. Also, if you have nothing to do right now and would like to help, you can help people around you if you want, or come and help me. Actually, who's working on the design cover?"

A girl with long brown hair raised her hand.


"Would you mind?"McKenna asked The girl shook her head.


McKenna made the picture bigger and showed everyone.

"What do you think?" She asked everyone


The picture was pretty it had Hogwarts's across the top and Sinder3lla! across the bottom. There were swirls in the top right corner and the bottom left corner. There was a rainbow going in and out of the page and then there was a list of everything that would featured in the magazine. It was defiantly pretty.


"Well, I'm glad everyone likes it. If your done you may leave. If your not then you can stay. Dinner will be coming though in 5 minutes if you would like to eat. Thanks everyone for your hard work today. Eat as much as you want." And with that McKenna went back into her office.

She was finally glad that she got her dream, but would it push her to her breaking point?


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