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Chapter 15




The sun warmed her face as she sat in the tall grass on the untraded parts of the grounds. The wind rippled the grass much like it did the water. And that was how she felt at the moment, like she was under water drowning. She rested her chin on her knees and bit her lower lip. These emotions that he had stirred in her scarred her. She had not felt such strong emotions since, well, since her parents. She pushed that thought from her mind and focused at the problem at hand. The problem, being Leif. 

Everything about him told her that he was wrong for her, except for those brief moments that he was too weak to hold up his mask. But why did he wear his mask? She had suffered a massive tragedy as well that didn’t mean you saw her out whoring around like her life depended on it. She shook her head. No this boy was bad news but she knew now she was too far in to come out again. She knew she would live to regret being with him but she couldn’t stand not being near him. Well part of the time, he still did manage to get on her nerves faster than anyone else in the whole world. She smiled. He really was a pest but it somehow endured him to her.



She stood then and brushed herself clean of the grass and dirt and made her way back to the castle. She knew he wouldn’t be around he had some sort of Quidditch thing to do, which she was happy about because it meant she would get some homework done. But as she walked past the pitch she saw him hovering above the ground at the goal posts. He seemed so at ease almost draped over his broom he sat waiting for someone to dare get close enough to score on him. And when they did, he blocked their shots with ease moving with such grace it was almost like a dance. She stood watching him move and laugh he was like a free bird, the master of the sky, and she knew now why he loved this sport so much. She couldn’t help herself, she stayed and watched the practice till the sun was down and the boys limped off the pitch to warm showers and clean clothes.

But Leif did not join them. He waved them off but stayed on the pitch and sat down right in the middle like he had a few nights before. But this time she did not disturb him. She let him have his quiet moment. The moment that he knew he had to come back down to this earth and leave all the perfection of flight back in the sky.





Leif wandered his way back into the castle and went down to the common room and flopped down on the couch before the fire. He loved the feel of sore muscles. It made it feel like he had accomplished something like he had progressed somehow. Something that school work never really did for him. Mikko shuffled in not soon after and flopped down opposite him.

“I love having a girl friend.” He finally said filling up the silence.

“So she touched your willy then.” Leif said looking into the fire not very interested at the moment in Mikko’s bliss.

“That’s not what I mean. But yes she did.” He said with a smile. “You know when you meet someone and you don’t care what you look like when you are around them, you just want to be with them.”

“No I don’t.” he lied. Because he did know that feeling, he felt it every time he was even near Avalon.

 “Well I hope that someday you do because it is the best feeling in the world. Even better than all that other stuff.” Mikko told him wisely like he had not been a retard at romance not a few days earlier.

“I’m glad you found that mate.” Leif told him leaning forward and slapping him on the leg.

“I’m really surprised you haven’t felt that with Avalon. You seen so different with her then you have with all the others.” Mikko told him with raised eyebrows. “Maybe you are just a better actor then I thought.”

“I’m going to bed.” Leif said standing leaving a smirking Mikko. Mikko like Avalon could read Leif like a paperback novel and knew that in fact Leif did feel that way for Avalon, and probably felt even stronger feelings that Mikko hadn’t developed have yet.



“You don’t have to be embarrassed about it mate.”Mikko called at his retreating form.



“Piss off.”








During class Leif couldn’t help but look over at her as Professor Flitwick droned on about some spell he had not interest in learning. But no matter how much he stared he couldn’t get her attention, he got so desperate he rolled his pencil onto her side of the large table. He waited till her hand reached out to grab it so he could brush her hand.



“Sorry.” He whispered taking back his pencil not feeling sorry at all. Avalon nodded and gave him a small smile before returning to her text book. Leif looked down at his book scowling. She didn’t give him near enough attention. He would change that.



After class had ended Avalon slowly packed up as Leif stood by waiting for her to put her book and quill in her bag. He tapped his foot impatiently as she started to file away the parchment she had written on during class.



“Were going to be late for our next class.” he finally blurted out.



“Oh were you waiting for me?” She said innocently looking up at him.

 “Yes I was.” He said leaning against the table.




“You don’t have to.” She said smiling. “I will meet you in there.” 

 “It’s fine I'll wait for you.” He said his voice almost begrudgingly.



Avalon went back to packing her bag and shook her head. He was such a baby but she was growing used to it. She was not sure that was a good thing. 

She finally had all her things packed away and stood ready to leave. “Lead on.” She told him. He snorted and turned leaving the now empty class room. The idea of sneaking a kiss flashed across his mind but he pushed it aside. She was not quite ready for that. Not yet at least.



They left the class and she walked behind him looking down at her scuffed shoes wondering how they got so scuffed when she ran right into his hard back. She peered around him and saw what he had his eyes locked on and she felt her jaw tighten on its own accord. She shook her head. She was not some animal who had to feel threatened by other women.



The girl stared at Leif as well both of their eyes were locked on each other. She finally came forward and stood before him her body stiff.



“Leif.” Was all she said.



“What are you doing here?” he asked his voice tense and ridged.



“I’ve come back to school.” She said simply looking up into his eyes with a longing that stunned Avalon.



“I can see that but why.” He demanded.



“Things have happened things have changed.” She looked down now. “Could we talk Leif? Just for a moment.”



“I have class.” he said his voice firm



“It will only take a moment. “She told him looking up again her eyes glazed with tears.



He let out a sigh and nodded and walked away with the girl forgetting that Avalon was behind him and had witnessed the whole exchange. They stalked off together in the direction of the Great Hall. Something about that girl made Avalon’s heart drop into her stomach. Something was off about her. 








“Make this quick Alice.” Leif said folding his arms. They in fact did not go to the great hall but beside the black lake next to Leif’s favorite leaning tree.



She stepped closer to Leif till her body was almost touching his. “I am so sorry Leif. I never meant for any of it to happen.”



Leif released his arms to his sides with a sigh. “Alice that is a little hard to believe at this point.”



“Can you forgive me? Can it be the way it used to be?” she asked her eyes filled with tears again. He always hated that about her. She could cry on the drop of a hat.



“No Alice we will never be the way it used to be. I can forgive you and I already have but that still doesn’t change anything.” He turned to leave when she called out.



“He was so strong like you Leif, I didn’t think I couldn’t know. He was so like you Leif.”



He turned and stared at her with pain and anger blended together in his eyes. “Don’t say things like that we both know they aren’t true.”




After his run in with Alice Leif stalked around the ground brooding something he found himself doing more and more often. After Leif felt normal again, he realized that he had abandoned Avalon when Alice had confronted him. He glowered and set off to find her. Since they had kissed she had stopped trying to hide so he quickly found her in the library. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders and nuzzled her hair. “Sorry I ran off like that. I hope I didn’t miss an exciting class.”

He came around and sat in a chair next to her and smiled. “Who was that girl.” She asked not trying to sound to interested.




“Oh just some old girl I hung around with.” He said picking lint off his robe sleeve.



“I see your avoiding eye contact. That is not a good sign.” She noted.



“Ok I was with her for a time but nothing official.” He blurted. “I hate when you do that.” He told her.



She shrugged. “I’ve never seen her before.”



“Yeah she stayed home for the first part of school medical reasons I guess.” He said.



“If you are going to keep lying I will just stop asking.” She said looking up from her book at him.



“Fine. She was pregnant I guess. She had a miscarriage and was able to come back to school.” He glared at his arm now feeling utterly exposed.



“Was it yours?” she asked her voice shaky.



“No.” he sighed. “No it was not mine. She told me at one point it was but I turned out not to be.”



“ You seem sad about that.” She said.



“I had quite gotten used to the idea I guess. I know I am too young for all that especially then I was only 17 but I had already had my heart set on a baby.”



“Who was the father?” she asked interested.



“I have heard of two possibilities. One would be Allen who we both know and love and some Ravenclaw.” He said folding his arms on the tabled.



“How are Allen and you still friends then?” she asked amazed.



“Oh Allen I have cheated with his girls and he has with mine I don’t really take it personally anymore. It is a way to weed out the bad girls I guess. So don’t be surprised if he comes your way sometime.” He warned. 



“Thanks for the heads up.” She said looking back at her book.



“Do you want to go for a walk.” He asked standing.



“But I have to …”



“Study I know you always do.” He said holding out his hand.



She sighed and put her books in her bag and slung it over her shoulder and stood. “Alright fine.”



He smiled and put her hand in his and they strode out of the library not talking just walking together feeling each other close.



They walked to the black lake to the same spot he had been at with Alice but with Avalon here it felt different. It felt fantastic. They sat in the grass for a while till Leif started to itch.



“Come on lets go for a wade.” He said taking off his shoes.



“That water is freezing.” Avalon exclaimed.



“Are you joking me? You are the image of adventures and you won’t go for a little wade.” He exclaimed as he rolled up his pants.



“Fine.” She spat pulling off her long stockings and shoes.



“That’s my girl.” He laughed. They left their shoes and robes in a pile on the shore and inched into the freezing water.



“This was a bad idea.” Avalon said after almost falling head first into the water.



“It was a great idea here take my hand I will help you balance.” He said laughing holding out his hand.



“I feel like this is a trap.” She said putting her hand in his hesitantly.



He pretended to jerk her off balance but caught her and laughed.



“You arse.” She said pinching his arm. But he just kept laughing. So Avalon splashed him. she realized to late that this was a fatal mistake.



“Yes please.” He laughed grabbing her up in his arms.



“Put me down.” She squealed. “I’m not joking Leif put me down.”



“Ok I’ll put you down if you want.” He said preparing to drop her into the water. Avalon clung to him like a cat claws and all.



“If you drop me I will bite you.” She threatened.



“I dare you.” He said smugly.



She grabbed his ear in her teeth and chopped down like a dog. He yelled and dropped her in his shock. But he went into the water with her leading with his ear which was clenched in her teeth. They both came up spluttering.



“I can’t believe you dropped me.” She panted.



“I can’t believe you bit me.” He said holding his ear.



“You told me too and you dropped me.”



“I dropped you out of pure shock. I never knew you had the bite strength of a pit bull.”



“Are you bleeding.” She asked kindly.



“I don’t know will you check.” He asked swimming over to her.



She checked his ear. “No, no blood.” She said then she sprung at him dunking his head under the water. She ran for shore like the devil himself was chasing her. Which one similar to him was.



“Avalon.” He yelled as he gained on her fleeing body. “Your only making this harder on yourself.”



He caught her and they had a small battle falling onto the rocky shore. He finally got her into his arms and he ran out into the deep water and tried to toss her. But she clung to him like gum. He tried to pry her hands lose but gave up in the end and just bent his knees and fell into the water with her holding her against him so she couldn’t get to the surface without him. He came back up long enough for them both to get air and then went right back under again.



They finally stumbled back to the grass under the tree drenched and out of breath.



“You are a giant wanker.” She said flopping down on her back.



He flopped down beside her on his stomach and propped himself up on hid elbows. “You’re the one who splashed me. You got my pants wet.”



“You got all of me wet.” She exclaimed.



He laughed. “That will teach you next time.” He said tapping her nose.

 “What’s on your arm?” she asked. His white shirt had grown translucent in the water and he had forgotten about his little adventure with the boys.






“It is nothing.” He lied pulling his arm back.



“Let me see.” She demanded grabbing his arm back. She rolled up his sleeve and gasped.



“What have you done to yourself.” She demanded looking up at him.



“It was supposed to be a surprise.” He tried.

 “Why is my name on your arm?”




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