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 I weaved through the two beefy chasers, who groaned in frustration as I sent the Quaffle flying past their keeper and into the hoop. I did a quick loop-de-loop celebration before taking up my position beside Ginny and Demelze, who both high-fived me. I’d just scored my third goal of the match, with Ginny and Demelze having scored once each. However, we were only 50-30 up, as our opponents were hot on our heels. Up above the pitch, the two seekers were whooping and diving. Harry was flying Malfoy ragged, his Jetstriker about ten times faster than Malfoy’s piece of shit. I lingered my vision on them for a second too long and paid for it, the Slytherin captain barging me almost off my broom on his way past. I spun helplessly for a few seconds but the second I grabbed my broom to steady myself, it obeyed and stopped spinning. It was a dream, the best broom I’d ever ridden. I stormed back up the pitch, intercepting a poor pass by the captain and racing back down the pitch, swerving to avoid a pair of bludgers fired at me. Why on earth they weren’t still aiming at Harry was beyond me. I suppose they’d given up. Harry was good enough to dodge them all day long, even without a broom that could outstrip anything else in the league. Focusing on the Quaffle, I feigned a shot before picking out Ginny, who hurled the ball through the empty hoop. I turned to celebrate with her, only to feel the black ball I had avoided moments earlier collide with my back and send me flying off my broom…

One week earlier…
I woke, my head spinning and aching. What the hell had I drank the night before? Too much was the answer. But that was only my most pressing concern until I realised I was naked. Fantastic. I sat up in bed and felt someone stir beside me. I’m lying in bed naked with someone. Please let them have clothes on. I pulled the cover over myself, suddenly conscious of how exposed I was. I glanced at the door and was happy to see it was locked and the only people in the room were me and the person next to me. I couldn’t look at them. I couldn’t make myself, terrified that it would be someone I’d regret getting into bed naked with. That’s when it caught my eye. A used condom. At least we used protection. Whoever he is, at least I couldn’t have got his diseases or kids. He grunted in his sleep and I flinched. I knew that grunt. I turned round, both relieved and horrified at the same time. It was Ron.

I made for the door, as quickly and quietly as I could, scooping up my skimpy clothing and pulling on my knickers, skirt, bra and top. I unlocked the door and swore loudly as I realised I had no idea where my wand was. I skidded as I ran to the other side of the room, looking left and right as I searched.

“Looking for this?” Ron asked, holding my wand in his hand, an amused look on his face. My top slipped off my shoulder and I hoisted it back on, my fringe falling into my eyes.

“Yes,” I sighed, reaching out for it but Ron lifted it out my reach and kissed me. Kissed me! On the lips! Clearly he thought that that wasn’t a huge mistake I wanted to undo.

“Ron…” I started but he just winked and threw me my wand.

“Listen Lucy, I really like you and I don’t want last night to ruin our chances of a relationship, so I’m going to suggest we take things slowly and keep it to ourselves for now, sound good?”

Now that moment was not one of my greatest. I should’ve taken a leaf out of the Ginny Weasley School of relationships and told Ron there and then I had no feelings for him whatsoever but I didn’t. I sort of nodded, too freaked out to tell him how I really felt. He kissed me again softly and then winked, before diving back into bed.

The party room was a mess. And that was putting it lightly. Extremely drunk students littered the various sofas and chairs, whilst many had taken refuge on the floor. Empty alcohol bottles were everywhere, along with various pieces of makeup and clothing. Couples were still locked in others embraces, even though they probably had no idea who they were. It had been a wild night, that much was certain. I found Kate, passed out on the sofa with Zara lying on top of her, yawning as she came to. I raised an eyebrow at the pair as they clambered to their feet but they just shrugged. Neville was on the floor and sleeping like a baby, so I didn’t want to wake him. We headed down to the Great Hall, aware that the best hangover cure on the planet was a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea. We found Harry and Ginny in there, sobering up considerably better than us. Clearly they hadn’t drank as much. Or anywhere near as much.

“Morning ladies, good night?” Harry asked cheerfully, sipping pumpkin juice.

“Don’t want to talk about it,” I replied at the same time to the others.

“Why not Lucy? Make a mistake with some ugly guy?” Kate teased.

“He wasn’t ugly, but it was certainly a mistake,” I muttered, downing a jug of juice as the others shot me curious looks. “Listen, you can’t tell anyone this, any of you. But I slept with Ron.”

There was a mixed response to say the least. Kate squealed with excitement and hugged me as if I’d just announced my marriage to the cutest guy on earth (basically how I acted when Amy told me about James’ proposal); Zara raised a sullen eyebrow and snorted; Ginny went nuclear as though I’d killed Ron, not shagged him and Harry went deathly silent and pale.

“Wow, that’s so cool!” Kate giggled. “Are you two a couple now or what?”

“They’d better not be!” Ginny growled.

I bit my lip and Zara’s eyebrow hit the roof.

“I don’t know how to say no to the bastard,” I groaned. “The only reason I slept with him was because I downed shit loads of drink. I don’t remember a thing, only waking up this morning naked in bed with him.”

“Maybe you didn’t,” Zara suggested but I interrupted.

“No we did. There was a used condom and Ron’s reaction suggests he remembers more than me. I don’t think he was as drunk, though he was still wasted!” I added quickly as Zara’s nostrils flared and Ginny’s face exploded.

“Look, mistakes happen,” Harry said unconvincingly. “Let’s just try to forget about it and make sure this stays between us.”

“Yeah, because if Hermione finds out you lost your virginity to her boyfriend, she’ll kill you, literally,” Ginny said.

“Ex-boyfriend,” I pointed out.

“Try telling her that,” Zara muttered.

The first Quidditch match of the season was the following weekend which meant Ron’s attempts to be all couple-like and do couply-things were put on hold by Harry’s vicious training schedule. I thanked him numerous times but he was being a touch off with me. No surprise really, I slept with his best friend and was now being his sort-of-almost-secret-girlfriend, even though I really didn’t like him that much at all. Hermione obviously had no idea. Either that or her love of Quidditch ensured I was being let to live until after the game. No way has she loved Quidditch that much. Or at all really. Zara and Kate were very supportive but a touch annoying and I had to refrain from cursing Kate when she mentioned our son Hugo (who the fuck names their son Hugo, no way in hell I’m naming my son Hugo, he sounds like some sort of giant/troll). Zara at least understood my frustrations, having been in a similar situation with Neville, who I was feeling increasingly guilty about not spending much time with. Still, it was an excuse to stay away from Ron. Which was how Nev and I came to be lounging by the Black Lake, enjoying Autumn whilst we could, before it got cold and wet.

“That one is called a Rifractor Weed,” Neville said, leaning into it and picking it. “It’s sap is used as wizarding hair dye, because of its potent colouring and long life.”

“As fascinating as that is Neville, I do love being a gorgeous brunette,” I retorted, lounging back and playing with my ponytail.

“Gorgeous is hardly the word I’d use,” Neville replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh look who developed a sense of humour,” I replied sarcastically, shoving Neville gently. “And here was me about to suggest we do something fun.”

“Like what?” Neville asked, slightly nervously.

“You tell me Mr Plants are Hair Dye,” I teased.

“That was an awful insult,” Neville retorted. “But why don’t we head down to Hagrid’s?”

“Nah, I was there yesterday with Harry,” I waved a hand dismissively.

“Well why don’t we just lie back and chat and you can stop moaning about how boring I am,” Neville mocked. I laughed.

“You’re adorable Neville, you really are. Just lie back and relax, we might as well enjoy the sun while it lasts.”

The atmosphere was tense as we stepped out onto the field. The sun had held off the rain for a few more days and it was perfect Quidditch conditions, with cloud cover ensured we were blinded. I mounted my Jetstriker, aware of Harry and Ron doing similar as the others gasped. I hadn’t told Kate or Zara about my new broom and judging by the look on Ginny’s face, she hadn’t known either. The look on Malfoy’s face was priceless. It went from confident, to confused, to dumbstruck, to looking like he wanted to cry. We kicked off and Malfoy zoomed off into the sky, looking to gain an early advantage, only for Harry to rocket past him. The power of my broom surprised me and I zoomed off, catching the thrown Quaffle and swishing past three Slytherins before finishing. I was going to enjoy this game…

Or not. I pitched forward, temporarily ignoring the excruciating pain shooting up my back as I reached out to grab something. The Jetstriker seemed to sense I needed it because as I reached out, I grabbed it and pulled myself back on my broom.

“Get it together girls!” I called to my best mates as they turned the bludgers back on the Slytherins.

“Won’t happen again,” Zara called, winking. Ginny turned to me.

“Are you alright?” she yelled. But she was too late, as the Jetstriker was off, hurtling me towards the Quaffle. Two separate bludgers closed, both hammering into the Slytherin with possession. He hurled the Quaffle in one last ditch effort but just when Ron looked like he couldn’t fail to catch it, he promptly fell out the sky. I swore loudly as the Quaffle went through the hoop and my “boyfriend” hit the ground below, groaning in pain. His fall hadn’t been that spectacular but it looked like it had hurt. We looked around and Demelze shrugged.

“I’ll go keeper, you two are rocking. As long as that Jetstriker keeps going long enough for Harry to catch the snitch, we’ll be fine.”

The mood of jubilation and celebration from moments earlier had been replaced by anxiety. I was flying cautious, worried my broom would suddenly drop out the sky. Harry was going to have to catch the snitch quickly, because even if his broom stayed in the air, we’d soon be far behind if we carried on. With only two chasers and a rubbish keeper, we were suffering and the Slytherins quickly turned it around to make it 120-70. Ginny scored a couple more but we were struggling. The Slytherins scored thrice more and Harry called a time-out.

“Ron’s not coming back guys, so Luce, you’ve got to start playing properly. I know that broom isn’t 100% reliable but what happened to Ron has only happened to a handful of the test brooms. We should be fine.”

Back in the air, I was still reluctant. However a couple more Slytherin goals made it 170-90. I knew it was time to play. And boy did my broom make it easy to play. My own skill, combined with the Jetstriker’s unbelievable speed and control were fully unleashed. It was a whirlwind. I sped past all three and scored; pirouetted and scored, feigned to Ginny and scored; jumped off my broom and scored. I scored. Set up Ginny. Scored. 250-180. I had scored 17 goals, almost more than the entire team. Ginny had 7 but even she was lying in my wake. Harry couldn’t quite believe it and almost missed the snitch. Malfoy didn’t and was close enough to grab it, when Harry streaked about half the pitch in less than a couple of seconds and plucked it out of his grasp. 400-180. Gryffindor had annihilated Slytherin and it was all down to the Jetstrikers. Well, not the one that had nearly killed Ron, but the other two were superb. Harry flew over and I hugged him mid-air.

“Let’s get these death-traps out of the air,” he laughed. I nodded and we flew down to the ground.

If I wasn’t still regretting the actions of the party the previous weekend, I’d have gone out and got absolutely hammered. As it was, we stayed in the common room with a relatively alcohol-free but still brilliant party. However, any hopes I’d had of enjoying the night came crashing down with Ron’s return to the common room, which he promptly celebrated by dragging me up into centre stage and snogging me. I don’t just mean kiss. I mean full on snog. I felt his tongue force itself into my mouth and run itself around and I had to force myself not to gag. I wanted to push him off but I couldn’t do it, not in front of everyone. I froze, like a deer caught in the headlights and eventually he broke away, grinning despite my dumbstruck face.

“We won Luce,” he yelled.

“Yeah,” I mumbled, unable to say much else. Why did my composure turn to shit whenever Ron was around?

“I really like you Lucy Hunt, will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?”

Okay Lucy, now’s the time. Now’s the fucking time. But I can’t put him through that. Not in front of the entire common room. It’s best this is done privately.

“Listen Ron,” I started, but he cut me off with another kiss. I found myself being dragged away from him by a livid Ginny and a Hermione that looked fit to explode. Harry was standing behind them, looking very uncomfortable.

“How dare you!” Hermione shrieked. “We’ve only just broken up and you’re all over him like he’s…like he’s…”

“Look Hermione, I’m really sorry!” I replied anxiously. “I’ve tried to tell him I’m not interested but it’s really hard. He needs someone and you’ve done nothing to patch up the relationship but cry and scream. You need to sort things out with him and I’m not going to go out with him.”

“Lies!” Hermione hissed and slapped me. Harry stepped forward and put himself between us.

“Look Hermione, this isn’t Lucy’s fault. She really doesn’t want to cause any sort of trouble and Ron’s certainly been overzealous, especially since they had s…”

I punched Harry in the back to shut him up as he realised what he’d said and closed his eyes, silently kicking himself. Ginny realised too because she joined Harry in putting herself between us. Hermione barrelled them both out the way, screaming and I dodged, running back away from her. Ron grabbed me and turned on Hermione, wand raised.

“That’s enough Mione. Leave her alone.”

“Leave her alone? Like you did? You’ve been single for less than a month and you’re already shagging some girl you barely know! How the fuck do you think I’m supposed to react Ronald? You have no idea what you’re doing to me and what’s worse is you don’t care. Well I’m sick of you Ronald Weasley, I’m sick.”

And with that, she burst into sobs, before being led away by Ginny and Harry, who shot me an apologetic look and Ron a less than apologetic one. Ron stood fierce and I shrank, fully aware that the whole of Gryffindor Tower saw me as a slag who shagged guys she’d only just met and dragged them away from their girlfriends. Neville was the first to reach me and pulled me into a hug, leading me away with Kate and Zara in hot pursuit. What had been one of the best days of my life had quickly become one of my worst.

A/N: Hi there guys a quick shout out to everyone who has reviewed all my stories, Magicmuggle in particular who has reviewed all my chapters so far in LP 3 :) let's see more reviews coming ;) HP

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