Chapter Two

I heard the owl tapping at my window. I groaned and rolled over. My clock radio read 2:00 am. I wondered who would be owling me this early. I swung out of bed and opened the window. I should have known it would have been from Scorpius. I opened the small envelope. We had been playing 20 questions earlier that day, and it seemed that he still had some questions he wanted answered . I glanced at the small handwriting on the paper .

“Who do you love ?”. I stared at the paper . The questions had started to get deep. And it seemed a little too deep too soon for me. I rubbed my eyes and flopped back down onto my bed. I re-read the sentence. It was a fair question, I just didn’t have an answer.

I moves to my desk and wrote ‘no one. Aren’t you sleeping Hyperion?” I rolled the note up and tied it to Scorp’s owl . Even though it was two in the morning I started to feel surprisingly awake.

I pulled out one of the spell books that we were supposed to read and practice on. I waved my wand around how the book demonstrated, but , after several failed attempts, it didn’t work. By this time my eyes began to feel heavy again so I put the book away and climbed back into bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was up again, my eyes were still heavy but I was full of so much energy. I didn't know was had come over me. I needed to fly. however I don't think mother would like me going flying at 2 in the morning. I stood there for a few minutes and argued my better judgment in my head. I finally shrugged my shoulder and changed into my old quidditch uniform. After writing a few quick notes I headed out the door.

Scorpius POV

I looked at my watch for the millionth time. it felt like hour, but only a few minutes had past. I knew Rose would most likely be asleep, but I was so anxious. Mother had gone into labour a few hours ago and the thought of having a sibling had never left my mind. I suddenly wished Rose was here.

It's funny how things work out. One day out of the blue, in my own house even, the girl I had been crushing over for the past five years finally notices and acknowledges me. Since the moment I saw her I felt an instant connection. Maybe it was because her parents and uncle saved my father from death, or that she seemed more down to earth than the other girls at Hogwarts, I don't know.

If I believed in love at first sight... well that would be another story, but it has to make you think. If there really is love at first sight is it shared between both parties, or does one have to realise that the other is the one for you? I sighed again wishing that Rose was here. I had sent my owl Albert out over half an hour ago. I huffed and sat down in my big office chair. I had began spinning on the chair when I heard Albert coming. I had trained him to hoot twice when he could see home. I guess it is his way of telling me I'd better have treats ready. I opened the window and grabbed the jar of owl treats from my desk. I popped two into Alberts cage and went and collected the letter he had placed on my desk.

I opened it.

"No-one. Aren't you sleeping Hyperion?" that was Rose it seemed.

Not willing to open up. It was like that at school as well. Well it was in potions. James Potter seemed to have some kind of power over his cousins, it was like if he commanded them to jump they would reply with "how high" or "off what". In potions and in the Great Hall when he told her to do something, you could see her protest in her eyes, but the mumbled 'yes' would always follow.

I flopped back into my chair and began spinning again. I stopped when Albert hooted and there was a tap at my window. I flicked my wand at the window and it swung open. Why we needed to practice a first year spell in sixth year, I would never know. Rose pulled herself through the window and flopped onto my bed.

"Sup Hyperion?" she said rolling over onto her stomach to face me. I pulled myself to a stop. I looked at her lying there like she was meant to be a part of a fashion shoot. It took all my energy and self control not to walk over and kiss her, then she would finally realise that I was the one for her and then we would...

"Whoa Scorp, your hair just went all psycho" Rose said rolling back into a sitting position.

The illusion was shattered.

“Scorpius? Hello?”Rose sang. “Your hair is all funny, and you look like James when we dyed his hair to match the quidditch team he hates” she continued singing “and you should really snap out of it now ‘cos your starting to freak he out” she finished in her normal voice.

I snapped out of it. “Sorry “I began “I’m waiting for another owl or patronus depending on how dad is feeling, mother went into labour a few hours ago and I’m starting to get a bit antsy.”

Rose gagged “I haven’t heard anyone say ‘Antsy’ in years"

I laughed. "Shut up Rose, I'm just nervous"

Rose stood up and proceeded to walk around my room. "Alright then” she said sitting on my floor at the foot of my bed “let’s play 20 questions again." It seemed that 20 questions was Rose's favourite game.

(AN: just to make it easier for me, I’m skipping most of the conversation, 'cos it hypothetically goes for hours, but here are a few questions anyway)

Scorp: Favourite colour?
Rose: Light blue and emerald green.

Rose: Quidditch position?
Scorp: Seeker.

Scorp: Favourite quidditch team?
Rose: Wollongong (sp?) Warriors.

Rose: Favourite subject?
Scorp: Charms.

Scorp: What is your patronus?
Rose: Zebra!

Rose: Yours?
Scorp: I don’t know I haven’t tried yet.

Scorp: Do we have to play this?
Rose: Yes

Scorp: Can I kiss you?
Rose: No.

Scorp: Why?
Rose: Not just yet now shush.

Scorp: Did you just shush me?
Rose: Yep

Rose: Would you rather a brother or a sister?
Scorp: What kind of question is that?

Rose: Ha-ha Mr ‘can I kiss you” seriously?
Scorp: well can I?
Rose: Not yet
Scorp: please?
Rose: You are impossible.

Rose POV

After being at Scorp’s for a few hours and after finishing our game of 20 questions... well it was more like 10,000 questions... I had to go home. Scorp still hadn't received any sign that wall was well.
I was half way out the window when a Fox approached and came through the window.

"Scorpius" the patronus smiled, Mr Malfoy's (Draco) voice echoing on the walls "your mother is fine and so is your sister" the Fox faded away. A smile appeared on Scorp’s face and hey sighed.

I grabbed my broom and literally flung myself out the window. I felt the rush of wind blow pass through my hair I pulled my broom up and shot back to the window. Scorpius sat on the ledge.

“Well I’ll see you then” I said leaning forward for him to kiss me, and he did.

“Now I’m happy” Scorp said brushing a piece of hair behind my ear. I smiled and waved before turning the broom and heading for home.

It was nearing 8 am and I knew my parents would be furious with me, as well as Hugo. Even though he was younger than me he felt obligated to protect me… well when he was away from James he was anyway.

I could feel Scorp’s kiss lingering on my lips. Yes I felt bad that I was cheating on Toby, but it felt right. I had to stop, but I couldn’t.

I ducked down under the apple trees that I played in as a child. I landed and dismounted my broom and lent it against the wall of the external garage. I took off my socks and shoes, shook out my hair and opened the backdoor of the house that lead to the kitchen.

“Rose Emilina Weasley” my mother yelled. “where the hell have you been?”.

Oh boy, here we go.

“We have been worried sick! I demand an explanation” mother stated, slamming a pitcher of milk onto the table.

I sighed. “I left a note on my door, your door and the fridge” I said pointing to the large piece of parchment taped to the top door of the fridge-freezer.

“Oh” was all that mother was able to say.

Then dad walked into the kitchen and stated the same thing as mother. I shook my head and pointed to the fridge.

“Rose Weasley” mother said calmly, grabbing the butter for the toast she had just cooked. “you are grounded young lady, you not only left the house in the middle of the night you also didn’t tell us about all those detentions you got for punching you cousins.”

“But that was last year!”

“Doesn’t make a difference Rose" Dad said shovelling a mouth full of cereal into his already full mouth. “Just to what your mother said.”

“Fine” I said grabbing a juice box from the fridge. “I’m gonna go to my room, I’m gonna do home work and then I have somewhere to be” I spun on my heel towards the door that lead to the hallway and the stairs.

“Oh by the way” I called over my shoulder “Astoria Malfoy had her baby” I heard mother humph. She had never been close to anyone at Hogwarts other than dad and Uncle Harry, and she was easily jealous.

“That doesn’t change a thing!”she called up the stairs. It was fine by me. I flung open my window and summoned my broom and shoes and locked them in my cupboard. I was gifted with spells and I had gotten into mothers old spell books in second year and cast a spell on the door of the said closet. I had charmed it to open for me and me only. There was no way that anyone else could open it or perform the counter charm without me knowing.

I sighed and grabbed my textbooks and slumped into my chair for another day of pointless revision.

* * * * * * * *

It was about 10 am when I had finished all my homework and revision. Toby had owled letting me know that he was staying in Canada for a few days longer than expected and that he would see me at school. I was fine with that, it left me more time to hang with Scorp and away from James. I owled Scorp to Floo over. He was there in a matter of minutes.

We retreated to the attic to play an old muggle board game. I had turned the once disused attic into a rec room that the teenaged cousins used when we had family gatherings. It had what every muggle would have in the lounge room plus more…. Undetectable extension charms are the best.

“So what do you want to play? I have… monopoly, scrabble, battleships, Pictionary, scene it…”I said reading the manes of the many games Grandpa Weasley had given me and Hugo for birthdays and Christmas’.

“What was the first one?” Scorp said flopping onto the overstuffed bean bags that sat in one of the corners of the room. I pulled monopoly from the pile and sat in the remaining bean bag and began to set up.

“So” Scorp said “how do you play?”

Two Hours Later.

“How the hell did you work that out?”I exclaimed to Scorpius, who had just taken the remainder of my money, leaving me broke and him winning the game.

“Well, I own that square and I have $200 rent on it, you got sent to jail and had to miss GO five times. The chance card was just bad luck. Ha-ha double rent, genius.”

I glared at Scorp. “That was beginners luck Hyperion and it won’t happen again”

“Do I get my prize now?” Scorp said raising his eyebrows.

I laughed. There was no…. oh.. light bulb goes ping!

I leaned forward and our lips met. My hands wound around his neck and the kiss deepened. Scorp pulled me closer, our knees touching.

“Well well well, what do we have here?”a cold voice said from the doorway.

( AN: Duh duh duhhhhh…… well that was fun, the song fic part of the story will be taking a bit of a break starting from the end of this chapter. Please review! I love go get reviews and I know you do as well. I was bouncing around the library when I got my first reviews, imagine what would happen if I got more?

Now I don’t actually know what Roses patronus is so I used mine. Also, Rose isn’t that close with her parents as she only sees them on the summer holidays and every second Christmas holidays, Hermione works for the department for regulation and control of magical creatures, and hopes to be the head of that department. Ron, well who knows! He works in the Auror department, but it’s kinda like the secret service/CIA kinda thing.

Anyway, big thanks again to everyone who has reviewed in the past, to the wonderful Taylor Swift for the song and to iamlilypotter for the challenge.

Well it’s late (my time) and I have a mountain of assignments to do

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